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    Wed Oct 10 2012

    I've used Orbitz and it has been okay. Orbitz will let you search on a flexible date calendar search, which is nice. It's a good method to find the cheapest flights, then I'll usually book w/the airline after I find the dates. If it's a combined airline flight, then I book w/Orbitz.

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    Mon Jan 30 2012

    Easy to use website for travel and accommodation planning. Very affordable rates. Sometimes the price will fluctuate tho, wish there was more concrete pricing. I also wish it showed which days are more likely to be cheaper.

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    Thu Dec 29 2011

    How come I didn't get a rep to contact me?? Orbitz screwed up my flight dates and then made me pay the price to change the dates. I had no choice. The hotel and everything else were booked so I had to get the rights dates for the flight. I spent an extra $1300.00 because of their mistake and nobody contacted me. Their customer service is awful if you can even understand what they are saying. Orbitz has lost a lot of business by what they did to me. I tell everyone I know not to use their site.

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    Mon Sep 19 2011

    I just got back from the most awful vacation I have ever had! I went to New Orleans, LA and I had booked with Orbitz. I reserved a hotel room for one night and one room! Upon arrival the front desk told me there was no reservation and they were booked! I was in shock! Then I called Orbitz and they had already taken the money out of my account and I had no where to stay Orbitz moves me to another hotel that was supposedly 3 miles from my location. My cab costs $20 the hotel they ended putting me in was outside of New Orleans in Gretna, LA Arriving at this location the front desk took an hour to get me in a room When I got into the hotel room the bed had no sheets covers nor pillows! And all the furniture had been pulled to the front of the room! I walked back to the front office and it took another hour for them to get me into a room that was semi clean and had bed sheets covers and pillows! On top of that I found out that Orbitz charged me for 3 rooms plus the room I thought I had rese... Read more

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    Sat Sep 10 2011

    BUYER BEWARE - ORBITZ CHARGES SERVICE FEES !!! Just received my credit card statement and was surprised to see a separate line item charge of $13.98 from Orbitz. Called their Customer Service and was told Orbitz charges a service fee on top of the airline price listed. Supposedly there was somewhere in the booking process that indicated Orbitz charges a service fee, but not anywhere that I saw. I was certain their advertising states that no service fees, but can't find anywhere on their web site whether they charge or not. I certainly won't be using Orbitz ever again.

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    Tue Apr 05 2011

    Fraudulent...Fraudulent. My reservation was canceled last minute twice. Don't use Orbitz. It's better to book your flights directly through the airline, because they will give you competitive prices. Worrying my reservation would be canceled, I spoke with a customer representative who assured me that everything has been completed. That was a lie. In the past two days, ticket prices rose $400. Don't waste your time.

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    Tue Dec 28 2010

    I should of have read this website before booking any flights with Orbitz!! The airline (LAN) made changes 3 times, and I called Orbitz last week to accommodate the times of each flight, the agent said that she had made all the changes but since the system was down I had to wait until next day (saturday) to get the email with the new itinerary. Never received the email..... Next week... I called again to request the new information and the agent says that there were NO changes made! because supposedly I didn’t give the approval >>Those were the notes of the previous agent<< WTH!!!! Now she says that they can’t make any changes because they are no longer working with the airline (AA). I called both of the airlines (AA, Lan) and both said that Orbitz has to make the changes!! But they say that they can’t. So now.. I’m going to be stuck at the airport for an entire DAY before I take the next flight!!! ugghh!! I’M NEVER EVER IN MY LIFE GOING TO USE ORBITZZZ AGAIINN!!!

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    Wed Dec 22 2010

    For Christmas I booked a round trip flight from Orlando, FL to Jackson, MS on Orbitz. They asked me what day I wanted to leave and I entered in Dec 23rd. They asked me what day I wanted to return and I entered in Dec 27th. They gave me a list of flights to choose from and I selected the least expensive because I was did not need to fly at any particular time as long as it was on those dates. Today I noticed that my return flight had an overnight layover in Charlotte. This means that I will not return to Orlando until the 28th. I called Orbitz thinking that they would fix the problem. All my confirmations say the 27th. There is just a little line at the bottom that says this is an overnight flight. I does not say ANYWHERE that the flight is on the 28th. I called and explained the situation to the lower level customer service guy who had some sense and said that I should not be charged for the mistake. He then transferred me to another customer service guy. He said that my return flight... Read more

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    Wed Nov 03 2010

    1 star Experience with orbitz was horrible, call center is really bad. The price assurance guarantee is a total fraud..

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    Mon Sep 13 2010

    WORST EXPERIENCE POSSIBLE. My wife and I bought tickets threw Orbitz.com from Poland to the States, having one connecting flight from Chicago to our destination. I have had terrible experiences with both CheapTickets.com and Expedia, so I thought I would try a new service. I read all the fine print before purchasing and they still managed to be screwed in the end. Orbitz.com sold us tickets on two different airlines (Lot Polish Air and United) that DO NOT have a baggage agreement with only a 2 hour layover time between flights. This means that not only do we have to pay to check our luggage twice with two different airlines, that we will be forced to deal with customs, collect our baggage, change terminals with all our luggage in tow, check in for our domestic connecting flight, pass threw security and make our flight all in under 2 hours. Where as this may be possible if everything works perfectly and the ques are light, I wanted to make sure there wasn’t something I could do to ... Read more

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    Fri Sep 03 2010

    I've been flights, hotels, vacations on many of these sites before. Priceline, travelocity, etc, but tiday was my first time booking anything on orbitz. I started online at 10am just booking a flight and for some reason it wouldnt go through. It ke[t saying my bank denied the use of my card. So I checked my online account with bbt. Well no wonder it didnt work since more then $700 was missing. I checked my pending transactions and saw that orbitz had charged me $694 + 4 seperate $2 charges (The tickets were only $693.60) I then checked my email to see if the tickets were sent and nothing. I called Orbitz customer service and started with customer service who said that the transaction didnt go through so he was going to transfer me to sales. Knowing that they were currently holding onto $700 in my account I figured sales would just reserve the flight I tried to reserve online. I spent 45mins on the phone with this woman. Giving her all the infomation she need to book my flight. Then a... Read more

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    Fri Aug 27 2010

    Put 1 star because they forced me to put something. BUT IT IS 0 STARS. THE WORST. If you can DO NOT book a flight with them. They change the itinerary a few times before your trip, but if you are going to do any changes they will charge you!!!! VERY BAD IDEA to have the costumer service support in a non English speaking country - VERY DIFFICULT TO COMMUNICATE WITH THEM. To make a change they hold me on the phone for 58 minutes. It happened a few times already and I gave them several chances to change the idea I had. But it is getting wors. LAST TIME I USE THEM. I PROMISSE.

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    Wed Aug 25 2010

    Terrible. Their low price guarantee is a fraud. I sent them proof that there were cheaper prices on the same flights they booked me on, but they just dodged the issue. That is their real talent.

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    Sun Aug 01 2010

    My husband and I, we spent 3 hours at night to book a hotel in Niagara Falls through Orbitz.com. It was a nightmare! We put in our credit card information, home address, etc and at the last step, it kept telling us "We couldn't complete the reservation"! So we desperately tried several times with different credit cards, including one debit card and it all gave us this message. And you know what? Next morning, we got online and checked our debit card. It did charge us twice!! We called the credit card company and found out Orbitz charged us on credit cards for 8 times! This is a nightmare! We next spent hours on dispute their charges with credit card company and Orbitz! We still don't know if they drop the charge yet. Okay, we will never book any hotels through Orbiz again. I am wondering there is any place (by government) that we can complain them. Their stupid mistake cost us energy, money, time! They should be punished! otherwise they won't correct their mistakes...

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    Fri Jun 18 2010

    Beware! Orbitz has a deal with another company, which reused my credit card details to sign me up for a 'shopper discount' service. There is a button you click after completing your hotel room booking, which looks like it's just the order conifrmation, but it's misleading. A recurring charge appeared on my credit card bill. It was almost impossible to get that charge refunded - it seems that mentioning the attorney general or the better business bureau is the magic trick. Or better yet, dispute the charges with your credit card company, which will have the fight for you. I have now got my money back, but it was a lot of effort and I will NEVER use Orbitz again! I can't believe they are involved with such lowlife business practices for a few extra bucks.

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    Fri May 21 2010

    I was trying desperately to book a ticket through Orbtiz that was from CPH to SAV to ROA to KOA to HNL to CPH. Each time I tried to pay for the ticket (this means I selected everyone, filled out information, etc.) an error occurred saying a certain portion of the flight was not available and reselect. I would reselect, fill out the information, etc. and the same error would occur. I literally used 2 hours trying to book it myself. No success. I then called customer support, where I spent another 2 hours giving trip details, passenger information, etc. and of course the same error occured. I was somewhat insulted actually as I knew the same error would occur, I have booked numerous tickets online without problems so I am seasoned in computers, yet they just simply thought doing what I had done would work for them. Not only was the help slow (I am sorry, I don’t have anything against Indians, but I felt like banging my head in the wall when I was on the phone with customer service), they... Read more

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    Thu May 06 2010

    Please be aware of this company! It was a total headache dealing with them after they totally screwed up my international tickets. Instead of mailing 2 tickets that I purchased, they mailed only 1 ticket twice. What kind of idiots do this? Anyway they asked that I return both tickets so they could mail me the two correct tickets that I purchased. They promised to mail them overnight because it was already so late due to their careless oversight. After several calls to people all over the world, (I am serious, they have representatives in the Phillipines, India, you name it!) I finally got to talk to someone who claimed she could help. After promising that this was taken care of and that they would do all in their power to mail my tickets the next day, I still have NO TICKETS! I called orbitz yet again to speak to representatives who had no clue what was going on & I was told that they needed to contact India to get a response. I am very disgrunted because I need to mail those tickets i... Read more

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    Sun May 02 2010

    Terrible service! I have several stories about Orbitz. 1. My husband flew to Europe when volcano erupted and "stuck" in Frankfurt. The flight was canceled, and I called to Orbitz to change the tickets. They told me that though I booked with them, I have to change directly with the airlines (4 airlines!). OK, I called the airlines and changed the tickets. Then I called to Orbitz again to be reimbursed for the ticket my husband didn't use (because he had to take the train to his destination). When I checked the trip in a while I saw that the whole trip is canceled (and return tickets as well). I called Orbitz and asked about it and they told me that I requested to cancel the whole trip (though I asked several times that I want to cancel only one ticket from Frankfurt to original destination, and not return tickets). Then they said that I shouldn't have changed the tickets with the airlines if I booked through them (is it normal?!) It took them more than an hour (all this time they kept... Read more

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    Sun Apr 25 2010

    Orbitz is terrible! Never ever book with them and tell everyone you know to never book with them. My husband and I booked a trip to the beach and we were told our credit card would not be charged until check in. Not true. They charged my debit card immediately, which caused an overdraw on my account. After being charged a $35 fee from my bank, I called orbitz and explained the situation. I requested the money be put back on the card with an additional $35 for the fee. I was told they would not do it and that I was basically out of luck. They were rude on the phone; I spent over an hour of my vacation on the phone with the customer service rep who only repeated everything I said. I could have gotten a better deal just contacting the hotel myself. I have never been so disappointed in a business in my life. I guess the saying is true.....if you want something done right you should just do it yourself.

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    Thu Apr 15 2010

    Orbitz is for suckers. I learned the hard way that proper due diligence in getting a decent price on a hotel room includes the old fashioned step of CALLING THE RESERVATION DESK. Orbitz sold us a hotel room for $99 per night that was available to any AAA member who called the hotel reservation desk for $71 per night. I suspect that Orbitz paid no more than $60 per night. This hotel's computers made available to guests for checking e-mails, etc., are right by the reservation desk. Nothing ruins your vacation like being reminded how much you got gouged with every new check-in behind you when you are reading your e-mails. In Orbitz's defense, based on their e-mail response to my complaint, they are genuinely very sorry that I FOUND OUT HOW MUCH THEY OVERCHARGED ME. Don't use Orbitz for your travel plans. They rely on people being lazy and not checking around. That is their market niche. As more and more people wise up to their game, they need to make as much as possible off of... Read more

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    Mon Apr 12 2010

    Stay clear of Orbitz I was told if I would go ahead with the booking of my planned trip that I would receive a free car rental. I received my itinerary no free car for the week and to be billed $400. Dollars for only 4 days. This bait and switch illegal and unethical. I was quoted a specific price. My bank statement comes with multiple charges above and beyond. The bank statement listed Orbitz and the toll free number associated 8889228849 with the charge goes to cheap tickets dot com. guess what they know nothing.

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    Mon Apr 12 2010

    They discriminate against parents traveling with children!!! I was shopping for international flight tickets for my family, 2 adults and 1 3-year old. Somehow as force of habit I always search for 1 adult option. Don't know why but somehow it gives me a better prospective of the expenses. So it would give me a great $982 price including taxes and the connection was really good for the price. But weird thing when I put 2 adults and 1 child option the price skyrocketed up to $1350 per ticket. I called their customers service. The lady's excuse was that maybe there is not enough seats available. Fair enough. I checked for 3 adults and here we are with a low $982 price per ticket available. Go back to 2 adults and 1 child and the price goes up again. I'm glad I caught that before I did any reservations. The other problem was their customer service. HORRIBLE!!! They were transferring me from one sale person to another. Neither one of them wasn't sure about anything. I felt like we were not... Read more

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    Mon Mar 29 2010

    I hope you read this before purchasing anything on Orbitz.com. It is an absolute comedy of errors that will end up costing more money, headaches and complete frustration! I can't believe they are still in business! If I owned a hotel, a car rental agency or an airline, I would NEVER allow my clients to go through the miserable experience of dealing with the world's most disorganized want-to-be travel site! All suppliers should stop selling to them! AVOID ORBITZ.COM AT ALL COST!!!!

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    Tue Mar 02 2010

    Screw Orbitz! I had made hotel arrangements through Orbitz and totaled my vehicle in an accident while enroute to my destination. I immediately called the hotel (10am) to advise that my intinerary had been canceled. They told me that since the arrangements were made through Orbitz, I would need to contact them. Despite Orbitz's insistance to the contrary, my confirmation did NOT include a phone number for customer service. When I finally reached them I was advised that there was nothing they could do since I didn't contact them immediately. This is simply bad business. The hotel incurred no expense and no services were rendered. Never again for Orbitz OR Best Western. Corporate America is out to screw everybody.

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    Sat Jan 23 2010

    January 23, 2010 - Tried to book a flight with orbitz online. Delta's prices were listed at $315.00. When I attempted to click on the flight it said there was no availability with the airline. I went to Delta's website and found plenty of seats on those flights but around $430.00. I phoned Orbitz about the issue. The supervisor admitted it was an issue with their tech department not updating the website appropriately but failed to honor the price of $315.00. I have booked several flights with Orbitz. I was a loyal customer. The supervisor did not even offern an apology. She tried to say it was ok to do this because they told me before I checked out. That is like going to Wal-mart picking up an item that is $10.00 and when you get to the register they tell you it is $25.00. That is false advertisement and just plain bad business. I will never book a flight with orbitz ever again.

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    Wed Dec 02 2009

    The "Low Price Guarantee" so riddled with stipulations that it's a hollow promise. If filing a claim yourself, you are only eligible if you see a lower price on the same flight on the same day you book! Also, apparently if someone else books the same flight at the same date/time with the exact same number of passengers through the Orbitz website, you might see a refund, but the chances of the stars aligning for something like that to happen is astronomically low, which I'm sure is by design. I used Orbitz several times in the past, but because of my discovery of what I consider very deceptive claims about "price assurance", I won't give them any more business.

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    Tue Nov 03 2009

    Three Strikes and Orbits is Out! I once was a very happy Orbitz customer, heartily recommending Orbitz to others. I like the way Orbitz’ searches work, how they can be refined, and how going and return flights can be selected separately. I also like the way “My Flights” keeps a record of flights for later printing for reimbursements, etc. I always used Orbitz. However, now I STRONGLY advise against using Orbitz because of three bad experiences that I have recently had. Three strikes and Orbitz is out! Each strike separately is actually bad enough for me to recommend against using Orbitz; but together they suggest a pattern of bad business practice that speaks poorly of Orbitz. STRIKE ONE: I changed a ticket and got the confirmation of the change, which I examined. The requested change had been correctly made. Great. But then the day before departure, I discovered that Orbitz had not only made the change I requested but they had also dropped one whole leg of my overall fligh... Read more

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    Mon Nov 02 2009

    I purchased a round trip flight to Sydney, Australia from LAX in August of 2009. My flight was scheduled for 11/01/09 @ 11:15 pm when I made the purchase. On the day of my flight I went to print up my itinerary, and I noticed there wasn't an airline in the e-mail so I went on the site to review it before I headed to the airport. This was about 2 hours before I was supposed to drive an hour to the airport. When I got to the site, I saw my flight time had changed. It was now to leave at 8:10pm, three hours before the original time I was given. I was NEVER NOTIFIED of this change. I also never received a phone call stating that my flight was on time. When I called Orbitz, they put the blame on me for their error. They have refused to rectify the situation. I was on the phone with them for almost 4 hours the evening that this happened. During this call they blamed me for their error, claimed they did notify of the change (in August), in which they did not. This claim was mentioned an hour ... Read more

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    Wed Oct 21 2009

    their prices seemed so much cheaper than most websites? now i know why...

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    Wed Oct 21 2009

    Orbitz refused to correct their mistake on the airport shuttle transfers to and from the hotel in NYC, should have been JFK, not LaGuardia. Orbitz also booked the air fares -- so Duh! that same airport was JFK! No prob. my bank will cancel the transaction. I plan to contact Delta, to make sure my air reservations are made, and if not will cancel that one too -- since reading other reviews -- found out Orbitz does not automatically contact the airlines to secure the seats. Bye Bye Orbitz. C/S also is very poor.

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    Sat Oct 03 2009

    I booked a trip to India on British Airways (BA) through Orbitz for a very low fare last night and this morning I received an email saying my trip had been cancelled. Both BA and Orbitz had the same fare published but I chose Orbitz as I have never used BA. Orbitz does not immediately submit ticketing request to the airline, so by the time the submitted my request (12 hours later), BA's fare had changed. BA honored the lower fare it had published on its site and issued all the tickets. In addition, other 3rd party vendors including cheaptickets also honored the fare, except for Orbitz. I will never use Orbitz again because they can do this for any ticket booked. Their system is not up to par, if it takes the system up to 24 hours to submit a request! I called Orbitz customer service and spoke to manager and of course I was a little on the edge but I refrained from using any profanity and still the MANAGER of CUSTOMER SERVICE hung up the phone on me. I was trying to reason with her that... Read more

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    Sat Sep 12 2009

    We were vacationing in Hawaii when we received news that my 3 year old nephew had died. We needed to change our return flight so that we could make it back in time for the funeral. We called the airline and they told us we had to contact Orbitz because they controlled our flight info. We spoke to Orbitz & they told us we had to go to the Airport and speak with someone from the Airline. We went to the airport and spoke with the Airline which again stated that we had to speak with Orbitz. While at the airline we called Orbitz - after 45 min arguing with Orbitz to change our flight we gave up. I called the airline and purchased one way tickets home. My husband then called Orbitz to cancel the flights & customer service says "Oh all we had to do was relinquish the flight to the airline - you don't need to cancel" - I spent $4000 to get home (there were 4 of us) when it should have only cost $600 in fees because of Orbitz's BAD customer service.

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    Mon Aug 24 2009

    This is my first time working with Orbitz for travel planning. I have had many issues as far as changing seating and questions about flights and every time I call customer service, I have recieved the most courteous and helpful staff over the phone. Kudos to their customer service!!!

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    Sat Aug 15 2009

    We booked roundtrip airline tickets from Moline Ill. to Frankfurt Germany,and a rental car to be picked up at Frankfurt. We got a great price on our plane tickets and our rental car. We had no problems at all. Will use them again. Dan Iowa, USA 8/4/09 -8/14/09

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    Wed Jul 15 2009

    Please don´t trust anymore in Orbitz, after and accident happens on my way to to the airport they didn´t allow me to cancel my trip and then I had to pay four flights that I won´t use. It´s incredible how do they wash their hands giving me the only solution of buying a doubled priced ticket. It´s a shame how do they laught at the other end of the telephone line even when you are really suffering for your money wasted. I won´t never use this company again and I wish somebody will consider all our comments to close Orbitz or at least guied them to work into the right way

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    Mon Jun 15 2009

    I booked a trip to Paris through Orbitz with no problems. The price assurance guarantee is really a nice thing and makes me feel like I am not being ripped off. Orbitz offered some really great hotels at a cheap price, which is why I chose them for my package deal. All of my travel documents were e-mailed to me within minutes. I saw others complaining of cancellations and to them I would say that everyone when traveling should confirm their reservations themselves and not to solely reply on any one service. Orbitz has been very helpful.

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    Tue Jun 09 2009

    They have the worst customer service that I have encountered. I will never use them again. They are rude and not helpful at all. If you ever have a problem with your flight, orbitz will not help you. It is better to use them as a search engine and then directly book with the airline company.

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    Thu Jun 04 2009

    I use Orbitz to book travel for myself and for my mother several times a year, and I started using Orbitz on the recommendation of my father, who uses it several times a year. However, after my last experience, I will never use Orbitz again. I booked a trip to Las Vegas for May 27 through 30, 2009. This trip was for my best friend's wedding, and about 25 people booked their tickets to the wedding through Orbitz. When I booked my flights, I specified that I wanted flight times after noon. My original flights were the following: I was to leave Omaha at 1:15 p.m. on Wednesday, and I was to leave Las Vegas at 5:30 p.m. on Saturday. These times were perfect. I received four flight updates between January and February. The first two kept the flight times at acceptable times. When I received the third and fourth update, I (wrongly) assumed that the times would be within what I initially specified — after noon. Furthermore, I figured with four flight changes in one month, there were bound to... Read more

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    Tue Feb 24 2009


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    Sun Dec 28 2008

    Very disappointing experience: I had to change my travel dates and I had to call their customer service from overseas. I gave up the first time after 25 minutes, the second time after 30 minutes and tried it a third time and finally could speak to someone after approx. 25 minutes. The customer service agent did put me on hold for another 20 minutes in order to solve out my problem (changing a flight date) and said that in the end she received an error in the system and that she will me transfer now to Northwest Airlines. After transfering there was no agent on the NWA side to handle this problem and they hung up automatically. Unbelievable. Called KLM, their partner airline in Amsterdam, explained them my experience and I got on a desired flight just within minutes. Will never use Orbitz again.