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    Mon Feb 07 2011

    I placed my order on line and was told it shipped 1/28 and would arrive 1/31. The next email was an arrival date of 2/1. Well here it is 2/7 and still no order. The UPS tracking code shows it went back and forth between TX and MO but is still not out for delivery. Office Depot computers tell me it has been delivered on 2/1. Customer service at first told me it never left the Chicago warehouse. The second person told me I would have to wait another week before they would consider it a lost shipment and reship. No one has the ability to solve anything. All they can say is "I apologize for that" but offer no solution. If it is something you need timely, better to go somewhere else even if you have to pay more.

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    Wed Feb 02 2011

    I bought Satellite Tosiba for $450 and was offered $200 of Additional Software...............I was told I had a 14 day return guarantee.................... I got home and found the volumne control didn't work and the cursor kept jumping around. I took it back the following week (6 days) and was told that since I didn't also buy their additional $200 worth of extra junk; I had no warrenty ................I WILL NEVER, EVER SHOP AT OFFICE DEPOT AND ADVISE OTHERS TO BEWARE !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Tue Feb 01 2011

    STAY AWAY!!!!! This is the WORSE office supply company out there. They don't ship things when they promise. And forget about trying to return an item. I ordered a toner cartridge ($125) and they sent me the wrong color. I told them I wanted to return it so they sent FedEx to pick it up. No return authorization slip was provided. The FedEx guy told me I didn't need one. I put a copy of my order slip in the package so they would know where it came from. Here I am 3 weeks later and no refund. So now they have my money and my merchandise. Customer Service Rep I just spoke to couldn't even help me. I'm now waiting for a call back from his supervisor. Don't think I'll hold my breath! Go to Quill or Staples, people. They are the most curteous ones and I have NEVER had a problem with a return.

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    Thu Jan 20 2011

    The store's ok. They have good selections of laptop computers, netbooks, USB flash drives, GPS systems, printers, fax machines, computer accessories, pens, school/office supplies, software, etc. Customer service is also good too. The only issue about the store is the pens part: they carry mostly black, blue, and some red ones, but they NEVER, EVER carry a box of ONLY GREEN pens. If u like green, the best place to get them is to order from

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    Mon Dec 13 2010

    I attempted to return a printer stand for 10 DAYS. After countless phone conversations-answered mostly by someone who spoke Gibberish English, multiple Emails, I finally did get a return label. I had to drop the package at the carrier and then was not even sure if the package had been returned. Returning an item is Next To Impossible!!!!

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    Tue Dec 07 2010

    DO NOT BUY FROM OFFICE DEPOT! I placed my order online with them over 2 weeks ago and still haven't received it. When I called customer service, they put me on hold for over 10 minutes and then hung up on me. I wish I never got involved with them.

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    Fri Nov 19 2010

    They have deceptive advertising. They bait you in with vague offers. Good luck trying to get a good deal. Office Depot is very misleading and I would go as far to say they are frauds. I think a business about to go under will try desperate tactics. They sent me a "private one day only sale" offer. This turned out to be only good for one model toner (12a). Even the customer reps didn't understand their offer. Don't waste your time with a company that is so underhanded.

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    Mon Nov 08 2010

    Well I don't even want to give them a single star because they are that terrible. I've been waiting for them to pick-up my order for return since Oct/17. Yes, I am still waiting. I ordered wring item so I simply asked for return and they said they'll come next business day. They didn't. I called again, and what they told me was just 'great'. I have to wait 8:30Am to 5PM for them to pick-up. I can't stay home forever. I have things to do. I waited until 2,3PM and left note before I leave. They didn't came, they didn't called me, and funny thing is that customer service told me that I 'refused' to return the item.I got mad and told them I want to return. I left note, told my roommate about picking up so he can help me to return it. My roommate stayed home all day long and they didn't came. So I called them again, I asked them if they are sure about that they will come to pick up. They said yes obviously, and it's 5:23PM and I don't even get a nock on my door, of course no phones calls a... Read more

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    Sun Nov 07 2010

    Unfortunately, my opinion on Office Depot is not a positive one! I purchased a computer and their warranty from their store in good faith that if ever anything went wrong with my product they would stand by it and reimburse it. The sales person talked me into their 4 year warranty; he definitely did his job! A year later, my computer started giving me massive problems. The fan in the Toshiba laptop would run extremely hot. So hot, that it would have to be shut down. I thought this would not be a problem; I sent it in to the repair shop and they fixed it. Approximately 2 months later, the screen started to blink and freeze. I took it to the store to see if I could get assistance because I really did not want to be without my computer and low and behold the first male sales representative called another male sales representative over, who brought another male sales representative with him, who called a manager over. Being a woman, I thought this is odd but okay. Instead of sorry ... Read more

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    Tue Nov 02 2010

    Office Depot ink catridges suck. Returned one because it would not print. The girl told me it was because I had it too long past the expiration date yet there is no expiration date on them. I always kept Dell cartridges on hand longer than these and NEVER had a proble. She replaced it and this one is now leaking into my printer. The colored cartridge does not print colors theat you pick out to print. Any color I pick comes out one color. Thank you Office Depot for such a good deal. As they say, "You get what you pay for" and Dell is more expensive BUT they have never given me a problem even if I had them 3 months beofre I decided to use them and it is because they are NOT recycled IMPROPERLY. $30.00 down the drain not including the mess I have and the projects I have wasted. No star rating on them.....

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    Wed Oct 20 2010

    I recently ordered an External Expansion Drive (Seagate 2TB) from Office Depot. The order was placed by the store employee, who did it correctly (even though it took time to get it right). It was scheduled for a two (2) day delivery to my home. After waiting a couple of days past the two day delivery I phoned Office Depot and they assured me that it would be two more days. After a few days, after the extra two days, still nothing. Online it should that my account had it ordered and there were NO back orders, but it had not shipped. After speaking to the store representative who sold it to me, he tried to get information on the order from the Office Depot shipping dept. He got no better information or treatment than I did. It is now 15 days since ordering it and I finally got them to cancel the order and refund my money (will believe that when it shows up in my credit card account). I had bought one of the drives from the store, that it had in stock. I plan on taking it back, ... Read more

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    Fri Oct 08 2010

    If I could give Office Depot a -1 Star I would. The customer service is horrible. I could not find one person willing to help me when I went there to find an HP Printer. I was looking for a specific model that ended up not being in stock..why didn't that suprise me? 99% Of the time the item your looking for will not be in stock at Office Depot. (Be sure to call and check before wasting a trip!). Also the store I was at seemed to be lacking employees..I could not believe after going through all the trouble of finding someone to help me with a printer I had to wait in line for 10 minutes because there was only 1 cashier, I heard her page for someone to help ring out several times but noone came, not even a manager. It wasn't until half the customers ended up leaving or getting checked out someone came up to assist the associate. It does not make sense for a store as large as this one to have 1 person at the register and 1 person on the floor. Are they really in that bad of shape they can... Read more

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    Fri Oct 01 2010

    It was time for a new computer, I shopped, finally decided on Office Depot for their Lenova G550 as it was reasonably priced. Now I know why. 1. With machine #1 the curser jumped all over the place. It would delete open tabs in the browser on its own. The cuser also liked to jump all over while typing. In a word it would start at the beginning and in the middle of the word jump back to the beginning, middle or where ever. In a sentence, the curser would start where it was put, but as you type it would jump all over the page. To the beginning of the typed page, the middle of a word already typed, or anyway it liked. It was like an undisciplined child. I took the machine back, it was tested, the store had no more and the manager refunded my money South Tampa store on Del Mybry. Nice and professional 2. With Machine #2, found in the Office Depot Store on 60 in Brandon there was a whole different story. I thought the first machine was faulty, it is the Lenova G550. This 2nd ma... Read more

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    Mon Sep 20 2010

    I mirror the experience of JMcGinnis, though my printer still works and my PPP contract was just registered. Barely. First, O.D. directed me to register the printer and the PPP plan on their website. I tried every day for 12 days to get their website to work. It didn't and I never was able to register the extended plan myself. I had to seek offline help from their Help Center and the local store. My BAD experiences with BAD Office Depot don't end there. The WorkLife Rewards program is a joke, and you will be lucky to redeem a single penny of benefits from it. I recycled a handful of printer cartridges on the premise I would receive $3 each credit on future purchases. Unlike Staples stores (who give you the recycling credit at the register), Depot puts your $3 into your WorkLife account. If your WLRewards account doesn't amass over $10 in credits per quarter, they get flushed, and you receive no credit for recycling your cartridges. And even though I've amassed more than $10 c... Read more

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    Wed Sep 15 2010

    I bought a PPP contract; a Payment Protection Plan on a HP printer. I won't make the same mistake again. The plan covers nothing of consequence and certainly does not cover a printer that has legitamately broken and become useless. Since my printer turns on, it is not covered. Since the paper actually goes through the machine, it is not covered. Since my printer recognizes when the ink has been changed, it is not covered. Horribly streaked pages, unbelievable noise, racket and whine and constant misfeed are not covered. DON'T BUY A PPP CONTRACT. Office Depot has responded to me at best indifferently, at worse, negligent and fradulant.

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    Fri Sep 10 2010

    Dear all home office and office supply customers: Do not think that the incompetence you may have encountered in the Office Depot Stores will not translate to the online store - it has and more! I placed a simple order of two printer cartridges. When I received the order, one set of the cartridges was wrong. I called Office Depot customer service to get the correct one sent to me and return the wrong one. I was ensured that I would promptly receive a credit for the returned item. Instead I was billed again for ordering the correct item again and to date have not received the credit. To top it off, the second time I received the order, Office Depot had sent the wrong item again! I will never buy from Office Depot again. I've learned my lesson and will return to being a happy Staples customer.

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    Wed Sep 01 2010

    just spent 3 hours trying to order something on line. i went to the store in person, and was told i HAD to buy on-line. got no help. the on-line website to purchase is a disaster....(for example, when you "go to checkout" there are 3 boxes to click on??!? subsequently, i accidentally doubled my order....and could not fix or edit it. Of course, this was AFTER they had secured my credit card information. I could go on ...and ON! but you get the point. also ,, just read the one good review for office depot from an employee!!!!she had the worst grammar i have ever seen. maybe that is the first problem, OFFICE DEPOT...... hire people that can pass 3rd grade phonics!!!!

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    Tue Aug 10 2010

    If you buy a service contract through Office Depot don't expect service. I've been trying to return a computer for repairs and the box to send it back has gone to the wrong address twice. When I complained they made it sound like it was my fault and the over all attitude of them was "oh well". They have lost me as a customer and I would never recommended them to anyone.

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    Sat Jul 31 2010

    This is what I wrote to Office depot customer service center. I haven't ever had a horrible service like this. I took my laptop to get it repaired to the office depot in downtown Chicago on 06/25/2010. My laptop got damage on left front corner and on power jack. So they charged 299.99. 200 is for laptop repair service and 99.99 for shipping and handling. They said it would take a week to 10days. So I waited, waited and waited. But they did't contact me until even after 2weeks. so I, my husband and even my friends kept calling them but they kept saying it hasn't been fixed yet and would call me back. but they never called me back and I request to get my laptop back even though it's not fixed since I had to work with that. even after that, it took long time to get my laptop back and I got refund except the shipping fee on 27/07/2010. They said because they already shipped, they cannot get me the whole refund and I have to contact customer service to get the rest of my money back. Even t... Read more

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    Fri Jul 16 2010

    Never even think about letting a salesperson at Office Depot talk you into their extended warranty. It is almost worthless and hugely misrepresented. Here is what happened to me with a recent purchase of an HP all in one printer: 1/ The salesperson told me I could return the printer to the store, if it failed. 2/ It failed in 3 months and I was told by the store manager to contact the PPP number. I did and they connected me with HP. 3/ The HP rep out and out told me that the PPP warranty is a scam. So I'm out 40 bucks. He went on to tell me that if the printer failed in the second year, Office Depot would only honor the warranty once ... yup, you got that ... ONCE. 4/ The salesperson forced a printer kit on me as he insisted my existing USB cable was obsolete. 5/ The salesperson forced a set of ink cartridges on me, insisting that those supplied with the printer were demos with no real capacity. 6/ The store manager said "That individual no longer works here." 7/ Office depot crap... Read more

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    Fri Jul 16 2010

    Ordered a expensive laptop online and was told shipping would be free overnight. After check out, it says 3 day shipping. Ok, so whatever, that is fine because it was still free. The day I was supposed to receive it, my status was still "pending". I spoke with a customer service rep and he said that the item was "out of stock" at the moment and I would have to wait until it's in stock. At the threat of cancellation, he all of a sudden said that they will have it by the next day and same day delivery. I did receive the laptop the day after it was promised, and upon opening the laptop and turning it on, I noticed a dead pixel. Spoke to customer service about replacement again and they blew me off by telling me that I can't return it to the store since it's purchased online from their site, and the item is once again "out of stock". Really??? Bull fucking shit. The CSR proceeded to tell me that they are going to put in a return order for me, which I declined because I researched their c... Read more

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    Fri Jun 11 2010

    The worst customer service ever, not sure how they going to stay in business when so other companies are pro Customer Service. Bought a phone that was not user friendly and purchased the Office Depot Product Warranty. Do not ever purchase the Office Depot Product Warranty!! What a rip off, we purchased this so called product warranty and now we are stuck with phones that do not work, a worthless warranty, and a company, who sells crappy products and warranties, who could care less about customer satisfaction. I guess they figure they have your money why not keep it! Back to the phones, after 2 weeks of people unable to leave messages on the answering system after the greeting and hours of wasted time trying to get the phone system up and running we threw in the towel, after replacing the system with user friendly UNIDEN phones purchased through, we tried to return useless phones, but to no avail. The so called product warranty that was sold to us was the biggest waste of... Read more

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    Tue Apr 27 2010

    Office Depot has the absolute worst customer service that I have ever experienced. I ordered specifically from them because I needed envelopes the next day and they stated they would offer next day delivery. I placed the order and got an email saying my order would arrive the next day. So the next day came along and I had a really bad feeling that it wasn't going to arrive so I called customer service at 1pm and they assured me that my order would be delivered before 5pm that day and said they couldn't do anything until then. Well 5pm came along and I called telling them my order didn't arrive and I was once again told that it should be arriving and at the latest by 7pm. I told them how if i didn't get them that day they were useless to me and they transferred me twice to someone that finally stated that my order wouldn't come for up to two weeks. WHAT HAPPENED TO NEXT DAY DELIVERY AND WHY WAS I TOLD BY 3 OTHER REPRESENTATIVES THAT IT WOULD ARRIVE THAT DAY??????????! So after literally... Read more

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    Wed Mar 31 2010

    I am an office depot employee. There are bad thinks about the company. They are money hungry and under pay thier employees. But then again i say what company these days are not money hungry. Other then those two i love my job. Ive read some of these rewiews and honestly I dont think some of you know what your talking about. Complaining about hold times on the phone. Put yourself on the other side of the fence. When you have 4-5 people all needing you, sorry but the phone is my last priority. sometimes I think people think we just set their and do nothing. Also as far as our return policy, yes it is strict but it needs to be, I see people come in (in the past before policy changed) wanting to return a laptop. thier reason, " oh I just decided i didnt need one" come on people thats whats so screwed up with this country, people buy things they dont need. If we say, once you open it you can only exchange it then maybe you will think twice before buying it. People dont relize once an open l... Read more

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    Fri Mar 19 2010

    I ordered a significant amount of furniture from Office Depot in mid-February. The delivery wasn't properly scheduled and the delivery man was both rude and reckless. He blatantly ignored signs in the building, my instructions, and the protests of the building's secretary, doing significant damaging to solid walnut paneling in a passenger only elevator as a result. I could never get the owner of the delivery contracting company to respond to my calls, and it took days to get a response from anyone with authority through their customer service department. Finally I was assigned an Executive Customer Support agent from their executive offices. She gave me a case number and scheduled an assessor to come look at the damage. The assessor called me and made an appointment to meet with me and look at the damages. His number was blocked, so I could not call him back when he neither showed nor called. Complaints to the Executive Support Agent went unanswered. I decide to return the furnit... Read more

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    Fri Mar 19 2010

    it has a de facto no return "exchange" only for technology product. on the back of the receipt, if you read carefully, anything as long as you opened the box, you can not return it .... no matter what. besides, all these 200 dollars Mail in rate etc deals, they are not good when considering you actually need to pay state tax on the MIR too.

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    Mon Mar 08 2010

    1 star 1 being the worst on a scale of 1 to 5 or 1 to 10 for their computer staff and store manager. The store manager, assistant store manager, and personnel in the computer area were rude, argumentative, and condescending. Their attitude was they were right, I was wrong, they were just following Office Depot policy and could not and would not do anything even if I bore no responsibility for the problem. The store manager’s attitude was particularly irksome. He was dismissive of me, my problem, and my encounter with his employees. I had recently bought a Toshiba laptop. On starting it up I entered a password but it would not take it on restart and therefore the computer was unusable. The store personnel said there was no way to recover it and since “I had caused the problem” there was nothing they could or would do to help me. Finally they exchanged it for the last one they had on display. At no time did anyone in any way say anything to the effect they were sorry or sympath... Read more

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    Thu Feb 04 2010

    Are you thinking of buying a PROTECTION PLAN from Office Depot? I strongly suggest you don't throw your money away on one of these because you still have to go through the manufacturer first. And if the manufacturer's warranty has already run out and you need to file your claim with Office Depot, be careful because they will try to find ANY possible reason to deny the claim. These plans are how Office Depot make their money and they are counting on YOU to be gullible and buy one. Their managers are STRONGLY encouraged to promote these plans and will tell you anything to get you to buy one. Please do a Google search for "Office Depot Protection Plan" and you will be SHOCKED at what you find! So many people have been scammed. I read where someone's computer was returned unrepaired because they said the guy had spilled liquid on his keyboard. So he took it to a local place and they said there was no evidence of that. But if you insist on buying a plan, then at the very least read up o... Read more

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    Wed Feb 03 2010

    Ad in newspaper said if I bought tax software I could choose from 23 software titles & get a free Sony DVD. No one knew what I was talking about or where the stuff was. I showed the ad to the manager. He said I was welcome to look for it. I phoned 1.800.GO.DEPOT and they said I would have to go to a store to buy it. So nobody at any of the stores I visited had a list and if they did they could only point to the software isle. Tomorrow I shall grab the most expensive: laptop, printer, display, hard drive, and go to check-out and say, "Oh yes and I need some tax software. Could you help me?"

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    Thu Jan 28 2010

    I am an ex office depot department manager. I worked there for 5 years total.. 3 as a manager. And one thing I do say about office depot is that they are all about the numbers. Customers don't really matter. When you are on a conference call with all the other managers hearing the same garbage every single week about "Sell more Protection Plans" wake up! The office depot protection plans are a joke. I myself bought one and had to call it in only to get the run around and I SELL THEM FOR A LIVING. How am I supposed to sell a service that is worthless? Also our onside computer techs are outsourced from another company. I sold a onsite service to a customer, the customer comes back a few days later telling me the company said his wiring in his house was bad and thats why his mouse and keyboard combo weren't working. Office Depot is on a slow downward sprial. I am glad I got out of there back in July 2009!

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    Sun Jan 24 2010

    Horrible, confusing return policy. Horrible customer service. Rude. Customer-unfriendly,. Compare to Costco, Amazon, Walmart -- there are so many places that will do you so much better, price, customer service, returns, etc. Just avoid Office Depot at all costs. They have their dollar specials to draw you in (their "loss leaders" -- leave with only those and let them take the "loss"!!! ). Their preferred customer service response seems to be "then there's nothing we can do for you". Not sure if someone is trying to run this company into the ground intentionally for some kind of backside fiscal gain, or they're really just this bad (tough to believe they could remain this bad and still be in business -- based on the reviews -- unless it was intentional) -- but based on very numerous reviews and my own experience, don't go anywhere near Office Depot, be it a physical store or on-line.

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    Fri Jan 22 2010

    Horrible, Horrible, Horrible!!! Will never shop at OfficeDepot again, and will tell everyone else as well to not shop there. Ordered an office chair online through ($270). Shipping estimate was next day between 8:30am and 5pm. I called store directly to make sure, and they confirmed next day shipping. I waited all day for product to arrive, but it did not show. Called customer service at 5:30pm and was given the big run around from a dimwit csr who had no idea where product was. Called local store to inquire about product and was placed on hold for 15 minutes! Hung up and called again and placed on hold for another 5 minutes! Went online and cancelled the order. If I did this to my customers, I wouldn't have a business to write about.

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    Sat Jan 16 2010

    WARNING...WARNING....WARNING Office depot in Salisbury NC store, manager don't care on costumer after you bought their product already, I bought a laptop with the 2yrs. extended warranty, I have a problem after 60 days from purchase and they will not do anything after 1yr warranty from the manufacturer in short i bougth a 2yrs.warranty but i can only get 1 yr. out of it...that SUCKS....REALY...SUCKS....and give a RUN and RUNNNN of it. So thanks god some of their stores are shutting down.... WE DON'T NEED OFFICE DEPOT....

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    Sat Jan 16 2010

    office depot does not stand back of there product they are quick to take your money but give you a run around when a problem happens i bought a laptop had it for 60 days bought the premium protection warranty with it a 2 yr plan the laptop has a problem with the mouse pad they will not do what they say i have to do the shipping an pay for the ins. on the laptop an they said they will not take care of any problems till after the year warranty of the lap top is thru so i paid for a 2 yr plan and only can use it for one yr that is a poor way to do business i will never buy anything from office depot again and recommend that any one buying from office depot to think long and hard about it u will regret your choice sincerly Mark

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    Wed Jan 13 2010

    I have been going into Office Depot for years and run a small business in my home. I will no longer do business with them. On Sunday 1/10/2010 they ran and ad for a desk I have been wanting. It was on sale, well you buy the desk you get the hutch (a $99 value). So I decided to break down and upgrade my office a bit. When you get to the store it does not ring up correctly and the manager has to price match themselves (which seems to happen there, a lot). Then they charge you a delivery fee ($24.99) as the desk is not available in store. Even though it is on display at the store. Ok fine 25 bucks is not that much and it beats me putting it in my car etc. I ordered on Monday, they said it would be delivered on Wednesday between 8:30am-5:00pm and I would get a call to get a more specific time. Wednesday at about noon, no delivery yet and no call. So I call customer service, I get someone in India (no big deal) I tell them my name is Rory and then spell it for them. The customer service ... Read more

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    Mon Jan 11 2010

    I am a third year employee at Office Depot. I hate the management's customer service. When a customer comes in to buy a loss leader or sales flyer technology item, the sales associate will ask the manager if it is in stock, via the headsets we wear. The manager will ask if the customer will buy a service warranty or an add-on. If the associate states "no," the item is out of stock. If the customer will buy a warranty or an add-on, the item will be in stock. Of course, the customer does not hear the conversation, and does not know what transpired. It has caused many problems as a customer watches another customer buy the item that was "out-of-stock." I have been verbally reprimanded for getting an item out off lock-up when it was supposed to be "out of stock" for a regular customer who watched the item being transported into lock-up. The reason this occurs is that Office Depot's stores, managers and district managers are evaluated by the sale of warranties and add-ons. Offic... Read more

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    Wed Jan 06 2010

    I attempted to return a DVD camcorder 027242763111 tonight for $346.38 refund to Office Depot. I have the full receipt and have not opened the product. It was a gift from my father-in-law who lives 200 miles away. Upon attempting to make the return tonight the Department Manager No. 304, Robert, indicated he could not refund to my father-in-laws AMEX without having the card and my father-in-law physically present. Dept Mgr indicated that he's not got authority or a process to do it. He dare won't give me cash! I understand the refund will be processed on the same card, but how am I suppose to get my father-in-law and a card 200 miles away to do it? Lowe's simply scan's the receipt and the charge is refunded. I am now frustrated as to how I might refund the charge to AMEX without physically showing the card. They would not allow me to even make a phone call to my father-in-law to do it even with all the special codes etc. So I went home NOT 100% satisfied as is their promi... Read more

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    Thu Oct 29 2009

    I went to an Office Depot in Los angeles and it was great. I was greeted with a smile it felt like such a friendly atmosphere. I went in for an ink cartridge but the ink number slipped my mind. I asked an employee if he could help me and said he was currently helping a costumer but will be with me as soon as he could. He was gonna take a while so he sent the cashier to come help me. She came right over, she asked for the model number of my printer so she can find the exact ink cartridge and bingo! found it and rang me up. While she was ringing me up another costumer rudely interupted and asked her to hand him an HP ink. Confused, the cashier said "im sorry sir, what ink are you reffiring to?" the rude guy answered back "well i have an hp printer so i need some hp ink." She told him she was gonna assist him as soon as she was finished with me. The guy upset asked if their was anyone in the store that could help ignoring what she had just said. After she finished ringing me up, i stepped... Read more

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    Thu Oct 22 2009

    VERY BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE. These people couldn't even get a job working at McDonald's. I wanted to get some business cards done and emailed over the art work. I asked what the process was and the loser at the Copy and Print counter said - what do you mean? I asked if I got a confirmation number or anything and he said 'no I just send the cards out to a 3rd party'. HAD to call the manager of the store to confirm they were sent since I need them in 10 days. He wasn't that much better in attitude but at least he checked and confirmed to me verbally. About an hour later I received an email saying 'Please Confirm' order. BINGO! Why couldn't they just say that they send a confirmation email?!?! So I confirmed prices and told them that my phone number was wrong on the form and they said 'We've already send it over to the 3rd party and the email is just a confirmation'. So WHY SAY PLEASE CONFIRM?? If they can't get my phone number right on the form, what are my business cards going... Read more

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    Tue Oct 20 2009

    Screw you customer return policy. This is not a big deal if all you buy is the occasional binder or pen or something, but you're a fool if you purchase any larger cost items. Customer satisfaction is not a concern, at best they will exchange, but even then only for an item of equal or greater value. So they actually make money when you get hosed by selling you something more expensive.

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    Mon Sep 14 2009

    367 days, hrd drive failure...response from office depot...."go #*%& yourself". They couldn't even give me a number to call! BLOW ME OFFICE DEPOt!!! not another dime will you get from me! I'd rather drive 200 miles to a BEST BUY for garage sale stickers than have you bring them to my door! They won't even match prices on a similar hard drive. It has to be the EXCACT brand, size, etc. AND IN STOCK AT BOTH S TORES. So you sold me this crap and will onlyrectify the situation if I am willing to do ALL the legwork? You should give me a hard drive and load it, then take it up with COMPAQ! I hope you bastards die in the recession and I'd like to see you managers in a cheese line!!! And don't ask me for change at the 7-11 either...I'm saving that for a new laptop at BEST BUY!!!!!! DONE WITH THE DEPOT!!! Santa FE, NM

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    Sun Jun 28 2009

    John McEnroe 1865 NE Davis #312 Portland, Oregon 97232 503-232-6918 On May 21, 2009, I made a purchase at about 11 AM, and then attempted to correct an Office Depot clerk's mistake and get the item I actually ordered at approximately 2 PM. I must apologize for swearing twice in the presence of the clerk who “helped” me and the cashier who handled my purchase. The responsibility for the problems I experienced rest completely with me. I went to Office Depot 323 SE Martin Luther King Blvd, Portland, Or 97214, rather than a computer store to purchase a high speed router modem with wireless and ethernet capability, like my older, slower Zoom ADSL X6 router modem or the NETGEAR DGND3300-100NAS IEEE 802.11a/b/g, IEEE 802.11n Draft 2.0 RangeMax Dual Band Wireless-N DSL Gateway. I trusted the advice of a clerk who did not understand the difference between a router modem and a router. Three hours later, when I discovered that I did not have what I had ordered and instead had a Wireless-N... Read more

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    Tue May 12 2009

    Be very careful. They their return policy is terrible. It is all small in the fine print in the back of the receipts. Electronics. I recomend don't buy ever any electronics in there. They don no give you money back, they only change it for another product the same brand, yes, it can't be another brand, and that is if it only withing 14 days with your receipt. If it is open, no money back, just exchange for same brand. If you try to buy something go to wallmart, costco place like that. Well I learnt my lesson. Hope it does not happens to you. Here is my experience. <><><><><><>< ;><><> EPSON GT-1500. Not a good printer to buy. Or hast it being good to anyone out there? I bought this Epson GT-1500 with the idea of eliminating some papers from my desk. Paid 340.00 in office depot. I read some reviews in CNET and other places so decided was a good buy. So far the printer prints good but has so many cons. OH my Gosh. 1st I bought the Neatdesk in 325.00 (aprox) in compuserve and returne i... Read more

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    Sun Feb 15 2009

    I will never ever shop at Office depot located at Alhambra, CA in particular. The other day I went to return an item within 6 days of purchase and the manager refused to return it and they said the new policy allowed only exchanges.. you know because of the bad economy.. but then who would like to shop at a store where you cannot return an item even within a week.. you cannot know about the item inside without opening the box! So they are losing more customers now and their sales are sure to slide down even more..

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    Tue Feb 10 2009

    I bought an Office Depot inkjet cartridge to keep on hand. It was dry when I went to use it a few months later. As it was past the 30 days, they told me to pound salt. I bought a piece of junk HP printer the other other day. They said that their new policy doesn't allow for returns - only exchanges - within 14 days IF THE BOX HAS BEEN OPENED. How are you supposed to know that a product sucks unless you use it? Goodbye, Office Depot!

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    Tue Feb 03 2009

    I will never shop at Office Depot again. My husband and I went to the location in Brentwood , Ca on Lone Tree. I waited while an employee retrived our software from a locked location. While I waited I observed the customer service that the female cashier gave the two ladies she waited on. The cashier made sure to ask the ladies if they had a rewards card. When she processed my transaction she didn't mention the program at all. She gave me my total and I then ask her was she going to ask me for my rewards card. The cashier then told me she was just about to ask me. I wasn't buying that at all.

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    Wed Dec 17 2008

    Same exact thing happened to me with the computer monitor in the last review. It was that Acer 22" right? Well, same story happened except I made them get me one and they will have it shipped. Few days later they call to verify my credit card. You would think I would have it in the bag by now right? Wrong, today I check the order status (since it should have shipped today) and here it is: "Delivered - Short Shipped" which in other words means, CANCELLED. After numerous phone calls, horrible customer service and stupid overselling on their part. I GET NOTHING. I want my name off their mailing list for future ads and promotions. I am not buying ANYTHING from them again.

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    Wed Dec 03 2008

    office depot sucks!!!! i sent an order in for a computer monitor on line.....waited 2 days(when it was suppose to come in) and got an email the order had been delayed 2 weeks(this was yesterday) come to find out today i got an email stating that my order had been cancelled for "inventory" ....i am pissed at office depot and do not plan on doin any business with them any longer

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    Sat Nov 22 2008

    Office Depot is by far the best Office Supply store there is. They always have friendly customer service and have everything in stock. All you people who think that office depot is here to serve YOU are idiots.