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    Thu Jul 22 2010

    He's more of an underground journalist now-a-days.

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    Sat May 29 2010

    Being a news commentator isn't exactly what I'd call the pinnacle of success, but none the less, he did ok for dropping out of school more than once.

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    Sat Jul 25 2009

    And I'm not giving kudos to Peter just because he is a fellow Canadian. Another objective reporter who is underrated by the yahoos.

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    Thu Jun 11 2009

    He, from what I observed, did straight news. I don't buy into the "liberal media" theory. These major news organizations are now owned by conglolmerates which look to the bottom line. They are businesses first. That doesn't usually translate into "liberal". The left-wing bias of media is a comforting thought to some, I'm sure. I think it's just a matter of it being repeated so many times, people take it for granted.

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    Thu Jun 11 2009

    "The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist." Early in 2001, a poll was taken of reporters and journailists. The poll included CNN, CBS, ABC, NBC, and major papers like the LA Times & the NY Times. 83% of these people identified themselves as liberals and said they vote Democrat. No bias there, huh?

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    Thu May 28 2009

    Not as much spin as Rather, but still biased.

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    Sun Feb 08 2009

    You could tell what his politics were just by listening to his broadcast, but I liked the guy for some reason.

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    Thu Jan 12 2006


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    Fri Sep 16 2005

    Until his death, I also wasn't aware that Jennings had not graduated high school. Of the big three news anchors of his era (Jennings, Brokaw, Rather), I had the most respect for Mr. Jennings, and this only made me have more respect for him. He might have been given a leg up when he began his career, but to reach the place he reached took more than a leg up. He earned that. Like most every joarnalist, he loved to learn. His lack of a formal education certainly did not hold him back.

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    Thu Sep 15 2005

    I did not know until I read his obituary that Peter Jennings had not even graduated from high school. Astounding! If I had been asked to make a list of the ten people I can think of least likely to have a limited formal education, he would have been one of my first choices. Let that be a lesson to people in the States who complain about our crappy public schools. With libraries, newspapers, magazines and the internet at the common man's fingertips, there is practically no barrier to obtaining significant knowledge and a wealth of information.

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    Mon Aug 22 2005

    He took the top prize after old Dan had driven off into the fog! Now he is gone also--the end of an unlamented era.

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    Thu Aug 11 2005

    I'm not fond of the guy or his politics. I do, however, wish him well in his fight against lung cancer. Those so inclined should pray for him, as I will. UPDATE: InMy, I'd refer you to Flick's excellent, detailed post below, if you were looking for a few examples of Jennings' biased statements. If that isn't convincing, type Peter Jennings Bias or Peter Jennings Munich Olympics into nearly any search engine. You could be reading for hours.

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    Thu Aug 11 2005

    Smug Socialist, anti-American, global one-worlder, liberal left-wing wacko environmentalist, military service avoider, Canadian apologist...the ultimate North American metrosexual.

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    Thu Aug 11 2005

    I must have missed the broadcast where Peter Jennings anounced that he had a poltical party (he could have only been registered for one election, he didn't become a citizen until 2003) I just don't get it? What did he ever say that made him sound bias? Was he on any other shows besides world news tonight that I am unaware of? Was there another channel that he was on hosting ABC's covering of the debates, in which he clearly told the on site reporter NOT to let the spinners from both sides (literaly and politicaly, a Bush spokesman and a Kerry spokesman were stading on either side of the on site reporter, who's name I can't recall, and Peter Jennings, in the studio, told him not to let EITHER of the spinners on camera) I would like a real, substaintiated quote, that clearly shows a political bias of Peter Jennings. Maybe you could find a quote that made him sound Anti-American durring his SIXTY HOUR NON-STOP BROADCAST durring 9/11, WHEN HE WAS CRYING!! Did anybody watch the O'rielly Fac... Read more

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    Mon Aug 08 2005

    One of the greatest reporters that I've even been exposed to. Rest in peace!!!

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    Mon Mar 28 2005

    Watch him every night but getting a little long in the tooth. I realize lately he makes alot of mistakes. Up the meds.

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    Sat Mar 19 2005

    There is nothing worse than an arrogant Canadian who takes the moral high ground when critizing U.S. foreign policy. If Canada wasn't rich in natural resourses and territiory, it would be nothing more than a third world country. Having travelled in Quebec, I would consider Quebec part of the Third World since it is kept afloat by the suckers in the English speaking provinces of Ontario & Alberta. Peter Jennings is paid good money by a major U.S. network for reporting the news. IF he feels uncomfortable with that, he should take a .90% pay hike and go and work for the CBC or CTV AND he can't rant against U.S. foreign policy all he wants. Since the CBC is Marxist in nature and funded by the poor sods of taxpayers in Ontario & Alberta, he can both mouth off at U.S. foreign policy AND take the moral high ground as well!!!

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    Sun Feb 20 2005

    The man is clearly incapable of being objective and is extrodinarily overrated.

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    Wed Nov 10 2004

    if you look up liberal asswipe in Webster's there's a picture of this guy

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    Wed Nov 03 2004

    Peter Jennings needs to go back to Canada. While reporting on the 2004 election coverage he was visibly angry and argumenative with his own staff and guests when they tried to gently give him the devastating news that Kerry couldn't win Ohio. Then he went off air for at least an hour (my guess is he needed time to regain his composure). He referred to President Bush as Mr. Bush. Peter Jennings is not a journalist, he is a liberal hollywood wanna-be.

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    Tue Oct 05 2004

    Just comes across as a big, arrogant snob. Fwah, fwah, fwah!

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    Thu Sep 23 2004

    boo. only guy that keeps Rather from being the worst.

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    Sat Sep 11 2004

    He's making a serious run at being the most left wing, biased jerk on network TV. Overcoming Rather is a challenge, but he may succeed yet.

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    Mon Aug 30 2004

    Cry baby!!!! Mommy!!!!! Major sniveling liberal.

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    Thu Aug 05 2004

    Peter Jennings was once asked by Larry King if there was a slant to news reporting. I think bias is very largely in the eye of the beholder, he answered. Good journalists work very hard to leave their bias beside the typewriter, or the computer as it may be. It seems to me that Mr Jennings does not practice what he preaches. On April 10, 1997 he felt that investigating Democrats was a poor use of resources when he said When we come back, two investigations of fundraising abuse, two of them on Capitol Hill. Is it a waste of time and money? (6 people were later convicted of felonies and / or misdemeanors) When George H.W. Bush defeated Michael Dukakis Jennings felt that Dukakis had been robbed because during the election night coverage on Nov 8, 1988 he said There are people in the country who think George Bush won not in a landslide, but in a mudslide. Mr Jennings seems to have appointed himself custodian of how government money should be spent, and in his view spending it on de... Read more

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    Tue Jul 20 2004

    Smug, conceited, and unable, or willing to even try to conceal his Liberal bias. Just a Tad better looking than Dan Rather, but he makes you wonder why he continues to stay in the U.S. Must be those U.S. dollars go further than his Canadian bucks.

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    Sun Jul 18 2004

    Canada's booby prize to America.

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    Fri Jul 16 2004

    A true islamo fascist loving communist.

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    Thu Jun 10 2004

    A pleasure to watch.

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    Sat Jun 05 2004

    You can expect a steady stream of anti-christian and anti-conservative babble from Peter Jennings. I don't think he should even be in the category of news reporters -- what he does is bad entertainment.

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    Thu May 20 2004

    The other night I was changing channels and came upon Jennings' newscast. I usually don't watch him, but he was talking about the election and made a reference to our nation. He can be a Canadian if he wants, but spare us from such phrases. He could become naturalized but I doubt it. Oh, by the way, is he paid in Canadian dollars and does he return to the great white north for medical care? In an update to this comment we just returned from a 3 week visit to Hong Kong in April 2004. The ABC News is on over there each morning (Hong Kong is 13 hours ahead). Each evening CCTV, the communist Chinese network presented an English language newscast. We were astounded to see that this program was far more balanced and informative. It is astonishing that Jennings and ABC have sunk to such depths!

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    Thu May 13 2004

    Not as bad as Rather, but is no big fan of Pres. Bush nor any other Republican leaders.

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    Wed Apr 28 2004

    Great Journalist

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    Tue Apr 27 2004

    Can you say ungrateful Canuck?

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    Thu Apr 15 2004

    The guy's been crying into his beer ever since he failed to help bring down the Reagan administration.

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    Fri Mar 19 2004

    Jennings is, in my opinion, the slickest of the Big Three anchors. Being a liberal elitist comes with the territory. He's been stumbling over quite a few words lately (when I watch him). Seems to be unable to resist a slight smirk when anything negative can be reported (fairly or otherwise) about the Republicans, the Bush administration, the war in Iraq, or the Catholic church. Canada sure got the best of the deal when he came to the US.

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    Tue Feb 24 2004

    Your basic biased left wing TV anchor. On the plus side, he's better than Rather.

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    Fri Feb 06 2004

    Jennings seems to be more critical of Republicans than Democrats in his slanted reporting at times, but he is not as blatant in his criticism as Rather and Katie Couric.

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    Sun Jan 11 2004

    This is a stinking liberal and he should go to his Canada, we have enough talent in this country

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    Tue Dec 16 2003

    He's a Canadian jerk (no offense Canada) who thinks he knows better what Americans should see and hear. Angry American by Toby Keith was the perfect song for a 4th of July celebration following the 9-11 tragedy.

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    Mon Nov 24 2003

    Just rate a OK have lost respect for this man.

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    Sat Nov 08 2003

    He should be shipped back to Canada. Is a lousy liberal, and full of himself

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    Thu Oct 30 2003

    Get rid, abc, of that conceited liberal canadian import

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    Wed Oct 29 2003

    A leftist canadian who is now an American citizen. I don't like his attitude

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    Tue Oct 28 2003

    A smaless leftist; go back to canada, buddy

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    Sun Oct 19 2003

    I dont watch ABC ever because of this Jerk

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    Wed Sep 24 2003

    Castlebee said it all.

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    Tue Sep 09 2003

    I really think David Muir needs to take his place. Peter Jennings is losing his touch, and he is just way too dramatic for my taste. I mean there was a time he was decent, but I just don't care for his anchoring anymore.

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    Mon Sep 08 2003

    Seems calm, cool, collected. Strikes me as a professional.

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    Fri Jul 25 2003

    Screwed over Toby Keith.....go back to Canada.....