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    Mon Nov 14 2011

    Hated it hated it hated it! The morning after I put it in I woke up throwing up. I had headaches non stop and turned into a raging bitch on it. I had to take it out after I realized how horrible I was being. It almost ruined my relationship.

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    Thu Oct 27 2011

    Birth Control - I received the order and it was on time and the pills work great. P.S. 5% discount coupon code: 9sh73h

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    Thu Sep 01 2011

    I started NuvaRing March 2011, two months before my wedding. Now, seven months later, I have to say that I am in complete favor of it. This is the only type of birth control I have used (besides abstinence) and it has worked great for me. I have had irregular periods from puberty and they have always come with extreme cramps and nerve sensitivity, as well as lasting six to eight days at a time. The NuvaRing has caused me to get a four-day period every month like clock work - starting exactly three days after I take the ring out. Infrequently, while the ring is in, I experience the mildest of cramps or vaginal sensitivity - these have occurred possibly three times total since April. Also, during intimacy, when the hips are tilted at certain angles, my husband and I can feel it, but there is no discomfort for either of us. I have had zero difficulty removing NuvaRing and have been able to remember when to take it out/put it in thanks to the calendar stickers that come with the pro... Read more

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    Fri Jul 29 2011

    Oh, did I hate this thing. I have heard many people who liked it and when I went to a new Gyno (because I moved) she was surprised to find I wanted ANYTHING but the nuvaring. I think that my body just didn't take to it. My first period on it was... indescribably terrible. To the point that I considered going to the emergency room (I've had period almost this bad before, part of the reason I wanted to go on BC, but this was... not normal) I called and asked my doctor about it and they said it was normal (it was a brush off. Not sure if others have had this problem or not). Then, the dang thing wouldn't stay in. I won't go into details but it would gradually fall out. Sometimes I wouldn't notice it (like a tampon) but eventually it would get low enough that I'd have to reinsert it. I told my doctor about this and she basically said that I must just be loose. Which is BS. I am young and conservative. Only ever had one partner (husband). I know I am not, nor ever was, loose. Like I said,... Read more

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    Wed Jun 15 2011

    I have been on the Nuvaring for almost 5 years now. There is no other birth control out there, that is as convenient as this. I had my tubes tied, after my second child was born, but had horrible periods afterwards, so I had to be put on birth control to regulate my periods. I love the nuvaring. You can take it out when it's convenient for you. Who wants to have thier period on a weekend?! You can time it perfectly. My partner can feel it during sex, as the tip of his penis rubs against it, and makes our "session" a little bit quicker. I have had zero side effects with the nuvaring. I used to have horrible monthly cramps. Now, I hardly ever get them, and my period is shorter now, too. The only thing that disturbs me, is the fact my insurance hardly covers anything for this anymore. Having a hard time justifying paying $70 a month for this.

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    Fri Jun 03 2011

    I've had the NR in for 6 consecutive weeks. I thought it was great not having to remember to take a pill. Unfortunately, I got a terrible UTI a week after I put it in. I have always been prone to them, and all the Dr's said that there wasn't a correlation btwn my UTI and the NR. Even more unfortunately, this UTI has lasted 5 weeks. For the last several weeks, my urine has tested infection-free. I had a pelvic exam today and found that my cervix is very inflamed. I have tested negative for STDs. Took the NR out and am on anti inflamatories. I'm not sure if there's a correlation but it sure seems like there is. Really hoping that I feel better soon, but disappointed that it doesn't seem like the NR worked for me. I really liked it - but if it caused this hell of a UTI, then no THANK you.

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    Sun May 22 2011

    I find this form of BC to be great except that while using it (or about six months now) I have had UTI symptoms almost every single month. I am usually able to treat the symptoms by drinking excessive amounts of water. I have also had a few extremely bad bouts with PMS and heavy periods. I am opting to stop using this product as it has been far too troublesome especially the chronic Urinary Tract Infection symptoms.

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    Fri Apr 15 2011

    so i took my ring out today after the 3 weeks of use, and overall have been fairly satisfied. I read alot of bad reviews before i stared it, as was somewhat worried, but knew that everyones body reacts differently to things, and generally people only go online to write reviews when they are unhappy. so im gonna try to be as genuine as possible. Initially i had some cramps, but nothing overly uncomfortable. otherwise no physical symptoms, except for some acne. My general mood had been off, extra emotional, and quick mood swings, noticeable changes but again, nothing extreme. i did loose my sex drive, but really only for the first week. since then ive been as horny as ever, but am uncomfortable when im thinking about sex. because im so conscious of the ring being there, and get worried that my partner is going to feel it or cause it to fall out. but he says he couldn't even notice during sex, so hopefully that doesnt change and i can put it out of my mind. so far so good,

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    Thu Mar 24 2011

    NuvaRing was a lifesaver to me while I was single. It was easy to use, comfortable, and it completely took away my cramps, which before were so bad before that I sometimes couldn't even walk. The downside. It also completely took away my libido. I got a new boyfriend and found that I had a very low sex drive, odd since I'm only 18 and have previously had a sex drive that my last boyfriend found it hard to keep up with. When I did decide to have sex with him it was very painful. I've since switched to the patch and have noticed a full recovery of my sex drive, though I haven't had a chance to test it out with my boyfriend again because the relationship is long distance. But I'll be seeing him again soon and I'm cautiously optomistic this time around.

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    Sat Feb 26 2011

    I've been on nuva ring for 2 months now and I'm taking it out..I was on the ortho evra for years before but I wanted to try something else cause I was having bad mood swings. The first month the only thing I noticed was I had no sex drive but I was hoping it would go away, but it's still really bad. I started getting getting extreme cravings of every food thinkable all day. My cravings are getting worse and worse. I can't stop thinking about food. I can't sleep at night cause my stomach is going crazy even right after I had dinner, and I'm not letting myself eat excessivley cause I refuse to. I've also noticed anxiety and fatigue. This last week I've been so tired I feel asleep in my car for hours during work(luckily I didn't get caught). Everyday for the last week I feel like I've been hit by a bus when I wake up. My hands and knees were swollen. I haven't done anything out of the ordinary. I've been exercing less and less actually cause I'm so fatigued. I'm usually pretty active sin... Read more

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    Tue Feb 22 2011

    I love the Nuva ring, even though I have only been on it a month. I have tried pills and the patch but since the estrogen level was so high in those I would get migraines and sleep constantly. I was not put off from trying it because off all the reviews that people have posted about it being horrible because everyone's body reacts differently to what ever they take medicine wise. All I can say to who ever wants to try it is to go for and see how you like it or go for something else. But one thing to remember is just because someone had a bad experience does not mean you will.

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    Wed Feb 16 2011

    First of all I am rating this product 'Ok' because it is a convenient product and so far I have not been pregnant while using it. I am 21 years old and have been on the Nuavaring for over a year now. At first I only had a few issues with it, being minor cramping after being inserted for the first 3 weeks. Other then that there were no warning signs and I did not feel the need to stop using it. Until 2 months ago. I am a healthy female with no previous health problems, I am mentally stable and generally a happy, laid back person. This is what I have started to experience for the last 2 months which I have never experienced prior to using this form of birth control: 1.) Sever chest pains 2.) Irregular heart beats - My heart will start to race and any given time. It will pound very hard and very fast. 3.) Fatigue/ Shortness of breath - I find it very hard to catch my breathe even if I am not doing anything strenuous. 4.) Extreme anxiety - I have never had a panic attack before in my... Read more

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    Tue Feb 15 2011's the thing, I was on the pill for years (kept forgetting to take them at VERY inopportune times) so I switched from the pill to the Depo shot. DO NOT TAKE THE SHOT. Not matter what your doctor tell you, because mine swore up and down that weight gain was not proven and it would be perfect for me. I gained 25 pounds in a little over 6 months and when it came time for me to receive the third shot I said FORGET IT. But this is beside the point... I have had the Nuvaring in for 4 days now, and I just wanted to write this to be helpful. After reading many of the reviews on this product I was very afraid to try it (possibly because of my experience on the shot) however, desperate, I decided to give it a shot. So far I have had no itching or burning and lets just say my "self-lubrication" is going over board! Haha, not that my other half minds :) I would say give it a go, I feel like this has been the right choice for me so far. Oh, and no mood swings at all either. I actually f... Read more

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    Wed Feb 02 2011

    I'm 18 and I have been on the Nuvaring since July, so 7 months. I was previously on Lutera and that made my mood swings out of control, so I had to stop using it. This birth control works well for me. I set the days I have to take it out and put a new one back in on my phone; I've only messed up once and that was the first month. Aside from the convinience of the nuvaring, I have had some side effects: I am always tired, I have no energy to do anything. I used to work out regularly, and I seldom do now. I never want to have sex, I used to have a sex drive and now I have nothing. When I actually do have sex, I have no self lubrication. This was never a problem for me. I have had to buy lubricants to have sex without pain. I didn't gain weight, but my breast have gotten significantly smaller. Another side effect I have had is cramps. Before the nuvaring, I never got cramps. Now my cramps are very painful. I did this review to be helpful, not to detour women from the use of the nuvaring. ... Read more

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    Fri Jan 14 2011

    First off. To anyone researching nuvaring, do not be deterred by the awful ratings. In my research for birth control options I discovered that birth control seems to be the most ranted about thing on the internet. Look up ANY birth control and you'll find so many crappy reviews it's enough to make you wonder why birth control in legal anymore. The reason for this is that very few women actually get on the internet to tell the world about how awesome their birth control is, they get on and write reviews to warn other women if they happen to be in the percentage that has a bad experience. I'm writing this one because I almost didn't try nuvaring because the reviews all over the internet scared me, so I figured I'd go back and try to contribute a positive review so maybe someone can get a more balanced perspective. Let's see.. I was on nuvaring for just over a year. It was great. When it's in it feels like a tampon basically in that you usually can't feel it at all, but when you do it's ... Read more

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    Wed Jan 12 2011

    I first got on the Nuvaring with the intention to skip my periods, not for birth control. I am not sexually active, so this was not a concern to me. A friend raved to me about how you could control your periods with them and recommended it, so I had to give it it a try. Initially, I hated the idea of inserting a foreign/plastic object in that area and letting it sit for weeks. Who would feel comfortable with that? haha....but it grew on me once I put it in and I didn't even notice it after that. As you can imagine, I was thrilled at the convenience of it. First month goes by and I skip my period, no cramps, no mood swings. My life was pretty perfect. I felt normal. Second month, new ring, I skip my period once more. Again, everything was fine, I was thrilled! No mood swings, cramps, acne, or oily skin. Third month rolls around and I realize I don't really have enough money to keep buying these guys back to back, so I decided to give myself a period. It came extremely heavily, excessiv... Read more

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    Tue Jan 11 2011

    Ive been on Nuvaring for about 5 months now. Being on it THAT long was the biggest mistake I could have made. I'm 21 years old, generally healthy and never had any bad reactions from any other birth controls before besides some light weight gain. In the first month of using Nuvaring I noticed some significant weight gain as well as migraines for a week and a half straight. From this point on it only got worse. The weight never stopping coming on, I changed my eating habits and still I was gaining more weight by the week. The migraines started to subside and were only every other day at this point. By the 3rd month my emotions went on a neverending rollercoaster. One minute I was happy, the next minute I was crying over a sad commercial like a pregnant woman and then I was full of rage. The constant mood swings put a serious strain on my relationship and it wasnt something I could control at all. I took out my last Nuvaring about a week ago and I'm already feeling better. I will never u... Read more

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    Thu Jan 06 2011

    So I have been using the NuvaRing for about 6 months now and I absolutely love it. I would just like to point out that all of these reviews claiming that it made them "bitches" is absurd. Maybe they are just using the NuvaRing to justify that they really are hyper-emotional women. That's normal because we are women.

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    Sun Dec 26 2010

    3 stars Have a wonderful day! Jillian Richard .

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    Mon Dec 20 2010

    i was on the nuvaring for about 9 months. at first i loved it! my dad hated that i was on BC and always searched for my pills and threw them away and grounded me for it. so the nuvaring was a perfect way to "hide" it from him! after about 6 months i notice i had an increase of UTI's and hated the discharge the ring caused. i then started to have breathing problems and could never seem to catch my breath. just going up 3 steps of stairs felt like i just ran a marathon, which is odd to me bc i am an avid athlete. then just 3 weeks ago i started having terrible chest pains that progressed to my collarbone and down my arm. this was only on my left side that i was having chest pains and it was very painful to breathe. i went to the Dr and they said i had just pulled a muscle. the next night i went to the hospital and they found that i had 2 blood clots in my pulmonary artery, one on both sides of my chest. the one on my left side was almost completely clogged. i dont smoke, so i dont know w... Read more

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    Fri Dec 03 2010

    At first I loved the Nuva ring. It didn't seem to circulate through my body like a traditional pill. I discovered I was wrong about that though when we discovered my adrenal tumor. If it gives you side effects, it's circulating. Also after being on it a year I got pregnant, with perfect use and miscarried. I thought that was a fluke, the 1% perhaps who do get pregnant. Then a year after that I got pregnant, with perfect use, AGAIN! That time I found out in time and was able to take it out before it caused another miscarriage. I couldn't be more grateful for a product failure as far as my baby (my 3rd child) but the tumor and surgery I could certianly pass on.

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    Tue Nov 30 2010

    No birth control is perfect. Think about it--you're stopping a NATURAL process your body KNOWS should be happening. I DIDN'T gain weight. My mood wasn't radically altered, and I don't have to worry about taking a pill everyday. I hated reading these biased reviews from people thinking something a scientist makes is going to be the 'perfect' cure for periods and cramps. They can't, unfortunately ladies, we've been struggling with this for centuries. Bottom line, no matter WHAT you take, there WILL be side effects. Your sex drive may go down, but that happens with almost every single birth control. (And wouldn't having a low sex drive help keep you from getting pregnant? lol) But if you want something that can keep you in control of your period, use Nuvaring. You just have to be responsible and keep track of when you put it in and switch it.

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    Sun Nov 28 2010

    I think that I have literally tried every birth control out there, well it feels like it! I think i have tried 3 or 4 pill birth controls and they all would make me incredibly sick nauseas to the point i wouldnt want to get out of bed and/or throwing up all day long. So i decided i would switch to Nuvaring hoping that it would change everything This is only my second month being on Nuvaring but the first month that I put it in the next day I started feeling nauseas once again. Later in the month I was experiencing chest pains and it felt like it was hard to breathe. Now before I go to sleep I have anxiety that Im going to just stop breathing because the Nuvaring has made me feel wierd. I also got this pain under my right armpit, it went into my arm.. into and under my right breast, into my shoulder and up into my neck. So i eventually went to the doctor about it with her saying that it was only a pinched nerve, but i did more researching on Nuvaring and found out that the Ring also cau... Read more

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    Wed Nov 17 2010

    I used Nuvaring for roughly 10 years, and overall loved not having to remember to take a pill everyday. It was a great option for a long time, however after five years of use, I began to experience melasma (dark spots on my face) from so many years with elevated estrogen levels (this would be the case with any BCP). Because Nuvaring is really low dose, I tried to work with these issues by wearing sunscreen everyday and using lightening creams, but this did not really stop the spots. I have since stopped using the Nuvaring in hopes that the melasma will clear up and have switched to the Mirena IUD. Unfortunately, after 3 months I have started getting acne and my skin has become more oily. This is apparently related to an excess of hormones in the other direction from the progesterone in the Mirena and the androgens it produces. So, at this point in my life I am ready for a clear face and a hormone free birth control option, which is why I am trying to learn more about the copper IUD... Read more

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    Sun Nov 14 2010

    I have always had heavy periods. Bloating and mood swings too! I could never remember to take the pill, so i decided to try something new. One of my friends in high school started using it and suggested that I try it. At first, it was the worst idea ever! I hated the thought of putting it up in you and taking it out yourself! But i had to do something! I started the nuva ring and loved it! It was so easy and carefree compared to the pill. I could also control my periods depending on when i put it in or took it out. Just recently, a girl in one of my classes mentioned how much weight she gained when on the ring, and i NEVER thought that could have been a reason. I lost my mother February 09, and since then I have been diagnosed with a thyroid disease and depression. I always thought my meds were making me gain all the weight I gained (nearly 40 pounds since January 10) so i stopped taking my meds against doctors orders. I gained MORE weight and found out not taking my meds didnt hel... Read more

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    Thu Nov 04 2010

    Ever since i started using nuva ring i've had the constant urge to pee. i went to the doctors and they tell me i dont have a uti. i think its a kidney infection and im going back. My mood swings have been horrible. I now have extreme anxiety problems. I've always been kind of shy but this is not normal. and started after i got nuva ring. ive been on it for about a year now and its gone in a few days im going back to the pill. it is very convinient. and also helpful for a lite period but not worth being a crazy person over or having panic attacks.

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    Thu Nov 04 2010

    ive never had a panic attack until using this damn thing. i then got a terrible yeast infection, worst ever.I was so swollen. my sex drive dropped to zero. i started being very emotional and not feeling like myself. i have only had the ring in about 2 1/2 weeks and have had about 4 panic attacks. they told me it was ok to use yeast infection medication while using ring, but when i did it turned into a ring of fire.. would not recommend to ANYONE

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    Wed Nov 03 2010

    I was on the nr for about 5 years it worked great for me not getting pregant but, my boyfriend told me after we broke up that i was to high strunge. We are now working issues out and I have said good bye to the nr. I think my hmones are now back to normal and i am not so worried about everything. These last two weeks have been nuts for me. everyone i work with says that I have been biopolar ish and driving them nuts. I felt like i was going to drive my self nuts. I was obessive, had issues with anxiety, felt like i couldn't do anything with out the bf even though we where not together. I rated it a 3 star because it did do what it was suppose to do but it had side effects we couldn't live with any longer.

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    Mon Oct 25 2010

    I have been on the NR for 3 days now. I have been having light stomac cramps and have been going to the bathroom more fequently than normal. I usually drink a lot of milk, and water, and before the NR I wasn't going so much. Not sure if I should cut down on the liquids and see if that has anything to do with the frequent going. I normally sleep straight through the night, but for the past few nights I have been waking up in the middle of the night to go empty my bladder. I am a little worried because this is my first attemp at any birth control. I was against taking birth control, but because both me and my boyfriend don't want any kids right now, and our options were between taking BC and him having a vasectomy, we agreed that I should try NR and see how it goes (oh and let me not forget the warning from my gyno, that I've been lucky for far too long.) The cramping is not bad so I am going to stick it out a little and see how it goes. I am 26 and my sex drive has been sky high. I h... Read more

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    Thu Oct 21 2010

    I told my boyfriend last night that if I marked my calendar each time I had a "freak out" these past couple of years would be blacked out with big "X"s. I felt utterly hopeless last night and told him that if I can't get help for myself we were't going to make it. I told him I was going to look into antidepressants, something he feels very strongly against. But I felt that was my last and only option especially because I have a healthy lifestyle. So what could be the cause of my dysfunction? I've been on Nuva for a little over three years. Until today at work when I took it out for good after researching the side effects. I started reading reviews about the ring and I was shocked to learn that the disasterous mood swings, irritability and depression are common side effects. All of the 1 star reviews echo my experience too. I have been seriously questioning my sanity for a long time now and am unbelievably lucky that my boyfriend has been so patient and kind with me. In retr... Read more

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    Sun Oct 17 2010

    I liked the idea of Nuvaring and decided to try doctor gave me 3 months worth to try and I liked it at first. Not having to take pills was great. After a few weeks I noticed that I was hungry all the time. I probably gained over 5 pounds in the last 6 weeks that I was on the ring. We could feel it during intercourse, and it even fell out a few times. I also felt very tired on the ring. I was told I could skip the week without the ring in, so I did. Around week 6, I started cramping and spotting. Then I started bleeding. I also noticed that I was severely breaking out. I had blemishes all around my nose and my chin was the worst. I got 5 cyst-like pimples (huge) on my chin along with some smaller blemishes. I have been off of the nuvaring for a week now, and went straight onto Yaz which I have been on before. I am still bleeding heavily, but am not as tired as I was on the ring. Also, my chin is slowly starting to heal but will probably take several weeks. Honestly I woul... Read more

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    Wed Oct 13 2010

    I had a baby in April of 2010 and my sister got engaged around the same time, so I told my self that i would try to work out and lose the baby wieght by November. I got a free sample from my doctor after my first post partum visit and I used it and I liked it because you put it in for 21 days and take it out, so there was no worry about forgetting. Second and thrid month after I didn't use it because I couldn't afford it , and I was losing weight really quick with running then I started using it again for about the last two months and I'm having such a hard time losing wieght, I'm really moody and I have a stressful day with three kids and I don't want to be yelling at everyone all the time. Also my husband can feel it during intercourse, and a bouple of times it came out. I am hundgry all the time. I gave it two stars cuz I do like the idea, but this is my last month using it, I don't think I can handle it any longer.

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    Tue Oct 12 2010

    The nuvaring was not for me. I started it when I was 22 and stopped when I was 25 and have never had any children. I've since switched to paragard (a copper IUD) which seems to work much better for me. I think my body has a problem with the hormones (or as I call them horror-mones) which is why I had so many problems I rated it two stars only because it did indeed keep me from getting pregnant. I had such horrible side effects from it that I was very tempted to rate it no stars. These are the side effects I experienced... Lack of interest in sex. My poor boyfriend actually yelled at my vagina one day "WAKE UP!!"He was kidding obviously but the lack of desire definitely took its toll on our relationship. It was a fight to want to do it once a month. Before I had no problem doing it everyday if we had time but after starting the nuvaring it became progressively worse Yeast infections prior to starting the nuvaring I had had one in my entire life. after starting I had about 2 a year. ... Read more

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    Wed Oct 06 2010

    This was my last hope. Nothing else works for me (allergic to condoms and spermicide, pills give me major cramping,headaches and more, and don't believe in using IUD or ones that prevent fertilized egg from implanting). Doctor thought NuvaRing would work great as is the lowest dose of hormones...but it's terrible. I put it in the first day of my period as instructed and was wiped out, I slept for 24 hours and have been sort of sleepy ever since (about a week and half now). In addition I have not stopped bleeding for the whole week and half; which goes from my normal period flow (which is heavier than most) to much heavier than my norm. Plus a lot of blood clots....I think my body is trying to pass the ring out of my body :( I also have horrible cramping that has not stopped (which I only get the first day of my period). Took it out today and said no more!

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    Wed Oct 06 2010

    This was my last hope. Nothing else works for me; allergic to condoms and spermicide, pills give me major cramping,headaches and more, Depo shot made me gain 20 lbs in first month (and wasn't cuz I ate more or didn't exercise as was in the ROTC and ate as I should), and don't believe in using IUD or ones that prevent fertilized egg from implanting. So NuvaRing was only thing left, doctor thought it would work great as is the lowest dose of hormones...but it's terrible. I put it in the first day of my period as instructed and was wiped out, I slept for 24 hours and have been sort of sleepy ever since (about a week and half now). In addition I have not stopped bleeding for the whole week and half; which goes from my normal period flow (which is heavier than most) to much heavier than my norm. Plus a lot of blood clots....I think my body is trying to pass the ring out of my body :( I also have horrible cramping that has not stopped (which I normally only got the first day of my period). I... Read more

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    Thu Sep 30 2010

    There is nothing better than finally finding the right BC method! Having failed miserably with low and medium dose pills (bleeding through the month on low-dose, puking through the month on medium-dose) I finally tried the ring. It sure was weird putting it in the 1st time (it is a lot bigger that i had expected) but i got used to it quick. It stays in place and I am never aware of it. My boyfriend says he can kind of feel it during sex but it either doesn't bother him or it bothers him less than a condom would so he keeps quiet! I have always battled with bladder infections and i got one during my 1st month with NuvaRing but it went away with some cranberry capsules and plenty of water. Since then i haven't had one. The ring is also a good choice for women (or couples i should say, because it's usually a male hygiene issue) who tend to get Bacterial Vaginosis. What else can i say? I never feel bloated, and although i haven't weighed myself, i have gotten plenty of people saying i... Read more

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    Sat Sep 25 2010

    So I'm using Nuva Ring as my second try at birth control. Its been a little over a week and I'm actually curious to find out how it will effect me (there isn't much difference in moods or anything yet). The pills effected my mood swings horribly! Hopefully the lower dose of hormones will not effect me like my gynecologist told me they shouldn't. He actually prescribed NR because I was cramping so horribly and getting very sick while on periods. Hopefully this will help!! Suggestions will be a BIG help!! Thanks

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    Fri Sep 17 2010

    I used the ring for awhile and I didn't have any side effects and it was easy to use and better than the pill because you change it every three weeks.

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    Fri Sep 03 2010

    My nuvaring experience: When I was 18 I started taking dessogen bc pills. I was on them about 3 1/2 years. Over time I became a completely different person.. Depressed, no sex drive at all, hungry 24-7, got crabby if I didnt eat right when I wanted to, and tossed my cookies if I took it on an empty stomach. Gained 25 lbs, and was the laziest bitch on the planet. Stopped taking the pill because my long term relationship had ended and I had no plans of doing the nasty with anyone anytime soon. Immediatly started to feel 17 in my heart again and slowly losing weight. And then it clicked.... those pills really made me one fat unhappy bitch! In October of 2009 I met the man of my dreams and had to go on BC again because I didnt want kids untill I was 30. Since there was no way in hell I would take the pill again, and a lot of other methods had a huge side effect of weight gain. I decided to try nuvaring even though it completely grossed me out to have a foriegn object up inside ... Read more

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    Wed Sep 01 2010

    I am one of those women that cannot take the Nuvaring. I was on it right after giving birth and I was fine but then I was off birth control for a year and went back on the Nuvaring. The idea and convenience is wonderful but I can't do it. I am going to stop taking it after only two weeks this time because since the day I put it in I have had a headache. Four of the days I had a migraine. I have nausea since I put it in.... bad nausea. And the number one reason being that I am a raving bitch right now. I mean, I don't think there has been a single person I know that I have not yelled at, snapped at, or gotten into an arguement with. It is effecting my work and my personal relationships already. I even have road rage. I feel really depressed almost like I don't want to see anyone or go anywhere because I know for a fact that someone somehow is going to piss me off. I feel like I should have a friggin psych evaluation! Definately make sure your body can handle the hormone changes or it... Read more

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    Tue Aug 31 2010

    I've been on the nuvaring for the last year and within that period of time I've had frequent nausea that comes and goes sometimes daily lasting for hours. At first I had no idea what was wrong with me, so I went to the doctor and found out that I had a severe bladder infection. I took the medicine for a week and continued to feel nauseous all the time so I went back, and found out that again I still had a severe bladder infection. I took medicine for a month after that and again the nausea came back. The thing is I'm extremely clean after sex and I know my parter is too. There is no reason to be having so many infections or so much constant nausea. It's frustrating! The only thing I can point my finger to is the ring because these side effects only arose within the last year of my taking it. All i can say is that I'm fed up with the ring, and that I'm glad to read that so many other women out there are experiencing the same things I am. No more ring for me!

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    Sat Aug 28 2010

    i have been on the ring for about 2 years now. at first it was cool. I had no problems. but i kept forgetting my change day and it moved all the way around the week. so a nurse told me to keep it in for four weeks and when i change it out, just put the new one in. every since i did that, i have had drastic changes in my mood, i DO NOT want to have sex, i have gained at least 20lbs and i have severe dizzy spells. i think i maybe diabetic now...from the weight gain. i mean i LOVED the ring. it was so so convenient. But is keeping it in on a consistent basis causing all of this or is it my imagination???

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    Wed Aug 25 2010

    Just stopped taking nuva ring I was experiencing severe dizziness with light headedness after taking for two months, stopped one week ago but I am still very dizzy, how long will this last

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    Thu Aug 19 2010

    I was on Nuvaring for three months, the summer months. My only advice is if your looking to ruin a great relationship then use nuvaring!! After going on Nuvaring I became a psycho stalker crazy ass obsessive bitch of a girlfriend!!! If a day went by and I didnt hear from him I would freak out! I would constantly stalk him and ask him where he is and why he wasnt with me. I would pick fights about absoultly nothing. I would pick a fight if he didnt tell me I looked pretty! I would get mad if I texted him and he called me instead of texting me! I was completly insane!! I would cry over everything... and before this i wasnt a crier at all! I hadn't cried since my mom died, 9 years ago...but suddenly I would be talking on the phone to a friend and if he sighed the way my boyfriend did i would start bawling! I litereally went to see therapist and they couldnt figure it out and then finally i went to my doc, and she was like ummm try taking the ring out... I did and it was like the ... Read more

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    Wed Aug 11 2010

    Love love love the concept, but the side effects were too much. Nuvaring can cause Hyperglycemia, which is why people can be hungry all the time. I switched to smaller meals, but often became really out of it and irritable without warning. The frustrating part was I didn't feel like eating period. I wanted too, but had no desire to put food in my mouth. I didn't realize that my body needed food until I started eating, then I would wolf things down. It's affected my work big time - my ability to do it, plus lack of motivation. I also started getting headaches everyday. It's a shame because I really wanted it to work. BTW - I was on Loestrin before, but developed daily headaches, nausea, lack of sex drive and vaginal dryness. I couldn't eat until after noon everyday. I thought Nuvaring would help with this and it has to an extent (vaginal dryness gone, nausea gone), but the hyperglycemia is not worth it. I've decided to take a break from BC for a bit until my body gets back to "normal." ... Read more

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    Tue Aug 10 2010

    I was looking for a site like this and I found it! Just wanted to say that I tried NuVA for about 8 months. Immediately I noticed I had severe mood swings and was angry yelling at my husband for no reason. I was yelling at co-workers and supervisors. It's not for everyone. It wasn't for me. Some women don't have problems with this birth control but I did. It's did dry me out and also gave me low drive too. Guess if you're walking around with a plastic ring in your privates you're not thinking of sex anyway..

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    Sat Jul 31 2010

    Apparently Nuva Ring is not for everyone per reviews on this site. I used nuva ring for 3.5 years with no issues to my sex drive. I enjoyed that in a way I could control if I had a period that month i.e. when its time to take it out instead just put a new one in. I never had breakthrough bleeding. I stopped using it for a year basically because I decided I wanted to wait a while to have sex. My periods were whacked out to say the least. I just recently started taking it again. THis is my first month and i have light cramps (a lot better then the last few months when i was not on it). I enjoy the nuva ring nothing to worry about just 3 weeks not having to worry about missing a pill.

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    Tue Jul 27 2010

    For all those women considering the nuvaring BEWARE this method of birth control is the worst. Ontop of the extreme vaginal leakage and yeast infection after yeast infection i had no other choice to pull it out. My moods changed for the worst i could think of what was happening to me i felt as if i was losing my mind. Se out of the question with all the pain that i would experience from the constant rubbing and rubbing of the ring on the inside of my skin i didnt wan my husband to come near me. After sex was horriable with all the itching and burning that follwed by numberous yeast infection. I had to call it quites. Beware this is not for everyone. you think whe you get it that you can be lazy and only have to worry about it once every three weeks but what happens in those three weeks is painful sex burning and itching and a constant flow of discharge that can come in a several many colors i ever went as far to get an STD check to make sure i didnt have anything, Good luck to those th... Read more