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Ol' Roy is the Walmart brand of dogfood.

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    Fri May 18 2012

    You know, I wont use this food just due to my nutritional knowledge and the way I prefer to feed my dogs however, a friend of mine who has been breeding for over 20 yrs started using this food about 7mths ago. I thought she was nuts but....I cannot argue with the results she is getting. She always fed Diamond in the past and had even tried Chicken Soup and Blackwood 2000 and none of these foods had the effect on her dogs as the Ol Roy is having. I admit is causes me to scratch my head but I cannot argue with the results, they are what they are. She had 3 hard keepers that just seemed to never put on proper weight and a couple that never had their coats really bloom....all of her dogs look fantastic on this food (she is using the brown bag I believe, performance formula.) All of her dogs have full, hardy coats, good weight (actually a couple are a bit pudgy now lol) Only negatives I have noticed is alot of stool and dirty teeth. None of her dogs have been sickly on this feed nor fai... Read more

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    Sat Feb 25 2012

    I've always liked walmart I (had) 3 large dogs in a bad economy so once in a while I went the Ol Roy route. I figured it was like McDonald's not the perfect diet but not harmful. People reviewing it well talk about the corn saying it's not bad. Well if it was just Corn they maybe right lets look at some of the other ingredients. The fifth ingredient lists wheat middlings… commonly known as “wheat mill run”. Though it may sound wholesome, wheat mill run is actually an inexpensive by-product of cereal grain processing. In reality, middlings are nothing more than milling dust and floor sweepings. artificial coloring in any dog food. (why Dogs are color blind?) lastly, this Ol’ Roy dog food product contains menadione… a controversial form of vitamin K linked to liver toxicity, allergies and the abnormal break-down of red blood cells. those are just a few of the ingredients I wanted to cover. I really wanted this last one because (menadione) caused liver failure in my 5 year lab mix she ... Read more

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    Sun Dec 04 2011

    My Shih Tzu and Maltese eat purina beneful prepared meals. My shih tzu likes vegetables and rice so I saw the new ol roy healthy mix. My shih tzu liked it, I was trilled, finally found a dog food that my dog liked. Problem solved. Well, one day my shih tzu, lou lou was not moving, he was crying in pain and I thought it was a stomach flu, gave him boiled chicken the next day, then back to the ol roy. His stools turned to black and my dog was not the same dog, his head would be down and listless. My husband asked me if I changed his food and realized it could be his food. I started checking the internet on black stools and found out it could be related to the food that he was eating. Then I searched if anyone was having problems with ol roy dog food and my worst nightmare was reading about dog owners losing their dogs. I am outraged and walmart should stop selling this dog food. And please if you want to tell me that old roy is good for dogs, don't bother, you probably work for ... Read more

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    Sat Nov 05 2011

    I'd always wondered what happened to Ol' Roy. He was a good hard working horse.

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    Sat Nov 05 2011

    Happy 100th Birthday, Roy! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roy_Rogers

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    Fri Aug 26 2011

    I breed english bulldogs at Bullpaws Bulldogs, I would not recommend this food be used for any animals, the price may be exceptional but you get what you pay for. Ol' Roy may be OKAY for some dogs as an emergency food when starvation is the next step but for skin sensitive dogs and older dogs this is not the answer.

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    Fri Aug 05 2011

    This will kill your dog over time. It uses BHA as a preservative - a well-documented carcinogen that is no longer permitted in human foods. Enough said!

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    Tue Jul 05 2011

    This brand has been considered one of the absolute worst types of dog food by most breeders, trainers, and small animal nutritionists for YEARS. Now, feeding this out of desperation is one thing (I realize that we can't all afford $3.00 per pound kibble), but promoting it as the ideal in canine nutrition is quite another. I find it very suspicious when people choose the absolute cheapest brand for their pets, and claim they're feeding it because it's "healthy". Young, robust dogs can look and act fine on a diet of Ol' Roy, but life happens. Dogs get older, and their bodies lose the ability to keep up. Then you'll see Ol' Roy's fillers, chemicals, sweeteners, and mystery meats turn your dog's life into an uncomfortable, even painful existence. Oh, you can blame it on old age, or call it "normal", but is that really responsible? You've probably already seen many reviews going into the ingredients list, dissecting it and explaining the benefits and drawbacks of all the major ingredient... Read more

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    Sat May 21 2011

    Maybe you should all do more research, even you so called veterinarians and petshop workers. I grew up on a farm and everyone of these ingredients is normal and needed even in the human body. Corn is not put in your body for nutritional value, it helps you digest your food and pass it out properly-aka(poop). We all need grains, I mean, what the hell do you think oatmeal and cream of wheat and grits are?? The butt of a cow? And soy? Soy is even in breastmilk, its a major component in the female body! Sam Walton created OL ROY DOGFOOD from the formula he fed all his dogs and OL ROY, the collie on the package (border collie breeds live around 14-15 years), lived happy and healthily for 27 years!!! Thats not just genetics there folks! Sam Walton set the guidelines and the standards for the AAFCO who puts out these ratings for our dogs, cats, livestock, etc. He had a mass disagreement with how they ran things and if it wasnt for mr high and mighty BILL CLINTON, when he was governor of A... Read more

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    Fri May 20 2011

    Ol'roy is the worst food any one can purchase, i have recently lost my two puppies, due to the food. It caused kidney failure, an nerve damge. they were 12 months when they were put to sleep. If anyone can help me out by sending me an email about any detail of what Ol' Roy did to their pet. I am sorry if any of you lost your pets due to this food, bu i think we can help eachother if you email me. [email protected]

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    Sat Apr 16 2011

    If you like diarrhea and green bile everywhere then this is definitely the dog food for you and your pet!!

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    Thu Mar 31 2011

    I switch all 5 of my dog to High preformace dry ol'roy and ol' roy can, everyone of them are doing great! My 2 pinny poos were having some type of seizers up to 3- 5 times a month. Ol' roy has no glutten added to their food my little guys are now seizer free :-D Thank You Sam Walton

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    Mon Mar 14 2011

    We bought this dog food and a few hours after eating it my dog had a seizure. After seizure an hour after eating. then two more ten minuets after eating. He lost control of his bladder and bowels. Then his eyesight wasn't right and he was disoriented. each time after eating this dog food. I began to wonder so I looked up the Ol'Roy dog food and found this site. After reading the reviews I began really worrying because all the symptoms are what my dog is experiencing.

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    Sat Mar 12 2011

    My late father fed Ol Roy to his dog and he scratched himself all the time, had a dry coat and smelled bad. Dad didn't know any better and purchased it because it was less expensive than other brands. Little did he realize the dog he loved SO MUCH would end up passing before his time and suffer along the way with lack of nutrition being fed this inferior dog food.

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    Sat Mar 12 2011

    0 Stars! Tried feeding this to my 2 month old husky puppy, and she had diarrhea the whole time! Same thing happened to my other dog, black lab/border collie, which would have been 8 months old at the time. Right after we switched them on Purina puppy chow, the diarrhea went away, and they've never had any problems ever since! 2 thumbs down on this product, and it should be taken off the shelf!

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    Tue Mar 08 2011

    The one Ol' Roy turns to time and time again when that Social Security check is late. The choice of seniors everywhere!

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    Fri Feb 25 2011

    This is the worst dog food you can buy, too much corn and no actual meat in the formula.

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    Sat Feb 05 2011

    Ol'roy puppy formula looking for variety since my new labrador puppy seem to not want to eat his food. I was pleased when i fed him the puppy formula that he ated it all up but who knew what would happen next!!!! The following month he started getting some hair loss in his face and we were baffled, what could be wrong?? Well, we learned that he had demodex mange that common in a puppies first year life, so our vet started the first cycle of meds to get rid of mange but he just kept getting worse by the third month of various therapy we were so desperate when the vet couldnt understand why he wasnt getting better by now. Eventhough we were giving him vitamins and omega 3 fish oil. The vet could only say that his immune system was too low!!! My poor puppy was suffering and he looked like a cancer victim, all i could do was cry. So, i began to do some research and went to a pet store and explained the situation, the nutritionist told me that it was the Ol'roy had no real nutiritional va... Read more

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    Mon Jan 31 2011

    Once again, Walmart comes through for the consumer. (Take THAT, liberals!) Zoe is a one year old Aussie-Border Collie mix. We tried every premium puppy food when she was younger and she had mild reactions to most everything but Ol' Roy. At 7 months we switched her to reg Ol' Roy and have NEVER had an issue. Her teeth and gums are PERFECTLY clean, zero bad breath EVER! Her coat is fluffy and healthy. These dogs have thick, pure white posterior fur and she has NEVER had ANY issues with messy BMs. Also, BMs are normal size, not bigger than they're supposed to be which would indicate excess fillers. This is good quality dog food at a great price. Thanks Walmart!

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    Mon Jan 24 2011

    We feed our dogs Nutra Max dog food which is recommended. We also had been giving our 2 dogs Ol'Roy dog bone treats for quite sometime and never really noticed anything strange with them. But here recently both of our dogs had started having diarrea constantly every couple of hours, loss of appetite for 5 days now. Our bigger dog uncharacteristically pooped in our house over night . Then the next day while she was in her kennel during the day while we were at work, she tried to violently get out of her kennel. Some of the bars (1/4 inch thick) on the kennel were bent as the dog was trying to get out. There was diarrea all over. The dog just has this blank stare in her eyes. Our little dog had recently puked up green bile and hasn't really been eating at all. I've read many posts where people have switched what they were feeding their dogs and they returned to normal. But for some people it was too late as their dog had to be put to sleep due to internal damage. This is just mortifying!... Read more

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    Wed Jan 05 2011

    If I could put 0 stars I would. This is one of the worst foods on the market. Like I say...'Garbage in, garbage out'. I am a professional dog groomer and can tell when a dog comes into my grooming shop that is on a terrible food, and Ol'Roy is one of them. Its probably graded around a F- for less in the dog food grading chart. About 5 years ago it had a recall and was brought to the courts for Toxic Poisoning. So if you care about your furry family member, you'll stay clear of Ol'Roy Dog food, even their canned and treats. There are much better and affordable dog foods on the market. 'If you can buy your toilet seat, and your dog food in the same store, there must be a problem'..!!!

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    Wed Dec 15 2010

    Humans are so predictable, that’s why I love my Aussie’s. First of all…Ol’Roy has never been recalled, or at least not that I could find or ever heard of when researching. Stop playing the games of “gotta keep up with the Jones’s”, especially when it comes to your beloved pet. Just because AKC, recommends a certain brand, don’t just jump on the band wagon, most of the time, AKC receives kickbacks, just like your doctor does when he recommends a particular prescription. With that said, your pet, depending on age, breed, special needs, etc will need a particular food that best suites its needs, not your need to impress. Not all dogs are the same, so each review that is written on the behalf of that certain dog, depending on age, illnesses, environment should be considered. In other words, not all the facts are going to be known, so please do NOT depend on just one person’s review when trying to decide what is best for your pet. First, I recommend you talk to your vet, because yo... Read more

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    Wed Dec 08 2010

    Of course dogs love it. It's all fat and no nutrition. Of course no more skin issues, there is nothing in it to be allergic to. Don't think any dog is allergic to carboard. I love potatoe chips, doesn't mean I should eat that my whole life. Old roy is awful. For every 100lbs fed, 90 lbs are defecated. What a joke

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    Sun Dec 05 2010

    Ol Roy Skin and Coat Formula: Ingredients: Lamb meal; brewers rice; soybean meal; ground yellow corn; ground wheat; wheat flour; animal fat.....these are the first ingredients on the contents. doesn't sound too bad to me unless I'm missing something. Anyone care to elaborate?

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    Sun Nov 21 2010


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    Sat Oct 02 2010

    Low quality food. Not sure who makes it for them but have never had good results with my dogs. Stick with a brand name, if you can afford Purina One, that is excellent.

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    Thu Sep 23 2010

    This is probably the worst brand of dog food on the market! If I could give it negative stars I would. If you feed this to your dog, you might as well put a gun to his head. It is full of by-products which are things like claws, beaks and feathers as well as diseased meat. Yes, I said diseased meat. They actually put cancerous meat in foods like this which include most brands you can buy at the grocery store. This is the meat they won't sell to humans. If you love your dog you will never buy this brand again. You would also need to stay away from anything by Purina, Pedigree, Alpo, Cesar to name a few. Even Iams, Eukanuba and Scientce Diet are bad. Some very good brands are the following: Wellness, Innova, Canidae, Merrick, Natural Balance and Solid Gold. These brands will add years to your pets life. They are more expensive than the crappy brands but if your dog is part of your family, you will switch. Although they seem like they are a lot more money you have to take into considerati... Read more

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    Sun Sep 05 2010

    It's like eating super salty pretzels, collecting the salt in your mouth, having the shitty gunk stain your teeth, proceeding to vomit out said chewed-up concoction - then proceed to bake same predigested concoction into an oven over high heat - pull it out of the oven; punch them into cheerio-shaped pieces, /then/ proceed to feed it to your poor, sad little mutt. Christ! How cruel can you be?! If I were a dog, and someone fed me this garbage, I'm crapping on your bed until you change my kibble. No, seriously. The diarrhea bombs would turn your white sheets into WWIII.

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    Sun Aug 29 2010

    I do not like this product at all. The ingredients are horrible. My dog did like it but who doesn't like stuff that bad for you. I noticed that she was having trouble going to the bathroom and would even hold it in for days at a time. I looked all over for a better food for my girl. It wasn't easy, especially that I live with my parents and they love the ol roy but only because of the price. They look at dogs as just an animal. They don't care. I tried to have her read this but she refused. I finally found a good food that was pretty decently priced AND sold at Walmart. I bought the Rachel Ray Nutrish and my girl LOVES it. There are no additives or byproducts or any other crap. I got the 28lb bag for $25 . I even had a coupon for $3 which brought it down more. She's happy with it and so am I. No more ol roy kibble for my baby. I have no problem spending a little more to keep her healthier. If I can do it for me, I can definitely do it for her.

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    Sat Aug 28 2010

    We thought we would try Ol'Roy Puppy Food. Dumb idea! Our Chocolate Lab would eat it just fine, he is NOT a picky eater. After studying the ingredients a little closer we decided to choose something healthier - less filler. The BIG problem with the Ol'Roy Puppy food was the increase in the number of bowel movements per day (4-5) and the HUGE size of the bowel movements. Our 4 month old Lab was dropping "bombs" the size of a Rhino's (We have them at our Zoo). We couldn't believe it! It started right after the first serving. They were solid but Huge, too big for my poop bags; had to use grocery store bags! Anyone else have this problem? So is the Ol'Roy Puppy Food TOO digestible or NOT digestible enough too have caused such a change in bowel habits?

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    Thu Aug 26 2010


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    Thu Jul 22 2010

    I didn't Know what all the fuss was about, so I thought I would buy some and try it. After a few days I started noticing an increase in energy and playfulness. Then a week later I canceled a teeth cleaning because all the tartar was gone, and the teeth were white as can be. I went ahead and got some treats too to see how they were, no problems there. I started noticing that the hair was thicker and fuller and much shinier, after a couple of months of nothing but the dry food I thought I would get some of the canned food. That was a big hit, Then I thought I would get creative, I added some pasta and a little garlic, I am convinced now I am not buying any other food from now on. I'm trying it in spagetti tonight with some sauted mushrooms. I have never felt better, Pretty soon I think I will see if my dog likes it too.

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    Sun Jul 11 2010

    I have been feeding my English Bulldog Purina for years and decided to try the canned Ol' Roy dog food... I gave her ONE can of it she started throwing up and 4 and a half hours later, she DIED!!! If you don't like your dog, and want rid of it, this is a great way to take care of it!!

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    Thu Jul 08 2010

    I am SHOCKED at how many people insist that they like this garbage. "Renewed viatlity"? Are you people nuts? You're poisoning your dogs! And no, I'm not exaggerating. Dogs need meat to survive, and you're basically feeding them dog-flavored Froot Loops! I beg you all, don't buy these horrible little chemically-flavored pseudo-food pellets!

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    Tue Jul 06 2010

    I have 2 very amusing basset hounds that were given all of the finest foods from vets to super pet stores only to find them losing weight and not very happy. Just decided to try Ol Roy kibbles and chunks as last ditch effort. This was 3 yrs ago and our dogs have gained there weight back, play constantly, don't fart unless I buy expensive chicken jerky ( for dogs) . They love the ol roy munchy bones and yes to my husbands (you gotta be kidding! comment) the ol roy yogurt munchy bones. They have the most amazing coats and our vet is always saying how pretty their teeth are! Love Ol Roy and with this economy the price is right!

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    Sun Jul 04 2010

    My family would buy Ol' Roy pouches of dog food (and also other types of pouched dog food) for our dog, not the cheap kibble, so we assumed we were giving her the best. Over the years, the dog developed a terrible gas problem, and would stand around the table and break wind while we ate, and it was assumed to just be a problem with the dog until we noticed that she showed signs of poisoning. Her one ear was swollen and her fur was falling out, and the vet knew something was poisoning the dog. It turned out to be Ol' Roy Dog Food that poisoned the dog, but we only found this out months after she died once it was on the news. If the "good" stuff is that bad, just imagine what the kibble is like. Like another product I reviewed, I would like to rate this lower than one star, but at least that other product had a redeeming factor: Nobody would be stupid enough to eat something that you know is half plastic, this stuff is more sinister. While that got an actual rating of zero stars, I have ... Read more

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    Wed Jun 30 2010

    First five Ol’ Roy dog food Ingredients: 1.Ground yellow corn 2.soybean meal 3.ground whole wheat 4.corn syrup 5.poultry fat This stuff is sheer poison! If you cannot afford to feed a dog a nutritional food, don't buy a dog. Buy a hamster instead. Science Diet comes next in the litany of horrible dog food brands IMHO!

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    Tue Jun 29 2010

    i've been feeding our lab ol' roy for about 2 weeks now and you can almost watch him loose weight, i feel as though i'm slowly starving him. i'll never buy it again unless i need some traction on the sidewalks this winter!!!!!

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    Thu Jun 24 2010

    We have fed all of our dogs the Ol Roy food, and let me start with our first one. She was a greyhound that we rescued from the local racetrack and she was fed the Ol Roy High Performance... never had a problem with gas, vomiting or the runs. She was very healthy, and could still hit a full stride by her 3rd step... she was 5 when we got her. Our German Shepherd/Beagle mix has been fed Ol Roy his whole life, and has never had any health problems either. He has excellent teeth, a great coat and lots of energy. We feed him the Ol Roy Kibbles Chunks and Chews. When we can't find this one at the local store we get the Krunchy Bites and Bones, which he loves just as much. When he was fixed last week the vet said his weight was right on the dot and his energy coming out of anesthesia was unexpected. We now have a 10 month old purebred chocolate lab. He had gas for two nights because of the food change (his previous owner fed him Iams). He doesn't have gas now, doesn't have the runs, and h... Read more

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    Wed Jun 16 2010

    I have been feeding my Great Dane and Hound/Lab mix this dog food for about 2 years now, I have not had any problems until the last 2 months.. both of my dogs started throwing up after they ate. My husband and I thought maybe they just had a bug, or maybe the heat, or maybe they just ate too fast etc... but last night my husband was feeding them and the feeding cup got caught on a large clump of food, my husband inspected it closer and the food was clumped together by MOLD... all of the pieces have mold all over them.. I called the walmart store and they said they will check to see if it has been recalled, and they will call me back.. I told them I dont give a crap if it HAS been recalled, it NEEDS to be recalled. well I am waiting for a return call now, but I wish I had a way to contact the company directly since I have a feeling the return call is just a brush off. I was under the impression it was good dog food until now... and maybe its just a hiccup or an oversite, they still n... Read more

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    Fri Jun 04 2010

    I gave ol' roy one star because this thing wont let you go in the negative. I will never buy this brand of dog food again in my life nor any of the other brands made by the mars company. I am unable to have a child so I see my dogs as my children. I have a 7yr old chiweenie a 8mth old weenie dog and a 10 mth old black lab and recently my husband has purchased ol' roy complete nutrition for them, within a day after my chiweenie ate it she is vomiting and has severe diarrhea. she is so week she can barley lift her head. My weenie dog and lab have the same symptoms (except my lab is forming foam around his mouth). I contacted my friend who is a vet and she advised me that it is the dog food to stop feeding it too them immediately. For the diarrhea she recommended for me to give them children's pedialyte and a vitamin called acidophilus they are doing OK as of right now but i'm so worried about all of them. It was a mistake on my husbands part and we may regret it after tonight i hope not.... Read more

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    Thu Jun 03 2010

    I had to rush my dog to an emergancy animal hospital and pay $4500.00 becuase of this food. The following dog foods are bad for your dog: purina one, beneful, ol' roy. They cause kidney stones... I wish there was away to get my money back fromthis company..... it needs to be rated at a negative 10 stars.....

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    Mon May 24 2010

    My 90# Belgium Sheepdog will only eat these treats and now that they are packaged in boxes instead of bags I get alot less breakage. Love it!

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    Tue May 18 2010

    If I could, I would have rated even lower. This is the worst thing I could have ever given my German Shepard. My poor dog has had diarrhea non-stop since I fed him 3 Ol' Roy dog treats this morning. He is a healthy 85 pound dog, and 3 tiny treats caused him this much sickness!!! If you love your pet, please do not buy anything by this brand name. I had no idea how horrible this stuff was until I saw how sick he got. This should be removed immediately from all store shelves.

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    Sun May 16 2010

    I purchuce Ol'Roy Krunchy Bites & Bones for my dog. He love it. But the last time I bought it, it was all the same color,TAN, it did not have the any of the brown. The brown must also have some flavoring in it because my dog didn't like it as well as him normally does. I would like to know if this is a change in how you plan to made it or was this a mistake? I hope it goes back to 2 colors the next time I buy it or I may have to try something else. Thank you, Sara Smith

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    Sat May 15 2010

    I have never seen a worse ingredient list for a dog "food" than Ol' Roy. For those who may not be aware of it, even though they are capable of eating plant matter, the internals of a dog are essentially the same as a wolf; indeed, they share about 99% of the same DNA. Dogs are carnivores which happen to have the ability to extract limited nutritional value out of some plant matter. I liken it to a car that needs premium gasoline for the engine. You might be able to "feed" it cheaper, regular 87 octane gas, but the performance of the vehicle will suffer and prolonged use may gum up the engine and lead it to premature demise. So too it is with a dog that gets too many low-quality grains in its diet and not enough "high octane" quality meat product. The ingredient list on a bag of Ol' Roy is a horror story. Corn, soybean meal, wheat and corn syrup (corn syrup?!?!) head up the list. Not a lick of meat, and not only that these are really low-quality carbohydrates for dogs. Corn syr... Read more

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    Sat May 08 2010

    i have three dogs a pitbul a rotty and a gs.. the gs when i found him had coccidia i took him to the vet got the med then went back the vet said he was all clear but his poop never hardened i was feeding him the really expensive Nutro for sensitive stomachs and it was binding up my rotty too so i tried the iams still had problems the gs wasnt gaining anythin and the vet said he was fine so i decided to try old roy high preformance figured if it didnt work i was only out 20 bucks....a couple of weeks later the rotty had no problems with constipation and the gs had no more signs of loose stool and all is well....and the pittbul eats anything and never has any problems shes healthy as a horse they all are..

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    Sun May 02 2010

    If I could give this dog food zero stars I would. This is absolutely the worst food you could give your dog. This food is absolutely garbage. There is not enough nutrition in this food. I am a Vet Tech and I see so many dogs come in with malnutrition when being feed on this food. Dogs with soft bones, with rotting intestings, with horrible problems all related to nutrition. Please, please I beg you do not feed your animal this food. I know its cheap but you'll end up paying for it later and your dog will suffer for it.