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    Mon Apr 13 2015

    I could not believe that I found a moving company that I could trust in moving me in the future and I did All I have to say is Smoothest move ever Before I paid my deposit I wanted details about when they will get here or to my new place or phone numbers for drivers etc. They made me feel comfortable even if it took 1 month before I booked my move. North East Movers were patient with me and everything they said they were going to do was done

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    Fri Apr 10 2015

    I must take a second to thank North East Movers for the stellar work they did relocating me and my family. They came on time and performed the services exactly as described without any hitches or hiccups. Being from a logistics backround I appreciate a well coordinated team effort and that is what I got here. Thanks a bunch!

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    Thu Apr 09 2015

    Outstanding professionalism and work ethic is all I can say about North East Movers and their staff. The process started off smoothly with a well thought out and thorough quote performed by Warren. Then after booking the move the appointed move date came and the move went without a hitch. I was blown away with the speed at which they worked and I was thrilled to see them at delivery with all my stuff.

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    Wed Apr 08 2015

    My biggest worry about hiring a mover was how was I going to afford it. I started getting quotes and the prices were astronomiccal. I thought no way can I afford to hire someone but then when i priced oput getting a rental I found that was very expensive as well. So I was about to give up hope when I got a call from Mike at North East Movers. He explained to me he had empty space on atruck going that way so he could accomodate my move on that truck too and save me money. I sigmned up and they did what they promised. I got delievry on time and the men did a great job. I am very greatful thank you Mike!

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    Tue Apr 07 2015

    Moving is always hard but I never realized it with North East Movers. We had very enjoyable move. On move day, the guys gave us heads up, then came just on time and moved quite fast. they sent us more crews than they were supposed to, but didn't charge more. We want to hire the mover again and already recommended to my friends.

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    Mon Apr 06 2015

    North East Movers provided excellent service. Their rates are very competitive and they were responsive to all our requests. We had a large move and the crews on both ends were great. All our things arrived without any damage. I highly recommend them and will use them again if we have another move in our future.

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    Sat Apr 04 2015

    They are big cheaters. They made a big mess on my move from Liverpool, NY to Houston TX. -18 Hours late on the date and time they gave for pickup. - They came in the midnight into my home and packed all the household stuff in hurry burry. -They gave me a quote of $2275 for the my inventory (480 c.f), but they increased it to $3700 for the same inventory (in fact 2 couches less) and increased it to 680 c.f when they came for pickup. - Very difficult to reach them out, no single point of contact for your move.

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    Thu Apr 02 2015

    Amazing experience! North East Movers were very efficient in moving jobs and polite in dealing with the customers. We did a long distance move and we are very much satisfied on their work. The crews seemed very experienced. We did almost nothing to shift our costly furniture and other stuffs. Their team consisted of four members. They packed our valuable accessories so that they might not get broken or scratched. Though they are not extremely cheap but quite affordable for me and I know a cheap rate can never give the best service! In a word, full five stars to the team and the company. Very much pleased!

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    Wed Apr 01 2015

    I typically only write a review if someones service is either really good or really bad and I am thrilled to say that this move was above par. North East Movers diligently wrapped all my furniutre and they crated our upright Piano. The stairs on delievry were no issue and they executed the move more quickly than I had anticipated allowing me to hit the road early and get going and I really appreciate that effort.

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    Tue Mar 31 2015

    I am thrilled about the job done by the staff at North East Movers. I was impressed by how well they packed our stuff up for transit. The process went very smooothly and there was zero damages to any of our goods. The things I was worried about made it intact and the price quoted is what I paid to the penny. The men had fabulous attitudes as well.

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    Mon Mar 30 2015

    These guys were great .My brother was very ill and he had to move with me so I can take care of him and they did a great job. They packed everything with care and treated my brothers stuff like it was their own. On arrival they were very patient as far as putting everything exactly where my brother needed. Thanks North East Movers you were great and really came through in a pinch.

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    Fri Mar 27 2015

    North East Movers relocation services are some of those things you can never fail to enjoy. I am not only talking from my own perspective but also from what I have come to hear and get from my close associates. During the first times I was informing them about North East Movers, they had doubts. I couldn’t really blame them because they had not seen North East Movers crew in action. They were yet to feel it. When one of them got a transfer, they wanted to be there to witness it all by themselves. They wanted to be present when it happened. It did and they were short of words. They have since then come to embrace the professionalism that comes with North East Movers.

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    Thu Mar 26 2015

    Just hired North East Movers for a long distance move. We were able to maintain great communication with the office staff who were all very meticulous and concentrated. The company sent three crews with a leading supervisor. He took care of every smallest item so that that never got overlooked to be packed. The folks used moving pad for trailer. They assured our belongings safety with top priority. North East driver followed their quoted timeline to deliver the consignment. I heard many awful stories of movers who deliver clients stuffs with lots of problem and missing. In future I am not going to move with any other mover except North East Movers.

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    Wed Mar 25 2015

    I spent at least three months to find out a mover. But I was unable to get good one. My colleague gave me North East Movers name. I rushed to their office and signed on a primary document. They were fully honest. They always take pride in their service. The guys accommodated our all request. The delivery schedule was timely maintained. Actually we selected the right mover. Otherwise nobody knows that what would happen with my belongings. I advise all interested persons should hire them without any hesitation.

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    Tue Mar 24 2015

    This was exactly what we looked for. We just wanted to move with a perfect professional mover. We were lucky to having North East Movers based on my friend’s recommendation. The movers brought plenty of boxes and tools to accommodate our items securely. We asked them to put the covered goods and furniture at open field in front of our home. According to our suggestion they first piled up all items then they loaded in to their large van. I used their storage. They were supposed to deliver after twenty days. But my new rented home was not ready yet. I did a mistake to calculate the time improperly! Anyway, I received my possessions without any hassle and delay. My all belongings were in very good shape.

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    Mon Mar 23 2015

    I used North East Movers once about one and half years ago. It was a successful move. So I called to their office and asked for their help. They accommodated a nice schedule and came on move day in due time. Their loading process went smooth and flawless. The North East Movers crews seemed strong desire to help their clients. When they came to deliver, they moved our all items in. There was nothing unexpected happened. I highly recommend them to anyone requiring moving long or short distance services.

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    Fri Mar 20 2015

    Thanks North East Movers! You saved my time, you saved my bucks! My rep at the office was very helpful and an extremely pleasant guy, gave all concern on my move. Four great guys took all pain throughout the day. I felt very sad that they did so stressful work without any break. I wanted to join with them but they didn’t agree to do that. They were very careful to me and my stuffs, were very professional, sincere, efficient, and very much friendly. The delivery was consequently great.

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    Thu Mar 19 2015

    My main concerns about hiring a mover were will I get all my stuff intact and can I afford a professional mover. Well North East Movers hit the mark on both counts by providing an affordable and professional service. I got all things intact and it came on the day I requested which was huge for me. The crew took their time and was never rushed and I felt comfortable throughout the entire process. Cost wise it was close to what I would have spent moving myself. Overall a great deal and service.

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    Wed Mar 18 2015

    Well I am estactic that my move went so well. Everytime I have moved before something has been broken or it was a nightmare and that includes moves I have done myself so this time I did my homework before choosing a mover and picked North East Movers because of the positive reviews and the informative discussion between me and my rep. The moving crew was professional and they arrived in a clean nice truck. The crew worked fluidly and as a group and because of this everything made it A OK!

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    Tue Mar 17 2015

    When looking for a mover I didn't just hire the guys that gave me the lowest price I looked at the movers credentials and reviews and North East Movers had the right creds and tons of positive feedback on many different web sites so I picked them and it paid off. They lived up to the hype and got a tough job done. The weather was horrid during the move but they still made their timeline and everything came intact.

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    Fri Mar 13 2015

    North East Movers were amazing and they worked their hands to the bone to try get me out of my house before the rain came in. They got in at 7AM and they were ready and willing to go. They hustled to pack me up and did an awesome job with my fragile items and painting I had on the wall. I am thrilled with their hard work and great attitudes they worked with smiles on their face and were very careful. I would not hesitate to use them again and they were fairly priced.

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    Thu Mar 12 2015

    Thanks North East Movers you are a life saver. I called around looking for a mover and these were the only ones that were able to move me at a cost that I could afford. On top of that they allowed me to use there storage for free until I was ready to move my stuff 3 weeks later. Great service and the only one I could afford God bless you guys for trying so hard it shows in your work.

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    Wed Mar 11 2015

    I used North East Movers a few weeks ago. Best services of all. I was very lucky that their crews were available when I needed . The office staff and especially my sales representative provided me 100 % good service with brilliant labors. The team arrived well within the slot given .I was so excited for my first move! Packing, setting and wrapping all done nicely. . I didn't have any problems from pick up till delivery. The customer service members were active and helpful as well. Thanks for great service. I highly recommend

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    Tue Mar 10 2015

    I must give high praise and thanks to North East Movers for giving us a great stress free excellent moving service they really made it easy for me and my family to make the long distance move and to adjust to our new lives the packing the service the pricing for all excellent and the guys were true gentleman thank you.

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    Mon Mar 09 2015

    After deciding to move back home, I was concerned about finding the right moving company to move my 1 bedroom condo. I reviewed and received about 10 quotes from several moving companies. Many were overpriced and some were so low that it didn't feel right. After receiving my quote from my rep and asking her numerous questions, I was satisfied that their quote was the best option. On the day before my move, I received a call from dispatch confirming my movers would arrive in the morning (as I had confirmed my condo elevator was reserved in the morning). On the morning of my move, dispatched call to confirm the movers would arrive within the hour. The 3 movers arrived and were professional, efficient and itemized all my belongings on a list and put stickers on all my boxes/items. I received a copy for my records. They worked so well together. As I was moving to a different province, my moving truck would deliver my items the following morning. As the next morning was raining heavy, the ... Read more

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    Sun Mar 08 2015

    North East Movers consists of a very friendly and reliable team. I was very impressed with the services they offer-packaging services, special item moving (they could even move my pool!) and medical equipment office moving, and furniture assembly! They are very professional and always on time. They have excellent packaging and organizational skills as well..! Definitely a good choice for moving services!

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    Fri Mar 06 2015

    Okay I wanted to say that many companies have given me their service and some have even damaged my furniture. Now that that's happened I usually look into every company I pay to move for me. I am not saying you have to offer perfect service, but at least try not to damage my stuff. North East Movers did that for me very well - they made sure that my goods weren't damaged and didn't make me go through a years worth of paper work. What can I say, they delivered what need to be delivered. Simple and straight to the point. Loved it!

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    Thu Mar 05 2015

    We had an outstanding experience with guys from North East Movers. It was a real pleasure to do business with this reliable company. Friendly staff, great prices and very professional service. They took incredible care in packing and moving our furniture. And also they were very helpful in giving up tips for moving preparation. We will be using North East Movers again!

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    Wed Mar 04 2015

    I cannot rave about North East Movers enough. Their kind and courteous staff were on time and did the job quickly and professionally. Contact between the manager and myself was fast and easy - he replied to my emails the same day. Packing the truck took one hour, unloading took 45min. You cannot beat that time. The two movers were exceptionally friendly. I would definitely use this company again.

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    Tue Mar 03 2015

    I never thought it would be possible to move my goods without headaches or chaos, but North East Movers made it as smooth as I can ever imagined. From the moment the movers came to my door I knew everything would be ok because they were so pleasant and professional. My goods arrived within the perfect time promised and I experienced NO damage and NO headaches!! I cannot thank the staff at North East enough. I am really satisfied, I don't normally give review, but the way my move was handled amazed me and I am forever grateful. Thanks again North East Movers!!God bless.

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    Mon Mar 02 2015

    Best Move of my life! My family and I moved recently with North East Movers. Everyone from the staff in the office to the movers was great with us. The three movers we had were brilliant, they took care of everything. From packing to wrapping, from taking things apart to putting them back together, they truly did it all efficiently. I’m pleased with the final result and I will recommend them. Thank you!

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    Fri Feb 27 2015

    Excellent customer service all around from the booking to the move. The three guys who did the move were nice and personable, experienced, professional, careful and worked very efficiently as a team and made it a very positive experience overall! My belongings were treated with care. Price was competitive. I'd definitely recommend this company to anyone.

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    Thu Feb 26 2015

    Our family used North East Moving on a recommendation from a moving company we worked with in the past and which wasn't able to help us this time on the day we would like to move. We had some doubts, to be honest, but we were assured that North East works perfectly. After the event had passed I can state that they are really good. I would say I was amazed how responsible, professional and careful they are. Their office guy was polite to us, the service itself was just great and affordable. We were happy to work with these movers.

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    Tue Feb 24 2015

    Your guys were great. They arrived on time and worked at a good pace. They were careful with my furniture and had all of the necessary tools and pads and blankets to perform at a high level. I have already recommended your company to others.

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    Mon Feb 23 2015

    Ive used north east movers before and I would recommend these movers to any of my friends. I have been in the military for 15 years and, been deployed and moved from location to location numerous times. I've had to deal with tons of different moving companys and, for me they have always been a pain to deal with. These guys were prompt and the service was exceptional. No missing or damaged items upon arrival and, even though I usually keep a checklist of the items I'm shipping I know with these guys I don't have to. Thank you

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    Sun Feb 22 2015

    I have been talking to Donald from North east movers by email for couple of months because we were unsure of our move in date. He was always quick with a response and incredibly accommodating. Even while he was on vacation, I was able to reach him. Our three movers, Igor, Alex and Tim arrived early and got to work quickly. They were very friendly, professional, and incredibly efficient. Everything was moved to the correct places, and they even helped us move some of the stuff that was already at the new house. Not to mention, they were very careful and nothing was damaged. I am so impressed with the level of service from North east movers, and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a stress free moving day!

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    Fri Feb 20 2015

    I hired Frank and his team for a residential move and I was very pleased with their service. To start with, Frank was very clear about the billing. There were no surprises before, during or after the move. Due to weather, I asked to change the date a few days in advance and Frank was very accommodating. During the move, the guys worked very hard and fast. They disassembled and reassembled 2 beds and a few other pieces of furniture in no time. I can happily recommend them to anyone who wants to move with as few headaches as possible.

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    Thu Feb 19 2015

    They came on time, phone in advance. I never used a mover so didn't know what to expect. They kept us informed all the way. Told us how they would load fragile items such as a piano. Everything arrived very well it was all a good experience for us.

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    Wed Feb 18 2015

    We are in the middle of our move. The on-site movers were on-time, professional and courteous. At first, we were dissatisfied with the administrative folks. We were concerned about an overall lack of responsiveness and a change to our moving date. However, after we escalated our concerns, we were pleased to have a very friendly customer service person (Laurie) work with us to resolve the situation to our satisfaction. Overall - worth considering.

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    Tue Feb 17 2015

    The movers were prompt, courteous, fast, and very hard workers. All of my belongings were treated with the utmost care and nothing got damaged. I will certainly tell friends, family, and anyone I know who is moving to give them a call. Thanks again, guys!

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    Mon Feb 16 2015

    Unfortunately, I don't remember our movers' names but the two guys we had were just fantastic! They showed up on time, moved our belongings pretty quick and careful. We were on the 4 Th floor and we had a big couch that would not fit on the small service elevator but they moved it up without a complaint. It was a terribly cold day and they remained pleasant and professional. And I will use their service again and would recommend them to my friends.

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    Sun Feb 15 2015

    I don't know other companies rather than north east because it was my very first moving, plus it was a long distance moving. I moved two bed apartment and I had only one week to be ready for it. So, I booked appointment with very first company that I found. It became a hit in the bull's eye :). Things went swimmingly and I am happy. I had to arrive ASAP and didn't even had chance to watch my movers packing my things, but they did it great! Everything came safe and in perfect shape. Awesome!

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    Fri Feb 13 2015

    Planning to move and being pregnant with twin babies, I recognized we will definitely need movers help. We employed north east movers (I liked the name). I can't say that they're cheap but their prices are more or less reasonable. I'm happy we didn't have any extra charges. They broke one flower container and were going to pay for it, but I say forget about. In rest everything went smoothly, no complaints

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    Tue Feb 10 2015

    Excellent and professional movers. Those three guys just rocked! We had no idea how much "possession" we gathered up during the last few years. So, they had to run a lot! By the way, they offered moving supplies and covered all our stuff for extra safety. We are really satisfied with our choice. Thank you.

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    Mon Feb 09 2015

    North east movers and the crew are amazing! They are really helpful and I am happy with our choice. They helped me move my apartment and storage unit to my new home. They helped us to organize our move and pack our boxes.

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    Sun Feb 08 2015

    We needed movers in a quick hurry as we only got occupancy of a condo last minute. Russell at north east movers who we dealt with was very accommodating and made it happen. The truck was on time and the guys where very courteous and professional. Excellent & professional service A++ Thank you

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    Fri Feb 06 2015

    These guys were excellent. Extremely fast and efficient. They took care not to damage anything; made sure our boxes were placed in the appropriate rooms; and asked questions to ensure that there was no confusion. I have asked around, and everyone is astonished by how affordable and professional these guys were. I would use them again in a second.

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    Thu Feb 05 2015

    I used North East Movers, this past summer and they were the most professional and organized and still to this day the best movers I have ever used. I will definitely call them again. Thanx

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    Wed Feb 04 2015

    Very professional and did the job done efficiently with no problems. Definitely a company that is reliable. Contracted this company to move some heavy furniture around the house and the workers that came were quite polite and very friendly. Amazing service with amazing workers, contact them now if you need an in home move.