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    Sat May 23 2009

    The Eagles, and thier uniforms just suck.

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    Sun Mar 29 2009

    the eagles are a great team because they have a great defense,coach,and they have Donovan Mcnabb.

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    Wed Feb 18 2009

    Best fans in sports, it's a shame we haven't been rewarded with an Eagles championship.

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    Tue Aug 26 2008

    Their best uniforms.I think they should try black pants with a green and white stripe to go with the green jerseys.They should also wear the green pants with their black jerseys.Love the white jerseys with the green pants.

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    Sat May 03 2008

    i think donovan mcnaab will make a comeback and take the eagles to the playoffs

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    Mon Mar 24 2008

    Great team. Great coach. Great tradition.

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    Tue Mar 18 2008

    I'm convinced the Pats beat them in the sb in 2005 thanks to video tapes that have since mysteriously disappeared. although the eagles' late-game clock management didn't hurt the pats' cause either. with a receiver of owens' caliber, the eagles will fly again.

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    Thu Oct 18 2007

    Alas, it may be time to consider the end of the Donovan McNabb era.

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    Sun Sep 23 2007

    Why did they change???

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    Sun Jul 22 2007

    best looking in the league hands down!

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    Sun Jul 22 2007

    The main problem with the Eagles is McNabb. Too many fans put too much anticipation and faith in McNabb. He is just an average QB who can run and evade. Hence why Kolb was drafted. McNabb has thrown way too many game deciding interceptions, puked in the huddle, and crawled to the huddle in crunch time during the Superbowl. For three straight years he's missed the last half of the season. I myself am a fan of the man but he is not super normal in any sense. Kevin Kolb and Tony Hunt will lead this team into action in due time but for now Defense is the key. We have mediocre recievers with a coach who doesn't like the run. A running back who averages 5 yards per rush but has only 20 TD's in 6 years. He is an excellent slot reciever but is not utilized properly. The Eagles have also wasted money on numerous players, such as, Correl Buckhalter, Koy Detmer, Hollis Thomas, and so on and so forth. That money could've been used for much better players. Untill we have a QB that can stay healthy ... Read more

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    Mon May 28 2007

    Ok uni's. Don't care for the black. Don't ever go white pants/white jersey combo with green helmet...hate it.

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    Sat Mar 03 2007

    Second best in Pennsylvania...

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    Sat Mar 03 2007

    I personally think they are ugly... I don't know what else to say...

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    Fri Nov 24 2006

    No McNabb = No Playoffs. Simple as that.

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    Sun Aug 27 2006

    Donovan McNabb is a great QB. Without a true number 1 WR he still had some of the best numbers in the NFL, and he led them to the NFC Championship every single year. The defense is not great, but they seem to be able to get the job done. Andy Reid is a good coach, but this team will not get back to the Super Bowl without a 20-25 carry back. There is not a back on the roster who can carry that load, and unless this team starts running the ball they will miss out of the playoffs.

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    Sat Apr 01 2006

    1.LOSE THE BLACK!!! 2.Return to the 1970s look of kelly green 3.See #1 4.See#1 and 3 5.Green pants?Nah 6.See #1,3 and 4.

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    Wed Nov 23 2005

    there uniforms are all good exept for the pants, the pants aughta be green as well. and when they're on the road, they should have white pants.

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    Tue Nov 15 2005

    First let me say that Donovan McNabb is the best quarterback the Eagles ever had. He the only one to ever get them far into the playoffs. But I am writing this after McNabb has thrown a game-deciding interception for a third straight game. This time giving up a interception return for a touchdown after leading the Cowboys for 3 1/2 quarters. My biggest gripe with McNabb from the beginning is that he plays well when he's not under pressure but when the going gets tough and when the game is on the line, he gets rattled and makes big mistakes(fumbles, interceptions, overthrows, etc). Between McNabb's costly mistakes and Andy Reid's poor play-calling, I truly believe that the Eagles will never win a Super Bowl. And this is killing me because I've been an Eagles fan for over thirty five years

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    Mon Oct 10 2005

    Always liked this uniform, especially now that they've gone with that darker green. However, everybody know that Philly green was Kelly green, Idon't think they have that going for them anymore...

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    Sat Oct 01 2005

    I like the black jersey and the black jersey/green pants combo is pretty cool. All the other apparel is cool. Now if they could only keep Terrell Owens's mouth shut.

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    Wed Sep 28 2005

    To me, it looks as though somethings missing so far this year. They're still strong, but I get a sense that there's a problem. And I mean a bigger one than TO

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    Tue Sep 27 2005

    I've been watching my ESPN lately, and for some reason everyone thinks the Eagles are going to the Super Bowl, a fair assumption. But lets wait just a damn minute here. I've seen the Eagles play, and I tell ya, they're good, but moving into the 4th game of 16 and we're assuming that they'll stay as healthy as they are by Super Bowl Kick Off? That's childish. It's childish to think that a team is going to the Super Bowl because of how good they play early in the season. Anything could happen guys, lets face it. P.S. I mean it when I say it's a fair assumption. Keep playing like you are, stay healthy, and you definately have a shot at the Super Bowl.

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    Thu Sep 15 2005

    Have won as many Super Bowls as the Cardinals and the Saints, which means none, and one less than the Rams or those sorry-ass Buccaneers. Every other team in their division has won at least two. Win a championship and we'll talk. Until then, Philly is just the Buffalo Bills of the NFC East.

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    Sat Sep 03 2005

    T.O. and Mc Nabb Suck donkey balls.

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    Fri Apr 29 2005

    TO n Mcnabb r the awesome. D isnt 2 bad either

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    Sat Mar 05 2005

    They need to get rid of the black in their uni's- it's plain ugly. I liked the older green better too.

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    Mon Feb 28 2005

    These unis are alright but not remarkable. I personally think it is time to add something to the helmet besides those wings. I prefer helmets that have traditional logos. Add a real logo to the helmet and do away with the black jerseys. Those just don't match with the green helmets.

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    Sun Feb 13 2005

    Just a smalls step behind the Pats. They are the only other team worth 5 stars.

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    Thu Feb 10 2005

    How great would this uniform look if it had traditional block numerals? Other than needless black alternates, that's the only flaw. I did rather like the silver wing decals on the previous helmet, but these are sharp as well, particularly on metallic-midnight-green paint.

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    Sun Feb 06 2005

    The Eagles will have the best NFL uniform when they upset the New England Patriots in tonight's Super Bowl.

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    Sat Feb 05 2005

    Good ones, but I would like more the regular green instead of this dark green, and no need for black jerseys!!!!!

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    Mon Jan 24 2005

    [24 JAN Update] Who's CRYING NOW!!! The Eagles are going to the SUPER BOWL!!! While everybody disses Philly because they lost 3 years before, the first loss (to the Rams) was a free pass, as they were heavy underdogs. Major injuries affected their losses to TB and the Panthers. But this year, despite the loss of T.O., the Eagles were remarkably healthy, especially on D. This year's version of the Eagles meant business. They never trailed in any of their playoff games. And to be honest with you, the only people stressing out were the Eagles Fans, not the Eagles. There's jubilation in Cheesesteak City. Only people from Philly know the breadth and depth Philly exults their sports team. It's almost like a scene out of Biblical Rapture. I remember when the Flyers won their first Stanley Cup in 1974. TWO MILLION swarmed Broad Street to celebrate. I think Atlanta might have got a couple HUNDRED people celebrating when the Braves won the World Series. The Pats are in for a big surp... Read more

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    Mon Jan 17 2005

    1/17/05 - Birds are looking good. Not going to get overconfident however - see my comment from two years ago to understand why. 1/19/03 - It's hard to express the disappointment that Eagles fans are going through after getting pounded by the Bucs. This was supposed to be the Eagles' day. They were a team of destiny playing against a Tampa Bay club that they had smothered in the previous two years. They were playing the last game ever in the infamous Vet, and the home field crowd was to be a potent 12th man. The temperature was frigid - just where the Eagles liked it, and just where Tampa Bay had proven itself to be unable to compete. But even in all the hype leading up to the big day, there was an undercurrent in Philly that this was all to good to be true. That Philly is a cursed sports town, and that the team's franchises will somehow find a way to screw things up. Now, once again, we are left with the hollow wait till next year, and with the sinking feeling that if we can't... Read more

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    Mon Jan 17 2005

    The Philadelphia Eagles are a great team that deserve more credit than they get. They've been to the NFC championship game just about four years in a row. I really think that this is the year that they could get their first superbowl win in franchise history. The Eagles also really showed me in the game against the Vikings that they can still play their great passing game even without the presence of TO (Terrell Owens).

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    Sat Jan 15 2005

    i love the new black jerseys

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    Thu Jan 13 2005

    Dont forget about Atlant and the Vick factor. To me with out TO#81 The Eagles are done especially when they play Atlanta. They aren't going anywere. Now anyways.

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    Thu Jan 06 2005

    Could have gone all the way and won the Superbowl but they are not going to make it without # 81.

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    Thu Jan 06 2005

    could be worse. like the green and black and silver look. lose the sleeve logos and change the goofy looking number font.

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    Sun Dec 19 2004

    Been fairly impressed with the Eagles this year. And I bet their record would even hold up in the AFC, Denver.

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    Tue Dec 14 2004

    The Eagles keep silencing the critics. They are undeniably the best team in the NFC. They should make it to the Super Bowl pending that the whole team doesnt come down with a freak illness. Now, once they get their they should give the AFC team, whomever it is, a run for their money. This team has talent, they have charisma, and they are hungry and tired of being called chokers. They have a top 3 quarterback, the top reciever, and one of the most exciting, up and coming running backs in the NFL. They have numerous weapons on offense and defense. They have won blow outs and they have won close games against very good defenses. The Eagle's own defense has also become much more effective these last 5 games. These are the facts, all you haters out there can yell and scream all you want, but it is what it is.

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    Fri Dec 10 2004

    Eagles have done a good job of tweaking the uniforms and now have a modern look that looks like a retro uniform that has been updated. The black jerseys are unnecessary , but are cool and sell so it works as well. The modified helmet is great as well. Love the wings on the helmet, unique.

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    Sun Dec 05 2004

    I wouldn't mind this team so much... but Terrell Owens comes to town, that pretty much does it for me.

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    Tue Nov 30 2004

    Pretty Cool,And how bout them play's

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    Sun Nov 28 2004

    every team in philly is trash

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    Sun Nov 28 2004

    The Eagles have changed their helmet logo and wing scheme sooo much through the years that they have LOST ALOT of tradition and 'CLASSIC' NFL Stature. Could be like the BEARS, PACKERS, LIONS, RAMS, etc. but I still can picture Roman Gabriel getting sacked in that all white uniform with those dorky looking green wings on the helmets. Maybe its just me... but they really messed up too many times with the helmet colors I don't care anymore!

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    Sun Oct 03 2004

    Made probably the two best offseason acquisitions in the league this year and they were Superbowl wannabes last year. Only looking up.

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    Sun Oct 03 2004

    I think the Eagles have got a good chance at the Superbowl as Mcnabb has finally got a great reciever to throw to (Terrell Owens)

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    Mon Sep 13 2004

    Love my Eagles! :-) They killed the weakling Giants yesterday. They could do better protecting against the run on D but Terrell and Donovan have it going on!

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    Sun Aug 29 2004

    I didn't like these at first like I did the 49ers. But they grew on me. I orginally preferred the old Jaws Jawrorski era unis or the Cunningham era unis. But these I'm starting to really like. But yet again, do they really need 5 pair of pants, and 4 jerseys?? This is FOOTBALL not dress up Barbie!!

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