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Pearl Harbor

2001 American romantic war drama film directed by Michael Bay, produced by Bay and Jerry Bruckheimer and written by Randall Wallace Website

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    Fri Feb 25 2011

    I didn't see it, but after reading through the reviews I'm beginning to think I missed something really special.

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    Thu Feb 24 2011

    This film was one of many that should have been scuttled to feed the poor. I HATE giving things to the poor, and even I can see that. Fucking poor.

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    Sat Jan 22 2011

    I reall like Pearl Harbor---I thought the story was well put together--with a sense of Romance for that time, I have watched this movie 3 times! I have to say I love this movie!!

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    Fri Sep 04 2009

    simply amazing.

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    Wed Aug 05 2009

    I came here on a warm, beautiful day nine years ago. The tour was informative and reaffirmed everything I learned in history class. It was cool to explore the site that the history books made such a big deal about. We visited the USS Arizona Memorial, which looked pretty in the sun.

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    Fri Aug 22 2008

    I think this list is quite confusing. The description says 5 star = very awful and extremely popular, but when I read through people's reviews, a lot of them give higher star ratings to movies they think are good. Anyhow, I'll rate according to the list maker's description, and this one deserves a 5.

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    Wed Aug 01 2007

    It had Ben Affleck in it. That's enough.

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    Tue Dec 12 2006

    i hate to see something that could be great bomb and this is what this film did give this film to kubrick spielberg or even spike lee for gods sake and you would see a completely different picture agood one!!!

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    Sat Apr 22 2006

    i never made it through the whole movie. i don't think i made it through half the movie.

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    Fri Jan 20 2006

    I went over my Christmas break and it was so beautiful and sad. I cried when they said that the oil still leaking from the ship was "black tears shed for those still trapped below" it is so moving to actually stand over the ship. It is definately the first thing you should do if you go to honolulu

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    Mon Jan 09 2006

    Was bad, but my expectations were low.

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    Mon Nov 14 2005

    I couldn't make it through the whole movie...too long and quite boring

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    Tue Oct 04 2005

    Of course we must all pay our respects! I just heard an old sailor who was on the Vestal, tied up next to the Arizona, give a talk--moving.

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    Sun Jul 31 2005

    Very humbling and somber experience. I got the same feeling when I visited Arlington. Hallowed grounds. And while at Pearl Harbor I too had the fortunate experience of hearing a survior speak of that day. Of course it all brought back memories of another survivor I heard speak of that day. My own uncle was a Pearl Harbor survivor. This is one of those places that definetly changes you (hopefully for the better) after having visited there.

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    Mon Jul 11 2005

    Michael Bay is a talentless hack!

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    Sat Jun 25 2005

    The biggest piece of B.S. ever to grace motion pictures. A waste of money and a waste of film reels. Someone had the idea of exploiting a historical event for a lame love story. (Why?) They didn't even get the historical facts right. If I ever have to sit through just one minute of this film again, I'll pull out the hair on my arms ONE by ONE. It's funny, this film and Armageddon are the two pieces of schlock I despise, and they both star Ben Affleck. Does he intentionally pick big-budget, bogus writing garbage?

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    Sat Jun 25 2005

    Sorry, who thought this was good?

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    Sat Jun 25 2005

    Calling 'Tora! Tora! Tora!' better then 'Pearl Harbour' may just be the understatement of the century. T!T!T! was leaps and bounds ahead of Pearl Harbour. T!T!T! was good, but what made it so much better was the fact that Pearl Harbour may have been the worst film I have ever seen. It was completely inaccurate (I don't think they got any thing right. I am surprised they knew Pearl Harbour was in Hawaii) and the movie was just terrible in itself. Bad, bad, bad, bad, bad, bad, bad, movie.

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    Fri Jun 24 2005

    pearl harbor is a disgrace to war movies if u want to see a good war movie go watch full metal jacket

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    Sun May 22 2005

    The best part of this movie was the end. As in, AFTER the credits.

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    Sat May 21 2005

    A disgusting, horrible, laughable movie. The vets deserved better than this hollywood shlock wrapped around a b.s. love story. Unbelievable. How could you ruin such a rich idea for a film?

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    Sat May 21 2005

    Like they say in that 'Team America: World Police' song making fun of this, they missed the point. I thought I was going to see like a 'Private Ryan' type flick in a different setting. I'm not sure what I saw, but I am sure it had nothing to do with the Japanese attacking Pearl Harbor. And Affleck is so lame. If I had that much power going for me, I would make damn sure I only did good movies from here on out. His money is set for life. Now do an indy, moron! - before you turn into Emilio Estevez. No, it doesn't even have to be an indy. Just pick a good script. In the words of Jadakiss, first respect, then money,...........basic sh%t. He has screwed that philosophy up, but he could still salvage something.

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    Tue May 03 2005

    Just a surreal experience.It is impossible to fully understand where you are standing and what actually took place there on Dec. 7,1941.Very well worth the trip over.The intro video before going over to the USS Arizona is very informative and interesting.You may get lucky like I did and meet some of the survivors who volunteer from time to time at the park.

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    Wed Jun 02 2004

    I had the opportunity to visit Pearl Harbor in March 2003, coincidentally just as reports were circling that President Bush was about to declare war on Iraq. The experience brought me a sense of reality that no history class had come close to doing for me. The magestic beauty of Hawaii and the serene waters afforded a sense of peacefulness appropriate for a memorial, yet in stark contrast to the horrors of the catastrophe. I was immediately struck by the presence of so many small shrines floating above where each of ship went down, stretching across the distance. After taking in a short documentary film, I took the boat trip with my parents to stand on the gravesite of where half of the 2,390 casualties took place -- The USS Arizona. An uneasy silence loomed over all of us tourists as we looked below at a submerged piece of history. On a wall of the memorial, I gazed up at the long list of names whose futures were stolen. I vividly remember an elderly gentleman standing in front... Read more

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    Thu Nov 06 2003

    An important thing to see, although attraction isn't quite the word. It's not exactly your thrill ride, cotton candy eating sort of deal. I found it a moving experience to visit, largely because of the juxtaposition of the paradise of Hawaii and the disaster of 07/12/1941

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    Wed Jun 04 2003

    Another great reason not to skip Oahu on your way to the outer islands, very interesting, will bring a tear to your eyes no matter how jaded you think you are. When you walk into that hall with all the names of the dead on it, it is very moving, and to look out one of the windows at the Arizona lying beneath you, heartbreaking.

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    Wed Feb 21 2001

    "Good morning/afternoon and welcome to Pearl Harbor …" depending on the time of day, these are the words I used to begin my tours back during my time as a Navy tour guide of Pearl Harbor and the Arizona memorial. I was actually a photographer's mate, but ended up being "drafted" to do this for about 6 months time. Little did I realize, before I received this additional assignment, that those months would provide me with some of the more rare and better memories of my Navy experience. Among these were the reactions I saw on the faces of the tourists and the occasional comments people shared following the tours. Nearly everyone who visited this beautiful memorial was genuinely touched. I especially remember with fondness an older Australian gentleman. At the request of his son, I had managed to work him and his family into the schedule for one of the longer more detailed tours. By the end of it, he was moved to tears and almost unable to talk as he thanked me. I thought, wow, I c... Read more

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    Mon Dec 11 2000

    It is quite an experience to stand at the spot where America was first attacked by Japan in World War 2. Evidence of the attack is still everywhere; oil still leaks from the downed battleships. This makes the experience even more realistic.

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    Fri Sep 22 2000

    I came as a guest and it was wonderful. When I moved here I still go every once in a while and it still moves me to tears. This is a MUST SEE if you are in Honolulu. You will learn many things.

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    Fri Nov 26 1999

    This is an incredibly interesting place that can move you to tears even if you have no connection to it. Please!! be respectful and quiet here. I can't stress that enough.

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    Sun Nov 21 1999

    Very interesting from a historical perspective.

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