A high protein, low carb, grainless food.

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    Tue Dec 13 2011

    A dog food without corn? Support your local corn farmer, boycott Orijen and buy cheaper dog food with lots of grain.

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    Wed Nov 09 2011

    When my dogs were on Orijen they also gained weight so I cut them back and yes they were acting like they were starving for a while. One of my hounds is 65lbs and the other 55lbs – they chubbed up quickly. I went to to 1.5 cups for the larger and just over one cup for the other. I ended up going back to a kibble (loose stools for a year) with some healthy grain and ziwi peak canned. They get a bit more food and they have maintained a healthy body weight. Your dogs will adjust to less food over time. If you increase their exercise you can feed them a little more. I found it helpful to go to three meals per day on Orijen. http://orijendogsfood.blogspot.com/

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    Wed Apr 27 2011

    My Monte is a beagle-Bassett mix. The orijen was to rich for him. He is 5 years old and weighs 37 lbs. He should only be about 32lbs.He dose have grain allergies. However, I am very impressed with the ingredients so I am now trying Acana..Less protein but same great ingredients. I will keep you posted on his journey. I hope he dose better on the Acana. This food looks really good to me. And I want the best for my little guy.

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    Sat Apr 09 2011

    I have a 4.5 month old beagle mix (she weighs about 10lbs) and have been feeding her Orijen Puppy for over a month now. Let me tell you, this food is wonderful. I switched her from the food she had been eating previously over the course of two weeks and fortunately she never had 'loose stools'. She loves the kibble, although to be honest, she will eat just about anything. Her coat has become thick, fluffy and soft, her breath still remains puppy-ish (one reviewer mentioned his puppy's breath got bad) and she is as healthy and playful as a 4.5 month old can be. She's does go poop a lot more often though (four times a day) but it's smaller and almost black in color. Our vet says this is because the food isn't full of 'extras' that her body doesn't need. Although sometimes she has stinky farts, we find it slightly funny and the vet says there is no harm in it. Also, I know Orijen is very expensive -- I am a university student and can completely relate with the comments that dismiss this b... Read more

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    Sat Apr 02 2011

    my dogs used to love Orijen Red until they change the formula. My Boxer would spit it out then eventually eat it after much reluctance. My White Bully/Boxer cross started getting weeping red eyes and red nails apparently indicating a PH imbalance. Within days they both started to get diarrhea, stupid me switched them to Orijen Fish which made the diarrhea even worse. Both of these flavors they had eaten up until the formula change, needless to say I am back to making their own food after spending a whole lot of cash per month on what I thought was an upstanding dog food company that actually took care in their food and their customers. Obviously I was wrong. I emailed them weeks ago and have not heard a word. So much for dog food of the year! I will be checking into reporting them to the BBB and encourage other to do the same. Sweeeetpea

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    Mon Mar 28 2011

    PEOPLE DO NOT FALL INTO THE INTERNET HYPE ON THIS FOOD!! I think this food is terrible, it made my dog comepletly ill, she had to spend 48 at the vets . She had such terrible diarrhea from this food.put her back onto wellness core shes doing GREAT!!!

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    Fri Mar 18 2011

    I like that Orijen is grainfree and of a higher quality than what I was feeding my ACD puppy before (Royal Canin) and the prices are alright....I pay almost $50 for the 15lb bag which will last for a month--maybe a bit longer. Unfortunately, while my ACD was devouring Royal Canin....he hates eating Orijen. I am determined to keep him on it because Royal Canin keeps his skin very dry. After a walk, he is usually hungry enough to eat it. I hope it grows on him! But since I have an active working dog, the high protein is not an issue. He does not have watery stools and gas like other dog owners, but he is a very high-energy dog so he needs that protein!! It's supposedly the best dog food out there so you can't really go wrong!

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    Fri Mar 11 2011

    I just finished reading the latest review of the Orijen Dog Food and that the new formula caused diarrhea. For the past 2 years we have been using Orijen, with no problems, at the recommendation of the vet that took care of our rescued white German Shepherd. The past couple of weeks we have been using the 80-20 brand since the 70-30 was discontinued and our dog has had continual diarrhea. Our vet has tried adding probiotics, antibiotics, cultures (neg), stopping treats, but to no avail. Now, it may all be due to the new formulation of the 80-20 Orijen---it certainly began with the new formulation.

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    Tue Mar 08 2011

    I use to feed my dogs Orijen 75%. Now the new 80% came out and for the last few months my dogs have had really bad diarrhea. We thought one would need IV fluids because he was getting dehydrated. I also looked at the new bag and saw they added sodium selenite which I would never buy a food with this ingredient. Yet on their website it shows the more expensive selenium yeast. Too bad because in my opinion this is the best food out there but something in the new formula is making my guys sick. I also tried adding old with new and still they are getting sick.

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    Fri Feb 25 2011

    Fresh never frozen ingredients. this is the best next to raw food.

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    Fri Feb 04 2011

    Qqq3 stars

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    Tue Jan 18 2011

    This could quiet possibly be the best kibble out there. They do not use hormones, antibiotics, preservatives, chemicals. No ethoxyquin, no BHT, no BHA. Excellent food for kibble. If you want something better... you have to switch to RAW.

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    Tue Jan 11 2011

    I would just like to mention that Orijen food contains a fair amount of probiotic additives. For those of you very surprised when your dog begins passing a lot of gas, and it's stool turns soft and smells terrible, keep in mind the body has to go through a period of adjustment to probiotics like lactobacillus and enterococcus. The digestive system will show the exact symptoms some people have seen, but after a period of several weeks it will taper off and the dog will be back to normal. And Orijen is made by Champion Food Products. Not Menu Foods.

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    Tue Jan 11 2011

    I love Orijen for the quality and that's grain free. Unfortunately I had to switch my dog to a different food due to constant loose stool and gas. For those who's dogs can't handle high proteins in Orijen I recommened Acana (also made by Diamond just less proteins).

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    Mon Dec 20 2010

    Like many dog owners I try to feed the best that I can find for my dog.My dog just absolutely loves this food more than Halo's to say the least.She just gobbles it up whenever she gets hungry.She loves to eat her meals with can food and top it off with a bit of people food.At first we had a difficult time adjusting the amount she needed to eat til we added can food.On other Orijen formulas she does well on 1/4 cup of dry food.Best of all,among other dry foods(grain free)she's been on weight's always been steady but since starting Orijen/Acana I'm thoroughly pleased that while she eats the same and walks the same she has lost couple ounces.Vet Techs are surprised that she's lost a couple ounces as well.

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    Mon Dec 20 2010

    My dog has grain allergy so I always look for grain-free food. This is the best grain-free dog food my dog tried. Her eyes are clean, her poo is in best condition, and she actually eats it. (She's a very picky eater.)

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    Sat Dec 18 2010

    3 stars (***) It was good but then my 3 year old golden developed a pancreatitis attack. Fat too high. Beware

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    Fri Dec 10 2010

    to sheltiegirl I fed this food to my dog before the citric acid and she never looked better she was the picture of health in a dog, lean, muscled, beautiful coat, high energy and did I mention extremely intelligent. The majority of high protein no grain foods use citric acid now(for the time being anyways)But I have a feeling they will be changing. When feeding a food with citric acid you are not I repeat not supposed to mix it with water and do'nt let them drink for an hour after eating so I have been told. If your dog is just a house pet who does not get alot of exercise or is not training at anything he probably does not need this food anyways. Also when I originally started feeding it there was absolutely no problems with her stool it was firm from the start. But then again dogs are different just like people. What works for one might not work for another.

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    Wed Dec 01 2010

    What a wonderful Canada based company! Their dog food is really top quality; they fill their dog food with things like Butcher quality meat, fresh veggies and fruits! There are no by products or any products from China in any of their products. Overall most pets seem to enjoy the taste and keep coming back for more. Their Red Line which is their new high protein dog food is top notch! Here is a little summary from the new 1800 Petmeds comparison chart for the Red line Orijen dog food. The #1 and #2 ingredients are real meat (wild boar and lamb) which are excellent sources of meat protein for dogs. Multiple meat meals are included (lamb meal, salmon meal, whitefish meal, and herring meal) which are rendered parts of the animal they are sourced from. Although there are whole fruits, vegetables and herbs which help provide natural sources of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, there are also additional vitamin supplements which help to replace certain elements that are lost during th... Read more

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    Tue Nov 30 2010

    The three stars is because I am not sure about this product yet. I bought it for my puppy, because it sounds like a great, nutritious product, which it probably is. However – and this is a big stinky, stinky, stinky however, the food not only gives him atrocious smelling stool, it also gives him farts to match and the breath of a dog that is five months from the grave, not the womb. I am about to abandon this product and I am not even half-way through the bag. Who knew healthy could smell so rancid? Anyway, if anyone else has had similar experiences, please let me know. I am switching back to nutro puppy food and will post again to tell whether my pup has regained his youthful scent.

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    Sat Nov 27 2010

    A legjobb!!

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    Fri Nov 12 2010

    My dog has been on Orijin for the last year and a half. She absolutely loves it and has a lot of energy! I have been reading all the reviews and I think that it is not for every dog. You have to try different food at first to see what is best for your dog personally. Some dogs thrive on Atta Boy others on Blue Buffalo, just like people they are very diverse and not one thing works best for every dog. However, for my pup Orijin is wonderful!

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    Fri Nov 12 2010

    Switched my 9 week lab over to Orijen puppy large breed...he loves it. No issues with loose stools, and full of energy. He gets raw (buffalo this week, trying chicken next week) for breakfast and Orijen for lunch and dinner.

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    Sun Nov 07 2010

    This is one of the great rip-offs sucking in consumers. I have never met one person that used it that continued using it. There is absolutely no reason to spend this kind of money on pet food. The bag alone costs about $5.

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    Sun Oct 31 2010

    Made in Alberta, Canada - High Protein - no grain. Orijen - Puppy Formula - is one of the Brands I choose to feed my Precious Havanese puppies because of the intense focus on the health value of the product. Higher protein and 0% grain appeals to me and high-inclusion of Never-Frozen products sounds good. What is NOT in the product also appeals to me for the health of my pets; No glutens, pea or potato protein isolates, no flaxseed, no canola, no ethoxyquin, no GMO ........ My only concerns might include the high level of protein - while they claim it is safe and good - I'm not so sure I want to trust these studies just yet so I do alternate with other Quality Premium brands like HALO and NOW! Another concern I have is the "Meal" .... meal can include parts of the chicken/turkey/salmon that may not be the top-quality I am hoping to feed my Puppies. When I wrote the company to inquire they assured me that the meal is necessary in providing high protein and that the meal is of ... Read more

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    Sun Oct 10 2010

    My puppy couldn t get firm stool on it,actually on both puppy varieties,we were struggling with it for almost 6 weeks,and the price is too high,there are better foods for less money. If you look for high protien kibble,try Innova Evo,you can find it for less money,and dogs love it

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    Mon Oct 04 2010

    I think more people need to read up on dog foods and buy products like this. The high protein is good for most dogs, honestly. It's high amounts of unsuitable carbs or proteins derived from sources other than high quality meat that do the damage, and most brands, even "premium" brands like royal canin, eukanuba and science diet, are packed with them. Science Diet I am familiar with as I worked in a vets, and the vets are pretty much told to sell it, have deals with the companies, and they know nothing of proper nutrition. I brought up Orijen with one of the vets and they said the protein was too high(with no real explanation), but they're used to peddling corn-filled crap! And don't even mention a raw diet, most vets know NOTHING about it and will tell you it's "dangerous" *scoff*. We can't afford a BARF diet, but Orijen offers everything we wanted in a kibble. A high protein diet is what naturally suits most dogs as they're made to digest such a diet. More protein = more of the food... Read more

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    Thu Sep 30 2010

    Adult Fish Formula. This is a great food that I feed my Great Danes with. The protein level are high so I will recommend to supplement this food with another holistic brand. Very happy with results, expensive but worth it…

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    Mon Sep 27 2010

    from all the extensive research i have done on dog food, canine nutrition, and on the pet food industry, I have come to the conclusion that Orijen is the best food for my dog (a 6mo old Yorkshire terrier). when i got him he was just shy of eight weeks old, and was very sick, with Coccidia ( an intestinal parasite). the food the breeder was feeding was terrible ( we knew that easily). however after being so sick we consulted the ER vet on foods. she recommended Science Diet, Eukanuba, and Royal Canin. we went to the store thinking that we should trust the ER vet and looked at the three she recommended. this was before i had done a lot of research, but it seamed obvious to me-I don't want to feed my dog something i would not eat myself (animal by-products). so we started looking at different foods, we settled on a brand we liked -By Nature Puppy. He did well, much better than when he was sick. He still often had runny thin stool. i thought it was just because he was sensitive. ... Read more

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    Sat Sep 11 2010

    I have a 2 year old Weimaraner and bought Orijen after finding out she had grain allergies. The food has made her coat very nice and shiny, but the food gave her excessive gas. Also, she has gained quite a bit of weight on the food due to the high protein content. I think it's a good food but was not suited for my dog.

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    Tue Sep 07 2010

    I have an 11 month old golden retriever mix puppy. When I brought her home from the pound she was 6 months old underweight and very sick. I had her on a food that was recommended to me by a pet smart employee. Although the employee meant well in his advice, the food he recommended didn't work for my puppy. After a long period of research I decided on Orijen. It has been great for my dog. Since she's a mix I feed her the puppy formula because she won't be any bigger than 35 lbs. I have been so pleased with the results. I must admit that I was very careful in the transition. I personally took about 4 weeks to transition her over, since she didn’t react well to her previous food I wasn’t sure how she would do. I bought a 1 lb bag first as a test bag when I noticed the changes and that she liked it I put her on a large bag. I don’t feed her the recommended amount because it will give her loose stools. I cut back on the food just a little and now go by how much food is left over in the... Read more

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    Fri Aug 27 2010

    I specifically chose this brand after extensive research prompted by the the loss of my last boxer to cancer and becoming more educated on commercial dog foods. I fed my last boxer a different high end commercial food and although there was nothing to indicate his cancer was perpetuated by his food, I wanted to do what I could to reduce the risks the next time. I ended up wanting to steer away from the grains and focus on the best whole food product I could find. So now I have been feeding my new 16 week old boxer the small kibble puppy formula for several weeks now with really no complaints except for this phantom "itch". I came back to this site to read more reviews to see if it could possibly come from the food. I read over 75 of these reviews and really appreciate the time others have put into sharing their experiences. I too, have noticed an increase in hyper behavior, almost as if my poor little guy wants to jump out of his skin as well as the excessive eliminations. Because eve... Read more

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    Mon Aug 16 2010

    I recently adopted a 2 year old "american staffordshire terrier" Or what most people would recognize as a "Pitt Bull" Even though there's technically no such breed as a "Pit Bull"..Anyway, He is a 2 year old bundle of energy, And when I obtained him he was on Iams lamb and rice formula..And was having terrible skin conditions. "rashes and such" So I decided to change his food from the Iams to a brand titled "Chicken soup for the pet lovers soul"..Which Bang for your buck is a very good food, Good quality ingredients, lots of meat and plenty of protein, But still contained a bit of grains..Which I believe is why my dog was still having loose stool's...So I decided to up the ante and go all out with "Orijen" And "WOW" just one day after the transition and his stool's were as healthy as they have ever been! And hasn't had the runs since!..His coat, energy, eyes, breath have all improved tremendously!...Sadly, It's not the easiest food to find, And expect to pay nearly 70 dollars at most... Read more

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    Tue Aug 03 2010

    I bought Orijen for the quality in content and manufacturing and have not been disappointed. My German Shepherd has, as most GSD's do, a sensitive digestive system, so it's an immediate response when something does not agree - bad breath, runny poo, etc. I started her young on high protein content foods like Taste of the Wild. When I try to switch down to less protein content (trying to be easy on my wallet) - never worked out. Always got diarrhea that never quit. As she got older, she would simply refuse to eat a poor choice (she actually did that with Acana - turned her nose up at that). What a waste of money then! However, Orijen did not upset her digestive system at all - and I switched immediately without pre-mixing. Her stools were firm from day one. She loves it and seems quite satisfied with just the recommended 2-3 cups a day (I go by how much kibble is left over in her bowl, if any). She's four years old and has never had any issues (she visits the vet every year). ... Read more

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    Fri Jul 30 2010

    We own a pet store in the Uk, we have stocked orijen for on ly 2 months, i would just like to point out, it is a very high protein food, especially compared to the usual supermarket rubbish, if your changing your dog over onto orijen (which is 1 of the closest foods to a dogs natural diet) then do it slowwwly! over a period of two weeks maybe three! any dog changing food will be loose, they only have a percentage of the digestion of us humans. and this is no ordinary food! it doesnt suite all dogs. but the other food from champion pet foods will, its called ACANA and is a 60/40/0 food. the results so far from our customers are fantastic, and the amount the dogs eat is minimal, so you dont have to buy it as much as your average joe food, and you will save on vets bills! smashing

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    Fri Jul 23 2010

    I have seven cats, all different temperments, some lazy, some hunters, ranging in age from 2 - 9 yrs. I switched them to ACANA about 6 months ago after reading "Food Pets Die For". I have noticed that my lazy felines are much more active although I have one cat that refuses to lose weight. (She looks fabulous but a little round). All of them love the food, eat less and are more active. Their coats are easier to care for (long and short haired). One of my guys was always vomiting - not anymore:). WAY FEWER hairballs, almost none now. Even old cat is more spry. No problems in litterbox. I have nothing bad to say, it is a great product and i have not observed ANY negative effects. I also have a very large dog who was switched to Acana Large breed and he is doing well although noticeable changes are smaller with him and i did struggle with loose stool (He has always had this problem) I have been adjusting his portions and adding pure pumpkin to the meals and things are slowly improving and... Read more

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    Thu Jul 22 2010

    Since my Siberian Husky was having seizures, I switched to this food from Royal Canin, and he's been seizure free now with this food! :D

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    Thu Jul 08 2010

    Top of the line, excellent product by a Canadian privately owned Champion Pet Foods. I own a pet food store and 80% of the customers that come to me are looking for miracles for their sick animals with allergies, arthritis, diabetes, obesity, kidney diseases, pancreatitus, neurological and behavior issues, you name it. These people usually have been "around the block" and tried all sorts of foods, followed advice of veterinarians, but nothing worked. We put them on Orijen and I have seen MANY cases of complete recovery! Allergies disappear in 99% cases. Arthritic dogs have tremendous improvement both in reduced pain and increased activity level. Diabetic dogs require lower insulin to balance their sugar levels. Animals eat 2-3 less of Orijen compared to foods they were fed before, they look healthy , become more active, loose weigh if that was needed, or gain muscle if they needed to gain it. Dogs become calmer and easier to train, and there are more things that got improved. Excelle... Read more

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    Mon Jun 28 2010

    Orijen is NOT tolorated for longs periods by small dogs. It's too high in protein. For dogs over 25-30lbs it's fabulous. For my smaller dog I use the sister product ACANA.

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    Thu Jun 24 2010

    This might be a little descriptive. Sorry in advance. I have two little maltese girls. One is 2 years old and the other is just 5 months. I had them both on blue buffalo and they were doing very well on that. My little one got spayed and when we brought her home, the vet recomended that we get her on a precription wet food made by Royal Canin. I really was not too thrilled for 2 reasons. One, I don't like Royal Canin, the ingredients in their food is horrible, second, i did not want to get my little girl used to wet food because I dont want to feed her that. But the vet said just for the first day so she wont get constipated. I agreed. Bad mistake. She had diahrea so bad. She was going in her kennel and it was just everywhere. Because of her spay we could not bathe her so washing her was a challenge. Anyways her diahrea continued for the next week. I brought her back to the vet and they said to continue that food because she just may need more time to adjust. They had also put her ... Read more

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    Mon May 31 2010

    I bought this dog food based on the recommendations of my supplier. Bad mistake - this dog food gave my Border Collie cronic loose stool - horrible gas and my vet had me immediately remove this food from my dogs diet. I do not recommend this type of dog food to anybody

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    Sun May 30 2010

    I really like the ingredients in Orijen. When I fed it my dog, I was sure that he gets everything he needs. But recently he started to have runny pooh, so we had to switch to other pet food.

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    Fri May 28 2010

    This food is not appropriate for most household dogs. This is a GREAT food for working dogs of a larger size, who can pathologically use this food in a complete and healthy manner. However, for just normal pet dogs, this food is very inappropriate. The protein levels are excessive, and like everyone else I am concerned about the citric acid. What dog owners need to consider are the NEEDS of their pets, not whatever is the "trend"...which right now happens to be these very, very high protein foods. Dogs are omnivores, NOT carnivores. I have fed Orijen, and both my dogs did not respond well to it. Very stinky stools, and lots of weight gain. I was feeding appropriately, by the way...my dogs are just not working dogs are therefore cannot eat this food without risks. I now feed a more balanced food that is more appropriate...though I do agree this food is excellent for CERTAIN dogs...just be careful.

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    Mon May 24 2010

    Our cats did not like this product at all and when I heard they had some recalls with cats dying in Australia after eating it not to long ago, I'm kind of glad they weren't keen to try it! They do like Wysong Canned foods a LOT which I'm happy about as I think they need mostly wet food anyway but one of mine likes her crunchies and we wouldn't mind finding her a healthy dry food for snacks. Raw would be the ultimate choice but we have concerns with safety as one of our cats is a cancer patient. The dogs hate raw anyway, so we're happy with a combo of home-cooked and dehydrated for them!

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    Sat May 22 2010

    We have lots of dogs and we feed Orijen foods aong with others. We like to switch foods every bag because we feel that not every dog food has all the nutirients that another dog food has. so sometimes we feed Evo or Natures Variety. Always Grain Free Low Carb diets. Our dogs have been doing just great on these diets for years!. I do recomend that if your dog is switching from the grocery store foods or even a low protein or lower protein food that you should do it slowly. And there is a reason there are so many dog foods on the market.. because not one dog food is right for every dog or dog owner. I just want to mention that there are several places on the web to buy these foods and we purchace all our dogs and cat food through www.thepetmasters.com

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    Fri May 21 2010

    Dude! This stuff is AWESOME! I can't compliment it a lot. I think Orijen and Acana are the only pet foods left that people can trust. It has no preservatives, no fillers just decent ingredients that are fresh and the meat content is HIGH! It's not even a bad price. It's nice that it's all made from north american ingredients (Canada). This made my dog lose weight and my other dog increase the much needed lean muscle-mass. Get your dog off the imported ingredients food, off pedigree, purina, hills/science diet, royal canin, all those.. get them on some real meat!

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    Sat May 01 2010

    First... a correction to the label above on this food. Orijen is a product of Champion Pet Foods. Acana is the other brand offered by Champion Pet Foods. Orijen was the initial product as the grain-free product and is just awesome. Acana started as the grain based on product, but has recently added a grain-free option, but with less protein. I like this food based on everything being local to the area manufactored. Nothing is frozen prior to the prep of the food. There is a huge amount of botanicals in the food and it tons of Omegas from the various fishes and oils. My cat seems to prefer the 6 Fish version to the original...so even better for the omegas. Her fur is soooo silky smooth, there is less shedding, and she seems to well with her wait. We both love the food.

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    Tue Apr 27 2010

    I have a 1 year old Sheltie . I could not get him to eat hard food he would try it then a day or to later he would not eat it ,I tried Orijen (fish flavor) and he has been eating it for 2 months now. But his stool is somewhat hard not runny and he has a lot of problems with itchy and sneezing alot . Can it be the food or is it just somethings Shelties have? I love the food.Also I have tred so many can foods because I give him a 1/2 can in the morning and a 1/2 can at night but so far I found that he likes Pedigree the best. I know it's not the best food but I have tried all kinds that is suppose to be very good for them. I hope by giving him Orijen the pedigree can would be balance (it won't hurt him ).But all in all Orijen is GREAT

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    Thu Dec 24 2009

    I am switching my cats to this food Currently am feeding NOW! and am really happy with the results but Orijen has alot less carbs. And it comes in bigger bags. So I will end up saving money and doing better for my kitties.

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    Tue Aug 18 2009

    Yet another fantastic grain-free cat food. And again, I am not firmly on the bandwagon of the grain-free feeding trend. But this food contains fantastic ingredients and is top notch nutrition. One thing to point out, though... up there in the product description it states that Orijen is mande by Acana, Inc. Actually, if I remember correctly, Orijen is made by Champion Pet Foods of Canada, as is their sister brand, Acana.