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    Sat Jul 18 2009

    i live here, so i should know. we are a country with rich natural resources, badly governed by corrupt politicians. the bombings only happen in Mindanao (some areas) and Manila ONLY and that only happens when there isn't enough money passing the hands of people involved (did i mention we are lead by corrupt officials?) . you should try the Cordillera Province north of Manila where the average annual temperature is below 25% Celsius. perfect weather. we've been badly treated by some foreigners so we have preconceptions about them and often expressed to the wrong person. our hospitable nature have been exploited time and again and we experience being mistreated and badmouthed by piggish foreigners IN OUR OWN COUNTRY, so please bear with us when you start raising your voice and acting all bossy and we just ignore you or just punch your face. add to this the fact that you can rape our women and the government can do nothing about it and you have a recipe for a boiling rage that cannot... Read more

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    Sat Apr 21 2007

    Despite the fact the Philippines has one of the most corrupt governments, Filipinos/-as are a proud people with a rich, colorful history. Filipinos/-as themselves are a diverse group, having been influenced first by indigenous Malays and later by other nearby Asian nations, not to mention the influence of Spain and the United States, which brought Catholicism and capitalism, respectively. All of these influences contributed to the unique-but-beautiful identity of Filipinos/-as around the world. And just to mention, I am a Filipino American who is extremely proud of my heritage. I definitely encourage others to learn about (and maybe visit) my ancestral country.

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    Sun Mar 12 2006

    No one lives there!

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    Mon Oct 31 2005

    There's no place like the Philippines...Probably, the best place on earth...

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    Mon Jul 11 2005

    I just returned from my second missions trip to the Philippines and once again, had a heavenly time. I have still yet to meet one unfriendly filipino, the people there are so amazing, hospitable, and thankful. Almost every person I talked to is so thankful for America and their part in liberating them from the Japanese, but above all they said, they are so thankful for America bringing them Jesus. They said the Lord has made all the difference in their country. Please pray for the filipinos, the filipino pastors, and the country. God bless the Philippines!

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    Fri May 13 2005

    I love the Philippine.

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    Fri Oct 29 2004


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    Mon Jan 05 2004

    The stars show the pride for my country. This place is totally awesome. Pnoy Power!

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    Tue May 20 2003

    My mom is a filipino, so we went to the Phillipines one summer. It was awesome! Everyone there treated me with royalty (once they found out I was American)!

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    Mon Apr 28 2003

    phillipines is where catholic priests and sick men go. if you go to the phillipines your a pedophile manilla is full of 4 year old prostitute boys. If you actually wanna give money to yet another sick disgusting country go ahead.

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    Thu Feb 13 2003

    philippines is a very beautiful country with many things to offer.beautiful beaches and if you want exciting city life philippines has a lot to offergiant shopping malls are evrywhere and the nightlife id just not to be missed. are just everywhere and people are friendly and very accomodating!!! filipinos are considered as one of the most hospitable people in the whole world.

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    Sat Feb 08 2003

    A really screwed up country. Theres bombings everyday, and terrorists are all over the place.

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    Sat Dec 07 2002

    Filipinas are very annoying. They are really really pushy. Very violent country, which is something Philippine people try so hard to mask.

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    Mon Nov 05 2001

    I never want to hate a country but sometimes I have to. The people were unbelievably rude and not quite tourist friendly people. Don't go there.:(

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    Sat Oct 20 2001

    The poor but the proud. A country can't be great when there are arrogant, self-centered people around. Philippinoes doesn't earn any respect from people, instead, it earned to be despise as well as be given a spit by others. Boo! Tang ina mo!

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    Fri Aug 17 2001

    I don't know about u guys, but its sure bad luck for me. Filippinos that ive seen leave a terrible impression for me. People were very unreasonale and rude and they like to think that they are the only country in Asia, which is of course wrong. Ive been there once and never would like to go there again

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    Sat Aug 11 2001

    The Philippines is definately the coolest place i've ever been to! I'm Filipino and I really respect my country. ~*ChandlersSweetAngel*~

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    Fri May 11 2001

    Definitely, the best place on earth!!! Filipinos are freindly and smart.

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    Sat Feb 03 2001

    my mother is filipino and i went once. it's a unique culture and the people are usually very friendly. it's like a charming south american country (from 500 years of spanish rule) mixed with asian/pacific heritage and influences. you'll be safe as long as you stay in and around Luzon, the northern of the three main islands. the other two in the south are where the muslim terrorists are.

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    Sun Nov 28 1999

    Great country to visit! Very warm and friendly people and most of them speak English! Recommend!