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    Sun May 22 2011

    I fed a can of Pedigree to my 8 year old Mastiff. I had gone to work and when I came back a few hours later and she bloated and had passed away. She was not active and did not exercise after eating. I fed Pedigree to my 9 year old hound, who has arthritis, and after eating a few cans of this food, his arthritis in his leg had acted up to the point where he could hardly walk. I stopped feeding the caned Pedigree and within a few days my dog was walking fine. At the moment, I am feeding this food to my Dane and two puppies. They seem to be okay on the food, but have diarrhea from time to time. I usually give one can and the rest dry. I feed Kirkland for the dry food.

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    Tue Apr 12 2011

    this fuking dog food killed my ( 3 ) dogs never buy this do not make the same mistake my family made they died from SULPHATE POISONING'' and they were only 3, 1, 1 years old my only mistake is not keeping the (barcode) to complain only god knows what happend!!!!!!!.....i hope you Pedigree get what you diserve !

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    Thu Mar 17 2011

    I bought this really wonderfull german alsesian pup 8 years ago, the day i got him, i started giving him home food like beef, chicken and milk. But it started getting hectic to make his food good everyday. I saw this brand Pedigree, and made a long search on how it really helps the dog get the perfect nutrition and care he needs. I tried him with rice and vegetables, and meat and rice with wheat. He really loves the food he eats, and waits for the time when i serve him his snacks and food. I also love Pedigree dental sticks, they really work wonders and makes the teeth clean as well as there's no stink. I hope the brand welcomes more new products for pet as it really is the best brand i used.

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    Sun Mar 13 2011

    If I could give it one star I would. We had a wonderful yellow lab named Cody. We had to put him to sleep when he was nine as he was diagnosed with cancer. It went from his neck to his whole body in two weeks. At the time we did not know about BHT ( a form of preservative). I firmly believe that this caused Cody's cancer as Pedigree does contain it. If you search BHT online, it is a known carcinogenic to humans. Make sure you all check your food. It is found in gum, cereals, granola bars etc. I lost my wonderful pet and the labs I have had since I have not ever fed them this food, or any food if the first ingredient is not meat.

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    Thu Feb 17 2011

    This dog food is a bag of poison if doesn't give your dog cancer it kills it.. stuff is jacked up supposedly they care about dogs all the care about is making dog food with the cheapest products and straight fillers i heard that from someone who actually works dam and that the plants they work at are falling apart old and moldy makes you wonder what there candy plants are like.. how they've made it in the dog food business i wonder paying off media and food inspectors.. DONT FEED THIS DOG FOOD MANUFACTERS DOG FOOD.. WELL INDEED HURT YOUR DOG.. i had to feed my my dog this dog food band due the hard times i had to go through i wish i had never should of bought it cause now hes dead suffering a slow death since i did everything to keep him from dying.. i don't recommend this dog food.. doesn't even deserve a star.

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    Thu Jan 06 2011

    My registered black lab will be 14 in March and has eaten Pedigree foods her entire life. She has been my longtime walking partner, enjoyed swimming in Minnesota lakes and rivers, and had fun chasing airplanes (yes, airplanes) over the years. Although she had some fatty tumors removed a few years ago, she still has a beautiful coat and pretty good eyesight, hearing and energy for a dog her age. I would recommend Pedigree brand foods from puppy to senior.

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    Mon Jan 03 2011

    Cheap, poor meat source and terrible preservatives. Poison in a bag.

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    Sat Jan 01 2011

    Changed from Pedigree today. I have two lab-mix dogs and have had them on Pedigree for some time. The younger of the two(3 yrs.) is fat and sluggish with skin problems. The older one has had skin problems since she's been on Pedigree and now has developed several tumors. After reviewing the ingredients of several different dog foods it is obvious that Pedigree doesn't come close to stacking up to even some of the moderately priced foods. Check the ingredients and you will find that none of the first three are not meat. In my opinion, active dogs need the protein for muscle development and engergy. Also, pedigree recommends feeding a 75lb dog 5 cups of food daily. I've chosen to switch to Purina One. First ingredient? Chicken. Can't find any better protein source than that. And by the way, they recommend only 3.6 cups of food daily for a 75lb. dog. Hmmm. When I did the math of a cost/ benefit analysis I found that although Purina One is about 30% higher in cost per pound, w... Read more

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    Sat Dec 11 2010

    I have a lab/german pointer mix puppy, i didn't know what to feed her so i asked a friend who has two dogs of her own, she suggested pedigree, my puppy absolutly loves it, we have been to the vet and she has come out with a perfect bill of health. I usually give her not only the dry food every day but some of the pedigree wet food as a treat that way she gets everything she needs, but as people have been saying EVERY dog is different so you'll just have to try and see if its the right food for your dog, as for my dog we'll stick with pedigree she happy, healthy, and has more energy then the energizer bunny, couldnt go wrong with that.

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    Wed Sep 01 2010

    I own a 6 month old American Eskimo and my puppy is very picky. We use to feed him wet food but his stool was unhealthy. So we tried feeding him all sorts of dog food, Wellness, Eukanuba, Canidae, Pro Plan, but he would rather go for days without eating before having a bite of this. So we went to the vet to check if he was sick or something but the vet said that he was fine, so he said to try Science Diet, but that did no good either. So I chose Pedigree for Puppies. To be honest he loves it, His coat looks better and his teeth are white and strong. In my opinion, not every dog is the same, some dogs do well on certain foods while others don't, they're just like humans, some of us may like a certain food while it can make others sick! And who said corn was bad for dogs? Corn is what maintains a healthy stool, Wet food does not have much corn but more meat, A diet with only meat can make a pup's stool very runny. I receive so many good compliments about my puppies coat, body weig... Read more

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    Tue Aug 24 2010

    We thank you for your call on the food

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    Wed Jul 28 2010

    I have a 7 month old shih-tzu poodle mix Jemini, and i've been giving her pedigree from she was 7 weeks old. At first she wouldn't eat it but then she loved it. She was energetic but not as energetic as how a puppy should be, her shit was very stink and sometimes she would bring up her food, she often would never finish her food and has an ongoing "puppy rash" that would not go away and it would spread all over her belly, also she itches like crazy. I started to research the best quality dog food and found out all the bad stuff they put in these food that we are suppose to be feeding our babies. So i switched her to home cooked food. I cook veggies and high quality meat (turkey, chicken breast, beef etc) she like them stewed with lots of gravy, and thus far this has been the best decision i have ever made. The rash is clearing up, she has more energy, her shit does not smell and it look very healthy, the itching has stopped and i just see her improving in so many ways. To tell the tru... Read more

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    Wed May 12 2010

    I went to walmart and bought 2 cans of dog food Country Stew and when my Huband open it the meat was Blackmy huband gave him half can and when I came home from work he told me he did not think it look good So I call pet Smart and they told to throw it out just the let you my dog is okay put he had the runs Lina Frado 905 3974126 33 Leaside Dr APt 302 L2m4G2

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    Thu Apr 22 2010

    pedigree dog food(canned and dry) is great!!!!!!!!!! we breed english springer spainels..and we have always used pedigree dog food to feed the dogs.....not the puppies though...and we have never had a dog returned out of bad health...and our english springer spainels have lived 14 years each!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Fri Apr 09 2010

    My main point. Your dog will survive but not thrive on this food. You could say my dog was doing "fine" on pedigree senior, but if you see a picture of him now eating high quality foods, you'd think he was a different and younger looking dog 5 years later. This stuff is mostly grain and contains fake preservatives. I don't care for it at all.

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    Wed Mar 31 2010

    I'm not going to lie, not going to write down some BS that you think I might be making up. I bought the Pedigree puppy food and fed them to my puppy. At first he didnt like it, but I thought he was being just a fussy eater and would get used to it in time. After awhile, he got hungry and started eating it. Days went on and he kept refusing to eat it, but since he had nothing else to eat, he slowly ate some. I found a big brown vomit on my floor. He vomitted out everything he ate. He was forced to eat that crap out of hunger, and even his stomach couldn't handle it. I thought it was just his tongue that was rejecting it, but I was wrong; his body was rejecting it. I feel so terrible for my dog, I feel so bad that I made him eat that ... cant even find a word to describe it. It definitely isn't dog food, it definitely isnt something that should be in a dog's system. If you have any love or respect for your puppy/dog don't feed them Pedigree. If you believe it's fine for your dog, wel... Read more

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    Thu Feb 18 2010

    My three boston terriers have eaten pedigree since they were born. After the formula changed they developed welts all over their bodies and began actually eating silver dollar size holes through their skin. I switched foods and within HOURS the welts were gone. DO NOT FEED THIS TO YOUR PETS

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    Wed Feb 17 2010

    Get with it, Pedigree! Improve your food then concentrate on shelter dogs! Anyone who feeds their dogs this crap will surely see death in the imminent future! Corn first on the list of ingredients shows you that this is a cheap filler-food. Meat by products are from slaughtered animals as well as euthanized animals full of drugs and that were sick. BHT and BHA are to preserve the food and are known carginigens. Shame on you for allowing these products in your food. Come up to the 21st century! This is why your food is sold cheap in the grocery stores.

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    Fri Feb 12 2010

    My dogs love Pedigree (as you can see from the picture attached of my dog Smokey). My dogs have always had Pedigree (dry and canned) food and are healthy, happy pups! Smokey had to make sure there were no crumbs left before mom threw the bag out!!!

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    Mon Jan 25 2010

    The first three ingrediants of a food is generally what it is composed of, with the first ingredient being the primary ingredient. The first three ingredients in Pedigree Adult Food are: Ground Whole Corn, Meat And Bone Meal, Corn Gluten Meal. In the wild do dogs eat Corn? No, they aren't vegitarians.. so why would you feed them corn? Not to mention it doesn't list what kind of meat. Which means the food contains the cheapest meat the company could purchase at the moment. You get what you pay for, buy a good food.. and you'll have less vet bills!!

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    Mon Jan 11 2010

    I am never one to write reviews but I feel helpless while I sit here and watch my 7 yr old baby (chocolate lab) suffer. He just got diagnosed with lung cancer and was given 3 weeks at best. He has always been very healthy and full of energy and all of this came on very quickly. We have fed him Pedigree for the last 4 years. When they came out with their new formulation, we began to see the changes...ESPECIALLY in their stool. And that tells you a lot about what is going on with their system. I am ashamed to say that I was never one that did heavy research on dog foods, just believed what a lot of the marketing had written on the bag about protein, etc. Now I am trying to find answers as to how these changes (cancer) came on so quick in an otherwise stable environment. The more I read about what ingredients you DON'T want in a dog food, the more I see Pedigree has just about all of them (corn, by product, wheat...). When Europe out laws BHA/BHT ( a preservative used to increase s... Read more

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    Tue Dec 22 2009

    They have fancy commercials and thats it. Maybe they need to spend more on the food and less on the advertising. It contains corn, glueten, by-products. One of the worst foods. I would never feed this food to any of my fur babies.

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    Sat Dec 19 2009

    We have been using the small crunchy bites for 10+ years in those years we have had no problems but since they have chngd the formula we have had nothing but trouble. We have a senior dog and a 2 yr old dog. After the new formula they both have yellow diarrhea, lack of energy & loss of appetite. We contacted Pedigree with our concerns and they assured us that is was normal and give them a few days to adjust. But the conditions have only gotten worse, 1st our senior dog who is 6 lbs lighter has stopped eating and is now hospitalized and our 2 yr old has lost her appetite as well . We have since chngd to another brand but we are afraid the damage has been done.

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    Sat Nov 21 2009

    I'm so confused right now. I just recently lost my 12 yr rottie. She had eaten pedigree her whole life. She had healthy stools, coat, etc. She had developed fatty tissue deposits in her later year, but they are known for that. On oct 28 she had what I believe was a heart attack, she died very quickly, I felt blessed. Here is where it gets confusing. I am taking care of my mom's dogs and they have eaten pedigree as well their whole lives with no problems to speak of. But they have just changed the formula, and have added red, green dyed pieces. My mothers 4 yr old sheep dog mix "sam" has fallen terribly ill. He has quit eating and is on deaths door step. The vet (who saw him twice this week) has been over seeing him as we force feed/hydrate him. I had noticed a bit too late however the green pieces in the food looked as if they were graying, IT WAS MOLD! I have 2 food storage containers in 2 different rooms in the house ( due to having my rottie as well) and BOTH are molde... Read more

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    Wed Oct 07 2009

    I am fairly loyal to Pedigree dog food. I like the fact that their canned dog food comes in three sizes for different sizes of dogs, the fact that it has a wider variety of blends and flavors than any other brand, and the fact that my dog Scout, a 25 lb pug/lab mutt mix I got when he was age 2 in 2003 from the Albuquerque Eastside Shelter, likes it, too. And, its dry food can help get him back on track whenever his stool gets a little too runny.

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    Thu Sep 10 2009

    I used IAMS for my dog until his first birthday, then switched to Pedigree from his first year on. I gradually changed over by mixing the foods at first, until he was completely eating pedigree. He's had no signs of sickness or lack of energy and his coat is as nice as ever, but his breath still stinks. I also liked how the bag came with a re-sealable zipper, which the previous brand did not have nor do any other bags that i know of. Which leads me to believe his dog food will remain fresher longer. I know no facts that would lead me to think my dog food choice has been in anyway a bad choice. Without an ingredients list i can't exactly know for sure whether the dog food i've chosen is any different then any other. But this brand is cheaper at the store i shop at then any other, and so far the results have been satisfactory.

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    Sun Aug 30 2009

    I'm not surprised to see so many negative reviews on this product; its had a bad reputation for as long as I can remember. That being said, I thought I'd add my own two cents on my experience with Pedigree dry foods - both the "Mealtime" a.k.a. "Small Crunchy Bites" and the "Lamb & Rice" variety. Many years back, we took in a starved puppy. She was so malnourished, it was at the point where she was unable to digest food properly. We started her on raw, believing that she's absorb more nutrients that way - but this was not the case. She grew but lost even more weight the two weeks she was on raw. Other kibbles did not work becuase they were, I believe, too difficult for her to digest. She'd have frequent stomach gurgling, vomiting, diarrhea. As a last resort, I tried Pedigree L&R as it was specifically labeled for sensitive stomachs, and I thought it couldn't be *that* bad, just until I could find an alternative. Well, long story short, the Pedigree dry L&R did the trick in a very shor... Read more

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    Tue Aug 25 2009

    Please! dont feed your dog this food! When I first got my min pin I was feeding her pedigree. Her coat was so dry and dull. Then I got a job workin at Petco which I've been working at for yrs now. And when I found out the terrible things they put in that food I felt so BAD for feeding my little baby that. Never again! I started feeding her Royal Canine and her coat became soft, shiny, and it was just beautiful! Now im feeding her Natural Balance which is a good brand. Not the BEST, but all natural and fairly priced. Anyway my point is, If you can afford it (which Im sure you can) feed your dog something other than this cheap food. Beneful, Kibbles N Bits, and other brands which I like to call "market brands", I dont recommend. Dont let those convincing commercials on tv fool you because they are all lies. And if you notice most pet stores stock these "market brands" all in the same aisle. STAY AWAY! your loyal companion deserves better than this junk!

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    Mon Aug 03 2009

    I opened 2 cans of Pedigree Chicken and Rice dog food and found bone shards in both. Small pieces with sharp edges, dangerous for dogs that don't chew thoroughly. Avoid!! August 2009

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    Sun Aug 02 2009

    Pedigree is one of the worst and overpriced dog foods on the market. One strange thing i noticed is that you feed a dog about 1/2-1 cup more pedigree per serving than many brand's servings. My dog wasnt even "full" after eating an extra serving a day, more than what was recomended(my dog is neither overweight or contains bugs, healthy weight). Pedigree is a very airy kibble that contains mostly corn not all good for a dog. I tried out a more "expensive" dog food, blue buffalo. My dog was actualy satisfied with the suggested servings sometimes eating a bit more or less on dif days. I put both brands of kibbl(all the different pieces)e into water for 10minutes, some of blue buff sank, it softened, and was still close to the same size. Pedigree floated and expanded more than double in size. This tells me that blue buff contained solid food like meat, while pedigree contained many grains. I dont recommend pedigree to anyone, if you want to save money use a different commercial brand, and p... Read more

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    Mon Jul 20 2009

    I have been feeding pedigree for years to my boarding kennel guests and lately just about each, and every bag I have opened has LOTS of small hairs in it!?? The fiorst time we noticed it, I received a shipment from my supplier in March 09, which I sent back in. I went to Sam's and purchased some more, and again, the same problem. I also went and purchased some from a local store, and it too had LOTS of these small hairs in it!?? All of the bags came from different places with different bar codes, and different distributors, from different plants? I have no a clue why this is? Yes, hair is protein but it's NOT digestible protein! I called the company last week and they said I was the only person to complain or have a problem with or about it?? I find that hard to believe!? I find it gross,and not the good quality of what pedigree use to be! I guess they are cutting corners also? and I will go to another brand of dog food!

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    Sat Jul 18 2009

    On Jun 29th 09 I went to a Pedigree Dog Day here in Puerto Rico, they gave me a free Pedigree Puppy Food Bag. I used to feed my dog with Royal Canin small breed puppy food, and he started to have allergies "to something", according to the vet. So, since the Pedigree bag was free I made the switch to see how it goes. Well, my dog started to bite his paws, sores started to appear on his skin, his eyes started to get full of sleep, he is sneezing constantly and having a clear nose discharge. I thought that maybe its the weather changes or something else, but it all started like a week after I made the switch. I am definetly changing this food garbage and get a Super Premium Brand like Wellness or Orijen, they are made with all completely natural ingredients and no fillers or chemicals. It is true that some people can't afford the Super Premium Dog Food, but I believe that at the end youll save more money, vets visits, and have your best friend for a longer time.

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    Mon Jun 29 2009

    I have a 6yr old toy chih. I started her on Pedigree Small Breed Small Crunchy Bites about Dec 08. I am also "sitting" my son's 2 yr old longhair chih the same time. Both were healthy during their check up in July 08. By the end of Jan I started noticing an awful lot of dog hair mainly from my pet. Then my son's chih started also. Both pets loved the food. I kept thinking maybe they were just shedding more than usual. But I was getting handfuls everyday. After reading these articles and thinking back to when I used to have a feist, I didn't feed my feist Pedigree. His coat was beautiful and I NEVER had a flea problem ever and never had to use any repellents on the feist. He ate canned dog food. FYI - he was hit by a 4 wheeler and killed. This Pedigree has me ticked off! All of my pets here began their skin and hair problems after about 1 month on the expensivie garbage. Sorry folks, I truly don't think Pedigree should get even 1-star. It should get the BOOT! My toy... Read more

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    Thu Jun 18 2009

    For a short time I fed my little dog the Indoor Complete Little Bites. He seemed to like it so I was satisfied. But then one day I decided to read the ingredients label to see exactly what he was eating. And now that I know what it contains I will never feed him this food again. The packaging sure looks appealing, and the "Build, Replenish, Nourish" line sure seems convincing enough that this is a good food. And if the Purina veterinarians and nutritionists developed it, then it must be good, right?  WRONG!!!!Since dogs are meat eaters, they need high quality, meat-based protein as their primary nutrient, not grains.The first ingredient in this food is corn, something that dogs should do without.  And it being listed first means that corn is the predominent ingredient, instead of a "named" meat which should be listed first.  Next is "meat and bone meal". What is the meat source?  Beef, chicken, road kill, euthanized animals!?Corn is listed again as the third ingredient. Corn being lis... Read more

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    Thu Jun 04 2009

    If you love your dog don't feed him/her this. Check out the ingredients it is up there with the worst.

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    Tue Mar 10 2009

    Pedigree is cheap dog food, cheaply made plain and simple. And it contains red dye which most dogs are allergic to. If your dog is eating this dog food and is constantly itching, Stop! buying Pedigree, it is not good for your dog If you love your dogs and you think of them as part of your family then you want the best for him/her. Buy Canidae. And read the ingredients of your dog food bags.

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    Mon Nov 03 2008

    You ppl are so stupid, ofcourse your dog is gonna get sick if you switch their food on them like that! their stomachs arent like ours they cant just switch to a new food one day and be fine after eating the same food for so matter the brand, not even these better brands ppl are bragging about. "Changing your dog's food is not as simple as it seems. It needs to be done gradually over about a one week period. If you switch dog food abruptly, it will cause vomiting and diarrhea and may even cause finicky food habits in the future if your dog has a good memory. Make the switch gradually to keep your dog happy and away from the vet." As for Pedigree I happen to trust it and my vet has no complaints...and my 3 yr old black lab is happy and healthy as can be. Not all of us can afford the expensive vet food...but atleast im not feeding my dog that Ol'roy shit from walmart! so pedigree may not be a perfect brand but it could be worse!

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    Fri Aug 22 2008

    I am a dog trainer and one of the most important things I teach in my classes is what to look for in a dog food. I often use the Pedigree ingredient list as a an example of exactly what NOT to have in your dog's food. Many of my clients decided to make the switch to better dog foods (including Nutro Ultra, Blue Buffalo, By Nature, Wellness, Nature's Recipe, and Innova) and I just can't begin to explain how much healthier and more well-behaved their dogs were after the switch. Their coats were shinier, eyes clearer, more muscle mass, and many were calmer and more able to concentrate. There is a reason why Pedigree is so cheap compared to something like Blue Buffalo. If you are truly on a budget, try Nutro Max- its not my favorite dog food, but it is far better than anything else in its price range.

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    Wed Aug 13 2008

    I love how everyone is saying something bad about EVERY dog food, but not recommending anything that is actually good. Don't say my dog died of cancer because of this food, instead give us the age of your dog, because if it died of cancer at 17 years old then it's probably just because of old age. If they died at 4 years old then ok maybe it's the food. ANYWAY I have a 17 year old Pit Bull 2 13 yr old Pugs and an 11 yr old pug, all fed pedigree their whole lives. They're old of course but can still all see, hear, eat, bark, breathe and walk very very well. I do agree though that the recommendations on Pedigree's feeding amount is wrong, because my dogs got overweight pretty quick, but have now lost the weight.

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    Sun Jul 20 2008

    PEOPLE COME ON NOW....LOOK AT THE INGREDIENTS, HOW CAN ANYONE HONESTLY SAY THIS IS GOOD? PLEASE READ THIS REVIEW FOR THE SAKE OF YOUR DOG. Pedigree Complete Nutrition (adult dog food) Insufficient meat content, by-products, low quality grains, fat and meat products of unidentifiable origin, carcinogenic preservative, artificial colourant. This food receives a 1 star rating simply because there is nothing lower. The primary ingredients in the food are grains (it should be meat!). Corn is difficult for dogs to digest and thought to be the cause of a great many allergy and yeast infection problems. Meat and bone meal (What meat? steer, goat, horse?) is a low quality meat product for which it is impossible to determine the source. Corn appears a second time as corn gluten meal, that which remains after all the nutritious bits have been removed. The next ingredient is by-products. It is impossible to ascertain the quality of by-products. Animal fat is a further low quality ingred... Read more

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    Sat Jul 05 2008

    I've tried many of the more expensive "designer" dog foods in the past, but always wound up going back to using Pedigree for my dogs. My dogs have always loved Pedrigree, and they're fussy eaters. They've turned up their noses at quite a few "premium" dog foods, which is why we always seem to come back to Pedigree. It's less expensive, still a pretty good quality food. Since it has more fillers than a dog needs, I resolve this by feeding my dogs a small quantity of Pedigree dry with some Pedigree canned mixed in. I don't feed the "recommended" amount, as it tends to make my dogs overweight. They are small breed, indoor dogs, so somewhat sedentary. I feed them about 1/2 of the recommended amount of food, divided into two meals per day, morning & evening. Since I give them occasional treats, reducing their food intake is a must. By monitoring their diet, and ensuring that they get daily exercise, I'm able to keep my dogs at a healthy weight. An important note about Pedrigree: When almost... Read more

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    Thu Feb 28 2008

    Bad ingredients, preserved with BHA/BHT., this food is no good at all. Only gave it a 1 star 'cause I had too.

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    Thu Feb 28 2008

    Every Pedigree product gives my dog the squirts. Do not buy. I just change my stars to 1. I thought that was a rating for this topic.

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    Fri Feb 08 2008 products this is why you shouldn't feed pedigree, we used to and our dogs lived on average a good five years less.

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    Sun Jan 06 2008

    Another TERRIBLE dog food. This is one of the worst brands on the market. Consider how expensive good meat is and consider how cheap pedigree is, doesn't that tell you something?

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    Fri Dec 21 2007

    I have had many dogs, I used to rescue dogs and give them up for adoption. I have tried so many brands of food. The cheapest brands are the ones I did stop buying long time ago after I started to see bugs come out from one of the bags. After I stop to rescue animals, I ended up with a puppy who was about 1 month old now she is 7 years old. She has a very sensitive stomach, I have tried about any brand, even Rx food.. I spent so much money on her food just to try to make her feel better. She would vomit all the time and she would get diarrhea. After I started to feed her Pedigree she stop vomiting and having diahrrea almost the day after. I have kept her on Pedigree for over 4 years no and I have had no problem whatsoever with her. She has a beautiful, silky fur that everyone loves to touch and her energy is great. She has gained a little bit of weigh, but I am sincere enough to blame it on myself for not taking her out for a run anymore because of my college hours not because the food ... Read more

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    Wed Nov 14 2007

    We've always used Pedigree for all of our dogs and they've been happy and healthy. One is now 14 years old. We recently switched to Blue Buffalo due to it being 'better' and 'natural' and now both dogs are constantly throwing up and having uncontrollable loose stools. It's back to Pedigree for us!

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    Mon Nov 12 2007

    pedigree along with most common wal-mart brads is garbage, dogs are primarily carnivores and its very difficult for them to digest corn, which is the main ingridient in these foods, its also loaded with byproducts(feets, beaks, hair, hoofs) and cheap meal which has very little to no nutritional value, the only reason animals eat it is because its sprayed with tasty restaurant grease which manufacturers come to find out that animals like it. Its also loaded with dyes and carcinogenic preservatives. Dont fall prety to false advertisement, find better food for your pet. Canidae is a reasonably priced higher quality brand, it usually costs $32 for 40 lb bag.

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