Nioxin produces a line of hair loss treatment shampoos that attempt to inhibit DHT - thus fighting hair loss. Nioxin is produced by the Nioxin Research Labs.

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    Fri Aug 31 2012

    I started using this product a month and 20 days ago. so i have taken apx 52 pills. The reason I am taking this product is becz I wanted to see if it would help my hair grow longer. I am black america, with a little past my shoulders hair length. I am a natural that has bleached her hair about a 1yr ago and I use manic panic and henna on my hair. What I have noticed: First thing I noticed is my eyelashes have gotten long!! I usually apply gobs of mascara to get that long full look. I only need one application of mascara, two apps makes my lashes look almost false..(that really tripped me out). My hair I have only noticed some minimal growth but in some areas it has grown more than others.. So right now my hair is growing uneven, but growing none the less. I will continue taking it and at the end of the bottle I will post an update. ~AG

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    Mon Apr 16 2012

    My husband uses Nioxin hair loss shampoo and the results are great. Highly recommended.

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    Sun Nov 13 2011

    When you use any hair product, it is important to read all the information carefully. It is especially important to understand how the product works and what kinds of side effects can be expected

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    Mon Jun 20 2011

    I can recommend a reputable pharmacy I received the order and it was on time and the pills work great.

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    Wed Apr 13 2011

    I've used Nioxin for 5-6 years now. The supplements helped produce new growth, the shampoo and scalp treatments help prevent the hair I already from falling out. On occasion I've tried other products and within a week I experience accelerated hair loss, so I've learned to remain faithful to this product. I use #3 or #4 for chemically treated hair. I'm 54 and my hair began thinning at 40.

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    Tue Feb 08 2011

    im 18 years old and my hair has started to go back in my temples and my hair is just wiry and has no flow to it. ive used this product for about 5months and have noticed much thicker hair but no result in hair revival

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    Wed Feb 02 2011

    i am 72 years old male and definetely noticed my hair was thinning all of a sudden. i attributed it to stress and posible deression meds i staRTED to take and have since stopped. researched the web and spent about $100 on nioxin products. have been using them consistently for about 6 months. if anything my hair is even thinner than before, and has lost any of its luster. i am really freaked out by this loss of hair and will not take a cru cut again for fear it will show even more, not a very good sign for a single guy who untill about 8 months ago had a full head of healhy hair. not sure if i should continue to use this product or not. i have plenty of it left and wish i could get my money back. i really think im thinning out more since using it than before. very frustrated and would not rcommend this product

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    Tue Jan 25 2011

    I'm in my early 20's and my hair became noticeably thinner due to my birth control. I got off the medication and the hair loss stopped. I really want my hair to be thicker again... should i use this product? I can't afford to lose any more hair!! Please comment!!

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    Mon Jan 24 2011

    This product is AWFUL. I have very thin fine hair, so I thought Nioxin would work wonders. But NO. After about a week of using it my hair seemed thicker and stronger, but after a month of using it my hair constantly falls out and is thinner than before! I've been trying to thicken my hair so I can be able to grow it out, anyone know of any better products? HELP!

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    Wed Jan 19 2011

    I myself am currently using this, and yes I notice a bit of a difference, but I would not call it "hair loss treatment". Also PLEASE BE WARNED that the vast majority of posters writing extremely positive reviews for this product have only 1 review in their entire posting history - this one. Doesn't that seem a little suspicious to you?

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    Thu Jan 13 2011

    Um? Wasn't this what Homer used in The Simpsons? If so it worked great!

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    Thu Jan 13 2011

    i am a 22 year old male. i started noticing thinning wen i was 17. i used nioxin for bout a year and it stopped the progressive balding and i was regaining sum hair. i have also used rogaine and had similar results. both products work for sum people but not all. so i say give it a try. at least three months before seeing any real results. rogaine took about 6 months to notice results. better than jus watching all ur hair go down the drain n not do anything bout it.

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    Sat Jan 08 2011

    My hair started falling out in clumps in the shower so I bought the number 4 nioxin. Every time I use it which is about twice a week I notice that about 30 strands of hair comes out in the shower. I have noticed that my calic is starting to grow hair there that I haven't had in a while. It also does not do much for my frizzies actually makes them look worse. I am going to continue to use it about twice a week to see what happens. I don't notice as much hair loss in the shower when I use my other shampoo but then again I am not massaging the scalp which your supposed to do with the nioxin.

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    Wed Dec 01 2010

    I have used Nioxin shampoo and conditioner for the last 4 years. It was recommended to me by my hairdresser when I complained about how fine my hair was becoming. I started with the #3 system but didn't notice much of a difference so I switched to the #4 system. I wasn't sure I was seeing results but by the time I went in for my next hair appointment she made a comment about how much thicker my hair was. Like some others have mentioned, I got tired of spending so much money on it and would go back to the less expensive products, only for the fineness to return. So I'm back to my nioxin and will continue using it as it's the only thing that gives me results (I've tried other "volumizing" shampoo's and conditioners but none were effective). Do you see results overnight? No. But if you continue using it correctly (and have the right system for your hair), I guarantee you will see results.

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    Thu Nov 11 2010

    Well, I sure didn't vote for him, and I think the whole Watergate thing was a disgrace.

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    Thu Nov 11 2010

    About 5 years ago, hair stylist advised me to try Nioxin products as my hair was beginning to get a little think on top of my head.; tried it, used it for several yeas and found that my hair did seem thicker than before. Stopped using it for awhile when forced to retire on a tight budget; however, I find my hair is starting to look quite thin again. Am going to begin using Nioxin shampoo and treament again immediatly. It does take several months go notice the difference. I had no problem whatsoever with the scent of either nor do I have "an oily mess"---perhaps that person is or was experiencing some health problems as I know it shows immediately in our hair. I would highly recommend it to anyone experiencing hair loss. I am in my 70's and find it works for me!

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    Tue Oct 19 2010

    Now obviously everyone has different reactions to everything. This is my story, no idea if it will work for anyone else. I was 25 yrs old and starting to lose my hair, I tried Rogain for a while but I felt like it had an adverse effect on my crotch region and didn't grow my hair back I was on my last haircut, my next cut was going to be a shaved head. My barber told me to try it. So I got #2 shampoo and conditioner. When I got into the shower I would use the shampoo, shave, rinse my head and put the conditioner in while I finished. I did not notice anything for a long time, I noticed 3-5 months in that my hair stopped falling out. After 8-14months I noticed my hair was fuller. But you have to stick with it, I mean you shampoo your hair anyway so you might as well use this. I have been using it for almost 9 years and I would say my hair is 95% back and it seems to be the limit. I only use the shampoo, I but a large bottle maybe 3 times a year, about $150 bucks a year, not outr... Read more

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    Sun Oct 17 2010

    i have three kids and after each pregnancy i lost a huge amount of hair. my doc did some tests said it was normal, hormonal so i started taking hair supplements and went on a high protein diet also my hair stylist sold me nioxin for thining hair. its only been two months on the shampoo and my hair feels soft with so much volume. yes i did get a rash and a red scalp. but the end result i found it works i can see baby hairs ,its fixed my long hair so much that i dont have to cut it. i know with hope and positive thinking its going to give me good results. i have tried so many shampoos!!but i tell u this product its worth all the money. and through our lord jesus my hair its going to grow. and exercise helps hair growth. my system works and i see new hair grwoing im so happy.

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    Thu Oct 14 2010

    I just sat and read every review on this site. Let me just say that I am a 41 year old male who has always had a fond appreciation for my thin but great looking head of hair. I had noticed it thinning for a few years now and mentioned it to my girlfriend who has been doing hair for 20 years and been running a cosmetology school for several years. She told me that there is a product out there that I could use that would possibly work that may not regrow hair but maintain what I have. We searched the internet and compared both Rogain and Nioxin and decided to go with the Nioxin. Luckily for me, she has a cosmetology license and can purchase these products without the salon markup. I am usining the #2 treatment and have been for about 2 1/2 month's. I originaly thought that this stuff was not working at all, recently I noticed my hair to be a little bit thicker and after reading all of the other reviews I went and looked in the mirror and found that I even have some regrowth at the... Read more

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    Wed Oct 13 2010

    This stuff is AWFUL and does NOT work. I have used it for about two months now and have not noticed any difference whatsoever except that my hair is constantly greasy because of it. The shampoo/conditioner smells like mint and the scalp treatment smells like rotten eggs. My hair has also become EXTREMELY prone to knots. If anything, Nioxin has made me lose even more hair because of all the knots it creates for me.

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    Thu Oct 07 2010

    I used it for 9 months and my hair is more fine then before.I wish i never used it.I lost so much hair that i cant even tie back.When i tie back u can see my bald spot.I dont know how i can get all those hair back .Now its up to god to help me.

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    Tue Sep 21 2010

    so I bought #1 shampoo and conditioner tonight and I was soo excited to wash my hair! My mother has noticeably thinning hair and over the last couple years, I noticed my hair is starting to thin out just a small amount. So I lather the shampoo for a minute as instructed... no prob. Then the conditioner!! I started crying in the shower because all these strands of hair started to come out!!!! It was on for maybe 20seconds and I washed it out right away. My scalp is still tingly after an hour. I took a picture of the loss of hair that I collected on the corner of the tub with my camera phone if anyone wants proof. It's a good 30 strands in one go - and when you don't have a lot of hair to begin with - that is very significant!! Please comment!

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    Mon Sep 13 2010

    All my hair is falling out!! Oh no!!! I know people are saying its supposed to shed in the first two weeks but I really hope my hair comes back:(. The smell isn't that bad like people are saying and others were overreacting on the "rashes" and "burns", it says right on the bottle it "may cause temporary redness". I think step 2 is the reason all my hair is gone though. My scalp sure feels clean but it feels very BALD aswell and I'm only 20yrs old! All the positive reviews on here look to be fake to me too.

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    Sun Sep 12 2010

    I am that magician guy a few comments below and I forgot my password, so I'm going to make my update on a new account haha. Anyways, I think that the reviews on here are not specific enough. People need a little help understanding this product and what ya got to do. What I am referring to is STRICTLY the SHAMPOO and CONDITIONER. I have worst case scenario male pattern baldness genes, I was already losing my hair around 15 or 16. I used a bunch of products that beat it out and they were too expensive, but nioxin is the first I've come across that isn't expensive....BUT STILL WORKS FOR ME. In just a couple months I went from 87% full head of hair to about 96% now. And if I can beat male pattern baldness....almost anybody can. If you are allergic to this stuff, then that's the only reason you shouldn't take it. Other than that this stuff works. My barbor has never had a client that didn't have good results with this stuff.......EXCEPT THE PEOPLE THAT DIDN'T USE IT CORRECTLY. She told ... Read more

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    Thu Sep 09 2010

    I have used the shampoo, conditioner, & Nioxin Scalp Treatment System. I used this product for about 3 weeks. My scalp starting itching really bad and started breaking out. Then my forehead starting breaking and getting swollen. Slowly, next day my eyes starting to get all puffy and I could barely open my eyes. My face starting hurting. The next thing my entire face was all swollen. My eyes where red. I stop using the product immediately and consolidated a dermatologist. They did blood test and they found out the Nixon was the cause of my break out and allergy. I spend about $90.00 on there product. What a waist of money. I returned the product and got a full refund. I should have read this website before I bought this product from what people had to say. I think what happened to me is the same reviews that was posted on 7/26/2010 and 7/19/2010. I agree with both of there in puts.

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    Wed Sep 08 2010

    I am a 27 year old bi-racial female who started this life with an unusually thick head of hair. I had coarse, tight curls that coiled into an afro. However, a few years ago my scalp started itching unbelieveably. Right at the crown. It was almost painful to move my hair in certain directions. Then the crown and bang hair began to break. I had no idea what the problem was. I thought I was vitamin deficient. I fired sulfates. I tried supplements. 1 a day, biotin, fish oil, flaxseed, super B. It just made my hair oily in a day or so. If I wore my hair straight, it was flat. Then I saw a dermatologist and my PCP. The Derm. said it was dermatitis. helpful 8 /. My primary said I had high levels of DHEA, but was ignoring the fact that my hair was falling out and breaking off. My hair was brittle, frizzy, and dry all the way to root. After doing some research, I found that high DHEA can convert into testosterone, which then can turn into DHT. Could this be the cause. Well, to ... Read more

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    Thu Sep 02 2010

    The shampoo is great, the conditioner is too, both remove any itch from my scalp which I was getting on a regular basis, however, I have not grown back any hair and it isn't preventing my hair from falling out. The pump bottle of foam is strange, it sort of smells like something is burning to me? When I move my head and I smell it, it's... just strange, so I don't use it, maybe it's the secret, I don't know, but if you buy it you will know, or I'm just crazy, could be either honestly.

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    Thu Jul 29 2010

    I have used Nioxin for nearly ten years, with very good results. I threw away my shampoo and have only used Nioxin for hair care needs. The only disadvantages are you have to use it everyday and it makes your scape dry. I got lazy the last few months and used a different shampoo and let me tell you, my hair is noticable thinner. So I went looking for the booster which really helps your hair grow back, they have a new combination product that does not seem to work as well as the booster, I hope they put it back on the market.

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    Mon Jul 26 2010

    I used the shampoo and conditioner. The product made me break out on my forehead, gave me a pink eye, and made my scalp hurt all around. I had trouble sleeping at night and gave me a major head ache. It made my whole break out. Stay away from this product. It says it is suppose to be natural and good for your scalp.

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    Mon Jul 19 2010

    My stylist recommended Nioxin because I have thin fine hair. She told would do wonders for hair like mine. I was completely aware that this product does not regrow hair. I began to notice that I was loosing more and more hair. I do not have that much hair and I could not understand why this why happening. I told my doctor about the hair loss and tests were run and my hormone levels (thyroid and female levels were ok - yes I do take thyroid meds). I could not figure out what was the issue. When I went on vacation for a week, I did not use Nioxin and my hair looked great and I did not notice as much loss. When I got home I went back to using Nioxin and my hair just seemed to be flying off my head. I finally stopped using Nioxin 2 weeks ago and lo and behold there is a dramatic decrease in loss. I would consider it "normal" now. Sad thing is that I will never get the hair back I lost. I have patchy areas on my head and spend way too much time styling my hair to de-emphasize th... Read more

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    Fri Jul 16 2010

    I'm a 21 year old male, and the hair genes in my family are horrible! My brothers/dad/uncles/maternal grandfather are all bald/don't have much hair left. Most have started balding in their early to mid teen years. For the first 15 years of my life I had a full head of short 16 I grew it down to my eyes...and I noticed my head getting extremely itchy and hair falling out like that point I knew it was time to rock. So after hours of listening to me whine my old man searched for found an article in the paper about This is a great place and the success rate is 96% percent, but the stuff is as expensive as sh**. I'd book appointments and it would cost me 400 bucks for a 3 month supply. Every time I came out of there it felt like the guy mugged me.....but on the plus side I did get all my hair back (it stopped falling out when washing too). I used that stuff off and on for the next few years but I started maturing and realizing this st... Read more

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    Mon Jun 07 2010

    After a week of using this product I discontinued due to allergic reaction. I have never been more disappointed with a product, $200 I spent on the program.. What a waste.... You would think with the cost of the product and the obvious research conducted Nioxin would have come up with a product that works for all skin types or atleast a product for sesitive skin. BTW I have NEVER had a allergic reaction from anything in my life besides NIOXIN. Product should be reformulated or pulled from the market. 0 STARS!!!!

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    Sun Apr 18 2010

    I'm 28, and I got this product from my mom after the stylist at JCP referred it to her. I used it once about a month and a half ago, and when I went back to get my hair done (same stylist at JCP), she said she could tell where I had hairs growing in. Now that's not normal, but I see all the people on here who are saying they don't see any results and what not, and felt I had to share that to give some people some hope. I'm not getting thinning hair, my hair is just fine. I should be using 3, but my mom's was 4 (I wasn't going to buy something that expensive if it wasn't going to work, but my stylist said it's fine, either one would work). I've used it a few more times here and there, and I can totally tell a difference. And it's not one of those "Placebo Effect" things either. Other people have also noticed, and like the user a little further down said, my hair is growing super fast. I've never used any other hair growth or whatnot product because they seemed so scammy (for lac... Read more

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    Mon Apr 12 2010


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    Thu Mar 25 2010

    We got the srarter kit for my wife because she has a compromised immune system do to cancer treatment. She has begun loosing hair after it grew back.. I'm starting to bald a little. We thought we would both try the product to see if it would help. It immediately put red blochy itchy sores on my wifes scalp and face where the product must have washed onto. She quit using it immediately. I tried it and it made my head itchy. I'm still trying it for the remainder of the week. We may have to stop using it, as I think it is to strong for our skin types.

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    Thu Mar 11 2010

    Just one year ago, my hairline was receding quite rapidly even though I was only in my mid-20s. That was when I began using Nioxin under my buddy's advice. The first sign of improvement came quickly; I work at a computer, and after hours of work, hair would accumulate on my keyboard and desk, but that stopped happening after about one month of using just the Nioxin shampoo. So I began using the conditioner too and now, one year later, I am thrilled with the results. Hair loss has ceased entirely, and areas which had suffered losses now look and feel much thicker and healthier. I wouldn't be suprised to learn that my folicle count has increased dramatically. If you buy it at Costco, its not too painfully expensive, and one set of bottles will last about six months. Plus, hairloss prevention aside, the products' scent and effects as a regular shampoo and conditioner is evidently quite good, because my very picky girlfriend started using my Nioxin too even though she has thick hai... Read more

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    Mon Feb 15 2010

    Serious success story. (female) My hair has always been on the finer side. At about 24 I noticed my hair thinning a bit. I didn't pay it much mind until my brother noticed a year later. Then I started to pay attention and saw that my hair was always falling out. In the shower, on my brush. Hair. Everywhere. I had the appropriate response of freaking out and calling my mom. She sent me some Nioxin, which she said had helped her. I used the shampoo and conditioner with the scalp treatment. Religiously. My hair stopped falling out after a few weeks. After a few months I started getting compliments on how good my hair looked. It made a difference. I do have more hair in the area that was most noticeable. Its not as thick at it used to be, but to my relentlessly critical eye there has been an improvement. Nioxin worked for my mom also. Her hair thinned from normal aging and she was really self-consious. She has used the shampoo,condition and scalp treatment for about 4 years and her hair ... Read more

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    Wed Feb 10 2010

    I started using Nioxin products about 5 yrs. ago as my hair was falling out and becoming very thin. I am 66 yrs old. I began losing my hair right after a major heart surgery. I was told about this product and I began using it( the cleanser, scalp treatment and the root lifter). My hair quit falling out and became much more manageable within about 8 days. This year I had another two major surgeries,( double knee trans plants). My hair ,again, began falling out and became very fine and thin. But it didn't continue. After about a week it stopped. I continued to use the Nioxin products during this time.I swear if I didn't use Nioxin I would be wearing wigs by now. I love the root lifter as it gives my hair body and feels and appears to be much thicker. Now, I do have one negative comment. I have found from time to time the containers have been defective. I bought one bottle of the cleanser one time and got it home to use and when I used it for the first time the bottle just cracked in ... Read more

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    Sun Jan 17 2010

    I am 52 years old and have always had a very nice head of hair. A little over a year ago I started letting it grow out. About 4 months ago I started noticing some pretty sizable amounts of hair in the drain and in my brush. At first I thought it was just that I was noticing it because it was now much longer than before. Then, it got scary...I started noticing large amounts of hair in the shower drain. It was almost coming out in clumps. This didn't happen every day but, it was enough to scare the crap out of me. I always had a high hairline but, I also started seeing massive amounts of scalp at that hairline. It was recommended that I get the Nioxin #6 for medium/coarse hair and noticable hair loss. I read here and other places about the product and decided I would give it a try. Not much happened the first couple of days but, just as others have said here, on day three or four I noticed some extensive hair loss. This lasted a couple of days. Had I not read about it before starting... Read more

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    Wed Jan 06 2010

    I'm a 17 year old female that has thinning hair. At least it used to be thinning right up until I purchased Nioxin. I've only been using it for about two weeks, and I'm now seeing the effects. My hair has almost stopped falling out completely in the shower, which is why I'm writing this review. I just got out of the shower and after every shower I check the drain. I usually find a clump of hair, but not this time! I only found a few hairs! And when I wash, I'll have hairs tangle all around my fingers. I used to dread showers because of the hair loss. It would come out during the day and I'd find hair all over my clothes, it would come out anytime I'd try to style it or brush it, and I'd just find my hairs all over the place in my house. I asked a couple hairdressers when I would get my haircut what was going on, and they just told me it was normal...What? I don't think so! So I tried to ignore it, but it was just getting worse and worse. I took matters into my own hands and researched ... Read more

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    Sun Jan 03 2010

    I'm African American and I purchased Nioxin System 1 from JC Penny. After reading these reviews, I'm afraid to use; moreover, system 1 is for natural hair. I relaxed my hair back in Oct 2009. Can anyone provide me with more info? I don't want my hair to fall out nor do I want my scalp to react from this product. Thanks in advance

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    Mon Dec 28 2009

    I'm a 33 year old woman. I've always had tons of thick hair, but for at least several months I thought I had been noticing some thinning in the front. Initially I wondered if it was from wearing a baseball hat - I had been wearing a baseball hat to work everyday for 10 years. So I stopped wearing it as much as possible. The thinning seemed to be getting worse, and when I began to be able to see my scalp a little, I decided to ask my dermatologist about it. He said that baseball hats making you go bald is an old wives tail, and he believed I had female pattern balding. We did some blood work to make sure it wasn't an iron deficiency or thyroid problem, which it wasn't. He recommended rogaine for women. I mentioned it to my stylist, and she recommended Nioxin because she said you have to keep taking rogaine forever whereas you wouldn't necessarily have to do that with Nioxin. She picked up the #2 system for me. After using it a few times, I realized it wasn't the right one for me, but I ... Read more

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    Fri Dec 25 2009

    I've been using the 3-step System 1 set for about a month now. My scalp feels healthy but I notice that I loose at least 150 strands of hair each time I wash my hair and apply the conditioner and scalp treatment. My hair just falls out like crazy. I was just looking to thicken my hair and did not have noticeable thinning. My hair looks less dense now and I think I will have to stop using Nioxin and maybe consider Low Laser Light Therapy and hope for the best. I just hope all the hairs I lost during this period of Nioxin therapy will grow back and fill my scalp back in. I also have noticed a few pimples on my scalp. Maybe this system is clogging my pores/follicles? I gave this 2 stars because although I've been shedding hair like a cat, my scalp does feel refreshed and healthier.

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    Sat Dec 05 2009

    I have to admint that I was vey skeptical about Nioxin when I first heard about it. My thick, long hair was severely damaged after using the Haime Munoz 1-week straightener - something that I used once to combat the effects of humidity during a particulary hot and sticky week in early summer (2009). I browsed the Internet looking for people that had the same problem and found hundreds that lost the thickness, length (or both) of their hair after using Haime Munoz. My hair fell out so much and it became so thin, I was sure I would have to shave it all off and start over. Several people on a product review site for Haime Munoz said they used Nioxin shampoo, conditioner, and scalp treatment with outstanding results. After coming to the cinclusion that the reviews were real and not planted, I decided to try it, along with adding B-Complex 100 to my daily vitamin intake. After only one week, I kid you not, my hair started to look full again. It looked so healthy, I thought it was a miracle.... Read more

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    Wed Dec 02 2009

    I am a 37 year old male and I have recently noticed my hair thinning around the crown. I had been contemplating using Rogaine foam but was recommended Nioxin by my stylist. I have only been using the Nioxin Level 3 Cleanser and Scalp Therapy Conditioner every 3rd or 4th day while using my regular shampoo and conditioning products all of the other days as I was told by my stylist that using the Nioxin products everyday could dry out my hair and scalp and may cause a little irritation. So every 3rd or 4th day it is. It has only been 3 weeks since I started this routine with Nioxin and I litteraly was just looking in the mirror and noticed several new hair sprouts growing in at my hair line above my forehead!!! So I immediately and excitedly ran in and found someplace (here) to write a personal review. Now I can't tell just yet how the product is working on the crown of my head, however, if the new hairs I found at my hairline is any indication of how well and how quickly these produ... Read more

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    Mon Nov 23 2009

    When starting to experience hair loss or thinning hair you look into these types of products with alot of optimism because you see all of these 5 star reviews a you ignore the 1 star reviews cause that couldnt possibly happen to you, Well it happened to me. I gave nioxin a heck of a shot, ive used it for over a year now. I used the level 1 and 2 nioxin package. When i started using it i had a recieding hair line but nothing too bad, i was just looking for a product to take care of it, little did i know this gamble would cost me alot of hair and has left me feeling like i cant stop using the product or more hair will fall out. Ive really lost hope about finding a product that works. I have followed every direction the instructions have given and still no results. Im disappointed that this product didnt help because I started as a 18 year old with a little bit of a recieding hair line and now im a 19 year old with noticable hair loss issues. I wish anyone luck who purchases this product ... Read more

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    Sat Nov 21 2009

    I have typical fine asian hair. I've been extremely stressed out due to work and noticed that my hair was A LOT thinner than usual. I've been using Nioxin for a week now and noticed that my hair stopped coming out in clumps. Hopefully, after a few months of using this product my hair can become thicker! I will keep you updated!

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    Sat Nov 21 2009

    I tried Nioxin because a have always had thin hair(23 years old), its in my genes. But after my last pregnancy i noticed my hair was extremely thin, i could see my scalp through my hair everywhere. A friend recommended it to me (her mother uses it) and i have hed great sucsess. But I do other things to improve my hair. I use the complete line shampoo, conditioner, and leave in. i massage my head regularly, once a week i go to sleep with olive oil in my hair (put a towel down on your pillow case) i take vitamins for hair skin and nails everyday, and i also try to eat more lean protien and drink soy milk (soy is excellent for your body). I blow dry my hair everyday, i know this isnt good, but i dont look good with out it. anyways, with this combination, i have actually had new hair growth! I have bangs, and if you pull them back you can see a whole new line of hairs coming in,(about 1/4 inch long) i do not have breakage at this point because i rarely wear my hair back, these are new hair... Read more

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    Sun Nov 15 2009

    so far it is kind of really bad, I have been using the nioxin #2 foam scalp treatment for thinning hair. After four days I could see a difference, my thinning hair looked thicker and I could feel small baby hairs growing, then after a week my scalp got very, very red, blotchy, swelling, scalp got very dry and flaky, the red blotchy spots spread to my forehead and it is causing my scalp and the area behind my ears to be very sore. I have stopped using it and bought the vitamin Biotin to help. I haven't used the nioxin in two days, the redness and swelling is slowing going away, my scalp and behind my ears are still sore. I used a old hair remedy for the dryness, I soaked my hair in extra virgin olive oil, leaving it in my hair and on my scalp for a couple of hours and it has helped with the dry and flaky scalp. Be careful of this product, if you are a person who is sensitive to products, chemicals and have skin allergies, I would think twice about using this product.

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    Tue Oct 27 2009

    I have been using Nioxin for about 6 months and it is the best product I have ever used, my hair is growing and getting thicker, since I had a hysterectomy in 1998, my hair has been getting thinner and thinner, but ever since I use this shampoo it looks great and I also use the vitamins now and my fingernails are the strongest they have ever been. Thanks Nioxin for giving me life back in my hair.