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American luxury department store chain headquartered in Seattle, Washington, and founded by John W. Nordstrom and Carl F. Wallin in 1901 Website

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    Wed Nov 30 2011

    I live in Canada and ordered some boots from Nordstrom online. The ordering process was fine. The boots arrived and didn't fit. I had to call for a return authorization number which turned in to a long wait on hold. Then I had to wait for an email with instructions for the return by courier. Then call the courier to arrange pickup. This was a long tedious process. But the worst part was the price. This whole bad experience of shopping at Nordstrom cost me $51 in shipping fees. Please beware Canadian customers, returns are extremely costly at Nordstroms.

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    Thu Nov 24 2011

    I am a huge fan of Nordstrom and the majority of my shopping is done at Nordstrom. Their customer service is terrific, 90% of the time their sales reps are very helpful/knowledgable and the return policy is like no other. I have had a couple not so great experiences, but when I explained to a manager they instantly rectified the situation. That is customer service! I shop in the store and online pretty much on a biweekly basis. I've really enjoyed all my shopping experiences. I am a devoted and loyal Nordstrom customer.

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    Sun Oct 16 2011

    This was my first time ordering from Nordstrom and my last. I ordered Lancome's rose coquette eyeshadow palette as Sephora did not carry it. Well, the product took 2 weeks to deliver and it was a mess! First of all, for a small palette, they had wrapped it in two huge heavy duty papers inside a box big enough to stuff a dvd player! Seriously! I though they had sent me an empty box as when I opened it it was nothing but paper after paper. Finally I unwrapped more paper and there was my palette! Smiling, I opened it only to find to my dismay the palette was BROKEN. Yes, there was no pink eyeshadow but pink crumbled pieces mixed with brown and black. A rainbow of mish-mashed pieces. You know, I seriously doubt that it was the shipping process that broke the palette given the way it was so heavily wrapped inside a huge box! Come on Nordstrom! Do you have drunk elves packing the internet orders? I have ordered eyeshadows from Sephora, Lancome, Sears and Estee Lauder websites and none, I re... Read more

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    Thu Oct 13 2011

    A Terrible place to work, and as a worker witnessing the madness, A horrible place to shop. It's only appeal is it's manufactured reputation that has led the public to view it as something exclusive and grand. It's all smoke and mirrors until you step instead. Materialistic people are blinded by the brands and association, but in reality the store is no better than any other cluttered poor customer service store. They consider their "customer service" to be the best in the business, well that's just talk on the corporate end, in reality customers come last unless a particular employee is trying to meet a quota or keep their job, customer service isn't genuine, it's all about keeping your job and making the sell, just engaging with a customer whether they buy or not is not what they want their employees doing. Nordstrom's is Definitely not a job to base your future on, or even base your week on because you can be easily fired with only 2 seconds notice, if that. It’s like project runwa... Read more

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    Wed Jun 22 2011

    When you enter a Nordstrom store to shop and are bothered by the overly aggressive sales people trying really hard to be fake nice and make you buy something it's not your imagination. Employees at Nordstrom work on commission and have quotas to make so they are in dire need to sell you something. They don't make much commission either, and when you don't buy something they feel like you were a total waste of time. Also, yes you are being judged on what your wearing and how you look. You get sized up, and if you look 'rich' then the Nordstrom employee thinks "jackpot! my big sale for the day!" and attacks you with only one intention in mind. I used to work at Nordstrom and considered it just a job until college started back again in the fall. I worked in the women's department that sold mostly designer jeans and tops, and can not understand why or how Fortune decided that this was one of the best companies to work for. It was a nightmare. My manager who had worked for Nordstrom for 9 y... Read more

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    Tue Mar 15 2011

    Because Nordstrom has such a good reputation I checked them out when purchasing my wedding shoes. I've been severely disappointed ever since. I purchased my shoes online and the shoe itself had great reviews, other than one person saying that they received a product that had been squashed during shipping, so I didn't think that there would be any problems. My shoes arrived and I was a little confused by the fact that there was a store receipt of purchase from The Mall Of America with my name on it, but assumed that must have been where they were available from at the time and that Nordstrom simply wanted to fulfill the order quickly. When I took them out of the package I was sorely dissapointed to see that the shoes have been tried on before, in fact so many times that they were quite worn out, the straps where you would buckle the shoe on are completely trashed like you would expect to see on a pair that you've had in your closet for several years. Since the shoes didn't fit perf... Read more

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    Wed Jan 26 2011

    Terrible, terrible. So I tried to change the shipping method because I was sure I was not going to be home on the date of expected delivery. The UPS guy usually leaves the package on my front door, so.. Well, so I talked to a representative online. She realized my name on the chat window didn't match my original name i placed my order. My order wasn't eligible for pickup at a UPS facility due to "security purposes." Wow. I felt like a criminal. There wasn't any effort whatsoever that tried to figure out that I was actually their customer. They just said no, im sorry, no im sorry to all my questions. Very annoyed. I mean, if I were them, at least I would have made the effort to give me a call that's on their records to make sure I was I. So.. if a waiter at a restaurant asks for a picture ID for security purposes when I'm paying with a credit card I would be very happy and even thankful for asking me. But this is a whole different story. So I asked them, so is it because I u... Read more

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    Mon Dec 20 2010

    I normally don't shop at Nordstrom because of the pricier clothes, but I have to say every time I've gone there they employees have been pretty nice. The place is very clean and organized unlike Macy's or Kohls, and the employees more than likely will approach you and ask if everything is going okay, etc. Some even like to carry on little conversations and such, but some are a little snooty and will ignore you but it's not a huge deal, I guess. I think Nordstrom is overall a quality place to shop with nice employees if you are willing to empty out the wallet a little bit :)

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    Tue Nov 30 2010

    I tried to order my wedding dress with one week to spare from nordstrom! I called to place the order and was told that my card would not go through. I was given and order number and told to call back. I called the credit department and was told that Nordstrom took it upon themselves to close the account because I hadnt used it recently enough. I called to finalize the order 10 minutes later and instead of actually holding it like they said, they had sold the only one! Why would they give me an order number and tell me to call back? If they dont take something like a wedding dress seriously, then they cannot have any of my business.

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    Wed Nov 24 2010

    I am from EU and placed and order online, cardigan (was reduced, originally 242 USD), and small tee for 25 USD. The shipping costs are crazy - about 70 USD + tax (20%) (why the charge the tax, it is a very good question). Anyway, i thought, i get a nice cardigan at good price and will pay the shipping costs. 3 days later as nothing has happened, i emailed the Nordstrom and asked about the status. The reply shocked me!!!! "your order was shipped, but only the Tee, the cardigan is no longer available". I tried to cancel the order but it is not possible since "it is in procees and can not be canceled". So they cancel the main item (the reason of the order) and shipped an 25 USD item for 70USD shipping costs!!! even without asking me!!!!! I have NEVER seen such a terrible service. Will definitely NEVER order ny nordstrom anymore!!! P.S. the solution from customer service is - just to refuse the package, they will ask thier partner fiftyone to refund the shipping costs. HA! but nobody in... Read more

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    Fri Oct 08 2010

    always heard Nordstrom has very good customer service, but what I just experienced is terrible, terrible, terrible. I placed an order of shiseido products when they had the promotion of beauty gifts and GWP. On my order confirmation, there were three gifts came with the order. since there is one Nordstrom very close to where I live, I chose in store pick up. The second day, I went to the store for picking up, the lady there told me I only got two products I ordered in store, and I would get all the gifts by mail in 3 to 6 days. so, I waited and waited, after a week, nothing come. Then I called them by phone. first, they said because I chose in store pick up, I was not qualified for the gift. but I didn't find any thing about this policy on my order confirmation, then the customer service transferred me to some beauty hotline, the lady there gave me the same Shxx at first, then she gave me another excuse like those gifts are not available any more, after I showed disappointment, s... Read more

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    Sat Sep 04 2010

    Normally I am not too big of a fan of high end department stores, mainly because they only showcase the most popular items from each brand. However, I really enjoy shopping at nordstroms for all occasions, and casual wear. Nordstroms covers a large demographic; and suits people with different styles. They sell the very well known brands, and virtually every article of clothing on their line, like lacoste, burberry, true religion, jimmy choo, ray ban, oakley, and deisal. But they also sell the casual, less expensive brands like various graphic ts and levi jeans. Even thouugh they are less expensive, they still look great. Nordstroms also offers very good customer service, having an abundance of workers at each section

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    Mon Aug 02 2010

    Fabulous customer service! Every time I shop here, I am not disappointed. Whether it be the fact that they always carry the exact items I am looking for, or the helpfulness of the sales associates to help locate the items I can not find - I'm always satisfied when I walk out. In fact a couple weeks ago an associate saw that I was browsing the denim leggings and took me behind a curtained area to look at more of the upcoming fall sale items that were similar. I was impressed with her attention to detail and her pleasant non pretentious demeanor when telling me about the new items. I also have to mention that they have a great return policy and I never feel reluctant to do so. The only caveat is that prices run high, but for the quality? So very worth it.

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    Mon Jul 05 2010

    I was charged $75 on an overpriced dress for alterations. I understand that it is company policy not to charge for hems, but I got over charged. The other alteration was the shoulders. When returned, the dress no longer had the loops in the shoulders, so now it doesn't stay on the hanger!

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    Sun Jul 04 2010

    Today we visited Nordstrom Rack #71 at South Towne Commons Utah, and one thing made us wonder-Why do we need show our ID when paying as a debit card and already doing our PIN number??!! And why did they ask our ID when they heard my daughter talk in Russian, I asked the sales person to call a manager it was Dallas Syme (assistant manager, mens clothes) I asked him the same question-Why do we have to show our ID when paying with a debit card??!! He said that it was for our protection BUT thank you very much and we have protection thats why we have a PIN number on our card, I asked for him to show the rules of the store, in the rules it was nothing about showing an ID with a debit card, I asked his website where we could of left a comment he said that Nordstrom Rack doesnt have any site and that was a lie, our purchase today was the last that we made in Nordstrom Rack in South Towne.

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    Fri Jun 18 2010

    I love Nordstrom! what a classy nice place. Designer and name brands, with great costumer service. I always get true religion pants and graphic t shirts from here. they also have nice shoes! Great cholone section as well! The people here are very friendly, they always help you!. Their clothes look very nice and excellent quality! did i mention their return policy! Their stuff might be a little expensive for some, but to me its worth it.

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    Mon Jun 07 2010

    I have bought online from Nordstrom’s 3 times in the past. This time was the worst. My order just shy of $400.00 and they sat on it for 4 business days before sending it to their 2nd party shipping location FiftyOne. When I realized it still had not shipped by near business end on the 4th day, both locations told me they had not shipped my order out so I requested a cancellation. (I paid extra for express shipping as well) Nordstrom’s consider express shipping is US Post/Canada Post in my situation. So to make a long story short, they said they cannot cancel my order where ever it may be at this point. Somewhere in purgatory between Nordstrom’s warehouse and the shipping warehouse maybe. The shipping warehouse seems to operate with 2 tin cans and a string, because they cannot stop my order from shipping all the way to Canada, only to be returned. Talk about bad for the environment. It took 6 emails to get them to agree to reimburse the shipping for this order from hell. ... Read more

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    Thu May 27 2010

    Nordstrom used to be great, but they have gone downhill. I ordered a pair of black leather sandals in size 7.5 online. Got them today and they were brown, a different brand, and size 9.5. Called them to get my order correct and it was no longer available "sorry!" So now I get to go wait in line at the post office to send these shoes I didn't order back. Nordstroms cost me and they were almost smug about it. Not pleased.

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    Tue Mar 30 2010

    Any store that is willing to provide such a wonderful return policy for their products shows their commitment to quality and the quality those products hold. Your getting your value at Nordstroms they are willing to stand by their products, this shows that they truly want to make the customer completely happy. Nordstroms is real class because they do this. Neimans is focused on selling and their looks, not the inner beauty/quality or recognizing value in ALL their customers; Neimans is too focused on helping those with 7 figures. I mention Neimans because there is an overwhelming and continuing debate between the two companies; I want to further emphasize the success of Nordstroms by its comparison to its snooty rival. A Dispenser/internet will replace Neimans in the future, however Nordstroms will surpass this increasingly popular way of shopping due to its customer service. Where Nordstroms trys to make the customer happy Neimans trys to see how the customer can make themselves happy... Read more

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    Thu Mar 11 2010

    I shop frequently at Nordstroms at Short Pump in Richmond. I always appreciated the polite but casual sales people. While shopping this past weekend, 18 sales associates asked if they could help me within 45 minutes. I believe I can't be the only shopper who is not interested in engaging in conversation ...... can't I just look around or must I recite all considerations so that I can be left alone. Something unfortunate has happened to the laid back atmosphere. One sales associate was so anxious to "start me a dressing room" she grabbed what was in my hand, along with my purse, the contents of which were sprayed on the ground. It's really so sad that Nordstroms has encouraged their sales people to stalk shoppers attempting to engage them in ridiculous conversation and even suggesting that you commit their name to memory. Some of us just want to be left alone.

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    Tue Feb 02 2010

    OK, call me a snob but I refuse to give up shopping at Nordstrom in favor of the so called "discount" department stores. The buyers for Nordstrom always seem to be on the cutting edge of fashion so whenever I need a new outfit, this is usually one of the first places I look. They carry nearly every upscale brand and the employees are always willing to help you find exactly what you need even if it means ordering it for you or tracking it down at another store. Nordstrom offers a classy shopping experience each and every time so even if I don't have much money; I can still feel like I do when I shop here!

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    Tue Oct 06 2009

    poor quality. Hi, I purchased three suits on the 28th November 2008, worth US$ 4256.09, (two Armani's and one Canali). one of the Armani's...

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    Sat Aug 15 2009

    I live near SIX Nordstrom, TWO Saks Fifth Avenue,& TWO NEIMAN MARCUS stores. I have a lot of experience with ALL of them. Nordstrom is very hit or miss in customer service with incomplete selection in better merchandise brands/styles. One day you'll walk into Nordstrom & get good treatment & the next day they are just TERRIBLE! I have spent thousands one day & got treated indifferently or rudely the very next day! Our Mom is a life long fashionista, who usually does quite well in Neiman Marcus & Bergdorf Goodman. Neiman Marcus & Bergdorf Goodman are TOP NOTCH from top to bottom in terms of top quality brands & service. Nordstrom is just an upstart wannabe shoe store from Seattle that in the last decades aspired to become a specialty store. Our Mom rarely purchases anything in Nordstrom & I'll tell you why. As a senior citizen she is regularly IGNORED by Nordstrom salesclerks. I have to LITERALLY physically GRAB one & drag them to her! I'm not kidding. That's not right that you have to ... Read more

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    Sun Jun 07 2009

    Nordstrom has great shoes. People do think it strange that I shop both Nordstrom's and Wal Mart in the same shopping trip though. Nordstrom is one of the few places that has 13 1/2 and 14 size shoes that are narrow width. Most places that do have 13 1/2 or size 14 shoes are always E width, and are of cheap quality. Not Nordstrom, you can get a 13 1/2 or 14 B shoe there and they actually had several to choose from .

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    Sun Apr 12 2009

    When I was eighteen years old, I was a “skater” type: Long hair, shabby clothes, etc. I didn't make much money at all, and thus dealt with the criticism associated with being less presentable. That summer, as I was heading to the mall with a friend, his mother asked us to return a pair of shoes she had recently bought at Nordstrom and worn once. Receipt in hand, we made our way. I admit we looked out of place, two skater punks in the womens' shoes section of Nordstrom, but we were polite people even back then. My friend approached the counter and exclaimed “I'd like to return these shoes for my mom.” The lady at the counter looked at the receipt, then the shoes, and asked “What's wrong with these shoes?”. “She didn't like the way they fit” he replied. “How many times did she wear them?”. “Once”. After speaking with another lady behind the counter, she concluded “Sorry. We can't refund these shoes since she didn't purchase them at this Nordstrom location”. It turns out she had bought t... Read more

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    Thu Jan 01 2009

    wow. some of these reviews are really out-of-date! I know for a fact that Nordstrom's does not carry any fur or use any real fur on its products. They are a very ethical company. Their pricing is very competitive for higher end merchandise. And of course, the customer service cannot be beat.

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    Wed Dec 24 2008

    I always get stellar service at Nordstrom's. If I am buying a higher quality product, I always go there, because it is the only major department store that doesn't treat me like a shoplifter when I'm walking through the store. I get the same great service from Nordstrom's as the cute little blonde in the expensive suit standing next to me. I have gone into Nordstrom's in my rattiest jeans, flip flops, and ballcap after working around the house and have always received impeccable service and attention. I don't care if it is more expensive, I am happy to pay for good service!

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    Mon Dec 08 2008

    Agreed to Doctore Of Madness. Nordstrom is a great store. Expensive, but soo worth it! Also their sales are always going on everyday..great ones too=) reasonable price for great quality. I love to shop there! They have everything you could possibly need.Although I do wish they had Louis Vuitton and Tiffany departments in there..=( so I do not have to drive ALL the way too Somerset. But it's all good. No complaints. And the sales people are wonderful..if you need to ask anything they help you in a snap.

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    Fri Nov 14 2008

    Nordstrom? The best department store! There is no question. Quality products at a reasonable price with superior customer service.

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    Fri Sep 19 2008

    Eh Nordstrom is just okay. Nothing to get super excited over. customer service is great especially the live chat option. The price adjustments for items that go on sale after you buy them is another great thing and easy. BUT here's where Nordstrom lost 2 stars....their retail establishments really need to learn how to teach their employees to help anyone and everyone. I went there dressed casually and didn't get the best service. I guess that's their loss because I was ready to spend a fortune but the service turned me off so I went elsewhere. Looks are deceiving and I must say they lost out on major purchases by me because of this.

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    Sat Aug 09 2008

    I work for Nordstrom, not going to say where or who I am obviously. Nordstrom is stuck up and kinda rude. Even the door man at the Corporate head quarters smiles to people selectively. Their Corporate life is like this as well, they will dump as much work on you as they can get away with and then maybe give you an award (which isn't anything great as far as $$$ go). People in the FLS store are also rude, even tho' in employee orientation they talk about that and say that they shouldn't be, but they are, snobby and hella rude, bunch of coke heads! - if they did a drug screen, a lot of people would loose their jobs. When I do use my employee discount, I get everything at the Rack, better deal anyways, people there are much nicer!!! I would pick the Rack over the FLS store any day. Nordstrom also pay far less for the same type of work, you'll get paid better money and better benefits somewhere else. If you don't like it, maybe you should leave ? Exactly! that's what ... Read more

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    Sat Jul 19 2008

    Other stores should take lessons from Nordstrom.

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    Fri Jul 11 2008

    a lot of people talk about how nordstrom is over priced. Did you know that if you find the same item at another store that is less expensive, Nordstrom will beat it by a dollar? Very true.. Try it!

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    Wed Jun 11 2008

    Great customer service! I want something online but I want to pick it up from the store. However, the price was different...they gave the lower price and there was also a situation that my size was not at The Brea location so they look at the computer to find my size and deliver it to my home at no shipping fee. Sooo great!

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    Tue Apr 01 2008

    Samantha Denbow at the Anastasia Brow Studio inside Nordstrom is the best! She helped me grow out my over tweezed eyebrows into high brow perfection.

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    Sun Dec 02 2007

    I'd love to give this place a 5-star review, however outside of the actual spa treatments I received, the service was lousy. My facial was outstanding - I left without the usual "redness" and "irritation". My manicure was meticulous and lasted a week. The only reason I most likely won't return was the customer service I experienced with the reception area. It was not a busy day and the receptionist could barely be bothered to help me - much less answer the phone promptly. When she finally did assist me, it seemed as though I was interrupting her "busy day". I asked to speak to a manager - who surprisingly - did not apologize in the least bit way for her receptionist's behavior, but made excuses for it. It's a shame that one has to put up with this sort of behavior before such wonderful treatments.

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    Sun Nov 04 2007

    I love working for Nordstrom. They recognize and reward employees for hard work and great customer service. Everything they train us on revolves around benefiting our customers. We don't have stupid "policies" in the way of us actually assisting customers. I love working for a company that actually cares!!! Anyone who does have a bad experience at Nordstrom please report it to the customer service department or store manager. I promise that they care. We do not want anyone walking out of Nordstrom with an unpleasant experience. They can't fix a problem they don't know about.

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    Mon Sep 17 2007

    I really like Nordstrom's and find it easy to navigate in.  The sales people are helpful and pleasant. It's an upper scale store without the snobiness of other stores of its caliber. Depending on what you buy, it can be pricey.

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    Tue Sep 11 2007

    Overall, its awsome. It can be expensive which makes it a great gift.

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    Wed Aug 22 2007

    I work there and its very depressing. I want out of this company but I can't find another company I want with open positions! Working there sucks especially in a seasonal area. All the company cares about is how much they make, not what they want you to earn, I can barely afford to live... Palm Beach Gardens, FL

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    Tue Jul 24 2007

    Nordstrom associates provide exceptional service. The salespeople pay attention to detail, and truely listen to you. Nordstorm is always fully staffed unlike Macy's. Each time I shop at Macy's I end up on a wild goose chase for anyone to answer a simple question or ring my purchases. Shopping is supposed to be less of a task and more of a delight. Keep up the good work Nordy's.

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    Thu Jun 07 2007

    I bought crocs from the store in wellington at the mall. The guy said it would take 5 days to get here. It has been 2 weeks now and I still haven't received them. I called the store and there was no help. YOU SHOULD HIRE PEOPLE TO ANSWER THE PHONE.

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    Fri Mar 16 2007

    Horrible: Nordstrom's thinks it's Saks or Neiman's but peddles pseudo-upper-middle junk. And if you're minority, think twice about going there. They may put up politically correct posters celebrating "African-American month" or "Asian-American month", but if you're either, don't be surprised if the salesladies help a white person--even when you get there first.

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    Tue Mar 06 2007

    Nordstrom is an excellent store. The prices are high, but the quality is superior, and the customer service is the best in the business. If they continue to have flawless customer service and outstanding merchandise built to last, I will continue shopping with them.

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    Wed Aug 23 2006

    In Short Founded as a Seattle shoe store in 1901, this popular chain is now known for manageably priced designer duds. Shoppers find a hint of sophistication in the store's white floors and pianists on baby grands. Unique departments include the Brass Plum juniors' section with Ruby Rox and Diesel, and Studio 121 for career-savvy women. A business-centric men's clothing department offers Ben Sherman suits, while relaxed styles from Marc Jacobs and Lacoste are in The Rail department.

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    Sun Aug 13 2006

    The customer service is always great here. The quality of their items are too. I love Nordstrom. And if you're ever unhappy with anything, you can return it, even if it's months later. They take anything back.

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    Fri Jun 16 2006

    Top notch customer oriented store. One of the better paying retail stores around.

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    Sun Apr 16 2006

    The only other spas that could top this one are in Las Vegas. The facilities were nice, we were welcomed promptly and offered something to drink while waiting, cushy robes, and they rub your feet and give you one of those aromatic neck rests before your massage. Wish the facilities were bigger and had a wet/dry sauna or whirlpool, but still nice.

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    Sun Apr 09 2006

    The Scene Resembling other storefronts in the North Bridge shopping center, Spa Nordstrom's reception area is stocked with soaps, candles, creams and serums. After checking in, patrons are led to the coed spa where an ultra-fluffy robe and slippers await; then it's off to the waiting lounge for an herbal foot bath. Coffee-colored walls and treatment tables draped in linens and luxurious down comforters bring to mind a posh boutique hotel. The friendly staff is attentive, if a bit rushed in its comings and goings. The Services Notable treatments include a refreshing Cold Marine facial that alternates cooling creams and warm towels and steam. Facials incorporate arm and lower-leg massages with moisturizing mitts for hands and feet for all-over relaxation. Pedicures are performed with precision and skill, but overbooking is an occasional problem; the quiet waiting lounge accommodates overflow clients--it's comfortable, but not well lit. Several packages combine the most popular treatment... Read more

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    Sun Mar 26 2006

    I suppose if I grew up with wealth I'd have a different opinion, but Nordstrom is for snobbish, snooty, rich clientel who expect a lot of brown nosing. Nordstrom Rack is more my speed and it's interesting to see how high the original prices were on the Rack goods - even more interesting to recognize that there are people out there who pay the original prices.