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    Wed May 23 2001

    I've had Pac Bell for just over a year, and the first time we went out of state (California) there was no service from here to Arkansas. No access, no roaming, nothing. Not even in areas that are supposed to be included in the California/Nevada service area. Also, it doesn't work in several locations within my home town, or in several towns I frequent. So, what good does it do to have cellular service for emergencies, if it doesn't work when and where you need it? I am currently looking at other wireless companies, Verizon included, there has got to be one out there that is better than what I have now.

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    Fri Feb 09 2001

    The new plans with cingular are great no limit on airtime after 8:00pm and on weekends. 300 pk min for 39.99 free long distance and no roaming in Ca and Nv. I really don't understand all of the negative ratings. None of the companies that are digital have coverage everywhere at least it is a secure system unlike analog. I think the reps will work with any problems for the most part unless the demands are not reasonable.

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    Fri Feb 02 2001

    Horrble, horrible, horible!!!! They charge 4o cents a minute. Not to mention if you are a few days late on your bill they cut the service off then charge you $20 to reconnect. I wish I never contracted with them. The only thing stopping me from ending the service is the rideculous $150 early termination fee.

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    Wed Jan 24 2001

    For almost a year now I have suffered through lousy connection after lousy connection. My phone doesn't even work a mile up the street from my house which has unusually excellent reception (the place where I need it the least). I have just had my first experience with customer care, and was shocked that they don't have a service center in Ventura County. I'm having problems with my phone and I have to drive over an hour away to have some service tech verify that it is not working correctly before they will replace it. I'm not exactly sure why I pay extra for phone insurance, since I am still going to end up paying a pretty big deductible, on a cheap nokia phone. I would not recommend Pacific Bell to anyone, and am looking forward to switching my carrier as soon as my contract is up.

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    Mon Jan 22 2001

    I had PBW for no more than a month. I made several calls,to customer service, about the problems I was having with my new cell phone. Why I switched from Verizon, I don't know. I guess the guy gave a good sales pitch. When I purchased the service, the place of purchase was only 3-5 miles from my home. I had explained why I use a cell phone and needed two, one for my son to keep tabs at home and one for me for emergency contact with the schools and such. I couldn't get a signal in my own home. I was told that it isn't guaranteed in residential areas, by customer service, that I should check my sales agreement. There was nothing about residential. Everything that the sales man told me that wasn't in the agreement was just a sales pitch to benefit himself and the company. I feel I was set up to fail. The phones did me no good when I needed to get through mobile to mobile. Of course it charged for reaching the answering service part of it but it wouldn't ring the phone in the s... Read more

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    Mon Jan 15 2001

    These people have no idea about customer service whatsoever. Every time I've called them, it's a different story, a different policy, a different suggestion. I have received nothing but the run-around from these people. Grab a clue already! They are the worst cellular company on the market today and I would never recommend my friends or family to them. I'm regretting even giving them a one-star rating.

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    Tue Jan 09 2001


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    Wed Jan 03 2001

    I am VERY UPSET. To all viewers even thinking about signing up with Pac Bell please do not. As you all know Pac Bell is merging with cingular. It's there fault for the back log, but yet I have a 500 dollar phone bill to pay for. I had called to activate my mobile to mobile and they said it was okay they could do it, but then i found out that it won't come into effect until next month. So now I'm stuck with another gigantic phone bill to pay!!! Furthermore, the customer service CARE associate (good choice of name) was extremely rude to me and was not of any help. DO NOT SIGN UP WITH THEM. I'M WAITING FOR MY CONTRACT TO END AND MOVING TO ANOTHER CARRIER!!!!

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    Wed Dec 06 2000

    The customer service billing department is the pitts. You cannot trust your bill to be accurate. When you find errors it's like pulling teeth to make them correct their mistakes. It's like if they can get away with it they will, never trust your bill statements.

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    Fri Nov 24 2000

    Free long distance and roaming, great feature!!! Only complaint, reception lacking at times. Free v-mail good.

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    Fri Nov 24 2000

    NATIONAL ROAMING FLAWED I switched to the national roaming plan and found NO good signal at the St Louis airport although great service in NEw York City. When I returned home I tried to switch back to my old Pac Bell " Cal-Nevada Plan. I was informed that I should keep the National plan for up to 60 days but NOT use it for roaming during that time period as I may be still be billed for roaming use during the last 60 days ofof the plan. WhY? Simply because Pacific Bells' accounting system for roaming is flawed. I waited the time while not using the PAID FOR roaming feature. I then tried to retun to my old "Digital Advantage" plan only to be informed that as of the previous week it was no longer available. Period. All cell companies have pluses and minuses. Pac Bell's for my uses is now in the negative column. I t may be worth the $150 early termination to switch companies. Others have come up with better deals.

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    Wed Nov 15 2000

    The PacBell service is one of the worst companies I have ever contracted with. PacBell customer service reps are the rudest, most arrogant people to deal with. Inconsistency with price and everchanging rate plans make PacBell frustrating and tough to work with.

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    Tue Nov 14 2000

    I have been a Pac Bell customer for almost two years now. I am very glad that my contract is almost up. The times I have truly needed my cell phone, I am unable to get service. I was in Las Vegas last October for a family wedding. Most of us had cell phones and we used them to contact each other. I of course could not get a signal anywhere. Another time I was meeting an old friend in Los Angeles. I told him to call me on my cell phone when he got arrived. Needless to say, again there was no signal available - IN LOS ANGELES? Give me a break. I use the phone a lot when I travel. The roaming fees and long distance add up fast. I plan on switching to Verizon. Friends who use them have never had a problem.

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    Tue Nov 07 2000

    Good service, best value, this is what I have.

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    Thu Nov 02 2000

    Excellent sound quality but need to work on the reception or coverage area. Good plans are offered this year. Mobile to mobile service is a plus. Also a lot of good phones are offered under Pac Bell. They've improved a lot over the past couple years.

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    Wed Nov 01 2000

    The service is excellent and the rates are affordable. The only flaw is that during peak hours, you only get 250 minutes and that really is not a lot of time at all. I couldn't afford to buy more peak minutes. They should give more for cheaper.

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    Tue Oct 31 2000

    Even though it offers free roaming throughout their "California-Nevada Network", the areas where reception is available is quite limited.

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    Fri Oct 27 2000

    Pac Bell's reception is not so good. For some reason, I have to always find a good place to use my phone. I never had to with GTE. On the other hand, I have much better rate plans I didn't have before with GTE, a better phone (Nokia), free long distance, no roaming fees, and free mobile to mobile calling. This has greatly reduced my phone bill. Their service reps are really nice and helpful. Overall, Pac Bell is great except for reception areas.

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    Fri Oct 27 2000

    Sucks. I get service nowhere, especially where I live and even as soon as I step inside a building.

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    Wed Oct 11 2000

    I was on the digital 600 plan which was okay. But I hate the new plans they have out now. So much that I've decided to go with another carrier. I prefer to be able to have peak and off-peak minutes. It works better for me since most calls I make are M-F day & night. But Pacific Bell's new plans allow for a flat anytime minutes and then a 1000 weekend minutes. Well to get the amount of minutes I need for anytime minutes, my plan rate would be high. I think they're a rip off. I'm considering switching to verizon wireless who offers both peak and off-peak minutes along with 1000 free mobile-mobile minutes. And if you open a 1-year contract right now you'll also receive $10 off your first 3 months of service. I only hate that I'll have to get rid of my Nokia 5190 because Verizon doesn't use this phone.

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    Fri Sep 15 2000

    They are true scam artists. Their service is terrible, the phone connections miserable, and their contracts are a license to fleece the unwitting, which I am unfortunately one of. Beware their Peak Hours 40cents a minute the 20$ renewal fee, and their $150.00 early termination fee.

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    Mon Jul 31 2000

    I recommend this to all the families out there. Pac Bell gives you cheap off-peak minutes, as long as you stay in their free calling circle. Most Pac Bell plans give you free statewide roaming, but if you leave that cheap area of calling, you will get charged a lot extra about $0.15 a minute for roaming, and $0.15 for long distance. There are plans to help cover a bigger long distance area, but that can sometimes be a little more than you expect. Again, this seems the best network for families. If you're receiving and placing calls around one major area, I recommend this service.