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    Mon Jun 22 2009

    Remember the Noxema girl? I sure do! And what I remember the most was her clear, beautiful skin! Wow! I totally bought into the consumer pressure and tried is, and it was for the best. Cleaned my skin like nothing else could!

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    Mon Jun 22 2009

    I think Noxema has an odd smell, but with that said I always liked the refreshing feeling that it left on my skin. I used this throughout my teen years and did like it! It doesn't do much for me any more, but it is simple and easy to use. Its a great first skin cleaner!

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    Wed Jun 03 2009

    For teenage acne, this cream is gentle and deep cleansing. The blast of eucalyptus can be a bit overwhelming, but it really does freshen and soothe the skin. However, it may be a bit drying if you are not suffering from breakouts. It can be a good one-step solution for teenagers, but I would recommend a cleanser and exfoliator instead. That way you can exfoliate where you get breakouts, but maintain moisture in the areas of your face where you do not break out as much.

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    Tue Jan 13 2009

    Noxema is an okay product. It cleans my face and makes it smell nice. However, the aftermath is not the impressive part. I expected Noxema to brighten up my face, instead it deflects its potential by making me more pale than bright. Imagine white skin turning more white than it already is, like my beauty has been pushed back into my head. It does not do what other products out there can do, like Neutrogena Deep Clean Facial Cleanser, but it does have the same complexion improvement outcome, that being a protected look that has to be manually brought out by washing my face several times a day (one use per morning) without it (which you should do anyway, like brushing your teeth and washing your hands). Lastly, Noxema made my acne worse than it already was.

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    Tue Dec 02 2008

    I love this product. My skin is almost back to where it used to be. Do you have a facial cleaser with exfoliating granules? If not you should consider adding this product to your line-I would buy in a heartbeat!!!-Dawn Lee, Fayetteville, GA

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    Fri Oct 24 2008

    Noxema has always dried my skin out quite a bit, despite all their claims of being a moisturizing cleanser. My skin broke out super bad after five days of using it.

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    Sun Oct 12 2008

    i think that noxema pads work only once in a while. because it seems like only every other zit goes away -Heather Indiana

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    Tue Jun 10 2008

    I am 73 and I have cleansed my face with Noxema since I was in my early 30's. I have never found anything to compare. It doesn't leave my face dry like a soap bar does and it doesn't leave it oily like cold cremes do. I have had many compliments on my complexion over the years and am now just beginning to see some of those little crinkles on the side of my cheeks. At our last class reunion most women had a lot of them and I hadn't even started. I attribute it to the Noxema. I wonder if those crinkles started because once I went to my drug store to buy more and they were out. I had to buy another skin cleaner. I was not pleased with it.

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    Fri Apr 11 2008

    look, I don't know why people think a face wash can save their life, especially based on results other people have with it. Noxema is a great product, but obviously it's not going to be suitable for all skin types, this is just how life is. You have to find soemhting right for you! Noxema is pretty good on sensitive skin that is realy dry yet prone to breakouts. If you have ily skin, the noxema cream wash may be too heavy for you, otherwise, give it a try. the nice thing is, it has no harsh chemicals, so the worst that can happen is it doesn't do anything. At least it won't give you a rash as soooo many other products containing, salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, SLS and allll that other shit can give you. it has worked wondersss for me. My skin is smooth and soft and I had realy dry, flaky sensitive annnnd acne prone skin. it's the worst combination, trust me. Plus, if you want light exfoliation, but allll the moisturinzing, nozema works great with those soft facial scrub sponges. So ... Read more

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    Wed Mar 12 2008

    I can't stand the smell, but my face is no longer a breeding ground for acne.

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    Tue Mar 04 2008

    I have been using Noxema for over 30 years and still love the say it akes my skin feel and look. I am only sorry that they have taken most of the Noxema scent out of the Noxema. I was someone who loved the smell of the Original Noxema.

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    Sun Feb 24 2008

    I really liked this product. I don't have horrid acne, but sometimes on a occasional break-outs I used Noxema and it really helped my skin. Now it is softer, and smoother than ever. THANK YOU NOXEMA!

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    Wed Jan 16 2008

    I have been using noxema for almost 30 years. I began using it at 10. My mother bought it for me even though she could not stand the smell. I love this product, it keeps my skin healthy and soft.I have never had acne an occasional pimple on my period nothing major.I have been told my skin looks like a teenagers young and smooth no wrinkles.I am 40 years old and I will be using noxema for as long as they make it. If they stop I will resort to begging.

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    Fri Dec 28 2007

    This product is horrid. Really - it contains camphor which is toxic, along with menthol - both are irritants and should not be used near the eyes. As far as "soothing" sunburn, the oiliness of this cream (or any) actually holds in the heat and allowing the burning and skin damage to continue while numbing the pain and thus masking it.

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    Tue Jul 31 2007

    I dont know where to start! Noxzema has done wonders for my skin. I used to have really bad acne, but since i started using noxzema i am blemish free! First i used the cream and after the cream is off i make sure my face is really clean and use the Noxzema pads.I never thought that anyone could have as beautiful of skin as i do.I never thought it to be possible. THANK YOU NOXZEMA! YOU SAVED MY FACE AND MY RELATIONSHIP!

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    Mon Jun 04 2007

    I use Noxema everyday to shave my face. I am 35 and most guess me to be about 27. what I notice most is the healthy color and texture of my skin. I have tried expensive products and get the same results with Noxema.

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    Wed Apr 11 2007

    Noxema makes you break out usually for a week; then after it gets out all the impurities your face is clean and smoother than a baby's butt. Trust me, I've used it for 30 years. It's just great.

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    Mon Feb 12 2007

    I love NOXZEMA but am a bit worried now because of all the PARABEN warnings I have read about. Does any one else feel the same? i HAVE BEEN USING IT FOR LIKE EVER!!!

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    Thu Jan 18 2007

    if you want to break out go for it. i sometimes use it to shave with(on my legs), works pretty well for that.

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    Tue Dec 12 2006

    I'm 48 yrs old, been using noxema since I was 12, twice a day, as a moisturizer. NOBODY believes my age...most put me in my mid 30's, some the stuff and will never quit using it unless they do something stupid to change the product!!

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    Wed Dec 06 2006

    I cannot say enough good things about Noxema. I used it off and on over the years and began to realize that my skin was always better when I was "on" than when I was "off". Lately I've had some quite serious problems with rosacea on my face and although I got many many expensive ointments and creams from my dermatologist, the only thing that cleared my skin was Noxema. Just like one of the reviewers below, I developed the same regimen: "applying a noxema mask to the broken out areas of my face as many times as I can during a day while I am cleaning, washing, cooking, using the computer or putzing around on my day off". Like her, my skin totally cleared in two days. When first applied, it burned; but then it cooled. When the "mask" had dried and gotten a bit old, I would rinse it off with cool water and reapply. Within a day my skin no longer burned or itched and the redness began to disappear. The old skin peeled off to reveal beatuiful, soft, new skin underneath. Thank you Noxe... Read more

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    Tue Oct 31 2006

    I have used Noxema skin cleanser since I was 13. I love the refreshing, clean feeling it leaves. I am now 40 and people tell me I look 30. Thanks, Noxema - I love your product!!

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    Wed Oct 18 2006

    I barely started using noxema like 4 days ago and the third day I saw a difference. And I liked it!

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    Sun Sep 10 2006

    I used to use Noxema when I was younger and I have to admit that it never really did much for my skin. But my husband statred using the noxema acne pads because he wanted something that would be quick to clean his skin. And to my suprise they really even his skin tone out and he didn't even have bleimishes. So I started useing them and my skin also began to even out. I was so impressed that I began useing the cream and I just love it. It cleans my skin so good that when I use the acne pads there is hardly any dirt on the pads. Both products are great. Now my son has started useing them and he used to have really bad acne but since useing the noxema product his skin has completely cleared up.

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    Sun Jul 16 2006

    My mother has used Noxzema Deep Cleasing Cream since it came on the market in America in the early 1950s. Her skin is soft, smooth, and beautiful at 89 years old!!! She had six girls, all use nothing but Noxzema, and all have beautiful, NO ACME, smooth skin. My only problem with Noxzema is I live in France now and it is nowhere to be found. I'm dying without my Noxzema. HELP!

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    Fri Jun 16 2006

    I am a resident in facial surgery and a woman, so I know the importance if naturally healthy skin. During residency I have not had the time to take care of my skin, but recently I have begun a regimen of simply washing with Noxema in the morning and at night. My skin has smaller pores, has less redness, and appears smoother and more creamy. Each person will have different needs for their skin, but for me this over-the-counter treatment has been a blessing!

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    Mon Apr 24 2006

    Ok, as an estician, I love this product. I know it's an old standard, but if it's not broke don't fix it. It is sucha great all around skin treatment. I don't use it in my spa, but i keep it in my house for my family. My daughter (11) is starting her skin care regimen and uses it often during the summer.

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    Fri Dec 09 2005

    I am 49, whent through hepathitis C caught in '69 during an appendix operation. Since my teans I've used Noxema. Had and eliminated two cancers and had a transplant. I look and feel younger. A bit pale due to my medication enduced anemia but fresh and soft. Noxema helped me in so many ways. Cleaning, facial mask, pre shaving, shaving, after shaving and when exhausted. As an astringent I use apple vinegar based water. I use a cup of apple vinegar, 2 teaspoon of freshly grounded rozemary and let it sit for a week. Use two tea spoons of the preperation in one cup of (possibly pure) water. Anyway I find my self more confortable in applying Noxema with the standard texture.

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    Wed Jul 13 2005


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    Thu May 19 2005

    i like the old standard of noxema but i use it all summer for sunburns

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    Thu May 20 2004

    I have been using noxema since age twelve, I am currently age fifteen and it has done some good. I am a little sketchy on whether to continue use because in my chemistry class I found out the same chemical that cleans your skin can also cause and irratant. And I have noticed a little bumpy feeling in my skin, but over all, its ok.

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    Thu Mar 25 2004

    I have used Noxema off and on since I was 14. I have always loved how it makes my skin tingle when I wash my face. It's a pretty gentle cleanser and has many uses. It can be used as a moisturizer, or under foundation, and it can be used when shaving. It is also an excellent treatment for sunburn.

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    Fri Dec 05 2003

    When I was a teenager, I didn't have a father figure to teach me how to shave, so therefore my Grandmother got to do She told me to use Noxema to clean and shave my face with everyday. I am now 29, and still use it for that purpose. I look like I am 18 still, and I thank Noxema for that. I would never think of using something else for cleaning or shaving. EXCELLENT PRODUCT ! When it first came out, NOXELL Industries owned it, and they created it. Now Proctor and Gamble runs them, as far as I know they haven't changed the formula.

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    Thu Dec 04 2003

    I've used Noxema on my face every night since my teens, and I'm now 39 but look much younger. I had a plastic surgeon spontaneously tell my I had the skin of a 22-year-old. I also use it on my girls and they love the fresh way it makes their face feel.

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    Tue Oct 21 2003

    My Grandma started me using Noxema as a pre-teen and at 52..I look Great!! Then 2 years ago I developed a very nasty case of Psoriasis over nearly 90 percent of my body. After going thru all the expensive moisterisers and creams and health foods and herbs, I discovered that if I mix the Clobetasol (prescription) cream evenly with Noxzema cream. I am being CURED.. It has been a God Send!! For anyone suffering with Psoriasis, please give this a try. The original Noxzema is best.

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    Sat Jun 14 2003

    I'm 37 years of age. I have used Noxema skin cream since I was 16. I look like I'm in my mid to late 20's. I love it! Thanks Noxema.

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    Sun Apr 20 2003

    No one seems to notice that it doesn't get the make up off your face! I have scrubbed with this stuff and then wiped my face on the towel and seen foundation on the towel! Same thing I've noticed if I use a toner on a cotton ball- it gets smeared with foundation. YUCK. Though it is tingly and smells refreshing...if only it removed my make up...

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    Sat Feb 22 2003

    Hi.I have been using Noxema since I was 12 years old. As A teenager I suffered from acne and continuous breakouts. I truly believe that if it were not for Noxema cleansing cream, I would show numerous scars from acne but I don't. Now at age 48 I get breakouts from stress. Noxema cleansing creme has proven to be the only product helpful in clearing up this problem. I was out of Noxema cleansing cream for quite a while. After I began breaking out Noxema was my only relief. My skin feels so smooth and clean now and I will never go without it again. I also use the Noxema Cover Girl "Clean" Makeup. It is the only base makeup I can use without breaking out. Thanks Noxema. You have actually saved my life.

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    Mon Feb 10 2003

    I have used Noxema original for about 5 years. 3 of those 5 years I was also on an acne medication that really dried my skin. So Noxema was very good for providing moisture and I didn't have to worry about acne b/c of the meds so it worked well. However, I was taken off the medicine eventually and as it started to wear off Noxema still felt great on my skin but did not do anything for my acne and in fact, gave me little tiny white head pimples all over my face. I guess it really depends on your skin type.

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    Thu Nov 21 2002

    It may seem odd, but I have found Noxema skin cream to be especially helpful for facial breakouts due to stress, HOWEVER, it takes patience to see any results. If you are looking for a magic bullet, forget it! I have literally cleared up a bad breakout by applying a noxema mask to the broken out areas of my face as many times as I can during a day while I am cleaning, washing, cooking, using the computer or putzing around on my day off, and it has gotten rid of the blemishes, lessened the redness and all with out drying out my skin, It's great. The thickness of the original formula has great staying power and allows you to use it in this way. I know alot of people feel like Noxema is too waxy, but I've found (through travelling) that alot of that can be subjective to whether I am in an area with hard water or not. If it feels that way sometimes I just go over my face with a mild astringent afterward and the fresh feeling is preserved. It's also been great on my psorisis when used... Read more

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    Thu Jun 20 2002

    i used to love this stuff for the fresh "tingly" feeling after you wash, but i've done a lot of reading and the product contains a lot of irritants. i would not recommend it for anyone with sensitive skin or other skin problems.

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    Mon Jun 25 2001

    I use Noxema everyday 2xs a day "when I wake up and when I go to sleep", it works great and you can feel it working when you feel the tingling, it makes my face feel smooth,and feeling fresh through out the day!

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    Sat Mar 31 2001

    This stuff is great for burns and that's it!If you have sensitive skin, this will irritate it!. It's waxy feel can clog up your pore and leave a film on your skin.

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    Tue Nov 21 2000

    This cream works well with either oily or dry skin. It leaves your face feeling soft and smooth and definitely clean. You can buy Noxema at any local drug store.

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    Tue Nov 21 2000

    I like the way my face feels after the cleansing, but I find that it doesn't help prevent blemishes. The plus and regular aren't very much different- just the smell.

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    Tue Nov 21 2000

    Deep clean. Feels cold on your face. It made my face feel smooth, not oily. I liked the way it tingled.

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    Wed Nov 15 2000

    Works very well, gives a tingly feeling and a feeling of cleanliness. Lasts a long time and is not too expensive. Burns when first used.

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    Tue Nov 14 2000

    This stuff works really well. It makes your skin feel all minty fresh. After a while it makes your skin oily.

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    Wed Nov 08 2000

    This stuff works okay, it smells and feels great, but the idea of using a product containing mineral oil to get oil off my skin is somewhat strange to me.