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    Mon May 30 2011

    Since I can remember, I've been so intimately involved with NY that it's hard to be objective. My mother was born in the Bronx, my grandmother grew up in Yorkville (Cagney's old neighborhood), my genetic maternal grandparents came from Brooklyn, and I've had scores of friends and relatives who live(d) there. When I was a kid, I grew up 10 minutes away from Manhattan, and my parents took me there weekly. When in grade school, our class often took field trips there. As a teen, I went there with friends for concerts, records, drugs and/or booze, and "thrills." As an adult, I went there for culture, restaurants, socializing, and a more mature, stable conception of "thrills." I haven't been to NYC in a year or 2 now, but to me (and others) it's the center of the universe, and I don't mean that in an egotistical way. I understand why people hate it; I understand why people love it. The pace is a little too frenzied for me the older I get, and (thanks to internet shopping) I don't find it as ... Read more

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    Sat Feb 26 2011

    decent country, cities are fucking nasty place where all the business men and freaks live

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    Wed Jun 30 2010

    Upstate NY very nice NYC not so much

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    Thu May 06 2010

    Two stars for Queens and 3 stars for Manhattan. Brooklyn s not even worth a rat crap.

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    Sat Mar 06 2010

    The only reasons I'm not ranking the state I live in higher is the cost of living and the lack of progress here. If it's not taxed it's subject to a "Fee" and I'm waiting for the user fee on my taxes pretty soon! As to the lack of progress, anyone that has an idea is doomed by the slowness/lack of cooperation from the local and state governments or the Society to Preserve Everything That Casts A Shadow. Now that I've got that out of my system I can hit some specifics. I live in the Western New York area (called Upstate) and geographically it is a gold mine. All these areas are within a few hours drive at the most. To the south are the Allegheny Mountains for the hikers. West and north have Lake Erie and Lake Ontario with multiple beaches/parks and Niagara Falls is an easy drive away. To the east are level farmlands with the Genesee River and High Falls in the City of Rochester. The Finger lakes are just beyond that and the area is noted for vineyards and wineries. The weather is t... Read more

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    Mon Jul 06 2009

    I have recently changed my opinion on the state of New York, thanks to a few recent work trips where I have spent significant amounts of time in Long Island and Newburgh (Orange County - where the chopper guys are located). Anyway, there is a ton to see in this state just outside of New York City. Sure the bright lights and the promise of possibility lure people to the big city, but if you travel just a bit further you can get lost in Beauty and History. Long Island has some of the largest homes in the United States, especially in the Hamptons. The estates here are large and well kept. In fact, consider yourself lucky if you can see any of them, as the largest and finest are kept far back and behind large well kept hedges. But there is much more to see. Just drive around. Its easy to get lost, but just as easy to get found. There are secret beaches and even a sea monster or two! In terms of History, Orange County has plenty! First of all, it is the home to West Point, and ... Read more

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    Mon Jul 06 2009

    Outside of NYC New York is just like anywhere else. However, there is a good bit to do in this state. You can go to the beach, the lake, the mountains- you name it and you can do it! You can also be in the middle of everything on the East Coast.

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    Mon Jun 01 2009

    Great state in terms of geography and things to do all around, but all the jobs have left so it has been turned into the 'Welfare State'.

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    Wed Apr 30 2008

    The NYC subway system has electronic message boards in stations, presumably so a central office can communicate service interruptions to passengers. The boards run generic messages that seldom change. News about outages are hand written with magic markers and taped to the walls. This is so typically New York, a city run by amateurs, where systems don't work, where inefficiency is the norm. Anywhere else you buy food in a supermarket; there are no supermarkets in NYC. There are no Wal-Marts either. Instead they have small boutique stores with poor selection and high prices.  Anywhere else you can rent a one bedroom apartment for $600-800; in NYC it costs $2,500, and you have to pay a broker one month's rent to set up the deal (assure the owner  you're not low class), pay first and last month plus two months as deposit. You need $12,500 up front to move in. (I'm not exaggeraging, I've done it.) Anywhere else you park your car in the lot for free; in NYC you lease a parking spot for $40... Read more

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    Fri Jul 20 2007

    NY is so expensive that it is an insult to my intelligence! Dirty & mean-spirited, arrogant people litter the place. What a shame the Beautiful Statue of Liberty is stuck there.

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    Sun Jun 24 2007

    New York City is such a great city. There is so much to do and see. I probably wouldn't live anywhere except Manhattan though, as I don't really care for Brooklyn, Bronx, or Queens that much. The attitude factor is way too extreme in all of New York though. The attitudes of the people really bring it down. Upstate has a lot of attitude problems as well, and very bad weather. Long island is not that interesting to me, the only fun place is fire island. What is the big deal about the Hamptons?

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    Sat Jun 23 2007

    I've lived on Long Island and upstate...spent weekends in NYC. There is some beautiful country in the state but, I don't really care for NY. It's overpriced in every way, shape and/or form...and there are way too many local politicians stirring the pot. You just don't get the "bang for your buck" and the weather is near suicidal at times.

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    Mon May 21 2007

    I live in western ny and it sucks to death the weather sucks but i got to represent my home state

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    Tue May 01 2007

    Nothing against anybody that lives in New York,  but it's just not my style.

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    Mon Feb 12 2007

    new york is the harrdest place to live if ur a small business owner there always trying to find a way to screw u over. also its just gay because everyone has to be so politically correct. so what if someone is called gay they are so deal with it.

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    Sun Feb 11 2007

    NYC is the greatest city in the world. You can always find something to do whether its 2pm or 2am. I live in upstate New York, Albany area, I have no complaints except the weather. Past couple years the winters have been very cold with little snow.

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    Wed Aug 23 2006

    city of allover the world see this great city as the deram destination to live and work and minkle its multi cultared society.

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    Wed Jul 19 2006

    Pretty much all aspects of American life are represented by this important state. . .NYC is an international (if highly self-absorbed) city that is culturally counterbalanced by small towns that spot the landscape outside of the hustle-and-bustle of the city. . .upstate New York is pretty. . .the only real drawback to this state is (like all of the Northeast corridor states) is cost-of-living. . .I hear one day they will tax the oxygen. . .but for culture, universities, philosophical diversity, and history, it's hard to rate New York (as a state) low. . .

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    Wed Jul 19 2006

    Upstate is rural, with fine resorts in the Lake Placid and Lake George region. The Finger lakes are a wine region with nice views. The cost of housing in upstate New York is very cheap. New York City is a great place to visit and live (if you have the income or money) Housing is very expensive- with an average 1000 square foot apartment nearly 1 million bucks. NYC is fantastic- but the costs are not. Funny how so many states in the Washington to Portland (Me) corridor are rated so highly here- I guess those 'liberal' regions have something going for them.

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    Sat May 20 2006

    New York is the media capital, business capital,dining capital, and entertainment capital of the world. The A-List of any industry, excluding farming, makes it in New York. The worst aspect of New York is parking and pigeons. There is no city even close to it and what it has to offer. New Yorkers are fearless, driven and accomplished.

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    Wed Apr 19 2006

    too many people yuk! and it s not on the west coast! weird fast people with non-west accents

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    Fri Mar 10 2006

    It's alarming to have read some of the ignorant remarks in this category. I'm not sure what kind of person can say that NYC could "fall off the face of the earth for all I care." This is a city that is very important to our country in many ways. The fact is, without NYC, our country would be a very different place. As for the rest of the state seems to be like most places. Has some beautiful sights and has some that are not so beautiful.

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    Thu Mar 09 2006

    New York is one of the most culturally and politically forward and diverse states in the nation, period. It of course has New York City, Upstate New York, and Long Island. Long Island has beautiful beaches and advanced industries, and there is no city like NYC. Upstate New York state has some of the most beautiful countryside in the whole U.S., with gorgeous rolling hills, valleys, and quaint, mirror-like lakes. New York's history is vast as well. If I could choose one state to live in for diversity, culture, and interesting people, it would be New York, hands down! I cringe at being stuck in ass-backwards Ohio at the moment, so if you are living in New York State, consider yourselves VERY lucky!!!

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    Thu Mar 02 2006

    The Good: Finger Lakes (stunning in places), 1000 Islands (still rustic and spectacular), Adirondacks, Saratoga, Montauk fishing, Lake Ontario, parts of Brooklyn. The Bad: Rochester, Utica, Syracuse, and Buffalo are losing people and dying a slow death. NYC is pricing the creative set out of the city. High property taxes. Upstate winter weather can be brutal.

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    Sun Feb 12 2006

    Like most of the states, New York has pretty countryside and scenery. But like every other place here it is hugely segregated. The divide between the have and have nots is evident here and is a huge social problem. New York City is overpriced and the fact that it is overpriced has made the major attractions more clean (Chinatown,SoHO,Times Square,west side,etc.). However, outside of these neighborhoods the same social problems persist. Head over the bridge to Brooklyn or to the dirty and decayed Coney Island and you will see what I mean. Also, at night you will see the desperados come out and infest the subways at night with drug dealing and prostitution. New York metropolitan museum is nice though and has free admission on certain days.

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    Sat Jan 21 2006

    dirty, overrated, expensive, hard to make it, crime infested, snotty state with too many people! hell a 1 bedroom apartment can cost as much as 3,000 dollars!! since when does the avearge person even make that! hell you have to make 6k/mo to survive in NYC!

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    Wed Dec 21 2005

    I'm amazed to see New York rated so high on this list. Is this because of New York City? Because the rest of the state is average, and even NYC is not what it used to be. The weather upstate is harsh. I spent two winters in Syracuse and I think the sun shined for one day in five months. Some great scenery around the Finger Lakes but the cities need help (and I'm not talking NYC here). Rochester has potential but its anchor companies (Kodak, Xerox) have seen better days.

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    Thu Dec 15 2005

    Upstate New York is cool; NYC can disappear off the face of the earth for all I care.

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    Wed Dec 14 2005

    NYC is tremendous and the upstate is full of beautiful lakes, rivers, mountains, and some of the nicest farmland you'll find anywhere. You look and you'll see Norman Rockwell's America all over upstate New York. One of our best vacations ever was in Saratoga and the Adirondacks. Still, it seems so many here wish to ignore harsh reality. The North is fading. Some places worse than others, and few are are in as bad a shape as upstate New York. Politicians make things worse. Nowhere is this more evident than in New York. Higher and higher taxes only exacerbate the situation. The old boy network of assigning contracts to businesses and political plums to friends makes it near impossible for a state like New York to overcome a half century of economic decline. NYC, while still great has overtaxed and overregulated itself. It is now prohibitively expensive for all except the wealthiest. Buffalo along with Pittsburgh emobodies the worst of rust belt urban decay. The rest of the upstate shrin... Read more

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    Wed Nov 30 2005

    I have lived in this state all my life (I have visited tons of others in almost every other region) and I believe its diversity deserves a 5. On the one hand you have the city, which although a bit dirty, is really wonderful in its efficiency and convenience. It is slightly expensive, but if you know where to go then you can be as frugal as you want. Crime really is not that bad as its cracked up to be (statistics rank it along the lines of San Fran). Upstate New York on the other hand is gorgeous (in certain areas of course). The mountains are rather feeble compared to other regions of the country, but are very beautiful in there own right (and provide excellent skiing in the winter). Niagra Falls is also pretty nice. Some of the smaller cities are nice, but others are miserable. All in all, New York caters to many different requirements.

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    Wed Nov 09 2005

    its got the city, but its too crowded. you cant drive anywhere cause theres nowhere to park. everything's too expensive. people are uptight. waste of time.

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    Mon Nov 07 2005

    I would love to visit this place because I love high buildings/sky scrapers. Plus I've heard, their Botanical Gardens is absolutely beautiful. Lots of entertainment but the fact that things sound expensive and the fact it has a high crime rate/gang population (or from what I've heard), I'm not sure whether I'd like to live there.

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    Sun Oct 16 2005

    I have lived in upstate New York all my life and I am very happy here. Beautiful countryside, mountains, rivers, farms, and friendly people. Upstate New York is very different than New York City. I have many people tell me they never knew there was this much to the state, and despite it's stereotypical image, it has much more to offer. I have heard it all. Yankees are always rushing, we're rude, we don't have values, we're all materialistic but I would like to point out that is an unfortunate misconception. I'm sure if they visited the state they would realize it is not true, and how it's very diverse in it's landscape. Some excellent places to visit (but not limited to) are the Adirondacks, the Catskill moutains, West Point, The Finger Lakes, New York City, Niagara falls and the Shawangunk Ridge.

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    Tue Aug 16 2005

    Great place to go to see US culture and history. Manhattan alone requires at least a week in order to see everything. I'm glad I saw the WTC in 1997, something I will always remember. I found that there were friendly and unfriendly people just like in any other city. You would have to develop a thick skin in order to live there so it's understandable that not everyone is going to have a howdy neighbor attitude. The Winter season in NYC is truly amazing, the Rockefeller center, the Macy's parade and Broadway at night. Bring lots of $$$.

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    Sat Aug 13 2005

    Attention to all rating this fine state.... New York City, is a dot on the southeasternmost narrow tip of New York State, Long Island is a thin strip of land perpendicular to that dot sticking out into the ocean. Once you get about 50 miles north of that dot, the rest of the state is free of the stereotype. Breathtaking rolling green hills, and an uncountable number of cristal clear blue lakes, scenic trails, charming towns and SOME charming cities. Rochester and Buffalo are great cities on, Great Lakes (Ontario and Erie respectively) with tons of history, culture, very friendly people, and loads of charecter. Syracuse and Albany, on the other hand, are pretty crappy, no real culture, not as historical, and while the people deffinetly aren't mean, they aren't as friendly as those in the other two cities. Ithaca is a great little city with a very young and educated population. It is where Cornell University is located and is also very charming. I don't hate the NYC/Long Island region, ... Read more

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    Wed Aug 10 2005

    Okay, we all get it...NEW YORK IS NOT JUST A CITY. Well thank you very much, but I believe we have that one figured out by now and your redundancy (not to mention overbearing and condescending) is more annoying than any misconception anyone has about this state or any other. That said, New York is great -a mini nation in one state -the ocean, mountans, huge lakes, beautiful countryside, hustle and bustle, or a smoother quieter way of life. Best shopping and entertainment in the world...and Christmas in New York...well, it's what they make movies about. I'll give it a five.

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    Thu Jul 28 2005

    New Yuck is infested with trashy rude people. The people there are very backward and too many hillbilly hicks.

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    Mon Jul 11 2005

    To Inmyopinion, Ra-cha-cha (Rochester metro) isn't the only metro Upstate gaining population. The Syracuse metro and the Albany area are also growing recently(2000-2005). Meanwhile, the Buffalo metro, Utica metro, Binghamton metro are all declining in population. So Inmyopinion I don't know what you are talking about. The Rochester area lost 11,000 jobs since 1998, while the Syracuse area gained 7,000 jobs. Rochester also has a crime problem way worse than Syracuse or Buffalo. Rochester has nothing like Armory Square in Syracuse(a place downtown with restaurants, shops, museums, and clubs all cluster together) and Rochester has no real sport teams that the rest of the country ever even heard about, let alone cares about.

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    Thu Jul 07 2005

    I'm a Southern girl and have lived in Tennessee all my life, but I've traveled enough to add my ratings with confidence, and can easily say that New York is the most divese, beautiful, and magical state I've visited. NYC is a dream in itself, but it only scratches the surface of this magnificent state. The sheer majesty of the Adirondacks and Catskills is incredible. Niagra Falls and the Finger Lake Regions are equally beautiful in their own rite. The Hudson Valley is a backdrop for a Currier and Ives Christmas Card. The Lake Erie region that borders one of the most breathtaking and intimidating bodies of water next to the Great Atlantic Ocean is an unforgettable experience, and Long Island Sound offers a fun place to visit even though I may never afford to live there (I can still appreciate it.) The entertainment, culture, shopping, arts, history in New York City is second to none. The people -fast paced and clipped accents - are a bit guarded, but in a city of this size, this is to b... Read more

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    Wed Jul 06 2005

    The Finger Lakes area of Syracuse and Ithaca are great! Some people may complain about the weather between November and March, but if it wasn't for the winters, the area would become over-crowded. As more people discover the quality of life and the low cost of housing in the Finger Lakes, I'm sure the economy will get better. IMO, the eastern half of Upstate NY has a brighter future because Albany and Syracuse have culture, sports, hills and are closer to the East Coast cities. Therefore when the price of housing goes up in Washington DC or Boston, you will start to see people move to the Fingers Lakes region around Syracuse and the Saratoga region near Albany.

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    Wed Jun 15 2005

    Im not very familiar with New York the state but Im all about New York the city.

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    Wed Jun 15 2005

    Upstate is nice--NYC unlivable for the average person--great place to visit if you have a deep pocket

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    Tue Jun 14 2005

    Biased as I am New York is a great state- accolades could be endless. NYC is fabuolus- and the worlds greatest city.

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    Sat Jun 04 2005

    About New York State 1) needs better leadership at both the state and local level 2) Very divided State, downstate vs. Upstate ~~About the Buffalo region 1) has a lot Polish people 2) has been losing population for over 30 years, about 200,000 since 1970 3) the people there are very proud of their area 4) the girls are nice, but the guys can be annoying with their tough guy act. 5) Buffalo likes to be associated with Rochester because it is actually a growing region~~About the Rochester region 1) Don't always believe everything a Rochester person says about their region. They tend to stretch the truth. For example,the Coldrush magazine that Rochester puts out every year says: Rochester is the 38th largest urban area in the country. Sorry, 51st largest is more like it. 2) Rochester tends to look down on other Upstate cities and thus they can become annoying with the hype of their own city 3) a lot of young guys in Rochester seem like clones of each other. So it makes it easy for me to t... Read more

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    Sat Jun 04 2005

    I'm not that type of person who likes the big cities and all the action and noise. I'm sure not all of New York is like this. There are some very nice people that I know that are from New York though.

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