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    Mon Dec 28 2009

    I found ORI Van Lines by accident. I was looking up information on the net about a different moving company. I came across reviews of movers in the Bay area. Ori Van Lines had ONLY POSITIVE reviews. I'd never heard of them, but just had a feeling that if I called them it would be a good experience. From my first conversation with Tom, I knew I'd made the right decision. He was warm and friendly. The driver called me early that morning just to let me know his as scheduled. Doug, Junior and Roberto showed up at 8:30 am with smiles on their faces and immediately got to work. They worked non stop. The house they were packing up was all one floor. The house they were moving our things into was 2 stories. The entire day they were pleasant and polite. There was lots of laughter and smiles, and yes, I believe that's very important when someone is having to work so hard and take care of my things. They treated our things with the utmost care and were just super to work with. I really could just... Read more

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    Thu Nov 12 2009

    I've used these guys twice -- once for a move from san jose to sacramento in 2008 and once for a move from sacramento to the rocklin in 2009. I had great experiences both times. The guys are kind and efficient and deal well with snags in the process, like the time my apartment wasn't QUITE ready for me to move into (I'm talking sawdust on the floors). I recommend them all the time; they did a good job on my friend's move in santa clara too.

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    Mon Nov 09 2009

    ORI VAN LINES guys are awesome. Like, so awesome I felt a slight twinge of guilt watching them schlep my stuff up and down the stairs on wha...

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    Mon Nov 09 2009

    ORI VAN LINES guys are awesome. Like, so awesome I felt a slight twinge of guilt watching them schlep my shit up and down the stairs on what was one of the hottest days of the year. It was sort of like having a couple friends help you move, except they were super professional and didn't drink all the beer in my fridge. They showed up on time. They stuck to the original estimate, (which was totally hassle free to obtain, I just sent them an email with telling them what was going where and when) even though there were a few extra items. They were friendly as hell. They were not at all judgmental even though my place was kind of a disaster. They managed to pull the whole thing off in less than 3 hours. I dunno, what else do you want from movers? To me, it was well worth throwing down a couple hundred bones to not have to hassle with moving my furniture up and down three flights. They knocked out in 3 hours what would have taken me 3 days.

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    Sun Nov 08 2009

    just moved from San Jose to Nevada. I got a recommendation from my friend for ORI Van Lines, So I decided to give them a call. After 10 minu...

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    Sun Nov 08 2009

    I just moved from San Jose to Nevada. I got a recommendation from my friend for ORI Van Lines, So I decided to give them a call. After 10 minute I felt like I know every thing about the moving process The sales man just told me every thing and you could see that he has a lot of experience in this business. He told me that a lot of moving companies try to hide fees from us, I double check all off my quote and some of them seemed questionable. So I deiced to book with ORI to my belief they are the most honest company that quoted me. At the pick day the movers came on time. They pack and rap every thing in 2 hours. And I could see that they done it many time before. I received my stuff afterA DAY and there was no damage to my furniture So as I got my recommendation for there service, I would like to give you my recommendation for them.

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    Mon Oct 26 2009

    I moved from Santa Clara, CA to Philadelphia, PA in July. They arrived 8 hours late to pick up my belongings and delivered my stuff 7 days late. They said they would arrive 8am on a Sunday and they eventually arrived at 8pm. It was raining and they said they couldn't move my stuff all the way into my apartment so they just left it all outside, on the curb, in the rain, at night, by myself. Before they unloaded, they made me sign all the paperwork. I found out after the fact that I signed off that everything was received. Which it wasn't. They completely lost my bicycle, a mirror, a painting, and a chair. And they left me with a few of someone else's things that were also on the truck. And, most of the stuff was damaged. They wrote on everything, including nice lamps, with permanent pen. Some furniture was obviously dropped because the corners are smashed or now the frame isn't square. My TV stand was flattened. My computer chair cushion was broken off the chair. Many thin... Read more

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    Tue Oct 20 2009

    We moved from Palo Alto, CA, and we have been seeing their trucks everywhere lately. Knowing we were going to be moving soon, we asked our building’s management people about them and it turned out that they use Ori Van Lines all the time and they had an office in California. Since we were moving to Midtown West in NY it seemed like a good match. We logged on to their site and it was very informative, checked their reviews on line and their reputation seemed great, so we called, got an estimate. The move itself was just perfect. Nice, quiet, polite, hard working guys. They where even shy about asking for some water. Anyhow, our things arrived without the slightest of damage. Everything was put neatly into place and was arrive a day LESS then estimated, so we tipped the guys well. In general, a great experience with a great company.

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    Thu Sep 10 2009

    Dollar for dollar, O.R.I Van Lines was the best move I made in this process. All of your personnel were courteous and knowledgeable about your service. It is great to find good customer service these days." I hope I don't have to move again for a while, but if I do, O.R.I will be the first people I contact. If word of mouth means anything, you can be sure I will spread the word.

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    Mon Apr 27 2009

    For those of you that have ever moved with the assistance of a moving company, I hope your luck were better than mine. Years ago I was planning a move that would require the assistance of a moving company. I thought, what could be better than having someone securely pack your belongings, load them on a truck, and move them for you. To make this very long part of my story short I'll just say that was the worst nightmare of my life. My things arrived two days after I was told they would. Some of which were broken, others were missing, and everything else was thrashed about. Right there I swore if I ever had to move again I would carry my things on my back before I would hire another moving company. Recently a job promotion forced me to relocate again. My employer told me to hire a moving company and they would pay the expenses. With a five bedroom home and limited moving time I had no other choice but to go back on my own word and hire a moving company. A friend of mine recommended Or... Read more

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    Sun Apr 26 2009

    I used Ori Van Lines because I had used them before and been very satisfied with the service. This time, I was even more impressed with their care for my belongings. We had to move nothing but few antiques furniture that has been in my family for a number of years. Many of the pieces were over 100 years old. Some of them were very heavy and bulky. I was very nervous about this move because of the fact that we were in business with antiques. An antique china cabinet was my biggest worry because of the bowed glass on the piece. If anything happened to that glass, it would be nearly impossible to replace. All of the pieces would be costly to try to replace or repair if they were damaged in any way -- and all of them held enormous sentimental value to me - so if they were harmed the emotional loss would also be great. When Sean and his crew arrived, I expressed my concerns to them, and they assured me they would be very careful and everything would be ok. They assessed the situation - we w... Read more

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    Sat Apr 25 2009

    I moved with Ori van Lines at the 25th of March 2009 from CONCORD CA94519 to Columbia KY427 and I want to tell you about them. Have you ever tried using Ori Van Lines? It's a breeze. The next time you have anything to transport or maybe need to relocate, I strongly suggest you call up this moving service, for in our opinion its simply the best. You may be wondering what in the hell is so special about Ori Van Lines? Well, the truth is that there is so much going for them that its difficult in four hundred words to say all one would like to say about them. First, let me begin by saying that this moving service is quite extraordinary. From the moment you make contact with them they provide with you so much help and attention you wonder whether they haven't mistaken you for the Rockefellers or some other top celebratory. They are so polite and understanding and they invest so much time in your request that you feel they are working for nothing. However, you don't get the impression they a... Read more

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    Tue Apr 21 2009

    I would recommend ORI VAN LINES to anyone. Over the phone I was given an estimate of 8hrs to move me from a 2 bedroom 3rd floor walk up to a 4th floor elevator building. I had some time constraints in the move that would have seriously been pushed if they had taken 8 hours or shown up extremely late. However, they called to let me know they were on their way and showed up exactly when they were scheduled. They started off with 3 guys, but they added a 4th right after they started. These guys had been moving into 1 am that morning and it was obvious they were tired but it didn't affect their work at all. They took no time in getting started and before I know it all 70 boxes that we had packed were in the truck. I'm not quite sure how they can strap 4 boxes of books to their back and go down three flights of stairs, but they did it over and over again. Then there was the furniture, which they seemed to get down just as fast and without any damage that we could find. Just under 2 hours... Read more

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    Mon Apr 20 2009

    These movers were great...definitely a lot better than my old movers. I moved less than a mile from home (still in Modesto). I was moving out of a third-floor walk-up at the back of the courtyard to a first-floor apartment. They estimated it would be 3.5 hours and it was actually less, so I paid less then what I was quoted. The movers did arrive late, but that was because the first woman in the suburbs for the day had way more items then she stated that she had. They called me before my appointment time to tell me they would be late and that they would call en route. And that is exactly what they did. We ran into a minor snafu with parking (getting those "No Parking - Moving Day" signs from your Alderman is a waste of time, 311 will NOT come and tow the car, no matter how many times you call them during the day), but that was not their fault and they handled it professionally. Unlike another moving company in CA, they actually ASKED me where my boxes went in my new place, and ... Read more

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    Sat Apr 18 2009

    We've hired ORI VAN LINES on two occasions now and have been floored by the excellent service both times. The first time we used Ori's service, we hired them cold-turkey without a recommendation. Not only were the movers trustworthy and efficient, they didn't complain one bit when they noticed the 15 long boxes of comic books - which weigh more than a four year old - that had to go up not one, but TWO flights of 15 stairs each. Now that's commitment! We last used them March 17th when we moved from the same condo to our new home in CO. Martin and his employee arrived promptly at 9am. Unfortunately, their 17ft moving truck had broken down, and while other movers may have called and canceled, they rented a U-Haul and brought a van AND a flat bed - at no extra charge to us. Not that the charge for using his truck was drastic anyway - it was only $20 for use during the move!! The crew had the truck packed by 12 noon and unloaded at the new house by 1:50pm. The lack of stairs and staging... Read more

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    Wed Apr 15 2009

    I highly recommend this moving company to anyone moving: house, condo, or apartment. I actually researched moving companies when preparing for our move from a 3rd floor apartment to a house. Due to a bad moving experience a couple of years ago (bad service and charged us way over what the quote was because we had "heavy boxes") I wanted to check out reviews from previous customers. I found information about Ori Van Lines on their website, and then read many rave reviews on Google. It had the most positive feedback out the 4 or 5 different moving companies I looked at. I first had narrowed it down to two. ORI had me fill out a form online, marking the number of beds, TV's, couches, boxes, etc. Then they emailed me a quote, which ended up being around $1500 for 3 movers. They did not charge any extra for stairs, mileage, or moving us on a holiday (Memorial Day). The other moving company actually sent someone out to our apartment to take a look around and give us a free estimat... Read more

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    Tue Apr 14 2009

    I would highly recommend them Wow! All I can say is wow! These guys made my move so incredibly easy. I was moving into a luxury condominium building that has very strict insurance requirements. A woman from the office immediately contacted me once I accepted their bid. She and I were in contact the entire time up until the day of the move. She was available all of the time and even responded to my e-mails on weekend. She was extremely helpful in providing all of the paperwork my building needed. She worked directly with the management company and I did not even need to be involved. About a week before the move I needed to add my big screen TV to the job. They were more than willing to accommodate my request and we negotiated an additional fee for the TV. On the day of the move, they were 15 minutes early, which was impressive, based on my experience with other movers. They brought an extra mover who was not originally in the quote and did not charge me extra. They knew exactly what t... Read more

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    Mon Apr 13 2009

    From the beginning, ORI was a pleasure to work with. We were nervous about having to spend so much on moving, but after the horror stories we'd heard, we figured Ori was our best shot. And the people at the company were really attentive and honest--they pride themselves on treating their customer's right. That may sound like just a slogan, but in this case, it certainly seems to be true. There were no hidden costs, no sudden "adjustments" to the estimate, and the team that moved our stuff was EXCELLENT. The crew was really the best--prompt, quick, careful and nice. We were done moving all our stuff by about 1PM--a MIRACLE! True, we had most things packed, but they handled everything that needed extra care; the guys even moved all my plants with nary a leaf disturbed. All our boxes and trunks and shelves and furniture, and only one wine glass broken--and I'd packed that myself, so it was most probably my fault. We would use them again in a heartbeat, if we were ever going to move again... Read more

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    Sun Apr 12 2009

    Their rates were more than reasonable. We used ORI VAN LINES-Lucky Mover a few weeks back to move from Brooklyn to Fremont and were very apprehensive about the scope and stress of the job. the owner, assured us all would be smooth sailing, and drove up with 2 trucks and 4 guys to move us on a near-100-degree day. They were the nicest guys, totally professional, fast, efficient, and competent. They got all our stuff down and out a 3-story walkup in 3 hours (after estimates and previous moves indicated 7 would be necessary), and even did way over-the-top things like rescuing our baby's car seat from the front of the truck, putting all the dismantled furniture back together (better than before in some cases), and moving extra things like a washer-dryer we'd not negotiated--all with aplomb, good grace, humor and cheer. It couldn't have been a nicer group of guys and by far the most positive moving experience we've had! Also, the rates were more than reasonable. I would recommend them to a... Read more

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    Fri Apr 10 2009

    handeling with this company was quick and professional. I got a reasonable quote, very clear. The representative answered all my questions. The pickup date was scheduled, and they came on time. The bill was $60 more than the estimate, but that was due to 100lb more, which is not a big deal because it was written down in the quote, so I wasn't surprised. The contract said up to 21 days delivery, it took them 6 days to arrive to Missouri. Everything went smoothly and quietly. I recommend these guys for any moving job. My last move was ridiculously bad in comparison to this one. I read the other reviews about them and I was surprised to read the bad ones. It seems to me these guys did not read trough the quote and went ahead carelessly and without understanding what the consequences of this kind of logistic operation are. I respect Ori van lines for being forthcoming all the way. I got exactly what I was told. I recommend anyone to move with these guys, but as a lesson for life always ... Read more

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    Mon Apr 06 2009

    I moved with Ori van Lines at the 25th of February 2009 from CONCORD CA to Columbia KY and I want to tell you about them. Have you ever tried using Ori Van Lines? It's a breeze. The next time you have anything to transport or maybe need to relocate, I strongly suggest you call up this moving service, for in our opinion it's simply the best. You may be wondering what in the hell is so special about Ori Van Lines? Well, the truth is that there is so much going for them that it's difficult in four hundred words to say all one would like to say about them. First, let me begin by saying that this moving service is quite extraordinary. From the moment you make contact with them they provide with you so much help and attention you wonder whether they haven't mistaken you for the Rockefellers or some other top celebratory. They are so polite and understanding and they invest so much time in your request that you feel they are working for nothing. However, you don't get the impression they are ... Read more

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    Sun Apr 05 2009

    I had a rather complicated move involving a furniture purchase pick up in San Francisco, my old place on the Peninsula, a storage locker on the Peninsula, and then back to my new 1 bedroom place in San Francisco Stairs at the old place, and elevator in the new place. I was quoted $150/hr for three men and truck, plus 1/2 hr extra for them to drive home. They estimated 5-6 hours. That seemed like a high price But ORI also provided their own padding material (blankets, tape, and wardrobe boxes. I like the idea of reusing blankets rather than paying for one time use bubble wrap. I went with Ori Van Lines because they called back quickly and followed up efficiently. Overall they were amazingly professional, and I felt like they were taking good care of my possessions. Two out of the three movers had years of experience moving, and I think that makes a big difference; they are just used to fitting things through doors without damage and such. One of the movers was relatively new, ... Read more

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    Sat Apr 04 2009

    I was really impressed with Ori Van Lines. The office was helpful, polite & professional. I was slightly apprehensive initially as I had read some mixed reviews about the company. But their rates are awesome and a friend of mine had used them recently and recommended them. We were moving stuff from 2 apartments into one. I have never seen 3 guys move out so many boxes & bulky furniture in record time. Even the extra heavy wine cooler was moved without a hitch. No major dings on any of the stuff and the guys worked quickly & efficiently. Couldn't believe they moved and unloaded everything in 3 hours! The movers speak to you very politely, so if you speak to them in the same manner , they do appreciate it. Oh yes, they also do like to state their tip, but I was so impressed with the move, I didn't really mind that they asked for more tip. I'd definitely use them again!

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    Fri Apr 03 2009

    Ori van lines were extremely nice and very conducive to my schedule. I needed them to come later in the evening so I wouldn't miss work, and they had no problem with that. I also ended up changing the date on them and they had no issues with that. They made two stops for me to pick up furniture at two different locations and I emailed them a schedule of times and locations where they needed to go and they followed it perfectly! They were great at keeping in contact with me from the time I scheduled the move until the actual move day itself. I definitely knew I was being taken care of and not scammed by some sketch ball on Craigslist. They were super fast moving boxes and very gentle with all my nice wood furniture. They made sure to set all the wood (and my mattress) on a blanket so they didn't get scratched of dirty. I thought it would be an issue getting some of my heavy stuff down the two flights of stairs, but they both did it with ease. When we arrived at my new house they set m... Read more

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    Tue Mar 31 2009

    I had never used a mover before and poor Chris was subject to lots of questions and calls. He reassured me several times that he'd take care of me, and he really did. Brian also answered many questions. I can't thank them enough!!! Ori Van Lines did just what they promised. They got me moved from CA to WI in under a day with just one casualty. A mover man accidentally dropped a box when a handle ripped...one lone bowl broke. No big deal at all. FYI, I packed my own boxes and cut my own handles in the boxes, so I may have inadvertently caused the problem myself. The movers arrived EARLY (I could hardly believe it) and had everything in the truck in under 3 hours. They kept in contact with me via cell phone and made sure to tell me when they were near to my new apartment. They arrived at about 8 p.m., unpacked, and were gone before 11. Talk about hard-working men! Plus, they took extra care to keep the carpet clean (a big deal, considering the carpet is cream-colored). I couldn't bel... Read more

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    Mon Mar 30 2009

    I just wanted to give credit where credit is due. I filled out an online quote for a moving company to move my family from CA to Dallas Texas. After getting 50 calls from moving companies I was totally confused with all the nonsense and different prices and methods in which these companies use to determine prices. I finally spoke with Ori van lines and they were very helpful and made it easy to understand pricing, best of all there were NO hidden charges and fees. Our move with ORI went very well and the price was as advertised, they were terrific and there from beginning to end I would highly recommend this company.

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    Sun Mar 29 2009

    Ori Van Lines were truly professional and courteous from start to finish. We had a quite a bit to move, but not only did they come in and finish packing properly for us; they also had out entire place moved in 2 hours which seemed close to impossible. Julie who was our contact person was also a pleasure to work with, we had to reschedule twice, but she took it all in stride and ended up accommodating us with a last minute request to move. Once we arrived at our destination the 4 movers we hired came in and looked at the space to find out where we wanted furniture set up and then they placed the heavy items for us which made things much easier for us later. They even went as far as changing non-working bulbs that neither my mother nor I could reach. A few days later in the process of the final stages of un-packing and placing items it was to my surprise and delight that nothing was damaged or broken. Moving is a very stressful time, especially hiring a reputable moving company. This ... Read more

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    Sun Mar 29 2009

    When we contracted with ORI VAN LINES our sales rep Michael explained to us that there was a 2 day pick up window in our case it was the 21st or 22nd and we recieved a call from the driver on the 20th stating that he may be running a day late due to the previous customer was unable to meet them at the new apartment for an extra day. We were quite upset but after speaking with Howard the owner he put us at ease and explained we would be compensated and he apologized profusely. Well, the drivers did show up first thing in the morning on the day late and all I can say is when they did arrive they were incredible and if I had known the movers were that good I would've been ok if they were a month late. They saw that a lot of our boxes had been packed improperly and they repacked the boxes at no additional charge and just did everything so professionally it was a pleasure to work with them. Shane and mark were the movers and we were equally pleased to see them 3 days later for our delivery ... Read more

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    Tue Mar 24 2009

    Honestly, these movers brought us out of a bad situation and I want to write the review to thank them for it. Our original moving company which I will not reveal never showed up for our pick up nor did they even have the courtesy to call and let us know. We had to be out by midnight on the 30th of January and it was already 5pm on the 28th so needless to say we were petrified due to the fact that we would incur additional costs such as rent,hotel,food since everything was already boxed up and ready to go. We finally went onto ORI VAN LINES and they responded within minutes. We chose them based on their reviews and better business reporting and they came on the 30th at 2pm and got us out by 6:30. We were delivered yesterday and everything was really great. If you are moving give this company a chance because they did us a great service.

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    Mon Mar 23 2009

    We want to give you Ori Van Lines thumbs up. A great job done by the crew. They arrived on time as scheduled. With consideration the crew used special material to wrap our antiques, they also gave attention to our other furnishings, pausing to ask necessary questions, nothing was done in a hurry, and time was not wasted. After the van was loaded, the driver went over all the paper work with us, this helpful, letting us know exactly what to expect. Most important to us was the follow up and assistance along the way of the office. They were aware we had health and age issues and helped ease some of the anxiety that goes with a cross country move. A special thank you. We can recommend Ori Van Lines, for a short distance or long distance as was our case; moving from CA to NYC...

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    Sun Mar 22 2009

    My Move with ORI VAN LINES went very well. It was not easy decision to choose what company to use as there are so many of them and there are so many awful stories on the internet about this industry. After some research I did decide to use Ori Van Lines and was happy with the choice. Ori van lines were prompt with their answers to me before, during and after the move. I always got an answer even when my representative was not available there was always somebody else that could help me. The movers were great as well and performed a professional work. I would defiantly recommend them to anybody that I know for their move.

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    Tue Mar 17 2009

    I recently moved with ORI VAN LINES from Santa Clara, CA to Houston, TX. I moved twice before with other companies that ended up ripping me off. I was very worried to use a company for this move and almost rented my own truck to move by myself. Eventually, after a long search for the best company I found ORI VAN LINES. Their prices were not the cheapest but after my previous experience I decided to spend a little more and hoped to get a better service. Today, all I can say is that I made a great choice. I ended up paying less than I paid for my previous moves and got an excellent service. The salesperson was very informative and knowledgeable and very patient even after I called almost every day with questions. I would recommend this company to all of my friends and will use them again for my next move.

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    Mon Mar 16 2009

    The folks over at ORI VAN LINES were not only pleasant and very helpful but actually helped us make our choice for a moving company easy. We asked them about close to 15 moving companies not directly involved with them and they helped us chose the right one. We had absolutely no idea what type of people were out there on the internet and most of them were fairly new companies that had apparently been other companies under different names and simply changed their names after they had gone bad. ORI VAN LINES representative helped guide us toward a great crew that we ended up using for our move from California, and we could not have been happier with the choice. The price was reasonable and the movers were outstanding so in short, thank you ORI VAN LINES for making it simple and easy.

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    Sun Mar 15 2009

    I had a storage cubicle filled with delicate business property to move upstate. I contacted Ori Van Lines because all of the good reviews everywhere. I reached them very easily. I outlined the move and the guy on the phone was prompt in issuing a quote which by far was extremely reasonable, worked with me on the various details and was exemplary in follow up and follows thru. The day of the move came and the truck and crew arrived early, confirming everything along the way via cell phone. The crew was a delight to work with and handled everything with care and professionalism. It was a difficult and tedious job but throughout the crew was always in good spirits and was always ready to cooperate. It was a 4 load in, then a 2 hour drive upstate and after arriving the crew once again was extremely cooperative in unloading the truck and assisting in arranging all cartons and crates to my specifications. They treated the job like it was their own-the highest compliment I can pay.

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    Sat Mar 14 2009

    This for me was a 3 part move. First pick up from a large oversized storage unit in Tucson Arizona, next a stop off 50 miles away at my house then on to my new residence in Freemont California. I had my vehicle moved by their auto shipping agent (secured transport) who was a bit pricier but excellent and had my vehicle to me before my household goods. The movers showed up on Wednesday morning with 5 men in the crew to pack and load my items, 3 men packed and 2 loaded. My wife and I were there for the whole process other than when we went to get the men lunch and dinner and really saw the work and effort that goes into moving which is why we had them do everything as opposed to doing it ourselves. Our office relocates between 10 and 20 employees monthly and I can assure you, ORI VAN LINES will be assigned until they prove me wrong. The price reflects the service but that was outstanding and far less than the major van lines that gave us in home estimates. We would recommend them for a... Read more

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    Fri Mar 13 2009

    I booked them for my interstate move from WI to CA in the beginning on February. I also read a lot of reviews online before booking the company and finally decided to give them a try. First of all I was pleasantly surprised; I didn’t expect the movers to protect the furniture like they did. They used moving blankets, bubble wrap, stretch wrap and everything you can think of. They were well prepared. I also had all my moving boxes from them. They also had their toolbox with them and they were able to disassemble my bed and the two dressers I had. Steve was the moving manager of the crew that moved my stuff and he and his crew were very professional. The initial free moving quote whey provided on the phone was quite close to the final amount and price was reasonable. I had no damaged items or furniture. Anyway, I highly recommend using ORI VAN LINES for your moving needs.

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    Thu Mar 12 2009

    I wanted to share my experience with you. I had to move last month and I started my own small research online to select the best moving company that would move me on reasonable costs without damaging my stuff. I got really scared of all those scam stories online. These days you really have to do your homework if you want everything to go as planned. So I requested several moving quotes some of which were very different in pricing. I decided to go with Ori van lines not because their prices were very low, in fact the pricing they gave me was somewhere in the middle but they had the best friendly attitude and took some time to inform me on the matter. The move went good, no surprises. I advise you to research the movers before hiring - this guarantees the success!

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    Tue Mar 10 2009

    This is the 3rd time I'm using ori van lines and again their service met my expectations. I first hired them for a local within the state few years ago. Then about 18 months ago I used them to move me back California, where I'm originally from. Now I have decided to move back again to MA for a new job. Since I already have used the company for 2 moves and I was happy, I called them again to setup my move. In terms of service the company is great. Communication is excellent, my first moves were managed by Stoil and this last one was thru Annie. My move is now almost completed; my items have been delivered few days ago, so far everything looks great. No damages on the furniture, everything is placed in the desired rooms. All it's left is to unpack the boxes with the kitchen items. Overall I'm very happy with their service. Stress level during the move was minimal, which to me is one of the most important aspects in one move.

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    Mon Mar 09 2009

    When I was younger and more energetic (read: hopped up on ephedrine and rowing crew six hours a day) I could pack up all my earthly belongings and fit them in the back of a Ford Bronco in an hour. But now that I'm older and wiser (also more fat and lazy) the thought of hauling my personal belongings with my own sweat and brawn sounds about as fun as poking myself in the eye. So I thought, "I'm an adult. I'm moving into my own place (totally alone, for the first time.) It's a milestone. I'm getting myself some help." And boy did I. I narrowed my criteria to Cheap (because I'm still young and poor) and good and I got ori van lines. And they were awesome. $120/hour for three guys and a huge truck. I only had a small studio worth of stuff, so it took less than an hour and a half. The lads were friendly and the craic was mighty. Well, at least I had a great time. But I didn't lift a finger. I'm not sure how much fun they had. But they were nice about it. They stayed within their estimated... Read more

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    Sun Mar 08 2009

    ORI was the first moving company I ever used and I will never go back to doing it myself. I booked them about a week and a half ahead, after extensive research into prices, user reviews, and B*B background checks of different movers. They were right on time and the 3 guys moved my 2 bedroom apartment from Oakland in just over 2 hours, with a 24 foot truck. They rounded down (!!) and the charge was only $170, which was the minimum anyway. I pre-packed everything myself to save time, and really didn't do the best job. But they moved everything without a scratch, including my heavy digital piano -- not even a broken dish when I unpacked! And every box arrived unopened and intact. There were minor communication difficulties because 2 of them didn't really speak English, but it didn't hinder the move. As an aside, my friend also moved at the same time, and decided to use a mover with a lower hourly rate (not licensed or insured) that he'd used before. His company sent 2 guys with a re... Read more

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    Sat Mar 07 2009

    Those who move frequently know that one can ill afford to miss a move date; especially if/when it lands on the last day of the month when your lease is over. Fret not though; these guys are the bomb dignity. I'll admit that I stumbled across them via Craigslist. To my surprise, they exceeded my expectations. They showed up early, didn't charge me for travel time, allowed free usage of wardrobe boxes, and had personality to boot. The icing on the cake is that they also do free disassembly of furniture and don't charge extra for stairs. They wrap everything meticulously and efficiently with blankets then plastic wrap over it. My oversized sofa literally looked mummified with all that generous plastic around it! They didn't even charge me for the extra packing supplies used. Even better, they helped me assemble my glass cocktail table and put my 61" DLP over it afterwards. You don't pay for travel time to/from your original destination either! Does it really get any better than that? O... Read more

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    Fri Mar 06 2009

    ORI VAN LINES helped move us to Houston 2 weeks back and really did a great move for us. We were reluctant to hire a company off the internet and considered a few of the large van lines but when we factored costs in we really did not have a choice. We had 2 in house estimates and they were off the chart and well over our budget so we went online and got about 30 more literally and we found ORI VAN LINES on this particular website and went with them due to their great reviews and their price was $1,600.00 less than one of the in house estimates and $1900.00 less than the other. We also received a quote from another moving company for $2,000.00 which after checking them out we found probably 100 horrible reviews about them. ORI VAN LINES did us justice and provided not only great service but a great price as well and after sorting everything out, our weight was slightly higher than the estimate which added an additional $300 to the original quote which we were informed could happen. Al... Read more

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    Thu Mar 05 2009

    I would like to thank Ori van lines for our recent relocation project which involved a large move from the home we lived in for over 30 years. We reserved our move in advance and were told that our load dates were to be January 20th or the 21st with a strong preference on the 20th for packing and the 21st for loading. The crew called us on the 18th and informed us in fact that they would be in the area a day earlier than scheduled and would like to begin packing on the 19th if possible. We agreed and they showed up at 7am on the morning of the 19th to begin packing our home up. The driver and crew (4 total people) were absolutely excellent in packing and finished at 6:30 pm. They proceeded to load our belongings on the tractor the following morning and after signing last minute paperwork were on their way. We were told that delivery would be on or around the 27th due to the distance and the fact that they had another delivery and pick up along the route but they would call us when the... Read more

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    Wed Mar 04 2009

    Come on, you got to be kidding me, even an idiot can understand this pattern. all five star reviews with not even one unhappy customer??!! Ori Van lines must have a full time review writer that write reviews every day using different e-mail accounts. I can't believe yahoo is allowing this open scam. I am reporting this to yahoo and have this misleading reviews removed. after becoming suspicious about this patterns; i did a back ground search with this seemingly great company and found out that they been in business for about a year already have around 20 BB complaints(Reasearch shows that only 1 out of 10 customers take extra efforts to complain) so they must have angreed of almost each customer they moved. and is owned by Israelis--- huh isn't that the same people that scammed me twice in two different occasion. if you do your research you will find out that most moving companies are run by Israeli con men that will do anythin to dry until your last penny. So people don't be fulled by... Read more

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    Tue Mar 03 2009

    Of all the moving quotes I received and phone calls and emails I fielded I was most impressed with Ori van lines and the way that they handled their selves during the quoting process. They explained everything in great detail. Most of the other companies did not mention 75% of what ORI did and I felt comfortable with this company so I decided to roll the dice and reserve his services for February 15th or 16th pick up at my home in St. Louis, Missouri and they told me that they could have me delivered by the 22nd as I needed my belongings for my new job. While they did not guarantee it they stated that the truck was picking me up then delivering a customer in Idaho and I would be the next delivery so 6 days should not be a problem. When they showed up at my house the movers and packers were awesome and fast. And as promised they delivered me in 4 days which was really a surprise and did a great job again during the unloading process. This company is very honest and maintained great co... Read more

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    Mon Mar 02 2009

    Look, moving is a stressful experience. And pretty much nothing online really helps give you peace of mind so I think here's what you do. Pick a company that has mostly good reviews for the city you are in (or on both ends). Pay for the additional insurance (the 60 cents per pound standard is not insurance). Ask as many questions as possible. Then pray that you get a good crew, cause that is all that is going to matter. And keep the crew happy by buying them lunch and keeping water on hand. We got a great crew and only one thing was broken (a lamp), that we are working with them to get fixed. So far, the customer service department has been very responsive. I'll upgrade this review to 5 stars once that lamp is fixed. They handled all of our artwork and our plasma TV with care. And we signed the agreed price contract before they started packing or loading so there was never any question that they would honor the price. This is the second time that ORI VAN LINES has moved me ... Read more

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    Sun Mar 01 2009

    Everything seemed great until the moving day, when they told me that there were extra fees not contained in the original quote. I had told them I had two motorcycles, and once they arrived, they said the motorcycles have an extra fee (even though they were supposed to have been included in the quote). I then called to speak to the woman in charge, and she ended up yelling at me, telling me that I deserved to pay the extra fees, because my quote was so low. As they were already there, I swallowed the bad taste, and let them move the rest of my things. I paid the deposit in cash and the moving costs (an additional $600 in boxes, tape, and packing, when most of my things were already packed!). However, my next credit card statement, I saw they also decided to bill me in advance for the full move! I called and left several messages, sent emails, etc, all with no response. I then protested the fee with my credit card company, sent in the contract, and had it finally removed. Not sur... Read more

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    Sun Mar 01 2009

    I first have to say that I was very wary about hiring movers. I felt that moving companies were shady, that the guys doing the movers would be slackers and would probably break all my stuff. Fortunately none of my fears were true about ORI VAN LINES. First of all I wanted a binding estimate because I did not like the idea of surprises or movers taking longer because they were getting paid by the hour. This was difficult because most moving companies wouldn't come do in home estimates. ORI VAN LINES called me back to schedule an in-home estimate no problem... (After that the other moving companies suddenly became interested in doing in-home estimates too- I guess they just needed a little nudge of competition). The ORI estimate went well. My salesman took time with me to talk about the service and what to expect from the movers. He stressed that whatever he estimated was what I would be charged, no more/no less. They even offered a lower rate for moving on a less busy day. I never fe... Read more

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    Sat Feb 28 2009

    Highly recommended! ... Ori Van Lines Rocks!! My only prior experience with a (larger, more established) moving company was less than positive. Those movers were in a hurry (as opposed to efficient) and I felt like they had no respect for my belongings and weren't treating them with any care. THEN, the move ended up costing me over twice their original quote, which the foreman of my crew said he could "give [me] a break on", if I paid them in cash with "a little extra for the guys". (This, by the way, still ran me significantly more than the original quote.) I am pleased to report that my experience with Ori Van Lines was the complete opposite! My move was sort of last minute, but I was able to book 2 guys & a truck from Ori Van Lines just a week before I needed them for a VERY reasonable price. I was able to do all the booking online, yet never felt communication was lacking. They asked for 50% down which I paid in advance (online). The day of my move the guys called to let me kno... Read more

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    Sun Feb 22 2009

    The short: These guys are the real deal. Their prices are very fair for the work they do. They are hard-working, pleasant and professional. Moving is not an easy or perfect proposition but these guys come as close as it gets to making moving feel good. The long: We dreaded our move to a new place in July 2008. Our last move, when our worlds collided, resulted in TONS of stuff packed into a small two bedroom Laurel Heights flat. It was truly unbelievable how much stuff we had packed into the place. ORI helped us move from a smallish flat into a larger home in the city. The packing took one day and the move took another day. ORI's quote was spot-on and he clearly understood how much stuff we had buried in our flat. We have a few pieces of very heavy fine furniture that other movers struggled to get into our old flat. The ORI folks made the movement of these valuable items seem like child's play. Amazing. Seamus helped us both days of the move and was very helpful. Every mem... Read more