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    Sun May 12 2013

    Bought mine from Jessops last week. Lovely little camera and easy to use. Takes clear pictures with good definition and colour. I'm no photographer but I found this easy to use and simple to understand and I'm happy with what it does. Cost me £120 in Jessops at Bury st Edmunds Suffolk.

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    Tue Apr 30 2013

    I've had my D80 for three years now and found it to be an absolutely brilliant camera. It was my first Digital SLR and told that it was a good entry level camera. Over the years I have taken some wonderful photographs and please I bought the camera. If I have one complaint it is the book of words that comes with the camera. If like me you are Dyslexic the book won't make any sense and all you can do is play around with the settings and make a note of what setting gave you the best picture under the conditions you were shooting.

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    Mon Apr 29 2013

    I purchased the Nikon D700 about three weeks ago now and it is an awesome camera. My previous frame of reference is my four year old Canon 20D and the D700 beats the Canon on every front. The added dynamic range of the Nikon's full-frame sensor means most photos are well exposed - including the sky and shadows. Often only minor adjustments are required post camera (I use Lightroom 2). I've also found that the autofocus on the Nikon D700 is light years ahead of the Canon. Focusing is not a problem. Then there is the low light performance of the Nikon D700. Wow! Indoor photography without flash is now possible. I purchased my D700 in a kit with Nikon's 24-120 mm zoom lense with vibration reduction. The vibration reduction combined with the ability to shoot at higher ISO settings means photos of moving subjects can be shot at higher shutter speeds - resulting in less blur. Overall, I am very satisfied with the D700.

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    Mon Apr 29 2013

    Excellent build quality, very intuitive to use if you're used to Nikon, ergonomically very comfortable.

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    Mon Apr 15 2013

    I wanted to learn photography buy couldn’t afford a high end SLR camera. Did lots of research and found Nikon L10 is simply a masterpiece and a value for money gazette. But it is really bad when talk about batteries. U need AAA or Ni-Cd cells rechargeable cells. AAA is cheap but can’t last long, it discharges in 20 snaps with flash. In sunlight u can take around 120 pictures with a fully charged AAA cell. I guess I need to buy Ni-Cd batteries so it lasts longer

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    Fri Nov 07 2008

    Not sure I agree with the statement that Nikon is just better than a Kodak but not as good as a Canon, but as I've always said, it basically what you have in your possession that makes one a fan of that particular brand.  I've never owned a Canon, and it could very well be that they are superior in every way, but I am absolutely in love with my Nikon D300.  It's a big, rugged, reliable camera that takes beautiful images; fairly easy to use, with many features that take some time to master, but, oh the fun in getting there.  This camera has no pre-set modes as it's designed for people who know what they're doing, yet it has all the automatic features that will get anyone taking pictures immediately.

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    Thu Nov 15 2007

    The perfect compromise for those who want more than a Kodak but less than a Canon. Nikon isn't in Canon's league, but it far outperforms most consumer class cameras in aspects like resolution, distortion, and noise reduction. Plus, it has many of the user-friendly features, like pre-set scene modes, that inexperienced photographers appreciate. The high-end Nikons easily compete with and sometimes best Olympus and even Canon. Just watch out for white balance and exposure issues in the lower-end models.