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Phase 10

Card game created in 1982 in Cambodia and sold by Mattel, which purchased the rights from Fundex Games in 2010 Website

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    Sun Sep 14 2008

    A few years ago (I help with students at church) another leader brought a pack of these cards and suggested a few played.... I joined in and was hooked... So I purchased a pack of these cards for my game collection. I have had ages 8-88+ play this game and have never had anyone who didn't love it. Game Play: Phase 10 is sort of like Rummy backwards. Each player (2-6 players) are dealt 10 cards. You then lay the remaining cards face down in the middle and flip one card face up. On your turn you must pick a card up (either the one laying face up in the middle or one from the pile) and discard one face up in the middle (covering the previous face-up card). Your goal is to go through the 10 phases: (*As a note: a set is the same numbers (ie a set of 3 would be 4&4&4 or 8&8&8.... A run is a numerical order (ie a run of 4 would be 1&2&3&4 or 9&10&11&12) 1. 2 sets of 3 2. 1 set of 3 & 1 run of 4 3. 1 set of 4 & 1 run of 4 4. 1 run of 7 5. 1 run of 8 6. 1 run of 9 7. 2 sets o... Read more

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    Fri Aug 29 2008

    A day after I bought this I was walking through Target and saw the deluxe version for about the same price. Ugh! The deluxe version is much better as it comes in a durable tin and has separate cards for each player to keep track of their phase. Don't make the mistake I did of buying this overpriced version.

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    Thu Jun 19 2008

    I absolutely LOVE this game! So fun! It's kind of like Rummy and Uno combined and on drugs. It's about 1 hour with two people and I would say it adds about 30min per additional person playing. I played with 5 people a couple of times and it was a LONG game. But we had a bottle of wine open, so it was a good night :). It's not very easy to explain the rules, but you understand the game after one phase.

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    Fri Feb 15 2008

    I had never heard of this game until my friend brought it over one night. I was immediately hooked on the game. I've always enjoyed playing cards, so having a new card game in my repertoire is a bonus. There was only two of us playing and it was fun, but as I read other reviews I look forward to playing it with a larger group of people. I am going to buy my own deck and have it on hand around the house, and bring it on the family vacation over the holidays. The game has a combination of elements that will make it fun for everybody. It is essentially a great twist on the classic game of rummy. Learning the game is relatively quick, and you will see how it works after a few rounds. Once you've caught on, you will be coming up with your own additional "Phases" in no time! I enjoyed the game very much, and wanted to write this review to get the word out there and have other people give this game a chance. I hope you find it as enjoyable I do.

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    Fri Jan 11 2008

    This game of Phase 10 keeps the adults entertained while the kids play with their electronic games.It keeps us laughing and having fun more than regular cards do.It would be well worth for you to purchase. It just gets better and better.

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