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    Mon Dec 21 2009

    I dealt with Shawn Berger, owner, of Pit Stop Automotive over the phone from 350 miles away. I am the mom of a New Orleans college student & wasn't able to be there to talk with the staff in person. Shawn & his stafff have great customer service! They are very knowledgeable and dependable. Shawn took time out of his busy schedule to talk with me on several occasions as if I was his only customer. He helped to coordinate things with my insurance company. The vehicle was ready when promised. I would not hesitate to use Pit Stop Automotive again if there ever was a need!

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    Wed Dec 16 2009

    I found this shop through AAA and they were great about working with me. We talked about the things that needed to be done and the things that could wait a few months, which I appreciated since I'm a unemployed undergraduate student. My car is rather old ('93 Mustang) and they really did everything they could to find parts and to improvise when they couldn't. The last people tore my car to pieces trying to "fix it" to the point where it wouldn't start and Pit Stop got it running again.

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    Wed Dec 16 2009

    I was horribly disappointed with the Pit stop. They were not understanding or friendly. I felt that I was treated rudely because I am young. I had my car towed and the tow truck driver showed up about 2.5 hours after I called, which I can understand because they were busy because of the flood. The shop called me at 4 (they close at 5) with about an $800 quote, which is a very large sum for a grad student living on student loans. I asked for time to think about what to do and seek some advice, they said this was fine but apparently that means they can charge a lot fee for storing it. I asked my friend's grandpa and he advised me what to get done and what not to get done. I was having my boyfriend and my friend's grandpa handle it because I am a girl and did not want to get cheated. They became very angry because they repeatedly called the next day and I could not call back until noon. My boyfriend was at work which is why he could not answer his phone (appparently this is unacceptable)... Read more

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    Sun Nov 22 2009

    Pit Stop got my ailing car in for service in the morning and had it ready to go by late afternoon. I was extremely impressed by the customer service - this shop is one of the few I have encountered where they manage to avoid being condescending and instead use the opportunity to educated the consumer. The problem with my car had been misdiagnosed at another shop, so I really was confused. The owner took the time to show me the damaged part and how it worked in relation to my car as a whole. Furthermore, the owner offered to do a cost-saving fix, which he felt confident would get my car moving again. He said if it didn't work, he would apply the cost toward the more expensive fix. I felt this was incredibly fair. It has been two weeks since I got the repair and I have had no further problems - my car is running better than ever. From my experience, I can say that Pit Stop does solid repairs, while ensuring that their customers feel valued.

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    Thu Nov 12 2009

    This is the second time i have dealt with them and both times i was towed within the 1st hour i called and the work was done the same day or early the next day. They are exceptionally understanding and genuinely care about the work. The price was more than fair for the amount of time and parts that were needed. I will always recommend them and send my vehicles to pit stop. This is a great service.

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    Wed Oct 07 2009

    We love being able to share reviews and show how well we take care of our customers and their vehicles. Although you can't please every si...

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    Sat Oct 03 2009

    I really appreciated the staff taking the time to work with me (I am in NH) and my daughter (down in LA). After the accident, I didn't know where to take the car for repairs. Not being down there made it even harder. Pit Stop took care of everything and went beyond expectations to make the repairs as affordable as possible.

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    Wed Aug 26 2009

    Pit Stop Automotive has redeemed my faith in mechanics! I went to Pit Stop Auto after getting a suspiciously high and inaccurate estimate at another auto repair shop. It turned out to only be my brakes, which were fixed on my car in one afternoon at a reasonable price. These guys fix the problems that other mechanics can't. Period. Fast and curtious service Pit Stop is capable of repairing just about any automobile that you may have in your driveway or garage. The professionalism of this shop and honesty of the owner and workers is amazing. We felt that the price was completely reasonable and in fact would gladly take our automobiles here for all of our repair needs. If you are looking for a great place to have your used auto repaired or serviced give Pit Stop a call. They will not let you down and you will be pleasantly surprised when the repairs are completed.

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    Tue Jul 28 2009

    I had work done on my door once, and when an issue arose in the same door, it was taken care of very quickly. They have great deals on their website and are definitely willing to go the extra mile. I'd definitely suggest this repair shop to friends and will be using them again.

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    Thu Apr 23 2009

    They fixed my car in the time they said they would. Staff was polite. Just make sure you get an invoice for the estimate, as they are rath...

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    Thu Apr 23 2009

    Brought my car in for a repair, was done in the time that was guaranteed, paint job looks nice Wish I could have been given invoice from the start so as to avoid some confusion about repair costs

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    Sat Apr 18 2009

    pitstop I first found Pitstop in Dec when I my girlfriend's Audi was having some issues. I spoke with Shawn on the phone, and after describing the issue, was reassured with his "can do" attitude. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get the car into Shawn before I left for San Diego and before I could return, she took the car to Audi for its PM and they corrected the issue at the time. Flash forward to March and my girl's car lost its clutch at Napoleon and S.Claibourne. As I had Pitstop's number in my cell from the last time, I called, explained the clutch was gone and we'd need to tow it in--Fallon said no problem bring it in! Shawn's crew did a fab job in getting the car repaired with an eye toward saving us as much money on the parts as possible but not skimping on doing the repair right. It's now April, and, I've taken the car for a week on a morning and evening trip to Baton Rouge. The clutch is like butter it shifts so smoothly. The car is running BETTER than it did before. ... Read more

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    Sun Apr 12 2009

    Just recently took my 1999 Toyota Tacoma Pick-up in for an alternator problem. Turned the job around in a few hours. After I left, the owner realized I had been over charged by $100 for labor. I had no idea. They called me to let me know of their mistake, and corrected the bill. How many mechanics would go out of their way to give you money back? Their honesty has made me a loyal customer.

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    Mon Mar 30 2009

    I was on my way to Texas for business and broke down a few blocks from Pit Stop. I needed a new altenator and battery and I needed it right away. It was 3:12 pm. Pit Stop closes at 5pm. I called Pep Boys and they were cheaper by $30 bucks but I was closer to Pit Stop so I went there--and I'm sure glad I did. The owner, Shawn, was super professional, no nonsense or hype and straight forward friendly. He was busier than a one legged man in a butt kicking contest with cars coming and going but he squeezed me in. I thought I was going to have to spend the night there and get my car the next day. But Shawn and his crew had me done and paid for by 4:58pm and I was on the road. I was there for less than 2 hours. Shawn offered me something to drink and ran that place sharp. Repaired cars and happy customers are flying out of this shop. I made it to Texas and couldn't be happier. I highly recommend breaking down with Pit Stop Auto as your fix-it team.

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    Fri Mar 27 2009

    We moved here recently from up North, with our 10 year old Honda Accord. With 111,000 miles, we were overdue for some major service--timing belt change, brakes, etc.. I contacted Shawn and asked him about their ability to service our car; he was enthusiastic and reassuring from the get-go. Dropped the car off, got a call back within a couple hours with a detailed estimate for the all the work I wanted and/or needed according to Honda's recommended maint sched. The estimate was at least $1K less than I anticipated from a Honda dealer, based on my web research. They had the car finished in a day--something I know wouldn't have happened at a dealer. Actual repairs were actually about $50 less than the estimate. Very pleased, these folks will see me again.

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    Wed Mar 18 2009

    I have a 1997 Toyota Tacoma and a few weeks ago I was in a minor car accident which pretty much damaged my entire front end. This was my first car accident ever and I was the one given the ticket and naturally I was very upset over what happened. I only have liability insurance so I had to pay for this out of my own pocket. I called Pit Stop Automotive to get a tow and found out that they also do body work ect... I spoke to the owner Shawn and explained my situation and he was very comforting and understanding to the fact that I didn't have a lot to spend, he reassured me that he could do all the work and so I decided to take the chance. I honestly do not trust most auto mechanics because of all the bad experiences I have had in the past ( especially in New Orleans). I have to say he did an amazing job with my truck. Not only did he fix the front end for a reasonable price, he surprised me with a brand new paint job ( at no additional cost) on the entire truck and trust me it desperate... Read more

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    Tue Mar 17 2009

    After being thoroughly ripped off by numerous mechanics in the area i took my BMW to the pit stop. I am so glad i did because i found a trust worthy mechanic! the service is fast and done well and the owner is personable and friendly. i would never take my car anywhere else now that i have found this place! i know nothing about cars but i dont feel taken advantage of here like i have at other places. the employees are always patience and explain the problems. i only have good things to say!

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    Mon Mar 16 2009

    I had my car towed to Pit Stop after the alternator went. I drive a Saab, so there aren't many places I can take it. They provided excellent service, calling me several times to update me on the progress of the repair and to update me on other problems they encountered. Unlike with other mechanics, I didn't feel pressured to have them do the extra work. I had my car back earlier than expected and it's running perfectly. I also had Pit Stop work on my breaks last year and I had the car back 24 hours later. As a female who knows nothing about cars, I was relieved they didn't try to scam me (my dad looked everything over to be sure). I got excellent customer service and results- I give Pit Stop my highest recommendation. They deserve the business, it's an honest, professional and well-run enterprise.

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    Tue Mar 10 2009

    I was recently involved in an accident and got an estimate for body work at a different shop that I felt was too high, so I took my car to Pit Stop for a second estimate. Shawn was able to look at my car and give me a ballpark estimate immediately. I left my car with them that day and the repair work was completed in only three days and at HALF the price quoted to me by the other shop. From the very beginning, I felt that absolutely everything possible was being done to provide excellent customer service. Pit Stop is fast, efficient, and well-priced. They have a customer for as long as I live in this city!!

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    Tue Jan 27 2009


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    Wed Jan 21 2009

    it's never easy finding a new mechanic. As a woman, I always feel like I'm at a disadvantage when it comes to getting my car repaired. I'm glad I decided to give The Pit Stop a try. First, I had the feeling that my repairs were going to cost $$$ - and I wasn't completely wrong. The owner sat down with me, went over my repairs, and was genuinely concerned with my economic situation. He gave me an estimate, and even though the actual repair work came in higher, he honored what our original agreement had been. The entire staff was courtious and kind, and went out of their way to answer all my questions and made me feel like I was among friends. When my repairs were complete my car drove like new and I feel safe driving my car again - I know that the staff at The Pit Stop had my safety as their first concern as well. If you are interested in a place that will treat you with respect and dignity, if you are looking for a place that will deal with you honestly and will give you a fair ... Read more

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    Tue Jan 20 2009

    Ok...I just left Pit Stop and am quite agitated, so I will do my very best to write an unbiased review (despite how I feel right now). As far as the repairs on my car...I own an Audi TT and have had to have work done on it twice. Both times, I sent it to Pit Stop. This last time, my alternator went out, so I had to have it towed to the shop which was about 6 blocks away from where it stopped. I believe that the mechanic is competent and did the repairs pretty quickly at a price that I believe was probably not over inflated (although not cheap). The problem that I have is that a piece was missing off of my radio that I know for a fact was there when my car was dropped off at the Pit Stop, and the owner refused to take responsibility for it. I have an aftermarket flip out radio with navigation and video that is not easy to operate if you are unfamiliar with it. There is a loose wire in one of the speakers that needs to be repaired which causes the radio speaker to occasionally mak... Read more

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    Sun Jan 18 2009

    I am a female who has always felt that I have been taken advantage of when taking my car into be repaired. I have had many troubles in the last few months with different mechanics. Before bringing my car to Pit Stop, I was told that I needed my ball joints replaced and that it would cost me $1300, they also emphasized how dangerous this condition was. I suspected that this estimate was high, but I was worried about my safety, so I began looking for an alternate estimate. A couple years ago, I brought my old car to Pit Stop and remembered nothing negative about them so I decided to take it to see if they could give me a lower estimate. Shawn and his crew were thorough, and even asked me to come back to drive it with them and identify what sounds I had said I was hearing. Shawn called me back and said that he had "gone over it with a fine-tooth comb," and that he could find NOTHING that needed to be replaced right now! I honestly never expected a mechanic to come back with an answer like... Read more

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    Mon Jan 12 2009

    I think it is a great thing when you can have a forum for people to express opinions on the service a company provides and I want to be sure that I thank each and every customer that has left us kind words. I do encourage and appreciate reviews whether positive, or not positive. I take reviews, good or bad, very seriously because it expresses how well of a job I/we at Pit Stop are doing. I know in life you cannot please everyone, but I do try my best to make every customer a lifelong customer. So, all I ask is if you had a great experience please respond and say so, if not, talk to me and make us aware of why you are not so happy. Don't just leave the shop upset make up a fake name and bash us in a review, that is anger, that solves nothing. And if you have never been to our shop and are leaving negative reviews for whatever reason, please stop. Know that I/we do care and want you to be satisfied on every visit, so please communicate with me, at times I seem a little rushed and I... Read more

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    Fri Jan 09 2009

    I am a new student to the New Orleans area. One morning i woke up and my car refused to start. I went to city search, and saw an add for Pit Stop Automotive, I called and spoke with the owner and he got my information and said a tow truck was on the way. Less than a hour later a tow truck arrived and towed my car to pitstop. The owner promtly called me to let me know my car had arrived and said he would diagnose the problem and get back to me with a detailed estimate. About two hours later he called and said my car needed a new battery. I then gave the owner my parents cell phone number, he contacted them, handled the payment, and made it to where all i had to do was come down and pick up my car an hour later. This tragedy was quickly and successfully resolved in a matter of 4 hours thanks to Pit Stop Automotive.

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    Wed Jan 07 2009

    I reciently took my BMW to Pitstop Automotive for engine problems. I couldn't be more impressed with the service. The owner and his staff were very friendly and knowledgeable. My car is now running perfectly. As a docor, I don't have a lot of free time so I was very relieved when the services were completed quickly.

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    Thu Dec 25 2008

    I had several problems with my 2001 chevy silverado killing from time to time. I brought this vehicle to 2 different shops that were highly recommended by close friends of mine. after paying 2 different diagnostic fees and some various parts and labor my truck was back to the same stalling out condition. i searched the internet and found pit stop automotive new orleans auto repair shop. i called and talked to a guy named shawn and he assured me that he would be able to diagnose and fix this electrical / computer problem. shawn spoke with such confidence i was on my way within a matter of minutes. i was impressed when i arrived at the painted floors in the shop area, it seemed as if the place was very tidy and organized. i saw all the certificates showing the certifications that shawn has in computer diagnostic and electrical, so i felt much more relaxed about paying yet another diagnostic fee. the next morning about 10 a.m. Fallon, the young lady in the office called and said my t... Read more

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    Wed Dec 10 2008

    I spent about one half of an hour trying to make a decision on where to have my car fixed. I came across Pit Stop Auto Repair shop in New Orleans. Their website was very professional and I liked how the owner makes himself available and is actually there to speak with you. I saw some great reviews and some that were not so great. I went with my instinct because being in business for myself has proved you can't please every single customer, so I went to Pit Stop with my car. I was greated by Fallon and Shawn politely, although Shawn seemed to be running around very busy. I had to wait because my home is not near this location, but they did get my car in the shop quickly. Within an hour shawn was explaining the cause of my problem and giving me a detailed estimate, I actually learned a little something about my car by the time he was done explaining. I did spend the better part of the day in his office and have to say that I now understand how some may take Shawn for being blunt o... Read more

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    Mon Nov 03 2008

    I have had repeated problems with my car and the shop I have been using over the last two years. Did an internet search and found Pit Stop. They had many positive reviews, so I decided to give them a shot. My car was running hot, the engine light was on and it was making a strange noise. They fixed my car, including some problems caused by my previous mechanic, and didn't charge an arm and a leg. They were courteous and explained the work performed. I plan to use them in the future for maintenance and any needed repairs of my vehicle.

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    Fri Sep 19 2008

    I recently had my car serviced at Pit Stop Automotive and was by far the best decision i've made. I was very happy and pleased with the service. My car was promised same day service and was delivered on the same day. Pit Stop employees were very polite, honest, and professional. I will definitely bring my car to Pit Stop automotive in the future. I highly recommend Pit Stop to everyone. Thank you for such great service Pit Stop.

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    Tue Mar 18 2008

    Pit Stop Automotive is by far the best automotive shop I have ever done business with. After being stranded on Interstate 10 my car was towed to Pit Stop. I had to have my idle motor replaced and my car was repaired the same day. The catch is I had just had my idle motor replaced at another shop earlier that week. I spoke with the owner of Pit Stop about my dilemma and he confirmed that my idle motor was never replaced, He replaced the idle motor for me and the cost was considerably less than the other shop. I was fully refunded from the previous shop and I now only take my car to Pit Stop. Thanks Pit Stop and keep up the good work!

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    Sat Feb 09 2008

    I'm new in town and upon finding that I needed my car looked at asap, a friend told me that they had seen Pit Automotive - it was on their way to work. Not knowing any alternatives and because this was close, I took the car in. The problem was obvious, so discovering it wasn't the problem. Fixing it was another story. I was told the work would take 24 hours and after agreeing to a price I headed home. (I later discovered that the price was 3-4 times what it should have been but I really needed the car fixed so I let it go.) The next day I got a call saying that in order to do the repair they were going to have to move some other parts which would cause a lot of damage and, needless to say, a much higher bill. At this point I became suspicious and called my old mechanic who told me that it's completely unnecessary to move any other parts and that the job never takes more than a couple hours - even in old, beat-up cars. When I called Pit Automotive to check the status and make s... Read more

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    Mon Oct 22 2007

    The ratings about their service are misleading. I had my car sent to this place for what should have been minor repair and they charged me over 200 on services that I did NOT approve (and would have never approved because they were not needed!). Then they lied to me and said that it was approved by me. However, they have no signature of consent - at all. Furthermore, they said that there were more repairs that need to be done to my car. Apparently, these are urgent repairs though everything it working fine... Again, these people will scam you. And will do anything to make a buck. I would not recommend this place to anyone. They are not honest about their services and they will take advantage of you. They are polite, but their customer service is poor in terms of honesty and integrity. Find people you can trust!

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    Mon Jun 25 2007

    My daughter is a student at Tulane, and when her car died, there was little I could do to help her from Pennsylvania. Fortunately, I found this website, and based on the positive reviews, I contacted Pit Stop. I was impressed that the owner of the business answered the phone personally, and he assured me that they could help me. They repaired the car the same day, after clearly explaining the problem and giving me a reasonable estimate. I couldn't be happier, and will certainly use them again. Thank you so much Shawn!

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    Wed Feb 21 2007

    I've never experienced a mechanical shop as quick and efficient as Pit Stop. The owner is a straight forward honest guy who cares about all of his customers, and knows how to run a business. Before Pit Stop was recommended to me, my vehicle had been broken down, due to a cracked head gasket, for more than half of a year and placed in and out of four different shops with no progress being made. Each one of the four mechanics told me i either needed a brand new engine or my car wasn't worth fixing. Since no other shops had enough man power to fix my car and were all trying to financialy screw me, i decided to call pit stop. The owner answered my call before the second ring and immediately got the ball rolling with my car. Pit Stop's mechanics only told me what was really wrong with my car, and had it completely fixed for me in LESS than five days. I highly recommend Pit Stop to anyone and everyone. All of the employes at pit stop automotive dont just work to meet customer expectations; ... Read more

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    Mon Jan 29 2007

    My family and I bring all of our mechanical problems there and I am always pleased with the great price and turn around time. I would and have recommended Pit Stop to anyone that needs work on there car. Shawn and his team are very professional and they do a wonderful job.

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    Mon Jan 29 2007

    My trucks are fixed right the first time. Never have a problem with the service or time frames of the repairs. I dont ask questions. I have never had a reason to doubt what I was told needed to be repaired. Because I always walk out smiling. I am glad I finally found a shop that takes care of the problem the first time. I do not have time to bring my vehicles back and forth time is money. They are very professional and experienced in what they do. I reccomend this shop to anyone. You will see why I speak so highly of the shop. I have recomended several people to this shop and have never had 1 compaint.

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    Mon Dec 25 2006

    We recently had our vehicles serviced at Pit Stop Automotive and we are very satisfied with the professional service staffs there. We would highly recommend this auto repair facility to anyone with any mechanical or elctrical repair. Oh we forget to mention, they also have warranties and towing service. Hanh Phi

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    Sun Nov 19 2006

    From rims and tires to full mechanical services, these automotive experts can fix any current problems or simply maintain vehicles.

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    Sat Nov 18 2006

    I was told by Firestone that myy tires were dry rotted and needed to be replaced so I got their quote and felt it was a bit high; then I called Pit Stop....not only did he beat their price but my tires were ordered right then, arrived a few hours later, and were placed the SAME DAY! My wait time was minimal and I left with peace of mind! Hats off to the Pit Stop team.

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    Fri Nov 17 2006

    Pit Sop gets a perfect score from me! I truly felt that I got what I paid for... trustworthy, fast, and friendly service. I recommend Pit Stop to all of my family and friends. And that guy Shawn Berger is one of a kind.

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    Sun Nov 12 2006

    Pit Stop is located on the corner of Earhart Blvd and Calliope on the outskirts of the Central Business District of New Orleans. The shop is well-equipped with multiple lifts/bays and modern computerized testing equipment and the waiting room is newly remodeled, clean, and quiet so you can read while waiting on your car. I know it is hard to find a reliable mechanic these days (I did all my own work before moving to NOLA), so I am glad I stumbled across Pit Stop. Pit Stop has helped me out of several tight spots on very short notice over the last few months. The first time was a quick tire patch when I first moved into the city in June 2006. Perhaps it was no big deal, but the job was performed quickly while other shops brushed me off with a two-day wait (post-Katrina NOLA). The second "rescue" involved an intake manifold and thermostat replacement and the third was a blown heater core. These last two repairs were difficult and time consuming, but Pit Stop came through with a qu... Read more