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Night of the Living Dead

1968 American independent horror film directed, photographed, and edited by George A. Romero Website

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    Mon Jan 10 2011

    Not just a cult classic but a horror classic. Nothing is more frightening than death, and the dead unexplainably rising up and attacking the living was a premise for one of the most frightening films in history. It's spawned many sequals, remakes, and imitators but the original set the standard. The cast, comprised entirely of unknowns, is outstanding. The characters they portray illustrate the ways different personality types would respond when suddenly faced with such a bizarre and horrifying crisis. The ironic twist in this film is that when the zombies finally invade the farmhouse, level-headed Ben (Duane Jones) finds his only safe haven is the cellar, proving that the selfish and irratable Harry Cooper (Karl Hardman) was right, after all.

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    Fri Jan 07 2011

    A classic. Many do not take it seriously, but there is a deep rooted image of fear when it comes to zombies and what they represent. The dead, in this case, are not left to rest in peace. A ravenous horde descends upon people, one that cannot be reasoned with in any way, shape or form. This means a complete dehumanization of the antagonists, who have a human form. The thought of being eaten alive is one that conjures up images associated with some of the worst ways to die. The zombies themselves, are a representation of death and of its inevitability, as it stalks you, creeping slowly towards you and continuing the pursuit no matter how far you run or where you choose to hide. Though the characters in the film are a bit cliche, Romero really included good social commentary, especially by casting a black male as the strongest lead protagonist in a time where civil rights had just been established.

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    Thu Oct 21 2010

    Just catching this film the first time on AMC edited. first question is this... WTF is that blonde biotch doing in this film! okay so she watched her brother die in the cemetary. then she goes to an abanded farm house to count fabrics and stare blindly into space the rest of the 2 hours. jebus christ i want her to die now just from being dumb.

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    Mon May 25 2009

    Tom Savini ruled as "the king of splatter" during the eighties...why not give him a shot at directing George Romero's 1968 classic "Night of the Living Dead". Savini's revision is an honorable remake. The special effects are great. Savini captures the creepy mood and atmosphere of the original. The cast of characters are likeable. Great job by Tom Savini. This remake should stand the test of time.

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    Wed Mar 04 2009

    Between this remake, and the 3D remake with Captain Spaulding, this version is a LOT better, because it's more true to the original. In this one, Barbra is tougher than her 1968 counter-part. At least Ben is black, not like the 3D version with Ben as a white college boy. The zombies are scarier looking. All I'm saying is that the 1968 version and this one is hella better than the 3D remake with Capt. Spaulding! If you love horror, remakes, and zombies, you'll love NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD!!!

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    Sun Sep 28 2008

    You know it! Romero is king.

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    Wed Sep 10 2008

    not big on zombies

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    Sat Aug 09 2008

    Great movie, although I hate zombies eating my brains

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    Wed Jul 23 2008

    ZOMBIES!!!!!!! Love it!

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    Thu Jul 10 2008

    Zombies just don't do it for me

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    Fri Jul 04 2008

    eh.. I don't care for zombie flicks

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    Sat Jun 28 2008

    It has a cheesy, low-budget aura that makes it seem more real somehow. It starts off kind of slow, but once the action starts it is relentless. Really creepy to watch late at night all alone. One other point, I think it was one of the first films to have an African-American as the most heroic figure in the cast.

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    Fri Jun 27 2008

    It was good, but the remake was alot better

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    Thu Jun 26 2008

    Total waiste of time

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    Sun Jun 22 2008

    Classic! Awesome movie!

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    Wed Jun 04 2008

    Classic horror with zombies.

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    Fri May 30 2008

    i hate zombies!!!

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    Mon Apr 14 2008

    The original was intriguing, but they went overboard on both sequels and remakes.

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    Sat Apr 12 2008

    They're coming to get you, Barbara!

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    Tue Jan 01 2008

    I loved it as a young teenager, but subsequently grew tired of it after too many repeat viewings on late-night TV, "midnight movie" showings at the mall, and, once the videotape became available, at some of the "beer-and-shot" parties my friends used to throw. If you've seen it too many times, you become aware of the abysmal acting, and the long, dull stretches where people hammer boards to windows, search for nails, and then hammer more boards to still more windows, and then scream at each other before searching for more nails, and hammering and searching and hammering and hammering...Still, after a period of not having watched it in about 10 years, I watched the DVD edition and it was like being visited by a nearly-forgotten-but-newly-appreciated old friend. In its own prosaic, low-budget fashion, it's masterfully done, with just the right mixture of dialogue, action and atmosphere. The acting ranges from just-barely-adequate to pretty absymal still, but the characters are essentiall... Read more

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    Sat Jan 27 2007

    I am 53 years old and this has always been the scariest movie I have ever seen. The old black and white version, not the remake. Love that George Romero !!

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    Wed Sep 13 2006

    Yes, this is a total classic, and it's the film that started it all for zombie flicks, but I couldn't give it a perfect score because some scenes dragged on too long to chew up time. That being said, this movie is excellant. Zombies coming back from the dead to eat on human flesh...pretty creepy stuff. 4 and a half stars for being the godfather of zombie films.

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    Wed Mar 15 2006

    Romero teaches everyone how to create a classic horror film! Character development is incredible! Duane Jones is absolutely remarkable! LONG LIVE BLACK & WHITE HORROR FILMS!!! George Romero is THE King! Long Live The King!

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    Sun Jan 01 2006

    What a masterpiece. Where would horror movies be without this? No where.

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    Wed Sep 21 2005

    I thought it was rather routine horror, but I bumped it up a notch for the black and white treatment. It is just another "settlers holed up in the fort fighting off the Indian attack" story.

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    Tue Sep 20 2005

    It has got a nice idea, scarey but not quite scarey. good casting and average sound track if i may say so .. but i liked it

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    Thu Aug 25 2005

    A classic, creepy, disturbing movie. The creepy music at the beginning when they are in the cemetery. When the corpses are grabbing pieces of body out of the truck when it explodes, that is just terrifying beyond belief. The acting is awful and over the top, but that is part of the movie's charm.

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    Tue Aug 23 2005

    THE zombie movie. No one will ever come close to making another zombie flick that can draw you in like this one. I read on some other posts that the movie was funny or boring, but htey obviously either paid no attention or were high or watching the dreadful remake or sequels.

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    Wed Aug 03 2005

    George Romero is the best Zombie Director of all time. Even though this movie is old and out of date, I would watch it over and over, almost everytime it comes on. With the black and white format, it is just so much more scary. I should say creepy, because its not really scary, its the creep factor that makes it fun.

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    Tue May 24 2005

    A horror classic.

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    Fri Feb 25 2005

    The exploding truck scene! Loved it!

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    Fri Dec 31 2004

    Which one? 1990 or 1964? They both were great. Who does not like dead corpses walking around? It is an inspiration to most of the greatest movie now.

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    Fri Dec 31 2004

    A classic, and inspired by my 2nd favorite horror film of all time - Carnival Of Souls (1962). Or so George A. Romero - writer/director of Night Of The Living Dead says.

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    Fri Sep 24 2004


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    Tue Jun 29 2004

    A gorefest in places with canibalistic behavior. Disturbing, visually dark and gruesome. Being in black & white just adds to the creepy atmosphere. A true classic among horror buffs. If you love to be scared see it, uncut.

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    Sat May 22 2004

    excellent excellent movie simply amazing

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    Thu May 06 2004

    This is such a great film. I it's my second favourite horror film ever after Halloween

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    Sat Jan 31 2004

    By far my favorite horror film. I love the grainy black and white, and the methodical destruction of all the characters. The central metaphor has been interpreted (and over-interpreted) many ways --but to me it is about deadening, mindless conformity devouring everything alive.

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    Wed Jan 21 2004

    The walking dead taking over the town and trying to get at the living and eat them, scary stuff. The whole borded up windows and trying to think of a plan to get out of there situation , by givin options of going into the basement or staying upstairs or just flat out running. I personally would have went in the attic, but hey that is just me. Cool movie it is worth the 5 stars.

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    Thu Aug 21 2003

    That is so wonderful!!!!!

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    Sat Aug 16 2003

    The first of 4 movies andthe scariest.Shot in black and white on a shoestring budget.The tension inside the house gets thick enuff to cut with a knife.The dead come back to feed on the living and a group of strangers try to lock themselves into a farmhouse.This was remade in color several years later and the remake isn't bad.The second of the series is a must see .

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    Fri Jun 27 2003

    Absolute classic. It used to come on late at night on a Fri or Sat night when I was a kid in Chicago. Used to scare the bejeezus out of me. It's not the effects, acting, technicalities, etc that get you - it's how it all works. The camera angles, the pacing, the prevalent darkness, the sense that something horrible has happened, due to the documentary style (like a nuclear apocalypse has occurred), the realistic TV newscast, the interplay of the characters, and the fact that this is the 1st zombie movie and Romero's first (amazing) - plus the racial overtones and that heart-breaking ending - and then that scary music at the end - fantastic! But you'd have to see it at an impressionable age.

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    Fri Jun 27 2003

    Cult classic that is way more of a campy comedy than a horror film - unless you're under the age of 12. Good for a few yucks, if you're snow bound or your dog eats all your other video tapes.

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    Thu Mar 27 2003

    a classic and scary

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    Tue Feb 04 2003

    This movie rocked! It was hilarious!! Just picture it: a cheesy, poorly funded film with "dead" people walking all over the place! Highly reccommended. You'll laugh and laugh!

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    Thu Jan 16 2003

    Like I said with the evil dead every one in the seris is the sh@t.