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    Fri Feb 22 2013

    Pay pal is my best friend. It's easy to use, secure, and fast. I've used it both as a seller, and as a buyer. Transferring money to my account is easy and ususally happens within a day. It is also great for transactions on the go. Never had a problem. Recommend for sure.

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    Wed Feb 06 2013

    I started using paypal 2 years ago. I really like it because it's a simple and quick way to make your payments, but I admit that I only use my paypal on "verified" websites, I think the fraud risk might still be quite present... but it's a nice additional tool to have.

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    Mon Jun 11 2012

    I like Paypal, it's quick and easy once you get set up. Just enter your recipient's account name or e-mail, type the amount and click send and it's done. Real easy for a business owner I'm sure. One thing to look out for though is an e-mail scam; there is an official looking e-mail with the Paypal logo, telling you there is an issue with your account and requesting that you send in your password for review. I actually almost fell for it, but if you check the e-mail it's something like [email protected]. Dirtbags.

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    Tue Dec 06 2011

    Cats yes, poor children no.

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    Sun Apr 03 2011

    I use PayPal primarily for purchases and I haven't had a problem. When I was selling on Ebay I has one really bad experience but I can't blame PayPal completely for that either. I had sold a new leather biker jacket, for my boss, on Ebay. The payment was made and I shipped the item out the next day. Then I had a family emergency occur and I forgot to email the tracking number to the buyer. I wasn't online for about five days after shipping the item and the buyer thought I scammed him. It wasn't an unreasonable thought and he started a dispute with PayPal. The item arrived just after he started the dispute, on the same day, and he wasn't able to cancel the dispute because it had to go through Paypal's process. PayPal pulled the money from my bank account which started a chain reaction of Insufficient Funds for about four bills that I had paid including my mortgage. About two weeks later they restored the funds but I was out quite a bit in fees from my bank. After that I turned tha... Read more

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    Thu Mar 24 2011

    PayPal is a good idea. The service itself has its pros and cons. It is very difficult to have a fully completed registration, I had to transfer a small amount from my Visa credit card to have it verified, I even had to phone to my bank for the verification code, received 10 confirmation e-mails, etc. After you complete the registration, you get an easy-to-use, user friendly tool to make your payments easier. Nowadays more and more online stores accept this type of payment. Also there are many online publishers who pay you with PayPal. Even Google Adsense revenue is paid using this tool. One of the great features is that you can easily dispute the transactions when a vendor does not ship you the goods that were puchased. I had a problematic vendor so I filed a case. It took less then 2 minutes. The overall procedure until I received my money back took approximately 2 weeks.

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    Thu Mar 03 2011

    I first used paypal in November 2010 I thought it would be an easy process and that I would get the results I was hoping for, but unfortunitly this was not the case. I had organised to buy 2 tickets to a concert from a woman whom I had met through an add on GumTree. We arranged that she would send me the tickets and I would send her my money through PayPal. Four months went by after the transition was made and I had still not recieved the tickets, it was a week before the concert and I was very concerned that she had not responded to my e-mails. I went to enquire on PayPal about reporting fraud, and I was extremley dissapointed that they were unable to help due to the 45 day legal agreement. I was never informed of this agreement, and it was never made clear. I am extremly upset about the lack of support I revieved from PayPal and now I have come to realise that PayPal do not live up to the high standards that they claim. My expectations were very high and now I will never concide... Read more

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    Fri Jan 14 2011

    i don't know about the case of those who are sellers. But in my situation, i am a buyer, i like the way PayPal archived my transactions, the web is cool, security, offer a lot of great company!

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    Tue Dec 28 2010

    They keep the money for the time they want. The reason i started using their service was to protect myself. I didn't want to use my cc or debit card online and instead i wanted to use their service when buying stuff online. Bad idea. I made a genuine transaction and they block the account for 180 days. That means that I couldn't access my own money.. not even when I asked them to close the account and move the funds back to my bank account. The total funds were more than 500 usd. The transaction that they detected that was supposedly fraudulent only 27 dollars. The vendor never received the funds but they discounted the amount. Crappy business. They deserve to be broke and closed. Don't even think to sign with them.

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    Sat Dec 25 2010

    Terrible. Plain Terrible. Their naive structure requires sellers and buyers to be experts in order to not be completely screwed and ripped off by scammers waiting at every corner. I sold an item over paypal but the buyer had no confirmed address so they emailed me an address, stupidly i sent it anyways, and paypal tells me im not under seller protection because i didnt send it to the 'paypal given address' even though there was absolutely NONE. Maybe, paypal should make the requirements much more strict in order to be a paypal member so these scammers don't leak in so easily. Most ridiculous thing i've ever done. WARNING: DO NOT USE PAYPAL. SCAMMERS TARGET PAYPAL USERS AND WIN DISPUTES (because dispute officers couldn't tell a square from a circle.)

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    Mon Nov 29 2010

    Paypal sucks.. i sold something for the first time on ebay.. i had someone buy the item within like 3 days..i mailed the item 2 days later.. they received the item by the end of the week. I posted the tracking number in my paypal and ebay account.. so both websites knew that the item was delivered. I didn't get my money released to me until 24 days later.. then i had to wait 3-4 days until my money got posted in my bank account! I will NEVER use PayPal again! They take to long to give you your money period! I feel that if the customer already got their item why should the sellers have to wait for their money.. IT's not right! They seriously Need to Change their policy! :-/

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    Mon Sep 06 2010

    any online site can get hacked but I have had good luck with PayPal.....overall it is pretty secure and I handle a number of online transactions that way

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    Fri Apr 16 2010

    You people obviously don't know how the clearing house works, have you ever written a check? If you knew how this worked you would understand payment processing! I have been using PayPal for many years, both buying and selling. I also have a buyer credit account which I think is great! Furthermore, when it comes to your financial information you should always read the user agreement! Thank god for our public school system!

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    Mon Mar 29 2010

    I have been using PAYPAL for 6 years, had my account frozen once when I was selling alot of xbox 360's...of course PAYPAL thouht it was stolen merchandise since I was selling about 4 a day, once they where shown a receipt for the purchased xbox's they released my account, about 1 week of a frozen account. Big the one that made me snap was some scammers were buying my xbox's off EBAY and claiming item not as described and returning there broken ones to me....NOT THE ONE"S I SHIPPED THEM, paypal gave them there money back and I even explained to paypal I had pictures of the serial#'s and the situation... they said there was nothing they could do about it. so I was out merchadise and was even returned with holes drilled in it and and wires sticking out.......again Paypal couldnt do anything about it. SO if you ever want to return something you buy off ebay and the seller will not let you.... make a claim for "ITEM NOT AS DESCRIBED" and wait for your refund. I also sold a 2... Read more

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    Sat Jan 30 2010

    Have been using a paypal account for a long time to pay through for product. Very happy with this service. Recently opened a credit line with them. The first bill I was charged a late fee even though I paid the bill two days in advance and electronically. The customer service gave me the around the tree method saying I paid on the weekend and it takes 72 hours for payment to process -- hello -- this was done electronically. I contacted my bank and they said paypal refused the electronic check and they had to manually mail one -- therefore the payment was late. Unbelievable. Paypal was only willing to reimburse me half of the late fee. Maybe this is another way for them to make money.

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    Tue Jan 19 2010

    0 stars After my recent dealings with Paypal I can promise them and anyone else I will NEVER deal with them ever, ever, ever again - not even if I had to crawl over ten miles of broken beer bottles to pay an account by another method. I had my account "limited" for some reason I have yet to be informed of (despite requesting they give me the reason on numerous occasions) and I even had to pay THEM to go through some bizarre rigmarole to reinstate my account. I was made to feel like a criminal and it was an experience I will never repeat with Paypal. I have lost count of how many of their staff wrote emails to me (after much delay and always a different name!) and there was never any apology nor reason for my account being "limited". They still owe me a few dollars but I find it difficult even to write their name without feeling furious, let alone go through any more dealings with them to extract what they owe me - completely, absolutely, shocking experience. Anyone with any doubts sh... Read more

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    Fri Sep 18 2009

    Buyer beware. This is not a trustworthy company. Impossible to find statement online, let alone download statements. Help features online are worthless. Almost impossible to reach customer service. Once you do, can’t understand representative because of very strong foreign accent.

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    Fri Sep 18 2009

    Pay Pal customer service - this is an oxymoron. No such thing. Foreign people who do not appreciate your circumstances and a very long time on hold to the point where your blood is boiling by the time they get to you. Now this requires another paypal rep and you are on hold for another 20 mins. only to get someone who is more or less a robot probably reading from a script. The response has nothing to do with the issue. "this is how it is and nothing can be done about it" is the bottom line. If you make a mistake in your selection (ex: checking acct vs credit card), they offer you no recourse to change it. Instead, they will put it through your account three times and you will be charged overdraft fees each time. Then they will either take it from your credit card or a negative balance will get set up and ONLY THEN will they let you use your credit card. If you notify them of your mistake, they will do nothing for you by stopping the request to your bank and letting you get to t... Read more

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    Fri Sep 11 2009

    On July 28th, 09, I went to the Vital Solutions, Inc, website: and I ordered one Slimray $376.91 USD, Transaction #98339102506622053 paid through PayPal using my bank account, and one Therasol $164.90 USD, Transaction #8C668251NX363492L paid through PayPal using my credit card. On August 6, 09, my order was still Awaiting shipment on their site. I called to cancel my order and spoke to their customer service rep, Mario, who told me that he would cancel the order. I did not hang up until I received an email/message on their site that it was cancelled. Almost instantly, another customer rep, Nicole, sent a message and retracted the cancellation. On August 24th, I opened a dispute on PayPal, but Vital Solutions would not communicate with me through PayPal. Instead, they emailed me directly and told me to remove the dispute and they would proceed to refund my money, but if I don't remove it, it would take 90 days or more to get my money back... However, if you remove a... Read more

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    Thu Sep 10 2009

    I purchased a book on ebay through paypal and I knew I didnt have enough funds available to pay with the account I initially started my paypal account with, until I got paid) so I added another card, confirmed it, and paid for the book with the new card. A few days later I had $150 worth of overdraft fees because they took it out of the account I didnt confirm payment with. I know for a fact that I paid with my Mastercard because $1 was deducted from that account and Paypal told me was to verify if I had sufficient funds available (which I KNOW I DID) but instead they took it out of the account that I did not choose to pay with...and they said it wasnt their fault? really? I confirmed to pay with my MASTERCARD! NOT MY VISA! I even had someone sitting with me to make sure I was doing it right, but the Paypal manager said I did not do it correctly therefore he wont be able to reverse the charges and therefore my bank wont reverse the overdraft fees!! THANKS PAYPAL!!!!! CANCELLING MY PA... Read more

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    Tue Jul 28 2009

    I believe that Paypal is participating in deceptive and fraudulent practices. If you pay by credit card and you decide to make a return, the money is returned and credited to the credit card. If you pay by bank funds and you decide to make a return, Paypal holds the money in your non-interest baring Paypal account instead of crediting the money back to where it originated from. The user is required to "withdraw them" from the Paypal account and deposit them in the bank account. Paypal takes 3-4 business days (and in some cases 5 or more!) to credit the funds back to the bank account. Paypal should amend it's practice to place ALL credited funds back to the original source and not hold the funds hostage so they can make money on them.

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    Tue Jul 21 2009

    Sorry, but Ebay has made things extremely difficult for sellers now. I have been selling on Ebay for many years. It has been getting worse for sellers of expensive items such as mine for the last couple of years or so. I used to have about 5 items on there all the time. But, now, you HAVE to pay with Paypal or a credit card. Paypal is supposed to represent us against credit card companies if someone issues a charge back. But twice, even though I sent them in all the info, plus the signed Fedex receipt, etc., Paypal has not only let the customer have their money back, but they have allowed them to keep my items.......over a thousand dollars worth. Once, Paypal took the money out of my bank account TWICE and told me I would have to wait over a month to get it put back in. So I can't list many of my larger items on Ebay anymore. I am a very small, custom company and just cannot afford losses like that. If you Google "Paypal Reviews", you will see all "horror stories" about them ... Read more

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    Mon Jul 13 2009

    CONTRARY TO MANY SELLERS' BELIEF: THE BUYER IS NOT AT ALL PROTECTED BY PAYPAL!!! The buyer is not AT ALL protected by PayPal. I received a notice late Friday afternoon (of course) stating my account was frozen because of "unusual activity" associated with my bank account linked to PayPal. (Funny, my bank has never considered any of my activities unusual, and PayPal wastes NO time in instantly ACH-ing (transferring) the money from my bank account into PayPal. They then went back 19 transactions for which they already cleared to the seller and put temporary holds on them. This pisses off sellers and keeps the money PayPal sucked out of my account "in limbo". They then asked for even more identification than any bank or government agency has on file: They now have copies of my passport (U.S. Citizen residing in the U.S.), my Driver's license, social security card, bank statement for account linked to PayPal and phone statement (for phone # associated with my PayPal account) - how disconc... Read more

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    Tue Jun 30 2009

    PayPal promotes fraud by refusing to allow a claim to be investigated for any Services. I ordered Big Band Charts on the internet, they sent charts completely different from what they promised ON APPROVAL. When i finally realized they were fraudulent I filed a claim with Pay Pal & after spending an hour doing that was told that they refuse to do anything about any Service claims even though I have the pdf wrong charts & supporting emails from the seller promising different charts & on approval. So no matter how fraudulent the service provided, even if it can be easily verified by physical evidence, you are NOT Protected in any way by Pay Pal.

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    Tue Jun 16 2009

    I used to love Paypal. Until the day they blocked my account and requested a proof of address from a country I wasn't living in anymore. They're holding $250 from me, nothing extravagant, but you feel bummed when you notice that $250 fell off your pocket, right ?

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    Tue Jun 16 2009

    I gave it two stars because I still remember how easy it used to be... The good old days of using ebay as a quick way to get some cash for old unused items has passed us by. Thanks to the new PayPal/Ebay hold policy, your payment for most electronic items will be held for up to 21 days! Yes that means that in addition to not getting the cash for the item you already shipped, you better be ready to pay the shipping expense out of your own pocket. Paypal offers "buyer protection" at the expense of the seller! If you use PayPal to sell something, you will not get paid until the buyer is 100%, absolutely, positively pleased... and then they wait 3 days, just to be sure the buyer doesn't change their mind! GOOD LUCK! Not to worry though, I'm sure PayPal is putting your money to good use while you can't touch it. Think you don't have to worry about this because you have all positive feedback? Think again! Check out my ebay account chris0x. I have all positive feedback and have had my acco... Read more

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    Mon Jun 15 2009

    0 - stars. Absolutely horrible. The worst customer service... (been hung up on multiple times), lots of mixed answers from different people. Their automated system drives me insane. They don't actually back your funds. Paypal buyer credit is stupid. They make it hard for you to pay them back. DO NOT USE PAYPAL!

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    Thu Jun 04 2009

    Did not receive my order or a refund, Paypal said that they don't protect me the buyer, just my credit card information. They treated me like I was the one doing something wrong!! HORRIBLE COMPANY

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    Thu Jun 04 2009

    I just bought something online from an overseas merchant. He was having a terrible time with he's paypal account. Now I needed the product and he was the only one who could ship in the time frame my costumers would be happy with. I payed him with paypal for its the only form of payment he accepted. logged into my paypal account and created a payment to merchant's email address. Payment seemed to go right away no problems. within minutes the merchant was able to see the payment and items where shipped. Not soon after Paypal placed a hold on payment. and a return. Return to where I have no clue. first of all that money never left my account. it changed to hold then return and nothing. Called their "costumer disservice line" where many people hang themselfs before a live person comes on. The agent picks the call up and I ask him to release payment. He tells me the charge is finalized and nothing can be done with it at this point. I would have to create another payment to the merchant ... Read more

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    Tue Apr 28 2009

    The worst customer service ever. I had three accounts registered with them, not only did they have the primary account incorrect, but they also had the back up account incorrect for a transaction. I manually changed both. Than they took the money from the account one account that was no supposed to be part of the transaction? Overdraft fees. Do they care? No, they say the transaction has gone through and they can't do anything about it. So, what happens when I try and cancel my account? They won't let me, they say the transaction is still pending. So which is it? Transaction has already gone through, so they can't change it, or transaction is pending so I can't cancel my account?

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    Sat Mar 21 2009

    I would not suggest paypal to anyone in the world, ever. They are such a scamming organization that it's amazing that they are in business. I guess thats how it works right, the thieves make the money. Their customer service is as bad as it can be for people who actually speak english, and their "security methods" are both botched and flawed so badly that I have no description for just how many problems there are. Nothing says "inconvenience" like getting an email from paypal saying they are not authorizing your transaction and called some old number that was in your information from god knows when and failed to authorize. Really, what kind of crap is that? If something is time critical, don't go paypal: you'll be screwed. Or lets get in to how they verify things, the information they store, the not even legally sound "privacy agreement". I seriously pray that they go bankrupt.

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    Thu Feb 05 2009

    PAYPAL IS TERRIBLE......They hold legitimate honest peoples money and then do everything they can to aid fraudulent criminals in stealing your money after they have told you to ship your item. PAYPAL is HORRIBLE and do not use them for anything on ebay or anywhere else. They charge outrageous fees and then help criminals steal your products you sell on ebay. Then, they even let the same person buy other items from you and use PAYPAL to pay for least until they claim unauthorized transaction and get the product and their payment back. PAYPAL IS FRAUD.

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    Mon Jan 12 2009

    Paypal payment hold sucks. Website is misleading. First, without warning, they put a Payment Hold on payments I’ve received. WHAT? Neither they nor e-bay said they’d do this before I took the payment. PayPal’s website says "money will be released sooner when we confirm item is delivered." Item was delivered 12 hours ago, but no release. So I called customer service, they said "no, we won't release funds until 4 days ***after*** item shows as delivered!" What????????????? Totally misleading site. PayPal is essentially stealing my money by not letting me have access to it for “up to 21 days,” misleading people on when money will be made available, and making it completely impractical to use. When I can't count on payments being received in a timely and predictable fashion it means I cannot use the service reliably for business. With the fees they are charging they should be providing much better and clearer service. As it is, I am done w/Paypal and will not allow m... Read more

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    Sat Dec 13 2008

    I used Paypal, they say they back your purchases. but I bought an item, seller closed their Ebay account, and paypal account. I never recieved item, nor got my money back from Paypal. No item, no nothing

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    Wed Dec 03 2008

    ya it's a rip off

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    Mon Oct 20 2008

    Nothing but problems with Paypal after spending thousands of dollars and using credit cards with excellent credit rating, payment methods are changed without notice.

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    Mon Oct 20 2008

    I have to second Numbah's sentiments regarding this. When I first got involved in buying stuff on ebay, I obtained a Paypal account, and the first couple of times it worked out fine. After that, however, something went wrong, and, like Numbah, I still have no idea what, but I was unable to resolve it, despite much effort exerted on my part and a great deal of frustration. Finally, I told them to cancel my account; there are enough headaches in life to deal with without getting them for attempting to buy crap on ebay. If I can't buy an item via money order or check, I don't buy it. Despite having cancelled my Paypal account years ago, I still periodically get emails from them. I understand ebay is making it so that the only way a buyer can pay now is through Paypal. I've cut down my ebay spending over the past few years anyway (how much useless crap can one middle-aged man buy?) but if ebay does implement that Paypal-only policy, they've lost a customer in me for sure. Which may not be ... Read more

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    Mon Oct 20 2008

    PayPal froze my account last year and I still don't know why. Its really their loss, since that put an end to them getting a cut off of me buying Star Wars toys on Ebay...

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    Mon Sep 22 2008

    No to Paypal!!! I am totally against paypal, it worked for the first transactions but then you start getting overcharged for stufff that you sell or buy, they take to much and if you make a mistake like I did and do not buy tracking confirmation or lose number you automatically get charged and buyer keeps your item and you are baned until you pay back for what you have already sent!!!. They claim it is not their fault  for delivery getting  lost but they still take their cut. In all your just better off sending check or money order and buy delivery confirmation and keep in safe place in case of disputes, and you can resolve your self with out being charged. Good Luck

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    Sat Aug 16 2008

    At first Paypal is your friend, maybe buy a few items on ebay, then you buy an expensive item, fork over a ton of money and never receive your item. Claim will work, right? Not always. I bought an expensive cell phone from some asshole who has a business called Sex Sells Clothing, I don't know what the fuck that means but the asshole never sent my item. This guy diapered off the face of the earth once the auction was over. Paypal did nothing to give my money back, other people who bought from the guy did but me. "We will wait for a reply from the seller by the 15th", its been a day wheres my fuckin money? Apart from not rembersing me, they made me pay with my bank account and I told them to pay with my credit card. I could be swimming in my money right now, because I could have canceled the order but no, paypal fucks with me and didn't tell me I was paying with a bank account. Don't use this useless site.

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    Wed Jan 30 2008

    In theory PayPal is an excellent idea. In reality PayPal is definately Seller friendly. I had a dispute in which I paid for an item, I paid to insure the item, after not receiving the item I sent the seller an email, the seller never responded, I filed a claim, the seller responded to the claim and it was then he provided me with the tracking number, unfortunately I can't filed an insurance claim the seller has to file the claim, I offered to have the seller contact me to rectify the situation, the seller never responded, I escalated the claim, PayPal ruled in the sellers favor. So I have no merchandise, I paid for insurance, and I'm out the money. Think about it the buyer doesn't pay fees, the seller pays the fees. So who do you think PayPal is going to rule against .........

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    Mon Jan 28 2008

    Beware paypal nearly destroy my business, I will never use again!!! I have website payments pro account to process payments for my business with then for the last 5 months the put 4 limitations on my account which we are unable to do northing. If you depend on Paypal to receive payments for your business this will put you in bad situation trust me very bad situation. the phone customer services is worst ever we deal with they will not resolve the issues on your account, will ask you to send email which take long to get reply back. Please dont do it the same mistake we did it, find another reliable company. They dont want small business to grow alone special because they belongs to eBay which they want every business to sale thought eBay ending up paying fees to eBay and Paypal I hope this will open eyes for the people who are interest to use Paypal. I will not recommend this to nobody.

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    Thu Jan 03 2008

    I'm not sure their services are worth it even as a buyer. I purchased an item through them, that I never received. The money was transferred from my credit card. Filed the claim they did their investigation and issued a refund. Guess what the fee they charge for receiving payments was charged to my refund. So I'm still paying on an item I never held in my hands!

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    Mon Nov 26 2007

    Terrific concept but that is one clunky website. . .(update) had a debit card lifted and PayPal did refund the money/charges made against me, but PayPal helps you 'more' if you have specific information about your account. I did have to spend close to an hour on the phone, but I did get my money back.

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    Mon Nov 26 2007

    I've used Paypal for a long time. Then someone stole my credit card information (I think it was a waiter at a restaurant, actually) and used it to set up a Paypal account in my name and charged $1299 in calling cards to Indy (YEZTELECOMM to be precise). I disputed the charges immediately and called Paypal customer service. They said they would remove the charges. I disputed the amount with my credit card provider (my bank) and thought everything was fine. My bank then disputed the charges to Paypal and Paypal refused to admit they were fraudulant charges. I've made four trips to my bank and countless phone calls to my bank and to Paypal and the charges are still on my credit card. Paypal is supposed to be the ultimate answer to security? The woman at customer service at Paypal says, "I do apologize, but as far as we are concerned they are charged correctly."

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    Mon Apr 16 2007

    Never use Paypal for buying any software products...the Paypal policy protects the sellers and they have this all 'buy protection' plan to p0mote. I closed my account after the customer service replied (an automated one ,i guess) within minutes of dispute saying we are responsible for only 'Physical products' this internet age??? its time someone update them that we are in 21st century

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    Thu Dec 07 2006

    Don't expect help if you have a problem. A merchant increased my payment authorization without my consent. My complaint to Paypal was denied. I don't think they even read the details of my complaint.

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    Mon Oct 02 2006

    To all they wish to set up a Paypal account. Think twice. To all who already did Think about it again. Please visit and read testimonial. They will sound hard to believe. Indeed, I didn't believe it myself until the day Paypal, without any warning or just cause, decided to put a hold on my account for 180days. How much money? Over 10,000$. That's right, over 10K is being held by paypal without proper justification. By doing so, they ruined my business. They destroyed my finances and are basically forcing me to sale my house and move with my wife and 4 kids. Think again about opening an account with them.

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    Fri Jun 02 2006

    My husband and I both have accounts with Paypal, and both are very unsatisfied. Unfortunately if you are a seller on Ebay, it is almost a requirement, if you want to attract buyers. My husbands problems strted when all of the sudden Paypal decided to limit his account access. he went to their resolution center, and followed the simple instructions, to verify his phone # and email. he did this, Paypal then sent a letter, saying that they needed more info, and for him to complete more steps before the account would fully accessible again, the only reason they gave for this was that his account was connected to another email address. he informed that there was no other email, address, to please tell him which address they were referring to, and to give him the steps to resolve this. All they told him, was that they could give the email address, and he needed to resolve the issue with this "other" email. Well, he is kind of stuck, I mean what is he supposed to do, he cant send or receive ... Read more

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    Fri Feb 03 2006

    PayPal will steal your money, invest it and reap the profits, while your business is destroyed. If you're happy with PayPal now, just wait - it will happen to you too. I headed this review "PayPal is evil", and I think that's a pretty accurate statement. Here's what they did to me: They froze my merchant account, without warning or reason, right at the height of the shopping boom only days before Christmas. Over $12,000 of my money is now frozen in this account and they won't give it back for, they say, SIX MONTHS. During the time the account is frozen, I am unable to receive money, send money, transfer money, or even issue refunds to my customers. They have essentially put me out of business, because of course, not only are my future customers not able to buy anything from me, but my existing customers who want refunds for items they returned or cancelled hate me because I can't send refund their purchases. The only correspondence I can get from PayPal about this is a series of ... Read more

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