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    Sun May 01 2011

    My grandma got a new cat over the summer who was on Friskies. Her stools was awful and she was itching like crazy! She also dandruff all over her fur and smelled bad. I immediately switched her to Nutro which I heard was a good band. Immediately all of her problems stopped, she is in great health and hasn't had any problems since. Nutro is a great high quality pet food for not much money. Great food!

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    Sat Jan 22 2011

    After reading all the reviews on NUTRO ULTRA, as well as all the other top brands, I can only conclude that there is no such thing as one particular dog food fits all. I have been feeding this food to my Lab and Jack Russells for over 3 1/2 years and could not be more satisfied. I have owned and been hunting Labs since 1976 and have fed dog food of every brand. From the cheapest to the most expensive. This food, without a doubt, is the best I've ever fed. My dogs are smarter and livelier than any I have ever owned. Their energy level, stamina, and ability to comprehend and act is far more superior to any I have had prior. Maybe, it is quite possible that dogs today are smarter than the others I have had, but that would be a stretch if not ridiculous to conclude. I do find that my Jacks, compared to my Lab, are a wee bit gassy though. Small price to pay when everything else is far more superior. I to, like many other people, are a little bit perturbed at the fact that "MISTER CANDY BAR... Read more

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    Fri Nov 19 2010

    I have been feeding my GSD Nutro Ultra for about 3 1/2 months now, and I can't be happier! We rescued Max in late July and she was eating Pedigree at the foster house--we wanted something a little healthier, and tried MANY different brands (including many high end. protein based brands)--she wouldn't eat anything until we gave her Ultra--we mix Ultra dry, canned, and raw beef, and she eats it up! Her coat is shiny, her BMs are solid and regular, and she has a TON of energy--no itching, little shedding, and we've had many GSD breeders and vets comment on her health! As some of the other reviews have stated, you have to watch your dog and no food is going to be right for ALL dogs--it is YOUR responsibility to find the right food for your dog!

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    Mon Nov 15 2010

    Well I have been feeding my puppy Nutro Ultra for a year and at first I didn't see any thing wrong with it. My other dogs are on Black Wood dog food (no wheat, soy, or corn). They love it. But when summer came she would not stop scratching it got to the point she was making opened sores. I thought it was fleas but no it wasn't. As of two days I have switched her to Black Wood. She has not scratched her self at all. And final my little one can rest with out the itches

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    Sun Nov 07 2010

    contains menadione!!!

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    Mon Jul 26 2010

    Ah, Ultra. The best of the Nutro lines... and still not great. Good, maybe, but not great. How far the mighty have fallen. Once upon a time, Nutro led the way into the then-fresh world of natural pet nutrition. Then they sold out, and sold out to a conglomerate, a candy company, a company already responsible for the abysmal quality Pedigree food. Yes, folks, the same company that makes Pedigree also makes Nutro foods, including their Ultra line. Ultra claims to be holistic. Holistic is a much abused term in pet medicine and nutrition. Holism is the practice of supporting whole health. Physical, emotional, and spiritual. How does dog food support emotional and spiritual health? When applied to nutrition, the term "holistic" SHOULD mean using whole ingredients, whole nutrition, everything in balance, in support of complete physical health. Nutro Ultra provides not much in the way of true holistic support. Nutro Ultra is one of those foods utilizing fragmenting/fractioning i... Read more

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    Fri Jul 09 2010

    We adopted a 2 year old female Pit Bull. The humane society was feeding her Science Diet and I wanted to switch to something holistic. There was a Nutro representative at PetSmart who talked to me about how great the food was so we decided to use it. We slowly switched the food over a 3 week period and it continually caused problems. The first week it was vomitting and diarrhea. The second week it was diarrhea and a few small bumps on her head and ears. The third week - the first day of 100% nutro ulta caused my dog to break out in the bumps (hives) from head to toe - all over! Because Nutro Ulta has so many types of proteins and ingredients, it was impossible to know which one she was allergic to. We are back to the basics with Taste of the Wild.

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    Thu May 13 2010

    I am sorry for all the people that have had problems with this food, I am here to say that I will NEVER feed my dog any other kind of food. When I got my pit puppy she was 6 weeks old with the worst skin issues I have ever seen. Took her to 2 different vets, after about $500 worth of skin scraping, medicated shampoo, skin oil and all that other crap, we changed her food to Nutro Ulta. Within about a week, there were no more issues! This food Rocks!!

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    Fri Mar 05 2010

    This food gave my dog PANCREATITIS! I had her on it thinking it was high quality and accepted the high price until she continued to vomit bile. I didn't think it was her food for a while and attributed it to stress due to moving, however, it continued until I took her off it after a serious bout of repeated vomiting through the night. After a $350 vet expense to be told she had pancreatitis, I looked up Nutro only to find out that it had been recalled for causing pancreatitis and even death in some dogs. AVOID this food. She stopped vomiting immediately after discontinuing.

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    Thu Feb 18 2010

    I bought an eight week old German Shepherd from a pet store. The owner (whom I bought him from) said that she had been feeding him Nutro and that it was specially made for dogs that would exceed 50 pounds (for large breed puppies). I bought the biggest bag they had. The puppy had diarrhea and was constantly drinking water. He would urinate every five minutes, seriously. Sometimes he would urinate while lying down. He would have bowel movements ten times a day! He would cry all the time. I took him to the vet and I was told he was very underweight. Also, he had terrible gas and his stool was so runny and stinky. I could actually smell it in the yard simply when walking from the house to my car. By the sixth day my puppy was lying by his water bowl, drinking every few minutes, and panting like crazy. He didn't want to play. He only wanted to lay by his water and drink. My husband and I became very concerned and I got online and googled his symptoms. Of course, like all the others, my sea... Read more

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    Sat Feb 06 2010

    Nutro as a company has been recalled more than any other company on the market. They added corn gluten into their Ultra formula. I am sorry, but corn gluten is NOT a "super food" and it is not going to be in my dogs diet. Don't feed any of their foods. Look next to this one the next time you are at Petsmart and buy Blue Buffalo instead. Blue is the ONLY food worth buying at Petsmart. Compare the feeding recs to other foods like Natures Variety and you will see why it is better. You feed less, you save money, it is higher quality.

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    Wed Jan 20 2010

    This is anawesome food for dogs I have purchased my second bag of Nutro ultra for my pup and it does wonders for her , she is very healthy and this food is easy to digest . Nutro has great vitamins and minerals available and best of all its an all natural product , my dogs coat is much more shinny now compared to a couple of months ago !

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    Sun Jan 10 2010

    First I tried every dog food under the sun to find something that my dog would eat and that would not give her diareaha! So, one day when i was scouring petsmart for food, a nutro rep came up to me and told me about nutro ultra! I got a bag and my dog gobbled it right up! Her poop was great! BEST DOG FOOD EVER!

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    Tue Dec 22 2009

    The ultra is alot better then their other formulas but I still can not trust the company to many recalls.

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    Tue Sep 29 2009

    First of all I would like to share my story with all of you. My chocolate lab developed mysterious skin allegies when he was about four or five months old. I went to two different vets and both of them said it was sarcoptic mange although they could not ever find a single microscopic organism. My boyfriend and I spent around $2,000 trying to figure out what was wrong with our puppy. We tried EVERY CREAM, HORMONE SHOTS, SPRAYS, BATHS, SULFUR SPRAYS, EVERYTHING! We dealth with this issue for about five months and my poor puppy looked terrible , had chewed his entire leg until there was no hair left and had scabs all over him from his constant scratching. Finally a rep at petsmart recommended switching his food. Running out of options we tried the nutro natura choice large breed puppy lamb and rice formula. In a month I had a different puppy! My puppy stopped scratching and biting himself, he had grown back most of his hair and became very shiny and healthy looking. No one could believe i... Read more

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    Tue Sep 01 2009

    I used to frequently recommend Nutro Ultra canned dog food as one of the better options among those available at chain pet stores. However, along with their new packaging, Nutro has drastically changed the ingredients in both their Ultra Large Breed Adult and Ultra Puppy canned foods. Previously, the food was corn-, wheat-, and soy-free, but now wheat gluten is listed as the fifth ingredient. I've made a conscious decision to feed our pets foods that are free of corn, wheat, and soy, which are cheap fillers and common allergens. I'm willing to pay more in order to get quality food. I'm extremely disappointed that this change was completely unadvertised; I only discovered it from re-reading the labels after feeding our dogs the same brand for over a year. Nutro Ultra is not an inexpensive food, and for that price, I expect our pets' food to be free of fillers. While it is a better choice than many brands, I can no longer recommend it and will no longer be feeding it to our dogs. S... Read more

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    Sun Aug 23 2009

    I think it is all too funny the way people claim that nutro is killing dogs, funny because people are dumb enough to believe everything they read on the all mighty and powerful internet... If you read all the stories there are way too many inconsistancys, when they find that a couple of dogs that "died" from the food actually had been poisned by antifreeze, amazing they didn't find the antifreeze in the food when it was tested, and that's why nutro can say it wasn't their food. Nutro max is made to be better than grocery store brands, it doesn't have whole ground corn in it, but corn gluten meal, which still isn't great but it's more digestable, and plenty of rice in it, but it still starts with a chicken/beef meal first, which chicken/beef meal is the parts people would eat, it gets dehydrated and put into the food, so at least you're not getting heads, feet, and my favorite "animal digest" look up the definition to that one, max isn't made to be the best, but it's made to be better t... Read more

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    Thu Jul 23 2009

    I had fed my dogs nutro natural choice lamb and rice about 5 years ago. one day I came home from work and my beautiful Irish Setter was dead. I was very very upset. My wife and I took her to the vet to have an Icropsey done better known as an autopsey. 17 vets from a vey well known veterinary college all said it was due to the food we were giving her. So naturaly we stopped this food. we also had 2 other dogs to worry about. Our Irish setter had toxic gut from the famous nutro. Then I called the company they just ignored what I said and responded with it wasn t from their food.I have recently saw on the web site that this poisonous company that are Killing dogs all over the country have a multitude of class action law suits against them. All I can say is they need to be shut down before they kill any more of our family members. Asfar as the nutro reps are concerned for everyones sake they are just people that work weekends that make extra money to help push this dog food for the store... Read more

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    Mon Jul 06 2009

    I've been feeding my dogs Nutro Ultra puppy food for only a few days now. (they're not puppies any longer, but they have been VERY picky about their previous food that they lost a lot of weight, so the puppy food is to help them pick up some of that again- and huzzah, all three dogs LOVE the food!). None of them have had a negative reaction to date, and we actually did switch the food quite suddenly (Something I would never advise doing, really, but we are tight on money and buying two bags of food would have been difficult). They were initially eating Diamond Natural, which isn't terribly easy to come by, then were switched to Purina Pro Plan but they weren't taking to that, either. A Nutro representative gave me a few coupons and suggested the Ultra that her own picky eaters absolutely's the first time I've seen our dogs actually excited about eating their OWN food. We usually had to feed them twice a day and they pooped ALL the time. In just the few days gone by, they are... Read more

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    Sat Jun 20 2009

    HI ALL We have been giving our dogs Nutro Dry Dog Food when they were pups. We switch them to Nutro Ultra Dry Dog Food when it first came out. Now they are on Nutro Ultra Weight Management Dry Dog Food. We were using the can as extra because they DO NOT like just dry food. Until our vet recommended us to use 100% pumpkin NOT pumpkin pie stuff, it has many vitamins that are very good for your dog. Now we buy the 100% pumpkin and they love it especially ginger she used to take a long time to eat her food now she is almost done before my golden retriever kaley lol. We had a German Sheppard name jenny she lived until she was 17 years old and she loved Nutro Ultra Weight Management Dry Dog Food until she got cancer and a brain tumor. All of our dogs we have ever had we use Nutro Ultra Dry Dog Food. In addition, their coats were shiner and better than any other dog food, we have tried. I am so sorry to hear that some ones dog died. However, we do not think it could be from Nutro Dry Dog Foo... Read more

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    Tue May 19 2009

    After visiting Pets Mart and speaking with a Nutuo rep. I decided to try the Nutro Ultra puppy food. When I came home I decided to look it up on the internet and have still been concerned ever since. Joey had a very dry coat without any sheen to it. Even the vet commented on how dry it was. This was one of the reasons I decided to try the Nutro Ultra. I have gradually (this is the 2nd bag) and am still mixing the purina puppy chow with it. Joey's coat is shinny and healthy. He seems to have more energy than before. I still have concerns but have decided to closely watch him and leave him on Ultra Nutro for now, but will keep checking out the reports. So far I will have to say we have had very good results with this food. Just don't like the bad reports, even if they are not confirmed to be related to the product.

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    Thu May 14 2009

    My dogs love this food, and are very healthy in every aspect because of it. In addition to the dry food, I feed my dogs real fruit/veggies, chicken and eggs. I don't usually feed my dogs anything I wouldn't eat with a few exceptions. As far as the Nutro Ultra food goes, my dogs coats are very shiny, they have tons of energy, a consistant weight, they shed way less, and I have not had to bring them to a vet for anything but required shots. They have all been tested for heartworms and have tested negative everytime, and I have never used heartworm preventative. This food along with other things keeps a dog very healthy.

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    Sat May 02 2009

    We switched my dog over from Canidae, because she is quite a picky eater and gets bored of food easily. In just a week after feeding Nutro Ultra she woke us up at 4 am and had explosive diarrhea the moment we let her out of her crate. We switched her over gradually too, so she only had about three days of actually eating only that food. Never, never buy this food for your dog. It'll make them very, very sick.

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    Tue Apr 21 2009

    my chihuahua didn't really care for the taste, but hse ate some because she was hungry, i had to mix stuff in to get her to eat it for a couple of days and her poops were more frequent and they looked very grainy, i also noticed whe was scooting her butt more than i have ever seen her do since she was a puppy, may be good for some dogs, but the increase in poops, like 6 times a day is telling me something is not agreeing with her from this food, also would like to add that she never has trouble transistioning to new foods so i'm pretty sure that wasn't the problem

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    Tue Mar 31 2009

    I thought this food would be perfect for my dog, considering she has allergies. After a few weeks, her gas was horrific and I noticed scabs on her body. It really seemed to aggravate her skin. I had no choice but to gradually switch her back to the original Nutra formula. After I did, her gas was more tolerable and her skin cleared up.

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    Tue Mar 10 2009

    When this product came out it was the dog food everyone was looking for, now I have clients that are told by their vet. that it is not what it used to be. Is it only because we now have a higher competition like Origen and OvenBake?? Before hearing from clients like that well Ultra was my favorite and my two dogs are on this brand, now I'm not sure any more. Is there by- products that we do not know of? Have they changed their recipe or vets. are just selling their own brands? Nathalie ??

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    Tue Mar 10 2009

    This one ok, but our dogs seem to have more frequent bowel movement.

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    Sat Feb 28 2009

    DO NOT FEED THIS TO YOUR DOG! We had to put our 11 year old pomeranian dog down last Saturday. After researching the internet, I'm certain that Nutro brand killed him. He starting losing weight, throwing up bile, became lethargic and eventually was in pain. This was over a period of weeks. When we took him to the Vet last week, his enzymes were so high there was nothing we could do. There are currently links that are referring to a class action law suit against the company. not feed your pet this food. We have one pomeranian left now and are going to make the food ourselves. This way we will know exactly what he is getting. It was too hard to say goodbye to the other one. Carol Ontario Canada

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    Sat Feb 21 2009

    I have yet to try Nutro ultra. Looking at the ingredients it is MUCH better then their other lines of nutro products of which i used to use. No corn is #1 and low allergenic wheats are good news. There are a few fillers that I could do without like the tomato pomace and the beet pulp. Also they use only egg product, whole egg would be much better. Lots of added vitamins and minerals make me a little weary. I'd like to see a little better quality ingredients with natural vit+min then all that synthetic junk. Willing to give it a try though depending on the price.

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    Wed Feb 11 2009

    I have 4 Italian Greyhounds and 5 retired racing Greyhounds. I started out feeding Nutro Natural chicken, rice, and oatmeal for sensitive stomachs. I then moved on up to the Ultra when some tummies were not getting any better. That was over a year ago. All of my dogs do wondeful on this dog food and I would and do recommend this dog food to everyone. Every dog has a perfect stool. Each one's coats shine. I use to have to give the greyhounds yogurt every day for gas but not since I started them on the Ultra. Gas issues are few and far between. There are quite a few people out there who are not happy with Nutro dog food and swear their pets either got very sick or died. For them I feel very sorry. I have found the Nutro Ultra to be supior to almost all other foods on the market. With 9 dogs on it and not one health issue I feel very fortunate to have found such a wonderful high quality dog food. Thanks Nutro!

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    Thu Jan 22 2009

    I have a black lab/black&tan; hound cross. When I got him, he had some skin problems, which I unknowingly attributed to being chewed on during play with other puppies. I found out later that he has some big allergy problems, with itching, diarrhea, vomiting. I tried several "higher end" foods before the Nutro Ultra adult food, and he is now 3 1/2 years old with a beautiful coat and lots of energy. He has done so well on the Nutro Ultra that I can't think of any reason I'd want to change his diet.

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    Sat Dec 27 2008

    The only food I would feed my dog!

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    Tue Dec 09 2008

    I pretty sure it killed my dog. Food samples are on the way to the lab let you know the test results when they get back .Dont feed your dog this junk I wish I wouldnt have.The sick part is my daughter handles the food and could have been affected. Thanks Mars Foods

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    Mon Nov 03 2008

    Nutro is now owned by Mars Corp who recently recalled some 70 dog food products has turned Nutro products into junk.

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    Tue Oct 21 2008

    The Vet told us to feed him Hypoallergenic dog food and the same for treats and nothing else what so ever and we give him a pill calledVanecty-P- once a day for the rest of his life and he gave it to my 10 yr old tcup poodle and my yokrkie is 2 and he and my other dog still ichies but they have no scabes on them ,and l have been givin them this dog food for 6 months now and don't know what to do my e-mail is [email protected] Please let me know what you think

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    Tue Oct 21 2008

    this food made my bulldog vomit for days

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    Fri Oct 10 2008

    Tiger's been doing great on this brand for 3 weeks. I won't change. Ever.

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    Fri Oct 10 2008

    Nutro Max is one of very few ( Best ! ) dog foods on the market. A great Large Variety to choose from for Cats and Dogs. I recommend and purchase Nutro Products. When I had rescued a Puppy I decided that I was going to feed her Nutro Max. I had no Idea what her diet was but I could not assume good. She was underweight and her coat was very dull and brittle. Ultra caught my eye. I picked up (Large Breed Puppy) She not to long ago went through her 17 lb bag. Yard duty is very easy when picking up stools. Hard low volume no mess. I started to notice she had been getting gassy. I then started studying more ingredients. I noticed that ( Large Breed Puppy) had Corn Gluten Meal. I thought Gas and Gluten don't mix so I switched to AvoDerm which worked pretty good however she didn't like the taste. Have a review on that. After AvoDerm We decided to try Natures Recipe to see if she liked the taste. She liked the taste. I went to do Yard cleanup 8 - 10 hours after she had Eaten Natures Recipe and... Read more

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    Thu Sep 25 2008

    ...I went to the vet the other day and discussed food options for my dog. He told me nothing is more boring to a dog then dry kibble everyday..and as far as the high premium food he said it is a waste of money.. example a steak in a upscale restaurant is not any healthier then a $8 steak from Applebees! and he also noted that the best food for a dog is a combo of cooked beef, chicken, or lamb mixed with rice and vegetables he noted that you will never get that protein in any dry or canned dog food. and I'm sticking to that...if you ate a hamburger everyday for 2 years you would tun your nose away too. Dogs need varieties like we do. And the only reason why dogs get upset belly's when we switch there food is because they do not get enough verity. So put that in your palm pilot and store it!

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    Wed Sep 17 2008

    I have been using Nutro for years, before the recall and after. Ultra is the only food that has ever stopped my dog's stomach problems and bad gas. It has also given them much shiner coats and an overall happier disposition.

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    Sat Aug 16 2008

    I fed my dogs Nutro foods for a long time until recently due to my one dog becoming very ill and reading about other pets becoming sick. I would have recommended this food years ago but not now. If you want to feed a high quality food find something other than Nutro.

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    Sat Aug 09 2008

    I had been using Blue Buffalo and it was causing my 10 month old Dobe to have loose stools, however everything else was perfect, shiney coat, playful and no vomiting. A little ove a month ago I decided to mix the Blue and Ultra half & half and his stools are now firm, but he has just developed skin problems and hair loss on his back.  All he gets is the dog food nothing else. Not impressed with this stuff, as said below theres a lot of corn and corn glutten in it.

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    Thu Jul 31 2008

    My dogs did not do well on Nutro Ultra, vomiting problems and loose stools.  Skin allergies from way too much grain.  Look up Nutro Ultra and Nutro products on and see how poorly it is rated after being reviewed, they are not selling anything on that website.  It is even worse now that Nutro is owned my Mars.

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    Thu Jul 31 2008

    I used to feed Nutro a long time ago. I don't anymore now. Recently I decided to take a look at Nutro line of products. The products now contain soybean oil, not just sunflower oil and poultry fat. The change is subtle but can be problematic for many dogs as soybean is not very digestible. I don't know when the change occurred but it must be after Mars acquired the company. If you go to, the nutro products listed there are still of the old formulas without soybean oil. I do believe this is because the change is so subtle that the company does not publicize it and as a result, many don't know. I am not too trusting of any companies so I always save a copy of the ingredient lists (and nutrition panel listing the crude protein all the way to vitamin e amount shown on the bag) of the current bag of the food I feed. That way, I can compare from one bag to another to ensure the company does not make changes behind my back.

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    Mon May 05 2008

    We have a 2 1/2 year old english pointer/greyhound mix pup. She has been on the Wolf King solid gold dog food. She did fine on that, but the last bag was mostly crumbs. She also lost interest in the food and we had to add some wet type food to get her liking it again. We just started on the Nutro Ultra. We just add a hint of the pedigree pouch dog food to it to stir in and add some zest to it. She scarfs the food down well and her stools look normal and healthy. She loves the nutro! So far, so do we! For the itchiness in coat/try the dream coat oil for dogs/cats, even birds. Our dog and both my cats gobble that up like you can't believe. The cats get mad if they don't get their teaspoon in the morning. It is not expensive if you order it online from care a lot pet company. You can buy in bulk. Refrigerate it and follow dosage guidelines. Your pets eyes, coats and organs will shine! And they love it!

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    Sun Apr 27 2008

    Highest qualty food comercially available. I recomend it to all my patients.

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    Sun Mar 09 2008

    My pitbull seems to have a sensitive digestive system and Nutro Ultra gives him heavy gas! It's great on his coat and has helped beef him up. I just need a better solution for the gas and come to think of it both he and my daschund have been itching like crazy. They both loved the Nutro venison&brown; rice(no longer on the shelves). Does anyone have help on the gas issue?