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    Wed Aug 02 2023

    He became the first 17-year-old footballer to win a world cup, after beating the Swedish host team, scoring 2 goals for them in the tournament final. That was the first world title in their showcases. Four years later, Pelé also joined Brazil, which would repeat successes in the 1962 World Cup in Chile and is the best weight-for-weight player of all time with his simple kicks and pirouettes.

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    Thu Mar 27 2008

    Although I generally don't pay attention to sports, I have to say Pele I a terrific role model and human being in general. The world needs more like him!

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    Tue Aug 29 2023

    The greatest footballer of the history.

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    Sun Jul 26 2009

    The statistics and the videos tell you all. Obviously the greatest ever.

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    Mon Jan 05 2009

    The most beautiful player every

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    Sun Nov 23 2008

    Pele won the Nobel peace award. He has a great character, which is very hard to find among soccer players these days. Pele is like a god. No one, in professional soccer has the abilities like Pele. For instance, when he shots the ball, it is so perfect. He was brought-up in a very poor family. But, he showed the world what he was made of. Such dedication, such talent is almost impossible to find. Pele in not a role-model for soccer players only, however a role model for everyone.

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    Sat Sep 20 2008


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    Wed Aug 27 2008

    the greatest ever!!!!

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    Mon Aug 18 2008

    More stars are needed to rate Pele. He was the best player and the games best ambassador. I was introduced to him at Fenway Park when Santos played against the Boston Beacons in the late 60's.My coach, who had played against him in international matches, introduced us to each other. We had a short, pleasant chat and he gave me some pointers on the nuances of the game. Four years later, we met again and he remembered my name, where I was from, and many small details that had slipped my mind. It was amazing. I even forgive him for making that crappy movie with Stallone.

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    Thu Aug 14 2008

    The Legend!!!

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    Wed Jul 30 2008

    Simply the best. More titles and more goals than any other player. The king of football....the athlete of the century. How do you spell Pele? G-O-D.

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    Tue Jul 08 2008

    the greatest player in soccer

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    Sun Jul 06 2008

    Pele is very good. But if he were to play nowadays the style and pace of the game might have made it hard.

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    Sat Mar 29 2008

    good cuz ive heard about him and i hear he was very very good at soccer

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    Sat Mar 29 2008


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    Sat Mar 29 2008

    no idea..

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    Wed Mar 26 2008

    Anyone that knows me knows I am a huge Pele fan.

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    Sat Mar 22 2008

    hate sports

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    Thu Mar 13 2008

    Im not a soccer fan and when Pele was playing, it wasn't a sport you saw much on tv like now...but he was the best in the game and will remain one of the best all time.

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    Wed Mar 12 2008

    I honestly don't know much about Pele, but considering that he is one of maybe three or four professional soccer players that the average American could name, I think that alone probably means that he deserves the five star rating.

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    Sun Mar 09 2008

    Such a great player, soccer should be played with a Pele ball.

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    Sun Feb 10 2008

    Is soccer even a sport? I've never heard of it.

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    Sun Feb 10 2008

    One of the greatest players the game has even known!

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    Fri Feb 08 2008

    Great superstar of soccer

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    Tue Feb 05 2008

    One of the all time greaters players.

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    Sun Jan 27 2008

    He was one of the greats. duh. Reminds me of living with a couple all-american college soccer players back in college.

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    Mon Jan 14 2008

    Pele is nothing short of a legend.

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    Sun Jan 06 2008

    I'm sure he was wonderful

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    Sat Jan 05 2008

    Whos pele?

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    Fri Jan 04 2008

    cool beyond words with a soccer ball. I have no idea about his personal life.

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    Fri Dec 28 2007

    I don't know if Pele is really as great as most people seem to think. There are better, lesser known footballers that deserve the recognition bestowed on Pele.

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    Sun Dec 23 2007

    i dont know this guy...

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    Sun Dec 16 2007

    Soccer sucks

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    Sat Dec 15 2007

    BEST PLAYER EVER.( ronaldinho sucks) :)

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    Fri Dec 14 2007

    OK, I guess. Pele was supposed to jump start soccer in the USA, but that fizzled. Reason? Soccer is a boooooooring game!

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    Fri Dec 07 2007

    i dunno who this is

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    Fri Dec 07 2007

    The god of football (not soccer, FOOTBALL)

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    Wed Dec 05 2007

    Pele was a very good player that was a class above everyone! But I feel his contribution to FOOTBALL off field is greater than when he was on field!! Great ambassador for football should be president of FIFA!

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    Tue Dec 04 2007

    fairy ball sucks donkey dick

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    Tue Dec 04 2007

    GREAT SOCCER PLAYER... !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is sad to read comments of these ppl that re just jelous about the great player he is!!! for sure they dont know how to kick the ball !!!

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    Tue Dec 04 2007

    I'm hardly a soccer fan but even I know that this guy is considered the greatest soccer player that ever lived.

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    Sun Dec 02 2007

    Goal-giant, fine finishing Brazilian waxwork. Viagra.

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    Fri Nov 30 2007

    Kalo gak salah dia pernah ke Indonesia kan?

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    Thu Nov 22 2007

    i don't even know who this guy is...

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    Mon Jul 17 2023