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    Wed Dec 03 2008

    too many windmills and tornados

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    Fri Jul 04 2008

    Met some of the most beautiful women there.

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    Fri Apr 18 2008

    Don't listen to these idiots.  Oklahoma is no different than most any state.  Sure, I live in a rural area...so there is little to do for entertainment, but some people like it like that.  There are many senior citizens around here, but that has to do with our many lakes and diverse landscapes.  We are generally a bible state with good values...but snakes and tongues???  There are many small communities that make up the backbone of this state..I don't have to lock my front door nor my car door, how many people can say that?  Depending on your interests there are many things to do.  Outside of Tulsa and OKC you might have to travel to get where your going...but thats the price of rural living.Some of you people like to make fun of okies and make jokes...but that just shows your ignorance.  I believe some snobs up in New Jersey still think there are Cowboys and Indians down here and we all use horse and buggies...what a joke.  I'd like to see them spend a night in North Tulsa!  We are a ... Read more

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    Fri Sep 14 2007

    Main attractions:(1)  Tallgrass Pairie (north of Pawhuska)  A 35,000 acre ranch with 2,500 bison managed by the Nature Conservancy.  The biggest remaining remnant of tall-grass prairie in the US.   (2) Talimena Scenic Drive.   Similar to the Blue Ridge Parkway, a 50 mile car drive across the tops of wooded mountains with lots of lakes, hiking, etc.  (3) Wichita Mountains.  Big Western country with odd rocky mountains, buffalo, antelope, elk, lots of lakes and scenery.  (4) fishing.  OK has about 50 big reservoirs with excellent fishing for a great variety of specise on uncrowded lakes.  And if you like sailing the wind is always blowing.  (5)  Blue sky, spectacular weather (an Oklahoma cloudburst or blizzard is unforgettable), wide open spaces.

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    Mon Mar 26 2007

    It is a friendly state and a good place to visit. I enjoy the interaction between the White and Indian culture.

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    Sun Mar 25 2007

    The majority of Oklahomans over 30-35 years of age are functionally illiterate, factually aliterate & brain-dead, just like their infamously stupid Senator James "Argues with Thermometers" Inhofe - these people aren't thinkers, they are believers. As for the younger & smarter Okies, (I hear that Al Gore's speech SOLD-OUT Gallagher-Iba Arena!) they tend to leave the state just as soon as they can crawl & hitch-hike.Oklahoma is the buckle of the bible-belt, so we still "speak in tongues", do snake-handlin' in Sunday School & we still put witches on trial here (& we find them GUILTY  too, by Gawd!)  The Oklahoma state GOP's oaf-ficial motto is: "GOD'S OWN PARTY SAYS: *ABORT ALL THEM DANGED DEMON-CRATS!*"  (Which is ironic because most of our state's Democrats are just as religiously retarded & backwards-ass as their Republican counterparts.)The majority of these people were probably good & decent human beings at one time, long, long, LONG ago, but thanks to the exposure to hate-radio and ... Read more

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    Fri Nov 11 2005

    One of about a dozen states that have no good reason for being.

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    Sun Sep 25 2005

    The biggest thing about Oklahoma is the fact that they don't bother to clean it up. So manyo the houses & buildings......even the ones they brag about are either run down looking or certainly nothing spectacular. I'm very visually affected so I have a hard time looking at how they don't bother to keep up the neighborhoods and the streets. Lots of carports, shantys, flat houses, etc. But if you drive out into the country where it's unspoiled and not trashy & dirty looking where the people live....it's much better.

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    Sun Sep 11 2005

    One of the WORST states in the USA, trash everywhere, obnoxious people and just plain DULL! Watch out for state cops, if they see you with an out of state plate, they will pull you over for no reason and hassle you big time, i guess they ain't got nothing better to do.

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    Wed Jun 15 2005

    Kind of a boring state. I heard OKC is pretty cool but I've just past through it a few times so I would'nt know. Bill Watts ruled this state as a Promoter in the 70's and 80's. Also this is where JR Jim Ross got his start. Wrestling wise there's a lot of history here. Otherwise, it's pretty blah!

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    Wed Jun 15 2005

    much maligned here- and for good reason sad to say. Culture is reactionary extremist- they do not deal in objective science or reason but 'religous emotion'. OK is more third world then an American state- but then it supported Bush with nearlY 70% of the vote in 2004-need I say more?

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    Mon May 16 2005

    My question to all here- why does this sorry excuse for a state even exist? Seems like it should have remained a territory-or given back to the Native Americans-who could do a far better job then the current majority inhabitants.

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    Thu Apr 14 2005

    Funny how a state with high unemployment and virtually zero wealth consistently votes republican. What I fail to understand is why ANYONE lives there- just leave, last person turn off the lights. All of the ignorance of the deep south without any of the charm. Makes Texas look good.

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    Fri Mar 18 2005

    Another southern dump hole - filled with bible thumpers. Dust and debris everywhere- Stupidity here reaches new peaks of thrilling revulsion-

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    Mon Feb 21 2005

    Just one of the ugliest states in the country. Run down houses, potholes, no landscaping, trash on the streets.....Frankly just plain old ugly place. The natural lands out in the country are still pretty, wherever people haven't really touched it, but basically their seems to be a huge lack of civic pride. Otherwise there's no way they'd allow some of those multiple eyesores of buildings to remain. And they're just WAY tooo much into college football here---but frankly that's because there's nothing else to do. What place doesn't have a mall? That's no culture. Anyway, Tulsa's the best city of the lot, but other than that I'd keep driving through. Also, it is true that there are some incredibly mean spirited blatantly racist people here. I've never met more mean people before in my life. However I have met some incredibly wonderful people here also. I personally believe that the people with positive stuff to say must be from here so they're accustomed to all the things that ... Read more

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    Fri Feb 11 2005

    Just as right wing radical conservative as the deep south-only more mean spirited, lacking the fine mansions and certain charm of the old south. Cowboy skinheads that are judgemental and hateful of those not fearing God-scary.

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    Sun Feb 06 2005

    oklahoma has nothing to offer! pot-hole roads trash all over the entire state rude ass people homeless on every street corner moneyhungry politicians! but you will be offered a PRISON NUMBER! the only state that serves near-beer! hahahahaha i could keep going but why waste my typing on a worthless state? if you dont want to live in a boring state dont go there you will regret it!!!!!!!!

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    Sat Jan 08 2005

    Sorry to say- this state is rated so low for concrete reasons. Lost in a time warp or filled with ignorant hayseeds? Or is religous zealotry so ingrained in the culture? Either way- the state is out of touch-

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    Sat Dec 04 2004

    OK is ok? Well its a state that would appear to be in some sort of cultural time warp. Without knocking OK further- I would not consider It a good place to live if you seek tolerance or broadminded thinking.

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    Sat Nov 27 2004

    One of the most intolerant backward places to live in the USA. Right wing reactionary- bible thumping hypocrits. Avoid at all costs! And one of its Senators calls climate change a 'hoax'.....sheer stupidity to the highest degree.....

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    Sun Oct 31 2004


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    Tue Oct 26 2004

    north of texas, so it's ok in my book.

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    Sat Jul 31 2004

    Oklahoma lives in the past. The only thing most people involved in anything at all positive, is to save history. Most of the building saved would rate under the who-cares list. Did General Custer use the rest room here one time? Or maybe Will Rogers passed through and stopped for beer, so now the town has Will Roger day once a year! Really, there are a lot of nice people in Oklahoma, but that is over-riden by the meth-heads, drunks, hicks, free-loaders, lazy-dirty Indians (not to be confused by good, hard working Indians who think the same as me). The weather is always interesting, but should not be the topic of life like it is. Sincere the State does not have much, that is the ice-breaker conversation piece that people start with. If it has not rained for a while, people complain about it. If it has rained a few hours, then people carry on about the rain like it is Noah's flood coming. Every cloud is the biggest, darkest cloud there ever was! Most people are very negative and backstab... Read more

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    Sun Jul 18 2004

    Thankfully not orginally from Oklahoma, but have lived here for several years. Visitors who find the state friendly obviously don't recognize crocodile smiles. People here are unhappy and bitter; and the extreme emphasis on religion translates into the hypocrisy level being quite high. Business people watch your backs in this state! (You're safer walking down a dark alley, at night, in a big city, with money hanging out of your pockets.)

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    Mon Jun 28 2004

    Oklahoma was a great place at one time .. until Brad Henry took office as our leader. Now it is taxes taxes taxes. Lets see ... no money for schools, no money to fix the bridges that are falling down and lets not forget that Okie mentality. Hey! Last one out turn the lights off will ya?

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    Tue May 18 2004

    we uproot the the last independent indian tribes east of the missisippi and then send em here to live. now i know why indians are drunk all the time........

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    Tue May 04 2004

    Not that bad of a place as people think.

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    Fri Apr 16 2004

    Oklahoma is a great state because it has everything. Busy citylife and slow farmlife. It has big shopping malls and a music hall, it also has the cowboy hall of fame. it also has a very good museum of art. the best is the people. they are very friendly and kind.

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    Mon Apr 05 2004

    Boring with a capital B!

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    Wed May 07 2003

    Not a bad place really. Just flat farmland that's full of wind and Indian land.

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    Fri Apr 25 2003

    I love it. The people are very friendly, and, for example, will stop to help you if you're stranded on the side of the road. The weather always is changing (It snows long enough to be interesting, then melts within a week.) The cost of living is cheap, but both Tulsa and OKC have theatre, symphonies/opera, and excellent universities. There's a surprising amount of diversity - a Little Vietnam in OKC, Hispanic communities, Native American communities (check out the Red Earth Festival), etc.

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    Thu Feb 13 2003

    I live in Oklahoma, and like any other place there are good points and bad points. Bad points---too hot in the summer, no state lottery, bad drivers everywhere you turn, too many people on welfare and food stamps while at the same time driving new cars and dressing better than I do and I have a full time job. Good points---I can get cable t.v., it's not too far from Texas, not too cold in the winter, no overcrowding, and most of the folks are nice (at least they wait til you are gone to talk about you).

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    Mon Dec 16 2002

    Underrated! Go to Oklahoma to see the wide range of wildlife in the countryside. Buffalo, bald eagles, the least tern and migrating monarchs. Good blues crowd and several festivals to see. Tulsa Opera and the ballet in Tulsa and Oklahoma City. And many tex-mex style restaurants, if that's your thing. The people are appreciative and polite.

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    Wed Dec 19 2001

    Every thing about Oklahoma sucks but Tulsa and that is why I have to give it 5 stars if you have to go to Oklahoma I hope it is Tulsa you will love it

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    Mon Jun 11 2001

    Oklahoma is a state that you have to get used to just like Kansas. It can be a lot of fun if you know where to go. The Illinios River in Tahlequah (NE part of the state) is a blast to canoe down. In the same area there is the Trail of Tears if you like hisory of the indians. Oklahoma City has several things to do also. There is an amusement park that is a lot of fun. If you go in the spring time, there are the most beautiful electrical storms.

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    Mon Apr 09 2001

    Oklahome is a different type of state. We were going there from Texas, and we're there all alone, in this small town there. It was very intimate and beautiful, but I also felt like I was in the twilight zone. There were a few cows, and a few tiny little restaurants, but that was it. There were fields and fields of beautiful flowers and it smelled good there too.

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    Mon Dec 20 1999

    I loved Oklahoma City. There was a lot to do, so much that I didn't have enough time at the Cowboy Hall of Fame!