Perfect Strangers

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    Mon Sep 29 2008

    It's never dull on "Perfect Strangers". And they knew how to make a person laugh without being raunchy. I think this is a great show, recommended for all ages.

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    Sat Jul 12 2008

    I loved this show, I always thought that even though he was the "straight man" Larry was funnier than Balki.

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    Tue Jul 08 2008

    5 stars, people, 5 stars......i wonder if balki was an illegal immigrant.......and i often wonder how i, larry on, got that hot girlfriend...hmmmmmmmm, awesome show!!!!

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    Thu Apr 10 2008

    A no name becomes a roommate of some aggravating Latka- like fellow from a fictional Eastern European country- probably the one Dr. Doom presided over...stick with the 1984 Deep Purple song...

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    Wed Apr 09 2008

    A fun and mostly funny family sitcom of the era. The first couple of seasons were quite good the rest was average. It went from fairly bizzare to too cute over time. I imagine the young kids would still enjoy it.

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    Sat Oct 27 2007

    Every now and then you would get a truly funny and unique episode but you had to watch of so-so stuff in between.

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    Tue Oct 23 2007

    This was one of those US shows that got stuck on daytime slots here in the UK so it never got big audiences. Fine for us nightshift workers though but I thought it was more deserving of a prime time slot.  If not quite up there with Seinfeld, Cheers and Frasier in terms of sheer class and laughs  it definitely is one of the funnier and more likeable US sitcoms from the 80s and 90s. Very underrated.

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    Tue Oct 23 2007

    This is one of those few that I consider a classic, and was perfect for family viewing.

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    Sat Aug 04 2007

    One of the most stupid shows ever created and lousy acting as well.

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    Sun May 06 2007

    This was one of my favorite shows when I was a kid. This was one of the shows I had to watch every week. But the last two or three seasons weren't really as good as the first few.

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    Mon Sep 18 2006

    Funny at times, boring other times.

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    Mon Jul 24 2006

    Cute show but it got old pretty quickly.

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    Thu Sep 08 2005

    Its one off the greatest comedy series

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    Sun Aug 28 2005

    When is this coming out on dvd??? I would totally buy it!!!

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    Fri Aug 12 2005

    A good show! Can't wait for it to come out on dvd!

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    Fri May 13 2005

    it was funny but not that funny. balki had his moments but it just lost its spark after a while

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    Wed Apr 20 2005

    One of the greatest shows theat I've ever seen when I was 7. Totally funny and quite cultural. Hey, without this show, there would not be its spin- off, Family Matters. Now whoever said that this show was about gay guys just doesn't know what he's talking about. Now please, for those who listened to Wiggum, you should understand that you live in a multicultural society and cultural shock is normal for such immigrants here. This show demonstrates such problems that they face (like Balkie) and how to keep their culture.

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    Tue Jan 18 2005

    Never before, and never since, has a show this childish, predictable, and formulaic produced so many smiles and so many good times. I nearly laughed myself to death during the karate episode.

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    Thu Dec 30 2004

    Found Pierce Brosnan to be really annying with the fake accent.

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    Sat Oct 16 2004

    i thought the show was awesome and funny too!....i liked barky bartoca moose or whatever his name was...he was funny!

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    Sat Oct 09 2004

    I loved this show when I was a kid and am now eagerly waiting for Nick at Night to start playing it.

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    Thu Aug 26 2004

    The people giving this show a bad rating are either Star Trek nerds or people that actually found MASH to be funny. This show is up there with Seinfeld as far as being a show OF ITS TIME. Yes, now it may not be as funny, but in 1986 thru the early 90's it was the best out there. So for these teenage idiots that are just now seeing it and rating it as should have been there in the 80's! It rocked!!

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    Sun Aug 15 2004

    EXCELLENT!!!! I grew up with this, and oh god was it wonderful

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    Thu Aug 12 2004

    Absolutely fantastic.....should be shown again. Is there anybody out there who i can buy the series (any format) from. Thanks

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    Wed Jul 14 2004

    Do you guys know where i can buy the series????? My dad loves this show and I want to get him a nice gift for his birthday. Thanks

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    Thu Jul 08 2004

    I loved this show! I really miss it. Balki is the best. They need to put the series out on dvd. I would buy it.

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    Mon May 17 2004

    This show has to be one of my all-time favorites. I can't see why it's not on any TV stations or on DVD! It saddens me that I can't get my Larry and Balki fix!

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    Sun May 02 2004

    You people that dont like the show obviously have not watched it enough to know how hilarious it really is. If you would just give it a chance you would realize how great Mark Linn Baker and Bronson Pinchot really DO go together. Definatly one of the best sitcoms of all time. one other thing,.....WHERE ARE THE DVDS!!!??!?!??? COME ON Lorimar, lets get this series on DVD, it would sell like mad, just look at home made vhs sets selling on Ebay for $300, its just common sense.

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    Mon Mar 15 2004

    This show was just plain annoying.

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    Fri Nov 14 2003

    This, of all sitcoms, is the funniest. Since 1988 till 2003, I still watch this show over and over and I find it funnier the more I watch it!

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    Sun Nov 02 2003

    This show was kinda lame... I don't remember anything particularly funny about it.

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    Sun Nov 02 2003

    One season was one too many for this ridiculously annoying sitcom...I was so happy when it finally got cancelled....

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    Wed Oct 22 2003

    DVD DVD DVD DVD!!!!!

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    Wed Oct 22 2003

    Another show that ran out of gas after a while, but for the most part is was pretty funny. The two cousins were able to do slapstick better than 95% of other TV shows have. In fact, I don't think I've seen any show since that does slapstick as well as Larry and Balki. Perfect strangers was silly and stupid, but they KNEW they were silly and stupid and didn't waste alot of time trying to be something they were not. I haven't seen this show in years, so maybe my memory is faulty, but if I was vegitating in front of the tv in the late 80s and this show came on I wouldn;t change the channel.

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    Fri Oct 17 2003

    Balki was always my favorite =)

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    Sat Aug 16 2003

    There are certainly alot of negative opinions here about a show that was one of the best sitcoms of the '80s. I would put this show up next to Friends, Seinfeld or Cheers anyday. I know alot of people may not agree, but there have been few shows in that past 50 years that have made me laugh out loud....Perfect Strangers is definitely one of them! Oh how I miss it...hopefully they will release it someday on DVD.

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    Tue Aug 12 2003

    This show was ok. But, I can't get into it anymore.

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    Thu Jul 17 2003

    Gayest show ever.

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    Wed May 28 2003

    I LIVE FOR NICK AT NITE so I can watch shows like this one. Why can't they make TV shows like this one anymore? "Of course I do don't be ridiculous" gets annoying, but it's still cute.

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    Mon May 12 2003

    perfect crap

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    Fri May 02 2003

    Give this show anything other than 5-stars. Don't be ridiculous

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    Sat Apr 26 2003

    Rather dumb show in my opinion.

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    Thu Apr 10 2003

    I totally agree with Wiggum, this show was unfunny. It was basicly "I Love Lucy" with men, in fact they even did the Lucy thing where thry got locked in the basement and it started flooding. I will say it was better than some of the stuff thats on today but not bu much!

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    Mon Feb 24 2003

    Perfect Strangers was one of the funniest sitcoms that I ever saw. I taped every show and my tapes have almost worn out. The chemistry between Balki and Larry was amazing. The whole cast was awesome, especially when Jennifer and Mary Ann came along, moreso that Mr. Twinkisetti. Does anyone out there know of Perfect Strangers being available on DVD? If so, please let me know. I was very sad when the show went off the air. And I must say that the shows today cannot hold a candle to Perfect Strangers. As I read the many other "opinions", the negative ones that is, I couldn't help but think that there are a lot of "Perfectly Strange" people out there. If I could, I'd give it more than 5 stars. My favorite episodes were the Karate episode, the Dentist, Balki as Elvis, the Honeymooners, I could go on and on. Thank you for giving me an opportunity to rave about this show. If TVLand was smart, they'd put it on their schedule. You can watch I Love Lucy only so many times. To the c... Read more

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    Sun Feb 09 2003

    It was funny how two cousins could be sooo different.

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    Thu Jan 30 2003

    It wasn't a bad show, but it wasn't a laugh-out-loud riot show. I really love the "Dance Of Joy" moments, that was funny.

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    Sun Dec 29 2002

    This show was the best, I absolutley loved it when I was growing up and I love it still today. Anyone who makes fun of it is crazy, even now 9 years later I think of things that happened on that show and laugh so hard I get tears in my eyes. I hate hearing bad things said about it, but if you must insult it remember what you say is just like mine, only an opinion, your remarks are definitley not fact!

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    Fri Dec 20 2002

    One of the most unfunny shows in TV history. Similar to Three's company. Garbage.

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    Mon Dec 16 2002

    Ahh...Balki and Larry... how I miss them...I grew up on this show and I still remember distinct episode bits, and that Balki was from Mipos. How fun. I wonder if I would like it as much if I watched it now? Oh well, for now my memory is untainted.

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    Mon Dec 09 2002

    This was a one joke show.