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    Tue Jan 12 2010

    then this place is for you! However, if you prefer space, and the ability to get to the bar for a drink in a reasonable amount of time, please look elsewhere. I would have left after the first drink if it was not for the $50 gift certificate I had to spend, and I am not one to waste anything. I gave OM 2 and a half hours to change my first impression... the bartenders were rude and disinterested, catering to their own side conversations, before waiting on the clientele in front of them. Drinks were extremely pricey, which is fine if you are getting a decent ambience. The DJ was clearly amateur, and the area to mingle was so small you were squashed into the group you were with and it was hard to meet anyone beyond the person standing directly behind you. When I think of a fun night out to socialize and mingle, I think of a busy bar, with good drinks, and a good vibe... however this bar brings nothing to the table, except an extremely high tab that none of your friends want to cont... Read more

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    Tue Oct 20 2009

    The food at O M is good, but the prices are expensive. However, they have set a great atmosphere. Go when the weather is nice because you ...

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    Sun Apr 26 2009

    Don't believe the hype! Apparently this restaurant was good when another chief and management were in control. Some of our food was served to our table stone cold (mashed potatoes... what?) and some even under cooked. Never had sushi quality tuna where some of the medallions were over cooked and some rare on the same plate. Over priced and not worth the wait for a reservation. If you enjoy an over crowded lounge to be "seen" in Cambridge and don't mind paying $12.00 for a glass of wine that retails for $18.00 a bottle. Go ahead, but skip the restaurant.

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    Sun Mar 01 2009

    I was totally intrigued by the name "OM', gave me peace when i chanted the name first , then we walked in, the waterfall, ambience, the dining room floor, felt like i was sharing moments with living Hindu and tibetian deities. Besides that, service was standard, we got what we needed and never felt rush or delayed anything.Our server knew what he was talking and was happy to share his monents and knowledge since we are chatty people. Food, the quality could be improved but my Lamb was ready to counter attack for anything, so was the ravioli.My friend had the swordfish and she wasnt super proud of it but the Carrot cake didnt leave her any change to complain. Overall it was a great experience. The lounge turns out to be in a totally different vibe though,It was around 8 pm when we went for dinner and around 10 the place was jam packed with youngsters.we were just not ready for the sudden change but i guess going past other reviews in different websites, this places is truely a late n... Read more

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    Thu Feb 26 2009

    I usually go around Boston area but last weekend I ended up with some friends at Om restaurant and lounge in Harvard sq. We had an amazing time we loved the lavender Cosmo, the purple rain and spring rolls, the service was amazing + music and environment fun! I highly recommend this place!

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    Tue Feb 24 2009

    I have been a patron of Om for the last two years. I was amazed when I first started eating dinner there by the food and the service quality. I had noticed in the last 6 months there had been an inconsistancy with the food quality. The other night my boyfriend and I headed in for dinner and were greeted by the newly hired GM of OM. Of course he wanted to know our opinons on the food and service. We continued to have a very welcoming conversation where he explained the transition the restaraunt is going through and the new changes for the restaraunt and lounge in the near future. Proceeding the lovely conversation shared with the GM we shared a peaceful meal. Both of our entrees were cooked exactly as we asked (lamb and pork) as well as an extremely attentive watier and support made this night simply great. No matter what we get for dinner we always have to order a dozen pork Momos- YUMMY! As a patron Im very excited! Im excited to share many more fun nights with my boyfriend and f... Read more

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    Sun Feb 22 2009

    Great food with wonderful presentations that delights the taste buds and pleases the eyes. Awesome creative drinklist that is not overly priced. I especially enjoyed the service of the friendly staff. The bartenders knew many other drinks besides the house specials, the servers were expiditious and delightful, and management was so warming and understanding of our needs. I will definitely be back for more.

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    Fri Feb 06 2009

    I organized an event for 70 people. The contact Leah was rude, inefficient, and unorganized. I was shorted my proposed order of platters of appetizers, when inquiring about our order the wait staff said ?sorry we don?t keep track of that.? When I tried to speak to the manager, I explained the situation he refused to help. When I told him we are supplying him with 70 customers at a time which the lounge would be empty and I all asking for the platters I was promised. He stated? ITS FRIDAY AND WE DO GREAT BUSINESS AND WOULD DO FINE WITHOUT YOURS? TERRIBLE customer service!!!!! The worst I ever had, he was rude yelling in my face and recommend DO NOT HAVE AN EVENT AT THIS LOUNGE !!!!!!!!!

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    Tue Jan 20 2009

    OM is Cambridge?s hippest restaurant and one of the rare places where the food matches ?if not exceeds - the hype. OM is the Sanskrit word used to begin meditation, and the restaurant?s waterfall, handcrafted stone walls, Buddhist sculptures and bamboo floors immediately relax hungry guests. The calm of the second floor dining room is perfectly balanced out by the ultra-chic first floor lounge with its black leather sofas, video plasma art, and aromatherapy martinis. The food is a delectable adventure. Tasty parmesan-dusted popcorn with white truffle oil replaces bread and butter. Appetizers include exotic choices like cucumber ginger-pepper soup, sweet potato ravioli with spicy black olives, and pumpkin puree with red Thai curry. Main course favorites include mouth-watering big eye tuna with ginger broth and black mushrooms; and juicy Grilled Lamb Loin with parsnip puree and braised greens. And for dessert don?t forget the dreamy fennel cake with curried mango puree, honey frozen yogu... Read more

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    Thu Nov 13 2008

    I went expecting to eat good food and have a nice cocktail with friends. I had made reservations for 4 at 10pm. We got there and had to wait another 25 minutes to be seated. And when we were seated we were sat in a dark corner where I could barely see my menu (I'm 27)...Our server all but ignored us, it was uncomfortably cold, and the food was terrible. I only suggest you go here if you'd like to waste money.

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    Sun Sep 28 2008

    I didn't like the space-- very cold and crowded, and the food was overpriced, although interesting and innovative. I think it's gone downhil...

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    Thu Jul 31 2008

    Citing a commitment to modern feng shui with an eye towards ancient Tibetan culture, OM's striking interior provides area gourmands with a most unique dining environment. Wood-carved walls and water fixtures provide a calming vibe, as do the downstairs lounge's aromatherapy martinis. Patrons fill the second-floor dining room to sample wildly creative dishes like Hans the Om Way (pan seared moulard duck breast with butternut squash puree and almond-rice croquette) and a tuna tartare with caper aioli and pickled Asian grapefruit salad. Desserts include an espresso chocolate cake with ginger ice cream or roasted walnuts and fenugreek creme brulee with almond biscotti. Photo courtesy of OM

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    Sun May 11 2008

    I ate at Om for the first time during the Fall '07 Restaurant Week, and expected to eat some really yummy food. I was surprised that, for the price, the food was not as good as I had expected. However, I found out about two weeks later that my credit card had been charged the full price of the meal and that our server had given himself a $90 tip; we had not instructed him to do this nor did I sign off on the statement to say that the money was his. I tried in vain to get in touch with Om concerning this - even faxing them my bank statement and a letter - but never heard back from them. I think its poor business not to respond to a customer who is complaining about being overcharged. I will be sure to tell my friends to beware if eating at Om! Or better yet to give their business to a restaurant that caters to its customers - before and after their meal.

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    Fri Nov 09 2007

    Good atmosphere but I only ate there once. Too expensive for me to go every day. Great place to hang out before or after you go to some other restaurants for dinner such as Craige Street, Tamarind Bay or Upstairs.

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    Fri Aug 03 2007

    great staff great food. love the lavendar cosmo. paintings are amazing and the doors are cool as well. the new patio is a great addtion to the square! so glad that there are cool places to go there!

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    Mon Apr 30 2007

    There can be no excuse for such poor service and attitude......went last night for what was suppose to be an enjoyable evening....simply a disaster ....I had heard about the poor service in the past , but I thought by now the message may have gotten across to management. Well it has not.... the wait for initial drink orders and menus was over 40 minutes... it was all down hill from there. After 3 1/2 hours .. we walked out of there ... bored, tired, and disillusioned. The manager came over so many times to apologize, that he felt like a old friend by the end of the long ordeal. The food was very good, but nothing can be worth the wait... and to be honest, I have had much better meals. The wait staff had an attitude that was beyond comprehension. This is food that is being served , not works of art. ...They need to understand that there is pacing to a meal, and servings of attitude are not courses in the meal.......if one waits too long..the experience is spoiled. An hour plus b... Read more

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    Tue Mar 06 2007

    My girlfriend and I had been wanting to try Om for some time, after being big fans of hip Asian themed restaurants in Manhattan (Tao, Buddakan, Buddha Bar). Om offers a similar experience in a more intimate setting. The Decor: Ancient Asian artificats meet neo-lighting effects with dark wood tones. Very tastefully done. The Service: Very good. I had lower expectations after reading many of the reviews on this site, but was surprised by a waitress that knew the menu well, made recommendations, and substitiutions when asked. The rest of the wait staff did a good job of refilling drinks, and clearing plates. (In fact it wasn't overdone as in some expensive restaurants where they are constantly clearing the table to the point of being intruding). The Food: Very good. I know that Asian fusion usually has hints of French, but I was surprised at how European influenced the menu offerings are. The chef has done well, hitting the sweet and savory flavors in the dishes, but hasn't g... Read more

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    Tue Feb 20 2007

    Food looked very fancy; tiny portions, but the taste mostly overpowered by very sweet and concentrated sauces. Was forced to order from a prix fixe menu just because someone else at my table wanted it; could not choose from the a la carte menu, since it was "inconvenient for the kitchen to do so". After having dinner was almost thrown out of the restaurant by the bouncer, since the manager told him I was "behaving rudely". In reality I just sat at the lounge listening to music with my eyes closed. After having a conversation with the manager, he said that I could stay without apologizing for his mistake. On top of everything was overcharged on the same drinks that I had prior to dinner. After spending more than $600 for 4 people I have never had a worse or more humiliating evening at a restaurant. I give this restaurant 12 to 15 months before they are gone. Stay away from this pretentious place!

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    Sun Feb 11 2007

    I haven't eaten at Om, but did want to put in my two cents about the bar. The atmosphere is pretty good, though they seem to only play techno music. The drinks were fine, but overpriced. At one point in the night, a waitress bumped into my friend and spilled almost an entire drink on her. The waitress did not apologize, but walked off in a huff. When the waitress came back, she said to my friend, rudely, "Excuse me!" My friend said something about the waitress spilling a drink on her before (in a non-belligerant tone), and the waitress screamed, "You're leaving!" and stalked off to complain to her manager or bouncer about my friend, who was not at fault at all. My friend didn't get kicked out, but wanted to leave anyway. The waitress was incredibly rude and should have figured out a different course of action for handling the situation. I don't think I will be returning.

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    Sat Feb 03 2007

    It was a fun dining experience. The truffled popcorn took place of the bread. The cocktails were good and the exotic decor matched with the menu. Great place just to lounge and have a couple of drinks too.

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    Fri Jan 05 2007

    I am always so amazed at the hostile & negative reviews smeared across citysearch. I went to OM for dinner friday night and had an amazing time. I was with a group of 8 and we did the chefs tasting menu. Everything was delicious and waiter walked us through each course & even the manager was helping to deliver our food to the table. The genereal agreement was that the pork was ouur favorite dish and than the surf and turf, but I have to say the cauliuflower soup was also out of this world and my new candy... I think anyone who feels OMs food is lacking flavor and has only presentation is nuts. He or she is obviously lacking a refined & delicate palate, is probably used to big bold flavors, smokes too much or is bridge and tunnel & should keep eating at the cheesecake factory.

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    Fri Jan 05 2007

    Quite an unpleasant surprise after experiencing what I expected to be an enjoyable meal with friends. The only way to describe what's going on with this Harvard Square hotspot is 'trendy' and that's about it. Little to no effort is put into the service and food quality(taste). While the waitstaff seemed knowledgeable of both the menu and the wine list, they were otherwise pretentious and even rude at times. After giving my polite and honest opinion of the food to our waitor - too much show and not enough taste - the waitor relayed my comments to the manager. The manager then proceeded to walk by our table a couple of times staring at us, obviously making the table fairly incomfortable. He finally stopped to argue why I was wrong about the food. AMAZING!! Who does this in the hospitality industry?!? I may have been completely wrong, but to actually argue with me?? The food prep seemed far too creative, taking away from the palate. I enjoyed the complementary soup prior to ou... Read more

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    Tue Dec 19 2006

    I have lived in Cambridge my entire life, and I have frequented its food scene throughout those 41 years. I have been to OM on several occassions, and, like many others that I have spoken to, we believe this site to be a crock. I don't understand how people could be so critical of amazing institutions like this one. Do not forget the good moments in your visits, as well. I've read reviews with people talking about too MUCH free food being brought to the table. It's free, is that a problem? I'm reading complaints that the service is terrible yet no specifics? Is this for real or is it all of the other restaurants being jealous? Or should all of us just take a minute in this holiday season and step back to realize how fortunate we are to be able to enjoy food and cocktails of this caliber. I urge you all to stray from this website, get off the computer and experience this, and the other incredible Boston restaurants for yourself. Garnish your own opinions of restaurants as only... Read more

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    Tue Dec 19 2006

    I was looking forward to a Christmas celebration dinner with my daughter and son at OM - an award winning chef, imaginative cuisine, and funky, fun decor. The service was terrible and the food was spotty. My husband had to go down to the bar to get our drink order correct. (martini with olive) The "amuse bouche" - demi-tasse of carrot soup came twice . First time cool. Second time warm with creme fraiche topping (we didn't order it twice - just a miscommunication with the service staff) First course was uneven. A great split pea soup and foie gras. Mediocre duck confit and Om Sandwich. My main course of turbot was luke warm, dried out, and the nail in the coffin for me was the side of apple ginger fritters which had turned soft and flabby from sitting in the kitchen too long. What a disappointing evening. All restaurants must experience an off night. But at these prices, our dining experience was an insult. There are plenty of great restaurants in Cambridge and Boston. Don'... Read more

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    Wed Dec 13 2006

    I am not sure why people are complaining about OM. This place is by far the coolest sexiest most incredible Bar and Restaurant Cambridge has ever had. I am originally from Paris; I travel the country and the world on a regular basis. I have been to multiple restaurants around the globe, and I have to admit that OM separates itself from all the restaurants in New England. After Mr. Chows in New York, OM has the second best steak I have ever eaten. To all the other readers at City Search, I warn you not to read and believe everything these people are saying. Those people probably never traveled outside the city and are not familiar with Miami and New York.

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    Mon Dec 04 2006

    Horrible service! After our waitress at the lounge left us hanging for about 30 minutes while she flirted with some guys at the bar, I went TO the bar to ask for a glass of port. She told me they didn't have any - which is interesting given the menu has them listed. So I asked if they had any Red Zinfandel. Yes, she said. So I asked for a glass of that. When the bill came, the glass was $18!! When we inquired she said "I asked you if you wanted to see a wine list." which she didn't. I said, it would be courteous to tell someone when a glass is THAT expensive. She said "I had no idea it was that much until I rang it up" Well, "How much are your other glasses?" I asked. "Oh they are all around $18". Huh, so she did know. But I find it puzzling that on their wine list on the website, the only things that come close to $18 are a glass of Veuve Cliquot for $16 and a glass of Riesling for $16. The glasses of red wine are either, $10, $12, or $14. The Zinfandel being $10. Neither the waitress... Read more

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    Sun Nov 05 2006

    Harvard square has always been just a place for new college students to go once they reach the boston/cambridge area. Now OM is here and it completely blew my mind! The food was amazing (the foie gras took my breath away and the steak and eggs was the best steak i've ever had.) The wine list was the best i've seen in town, affordable good wines and they even sold Krug champagne by the glass for $25!! I've never seen it for less than $35. OM is definitely the place to go if you want a great meal, great service, and superb ambience.

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    Sat Oct 28 2006

    We were dining about a week ago and the fire alarm kept going ooffthe ambiance was ruined and the staff looked frazzled. The head, maybe a manager or the owner even, a nervous, constipated-looking little thing, kept walking to and fro--so much for Zen dining, I guess? Our waiter was totally oblivious to us and the food wasnt the same as it was when the place was just openI ordered their Steak and Eggs and the truffled egg was too truffledthe meat wasnt prepared at the right temperature. It was disappointing. Its time Om delivered for the money theyre charging. It leaves much to be desired.

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    Thu Oct 26 2006

    I've never written a review before, but after going to OM I found it necessary. I've never despised a place the way I did after leaving this establishment. If a place is going to be pretentious the way OM is, they need to be good at it. I was sure fooled how it is built into a strip mall next to Staples. The big wooden doors are cheesy, the waterfall is comical and their attempts to incorporate Asian decor is poorly done. Aromatherapy? Are you Serious? Whoever came up with these absurd concoctions should be fired. Additionally, my wife was charged $8 for a kiddy cocktail. Don't be fooled by OM's location in a strip mall surrounded by respectable bars, pubs and clubs. I've lived in Harvard Square a long time and I'm glad to say that we won't put up with a place like this for long.

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    Thu Oct 12 2006

    This is one of the most overpriced restaurants I have ever been to. The portions were an absolute joke. We had to wait a half hour although we had reservations. Service was slow and poor at best. The waitress got our orders wrong. When we left it took the valet a half hour to retrieve our car and then claimed not to have change for a $20 (valet is $14). I was so disgusted that I just left rather than wait for him to go make change.

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    Mon Oct 09 2006

    I am a regular at this place and I think it rocks. I think the food here is better than any place around and the staff have always been pleasant. My favourite dish here is the Steak & Eggs and I like the Fred & Ginger in the lounge. Don't pay attention to these comments. Strange why so many people here are whining. I love this place.

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    Fri Oct 06 2006

    Although my wife and I had good dishes (borscht, dumplings, monchong fish, and "asian market" of tofu and veggies) almost all of our other friends had poor food--and everything was overpriced. On top of that, service was extraordinarily slow (1 hour before the waitress took our order; whole meal took 3.5 hours). A low-quality bongo drummer showed up at 11.15 p.m. to play along to poor house music being played on the restaurant's sound system--bizarre and distracting from conversation. Portions on some dishes quite small. The fish made our mouths itch--strange seasonings.

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    Fri Oct 06 2006

    I went to OM for the first two nights ago per the suggestion of my girlfriend's sister and was pleasantly surprised. We walked in past an ambiently lit waterwall and wooden statue to the lounge only to be faced by an incredible painting of a buddhist entity that covers the entire back wall of the lounge (I later found out via the bartender's impromptu history lesson that the character was "Heruka" and that this painting, along with all of the others in the restaurant were created by the owner's father in Nepal). The bar's back wall had an ever changing light scheme that accentuated the bar perfectly. And the cocktails did not disappoint. I had something called a Rosemaya that involved dill, cucumber, and gin with rose essential oil - incredible for a gin fan. My girlfriend had a blazing pink margarita and her sister had their signature cosmo - all were great. Eventually we made it up into the restaurant, passing several other art pieces both on the walls and ceiling on the way. The ... Read more

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    Wed Oct 04 2006

    We began our evening at the "night club like" bar. The "aromatherapy" overpriced and lousy flavor profiled cocktails missed the mark. The room is cheesy. A cheaply constructed bar with square lights built into it, the waterfall wall, and tacky furniture. OM looks as if it came right out of a Sharper Image catalog. Next the hostess guided us upstairs to our table. The stairs were filthy and our table was crowded. Our server was terrible. He tried to guide us through the "thrown together" wine list and he struggled with the menu descriptions. Worst of all the food sucked! From a pretentious Ceasar salad, overcooked fish, to unseasoned meat. The food arrived cold. The desserts could not even save our experience. I don't know what all the hype is about this restaurant, but I will never return. I suggest that you avoid OM like the plague.

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    Sun Oct 01 2006


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    Mon Sep 25 2006

    I have never received worst service. Not only did it take over an hour and a half to get our first course, but the waitress was inattentive and seemingly unaware that our table even existed. When we complained to the owner, his response was incredibly insulting. Instead of apologizing for the slow service, he insulted our table by implying that his restaurant is not a fast food establishment -- as if I and my guests have never attended a high end establishment. He finished by retorting, What do you want me to do, I have already apologized. I left feeling incredibly embarassed for having recommended this restaurant to my guests.

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    Sat Sep 23 2006

    Avoid the bartender who looks like the freak younger brother from wedding crashers (think "death you are my b*tch lover!). Extremely dissapointed with this experience. I will make a point never to go back this pseudo lounge.

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    Thu Sep 21 2006

    I have to say, when I read the reviews below, I almost think they are fake! I went to OM for dinner a few nights with one of my girl friends and just had a blast! And to be honest, I couldnt believe how many stunning women worked there who were totally fun and not bitchy at all. Ask for Kylee, she rocks. The bartender with the piercings is totally fun & to eat definitely try the scallop or the lamb. both are to die for..

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    Tue Sep 19 2006

    I work in the square, so I find myself hopping from place to place. Om is certainly a beautiful looking establishment. The first thing you see when you walk in is a wall size waterfall, and beautiful artwork on the walls. It just seems to me that they spent too much time on that aspect, and not enough on the personal side of the restaurant. It's not New York, it's Harvard Square! I don't need snobby servers and a plastic atmosphere. That being said the food is pretty good, although overpriced and small in portions. I wouldn't say "never go there" or anything. I just expected more from a place so hyped through the magazines and tv.

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    Sun Sep 10 2006

    My boyfriend and I stopped in on a Monday night during restaurant week, and found two seats at the bar. The weather was nice and the windows on Winthrop Street were wide open, which unfortunately spelled trouble for the open fruit tray at the bar-fruit flies were swarming and I had to swat them away. The bartender was nice enough, he had some facial piercings (lip and cheeks) which is unusual in a high end place (I work at a dive and we don't allow lip piercings on servers), but was adept at his job. I ordered one of the bourbon based cocktails ($11) and was shocked to watch him pour Jim Beam into it, add some orange juice and voila! A totally mediocre drink. The fruit fly trouble reappeared in my drink, I fished out a dead one with my straw. The food was good, but honestly, I can't stand the pretentious atmosphere and probably will never return.

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    Thu Aug 10 2006

    I found a blond hair in my salad and when I complained, the waitress was argumentative - she responded that no one in the kitchen had blond hair! Clearly it wasn't mine since I have black hair! When asked for the manager, he didn't have a better way of handling a dissatisfied customer! I truly didn't expect this treatment - definitely not at a place that is supposed to be classy and this expensive! I would definitely NOT recommend this restaurant to ANYONE!

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    Wed Jul 12 2006

    A group of us went to om for brunch a couple of weeks ago.We walked out the service was poor and the food was below par .The waitdress didnt want to be there .....

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    Wed Jul 12 2006

    I just have to say how can restaurants like this stay open.....Spent way to much money on advertising and not enough on service or more importantly the food.....the chef I believe is from New York she/he should go back there ............

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    Wed Jul 12 2006

    I really hope the owners read this site. The bar guy (i think) was such a pompus idiot, walking around the inside of the place with a pair of sun glasses on. Where does he think he is? Maybe if he took them off he'd have been able to see we were trying to attract his attention. The bar maid spent more time chatting up and battering her eye lids at my boyfriend than anything anything else. I have worked in the business through all my college years and i am well aware of the good looking girl for the guys. But Please! Have a bit of class. Both he and I were uncomfortable by the whole affair and we won't be returning. On a foot note the drinks that are raved about so much. Nothing special! Belive me.

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    Mon Jul 10 2006

    om trys to be a cool hip restaurant.I have to say they fail on all fronts........over priced poor quality food and no service.

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    Sun Jul 09 2006

    Hung out at OM on Saturday night with friends for a birthday party. The cocktails were awesome & wicked strong, the momos were yummy & we LOVE the shrimp skewers!!! The hostess or manager was great she helped find us seats in the lounge and made the extra effort to make sure we were taken care of. The music was cool & this place is such a great addition to Harvard square. Finally a place where my friends & I can dress up and go out & not have to go to Boston. I have not been upstairs in the diningroom but heard its suppossed to be cool too. Thanks OM for making my friends Birthday a super great time!!!!!

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    Fri Jul 07 2006

    went to OM saturday night and had a great meal. My wife had the hamachi sashimi and the lamb & I had the foie gras and scallops. The food, decor & waitstaff were excellent. I am from brookline and rarely go to cambridge for dinner but I plan on visiting this place again. One observation I made is that the ingredients were of the highest quality and you pay for that, but it is worth it.

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    Fri Jul 07 2006

    What a let down.The food portions are small and over priced.The price of drinks are crazy.the bartenders are very unpleasant.Overall very very disappointing

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