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    Sat Apr 13 2013

    The people ain't dangerous. The regime? Less of a threat than is played up by the joke that passes for journalism these days. Sure, they're repressive to their own people, featuring about as many people with internet access as we have living on my block and an economy that doesn't seem to do anything, but come on. Their missile systems probably have the range and accuracy of Mark Sanchez or Tim Tebow. The fact that they have a petulant child in power that has mistaken himself for someone who matters in the international community won't do them any favors. I say let them sit and make as much noise as they like. No economic assistance or any shit this time and we'll see how long it takes for their military to depose their crybaby in chief. THEN I would suggest making a deal with a transitional government that the US will have no hand in installing to reunify Korea and put away these antique Cold War positions that cost us a fuckload of taxpayer money.

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    Sat Apr 13 2013

    Back in the bad old Cold War days, the Soviets used to hold massive military parades exhibiting their military might to the West. Turns out that their power (military and especially economic) was just a hollow shell, what they used to call a "Potemkin Village". The North Koreans are just the same. They have no weapon delivery systems of note, and basically they are just another Potemkin Village, perhaps far more crude than anything the Soviet had. But that hasn't stopped our government from grossly exaggerating the threat, nor has it stopped the media from reporting such news. CNN's evening broadcast lately sounds more like a bad remake of "Red Dawn". Clearly they are being fed sensationalist news stories from the same sources (probably intelligence and military contractors). What's really happening in East Asia is that balance of power is shifting. New nationalist governments in Japan and China want the US military out of the region and are looking to reunify the Koreas. A n... Read more

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    Fri Jun 19 2009

    Getting interesting folks. I think we are about to see if his lordship has any backbone. Obviously, Kim Jong Il does not think so....

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    Sat Jun 13 2009

    First of all, it's great to be back here after a long hiatus... North Korea, in my view, is right now the world's most dangerous country. I support this in saying they are so because they have clearly proven to have two things which make them so. First, they have demonstrated the -willingness- to have a desire to wage war. They have a message they want the rest of the world to hear... and it's a threatening one. They want recognition as a world power in respect to their military power. Secondly, they have the capacity to act on that message. Unlike Iraq, which is rumoured to have weapons of mass destruction--North Korea already has them. Unlike Iran, which only has bits and pieces of full nuclear delivery capacity, North Korea is moving faster and faster to becoming a full nuclear arsenal. On top of what I present, we must keep in mind that this country may be given over to the control and ruling of a twenty six year old in the family Dynasty of that country's current ruler. ... Read more

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    Sat May 30 2009

    Dangerous yes because of it's leadership, but I'm sure it's people are no different from our morality, which is'nt too hot either. I'm sure their crime is the same of ours, but it's goverment oppresses it people and that changes things. Now in it's current status N. Korea does'nt seem too nice to be around and it is very very unsettling; but as a resident living in the US I would not be worried. Serving in the British Navy and seeing and being around situations, helps you understand that open action is not always the best way. (no matter how bad the situation seems and no matter if N. Korea is trying to provoke!) I would be more worried for the surrounding countries and it's own people. America and England are so stretched as it is with many things known and unknown around the world. N.Korea knows this and this is the same trick that the N. Korean dictator does when he knows things are bad all over. (Just like Iran.) They are like a sleeping lion that likes to flex its muscles for atte... Read more

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    Sat Feb 21 2009

    Sorry but you should not have fear while in North Korea if you are a tourist. No tourist has ever been robbed, or killed. If you speak against the government, they will kick you out. Someone is always watching you or listening to you. If you live in North Korea, thats different.

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    Tue Jun 10 2008

    I ABSALOUTLEY AGREE NORTH KOREA IS A DANGEROUS SCARY COUNTRY IN DESPERATE NEED OF HELP. THERE IS NO INTERNET CONNECTION IN NKOREA. And it is so sad that children wander streets or live in dark cold houses and they eat tress over there. And Kim jong Il just sits on his plump while his people suffer in depression and fear. P.S if i rate five star does tht mean bad nation or good

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    Thu Apr 03 2008

    People that have travelled to NK have actually felt very safe. . .because the government-employed chaperone is with you everywhere you go watching your every move. . .your only real danger is breaking one of several (many, many) of NK's dear laws meant to protect the most zealot-esque regime on Earth.  It's dangerous if you are stupid enough to ignore the warnings.  Aussies and New Zealanders tend to make this courageous and memorable trek.  (Greatest comment - I asked an Aussie 'how was the food' and he replied- "What food?  When I left I was hungry!")  Guess starvation is a long-term threat to tourists. . .

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    Mon Nov 12 2007

    N. Korea is ruled by paranoid wack jobs who almost make our Bush administration look sane by comparison. However, recent events indicate some willingness to cooperate with the world community, so I'll only rate with 4 stars at this time.

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    Tue Jan 16 2007

    While I do not believe the Nuclear Test that was made last year was actually real (a conventional overload of high explosives with some trace radiation to fool sniffers), the bomb blast was an almost infinitesimal scale. Definitely not nuclear, just a show to allow Kim to rattle his cage. If they are allowed to have nukes, Kim would most certainly use them against Japan and to the dismay of the growing economic powerhouse, China will be hit also in this case to pay back many decades of keeping their boot on N Korea's Titular Head's neck.

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    Tue Apr 25 2006

    They are probably the most dangerous country.They already have the Atomic bomb.North Korea are very dangerous for South Korea but also for Japan , the USA and also for China and lots of other countries.

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    Mon Apr 24 2006

    Probably one of the most "dangerous" countries on the list, and the last feudal dynasty. Big weapons in the hands of such a xenophobic country is certainly troublesome, and more frightening the possibility that they will sell their technology to somebody. Invasion of N. Korea isn't a realistic possibility as the NK military is one of the most disciplined in the world, to the point that one of their soldiers is probably worth 10 Iraqi Republican Guard. But despite the evils of their government, they haven't really shown themselves to be aggressive in 5 decades. Tyrannies always fall however, and the biggest concern will be what happens when the regime begins to face significant internal opposition.

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    Sun Apr 23 2006

    There are much more dangerous countries than this one, regardless of their nuke capability, developed right under the nose of the Clinton Administration. Nice deal, guys, way to monitor people you regard as "dangerous" while the real "dangerous" people (bin Laden) are offered to you (by Sudan) and you refuse because of possible political complications. North Korea is dangerous but are and will be kept in check by this big, unpredictable neighbor. China. If the North Korean government looks like it's going to blow its nose the wrong way, China will intercede in half a heartbeat. China is much more wary of a nuclear accident than a nuclear attack. Big nervous neighbors usually keep madmen like Kim Jong-Il in check.

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    Sun Apr 23 2006

    And it is of greatest danger to its own citizenry. The acts of oppression and torture that have been going on over there are unspeakable. The people who reside in that country have my deepest sympathy and I would LOVE for the United States to do something about that tyrant who runs the place (Kim Jong Il). I was in So. Korea the last time they had "visits" between families that have been separated since the "end" of the Korean War. It was an absolutely gut wrenching thing to watch. In some ways, I may be one of the most calculating, reason driven, "unfeeling" people that you might meet, but watching that spectacle absolutely broke my heart and (privately) reduced me to tears. There is no excuse for what has happened to the people on the Peninsula north of Seoul. If the Christians are right about the afterlife, that despotic, tyrannical little fu**er can look forward to the front row in Hell.

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    Sat Apr 22 2006

    North Korea is a rogue nation. As long as Kim is in power and as long as he has the potential for developing and using nuclear weapons the possibility of something catastrophic happening is very real. This one is all about potential.