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    Wed Dec 21 2011

    Every piece of furniture was placed in the new place exactly where we wanted, and our pieces are heavy... As i spoke to you the other day, we were so pleased, we asked you to move us back when we are ready...That is how satisfied we are with your company. Again we would like to say Thank You, and please use us for a reference any time necessary. Thank You!

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    Mon Nov 07 2011

    I moved from California to Washington DC and I had a great move, and nothing was damaged. The girl was super nice and told me all the stuff that could or would be an extra charge upfront, several of my coworkers are relocating and i recommended new planet moving to do business with them because with all the scams i really fell lucky that we had a great move.

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    Thu Oct 20 2011

    i hate moving but this company and the guy that called me made it simple... most movers call and ask you 100 times for a credit card it feels lik ols sales over the phone that are oulawed lol... but this company impressed me they wouldnt talk trash about anyone else like most did, they just looked on the dot site and said oh no thats abroker or oh no they are in florida and they cant move you from las vegas to florida with thier one truck etc-- i wasnt pressed to book and that made me wonder i gotta tell u cause the only other ppl that didnt push me were united and mayflower, i had a great move no damages an my rate was perfectly fine $200 less than originially estimated il recommend the to al my friends bnecause my stuff was fine and they had a no bs policy

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    Tue Sep 13 2011

    As an insurance agent I work in a service industry and I know how hard it is to please everyone no matter how within your rights you are. Especially when you have a high volume of customers. I just got my delivery from this company and I had one issue which was a small scratch on my tv stand. Before choosing them I looked up a ton of movers and some were all bad and some were half and half. I figured if I packed well, planned on the worst time to get the delivery and took extra things, and gave a good list of items to the girl that I would avoid the issues. Well I was right, I didn’t go over the weight, the delivery took 8 days, which was 1 day longer than the initial quote. So I am really happy because they were literally 40%less than my quote from Atlas and they are going to fix the scratch on my tv stand as well. I will definitely recommend them to my friends and family members.

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    Wed Sep 07 2011


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    Thu Aug 04 2011

    I am writing in reference to our experience with New Planet Moving from 06/22-06/30/11. Lauren Alexandra was the first individual that my husband and I spoke with at New Planet Moving in May as we were obtaining quotes from a number of moving companies. Lauren was very patient as she listened to our questions and concerns as this was our first major move across country from Ohio to California. She followed up with occasionally after we received the initial quote as we were trying to make a decision. Based upon a number of references that Lauren had provided and I had made contact with the references, we made the decision to select New Planet Moving. Lauren once again was very patient as I believe I had her walk through the inventory list three times and our list continued to change. She suggested that we slightly over-estimate which was the right call...we still had more inventory than what I had given her the final time! Lauren said that we would have the person in charg... Read more

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    Mon Aug 01 2011

    WORST company I have EVER dealt with. They ripped me off for $2000, stole some of my furniture, damaged a third of what they moved, and lied about all of it. Here's an example of the deliberate FRAUD these azzholes inflict on their trusting customers. They tell you if you add anything to the pre-approved list, it will cost an additive weight charge of 75 cents a pound. They disassemble all the tables, end tables, recliners, and a host of other furniture items and place numbered tags on the individual, disassembled items. So one table becomes two items when they take the leggs off and give the legs a different number. Then they tell that crook Yossi Joe Cohen, the dispatcher, that they have 150 items on the truck instead of the 120 items on the list. The poor fools moving have NO IDEA that they have done this, so confusedly agree to pay the additive charges. THIS IS DELIBERATE FRAUD!!! Their website and the contract and the bill of lading contract all say the cost is based on weight alo... Read more

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    Thu Jul 28 2011

    I have never moved before. I went to some website that got me a ton of estimates. I went through an inventory with the first person that called me, and they told me I had about 4000lbs. So I shopped all the companies with the same weight estimate. When I spoke with Lauren at New Planet she informed me that most of the issues customers have stem from being over the weight estimate. Even though I insisted on not going through another inventory she kind of made me. Well she told me that my weight was 5,000lbs, as much as I was not looking forward to paying more for my move than I had been planning on with a 4000lb estimate, I elected to go with the 5000lb estimate. I went to the scale before and after with the movers to verify if I really have 5000lbs, and in fact I had 200 more lbs than that. Being that my inventory didn’t change by much they didn’t charge me for that 200lbs which I thought was cool. I received my furniture in tact yesterday got everything sorted out and called to th... Read more

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    Thu Jul 14 2011

    I have now moved with New Planet Moving 2 times and both moves were very good. The girl who set up my first move back in 2009 was the same person I spoke with this year so that was reassuring that she was still there. She asked me if I could write a review since my last move obviously went well, being as I was moving with them again. I told her let's see how this move goes. Well indeed it also went well. I have not had any damages and the movers are always helpful. Plus they threw in a few boxes to pack my TV's free and some other things for being a repeat customer. In the last couple years I have sent several of my friends to New Planet and they had no issues either. I think the most important thing when moving out of state, is give the company the best inventory you can, ad then plan for a few days delay just in case. New Planet is a great value, and has great personal service. If I have to move again (god i hope not) then I will use only them.

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    Tue Jun 21 2011

    I would never again trust New Planet Moving! They were the worst in service, before, during and after the move! I know this post might be long but I assure you that reading it is extremely important if you are thinking of hiring this moving company. Before the move: they came late. Enough said. When you are planning diligently on moving at a certain time, you expect the moving company to be on time! They were late by one whole day and then 3 hours on the time they promised to arrive. During the move: They were extremely late! They didn’t show up at our destination for 11 days AFTER they promised to be there. So of course we called them at ALL THE NUMBERS they provided to us and not a single person would tell us an exact arrival date/time. We slept on the floor of our new home for so long that our backs were stiff! And when they did show up, they lost our bed. Ironic, isn’t it? Side note: While they were unpacking the truck when they arrived, the moving people bribed me into ti... Read more

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    Sat Jun 18 2011

    Worst move I made. I guess you get what you pay for. You save money with New Planet, but expect late arrival and damage. That's exactly what happened to my shipment. My shipment took more than three weeks to arrive and some of my items were damaged. Then upon arrival they refused to carry my things from the truck to the elevator, some 40 feet, unless I paid them $150. We settled for $75. With major moving companies, you pay more but you can expect reliability, courtsey, and no extortion.

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    Sat Jun 11 2011

    I had a really great experience, the movers were cool the chick in the office was sweet, the rate was cool all i would say is grab a few extra boxes just in case youforget something cause thiers are pretty pricey, like ten bucks or so. great job no damage got my stuff to WA in 4 days like promised

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    Wed Jun 01 2011

    5/24/11 Move with Lauren-I wanted to let you know how well the move went. The drivers went to great lengths to position the truck in such a way that I would not have to pay the long-distance carry charge. They also provided useful tips on assembling some of the items they moved. I would recommend New Planet Moving and Storage to anyone. Thank you, Bart --Irving, TX

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    Fri Apr 01 2011

    Great company handled the move very well, During the moving process, I have changed my inventory list, made periodic payments to prepay before the movers arrive and have requested various changes be made to my contract. Throughout everything, Lauren has been helpful and efficient. I have never dealt with a customer service representative that was so enjoyable and who helped me trouble shoot every issue that came up. She is an amazing asset to your company and the key reason that I decided to go with New Planet Moving and Storage instead of one of your competitors. Because of Lauren's ability to turn the headache of moving into an easy transition, I plan on always coming to New Planet with any relocation needs that I may have in the future (pending the safe arrival of my items, of course!). Thanks.

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    Fri Apr 01 2011

    My fiancée and I moved to Oregon for him to start a new career, we're young and didn't know much about moving companies so I called around...LESLEY was so sweet and reassuring of their whole process and gave me a great price...Then,when it came to them coming to pickup my things..they said they'd be there between 12pm and 3pm..they showed up at 9PM! Leslie had reassured me I could call anytime to check status...the first time I called in,they wouldnt let me speak with Lesley,they cold transferred me to a guy I could barely understand, who told me HE "didnt know" when my things would arrive. So, I called back a couple days later,in which he answered and yelled at me & told me to stop calling!He was the RUDEST person Ive ever dealt with in my life!No one ever called me with my final weight,so I had to call again..the man told me my TINY little apt of stuff was over 3000lbs!My fiancée was furious because he had already brought up our big items himself!Our price shot up $600 instantly! Wh... Read more

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    Wed Mar 30 2011

    We recently used your company for a cross-country move from California to NC! It started out a little shaky on my birthday when the movers showed up and I had an impossible driveway to deal with. They were very professional in every way and re-assured me that they would work it all out and get us moved that day! They did an excellent job and shuttled our 5 BR home down the street, wrapped everything, and completed it in less than 7 hours! They were also very kind and polite in every way! We were given a 2-3 day window of when our furniture would be delivered to our home 2800 mile away. I was concerned about weather and the possibility of not receiving it for the weekend when we had family help. Well, they arrived even earlier than we were told and did another fabulous job unloading everything off the truck! Carlos even remembered our furniture and the room it came from when I mentioned where it was to be placed in our new home, although it was wrapped. They placed everything ... Read more

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    Tue Feb 08 2011

    TERRIBLE! (1) Late pick up. Charged us extra for a smaller truck and to park their large truck elsewhere because the semi couldn't fit on our street. Hello? You know your destination was in the city of Chicago....and this is MY fault? (2) They GROSSLY underestimated the weight of my furniture. I ended up paying over $4,000 over the estimated cost because they reassured us over the phone that we wouldn't go over. (3) Late delivery. They showed up FIVE DAYS later than they promised. (4) They used a 3rd party mover to deliver our goods. The 3rd party was some guy and his friend. wouldn't accept my cashiers check. The fine print on my contract said cashiers check was ok. The movers were going to HOLD MY GOOD HOSTAGE until I paid them $3000 CASH. It was a Sunday. Banks were closed and guess who else was closed? NEW PLANET MOVING! (5) After begging relatives and friends for whatever cash they had on hand, I got my stuff - only to find some of it damaged. (6) I couldn't get a call back... Read more

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    Wed Jan 12 2011

    I moved with New Planet moving from Reno and had an excellent move with next day delivery. Recently I recommended my sister to use their service and she also had a good move. She did end up going over the quote slightly, and after investigation found she had left several large items off the inventory by mistake. The movers that arrived were uniformed, professional and fluent in english which was important as she is older, and language barriers are about impossible. In the future I will recommend New Planet with the advice to always quote higher than you think you are to be sure and safe.

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    Tue Jan 11 2011

    This by far has been the most pleasant move ever. Great and courteous drivers, crew, and reps! It's extremely hard to impress me. I'm in the military and have moved numerous times, believe me when I say these guys are great. I highly recommend.

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    Tue Dec 28 2010

    I was referred to new planet by champion movers when they told me they only do local moves, I did my homework and everything checked out. my suggestions would be take the time to go through the inventory and if you add items let them now. My move went smooth i am not sure if it is just luck but my last suggestion would be ask for a Marisa. I would use them again in the future.

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    Tue Nov 30 2010

    I was in a tough relationship and i needed to move on a second notice, literally. I lived in Ohio and was moving to California to be with family. The thing is that I needed to leave when my at that time "insignificant other" as i liked to call him, was not at home. This as anyone can imagine was really difficult to get accomplished, however new planetmoving assured me that they would have sufficant trucks in the area to move me. thier bid was a hell of a lot less than other companies but higher than a few that were obviously doing something fishy, being that i was basically running away i needed to be very budget conscious. the representative that helped me was so nice she totally understood what i was going through and even recommended a few places that i could hide out in ohio if i chose to while i was waiting for my goods to be picked up, she happend to be from there too. anyway i called they came loaded and were out of the door in just enough time, i flew out to my parents house in... Read more

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    Wed Oct 27 2010

    The good news is none of my items were missing or seriously damaged. The bad news is just about everything else I've written here. Between me and my wife's prior military service we've had a combined 28 years and moving all over this country and overseas. While in the service we've had our fair share of bad moves as the military sometimes contracts out to the lowest bidder for moving contracts. However, this absolutely the worst move we've had. We are civilians now and paid for this recent move from Phoenix AZ to Virginia. Initially I researched several mid-priced moving companies. We could not afford one of the larger companies such as Mayflower and a few others. I checked the ratings for these companies online and most of them had similar ratings so we chose New Planet Moving. I'm not going to mention names here of the people I communicated with. I'll have to say that all of the people over the phone were very courteous and emailed me an estimate based on the list of inventory I se... Read more

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    Fri Oct 22 2010

    I was another victim of New Planet Moving and Storage. My move date was set for Oct 11th 2010 - after many calls and promises, the movers finally got there on Oct 12th after 6pm. I had to put the people in a hotel and pay additional storage fees for them because they were supposed to move in and take possession on the 12th. New Planet Movers were upset with ME because I based my move on the date they PROMISED. It is the 22nd and my furnishing still have not arrived. I called on the 19th and they said I didn't give them a delivery date - I discussed the delivery date with the sales person who told me I would have to discuss it with the driver - when I tried to discuss this with the driver he informed me that he would have to weight the truck and the OFFICE would contact me to set up a delievery date. I have been since the 19th trying to get in contact with the dispatcher to set up a delivery date. The office is very uncooperative and rude. I still do not know WHEN I will rece... Read more

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    Wed Sep 29 2010

    Interesting all the reviews for this company and the similarities in complaints and even compliments. It seems this company either fails miserably or succeeds with high acclaim. I would certainly not recommend this company in any way. Though I will say the driver(company rep) on both the pickup and delivery were efficient. In no way was the rest of the company well represented. I started with Marissa and she was extremely friendly, informative and persistant and when she didn't know something she passed me on to Lauren who was able to answer the question. This was all before pickup...after they came to pick up it was downhill from there. I was told that the same crew that picks up also delivers and everything remains on the same truck. Well, that was a good reason to choose them..that never happened. They ask you to request a pickup date and delivery date in which they give you a 3 day window on both ends to do both. They picked up a day later then I requested (ok), but 10 days later t... Read more

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    Sun Sep 05 2010

    I moved from St. Louis, MO to Chicago, IL. I originally gave my phone number and e-mail address to a website that would give me estimates from multiple companies. I was extremely overwhelemed with all the moving companies that were constantly calling me. I was looking into some companies including New Planet Moving and Storage. I ended up choosing them because the person who gave me my estimate, Marisa, was very patient and understanding. The other moving companies were very stern and annoyed when I would change my inventory list or move-in date. Marissa, however, was so very helpful and made sure everything was okay. I could always get in touch with her and she was very honest with any questions I had. When the movers came to my house to start loading my boxes and furniture, they came on an 18 wheeler truck. The mover, Avi, was so very nice! He did not complain once! He took apart and wrapped every peice of furniture for safe storage in the semi. A week and a half later, I moved t... Read more

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    Thu Sep 02 2010

    I used this company bck in 2008 and had a great experience, so when my daughter was ready to move out here with me I thought of them. We had the estimator come out and quote her home, including full packing. We were shocked to find out that it was going to cost around $4000.00. So in my shock I called and had 3 other companies come out to estimate the move as well. All of them were around the same price. Other than the fact I had moved with them previously we ended up selecting them because they were the only company that had the contract worded properly. 2 of the others said binding on the top, and in the fine print it was clear there was no binding agreement at all. I guess sometimes it is better to pay for what kind of service you would like to recieve. I chose to go with them, Yaniv and his assistant came out to go through all of the paperwork with us, and then they had 5 super nice movers come to pack everything in order to finish it in time (My daughter has a 5 bedroom home) Eve... Read more

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    Wed Sep 01 2010

    They SUCKED I get an estimate and a email saying EVERYTHING they get there and said i was under quoted so no even half my house was moved. The guys were GREAT and tried to add more stuff but when i called to make sure the final price was the same it was $400.00 more. So they get to my new place and started to unload stuff that was not mine. Then they asked me if i was going to hire them again to move the rest of my house yeah when PIGS FLY

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    Fri Aug 27 2010

    i am very impressed with the service that i got from this company. lesley realy held my hand thru the whole process like she said she would. i was so paranoid about using a moving company but the price ended up less than if i were to go with uhaul with the gas and truck rental and insurance i was shocked. this girl asked me if i had little things that i wouldnt even think of to put on my inventory so that i would not have the extra fees on the back end. no other place did that for me. her estimate was a little higher in weight but when they weighed my stuff she was right. i would have been so screwed with the extra cost if i would have used any of those other quotes. dont get me wrong i wanted the cheapest price but when all said and done i actually paid what we agreed on. i thought that was amazing. the delivery of my items went pretty smoothly because she said she would give me worst case scenerio on the days that it would take she told me 10 days and it came in 8. i was hoping it wo... Read more

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    Mon Aug 23 2010

    1 star - HORRIBLE Worst company. Please don't go with this company. They change their rate every minute. Melissa talks sweet, but seriously, she's the last person I'd trust.

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    Thu Aug 05 2010

    I must reiterate many of the comments listed here. 1. Melissa is a great sales person, but the second you sign a contract, she disappears from the face of the earth. I couldn't get her to reply to phone calls or emails within the week of my move. This is ironic, because in two of my emails, I gave her a specific date for my move, and she mistakenly put the WRONG DATE on my contract. Because I didn't catch her mistake, the movers showed up a day early. 2. Al is a wonderful guy. He did the best he could with what I had, considering that they showed up 24 hours earlier than I'd expected them. He is the only good thing about this company. 3. Another guy who showed up to help with the packing spent the majority of his time complaining, smoking, and talking on his cell phone. I also saw him twice go through my personal belongings and trash. Needless to say, I kept a close eye on him from that moment on. 4. Joe is the gentleman who I've been arguing with regarding my fee - whi... Read more

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    Thu Jul 29 2010

    New Planet Moving & Storage is a company of con-artists. They are perfectly nice to you in the beginning, assuring you that everything will be great, they return calls, they will actually speak with you like a human being, and basically treat you like a customer should be treated... that all changes once you sign the agreement. My wife and I just recently moved from Tempe, AZ to Portland, OR. Melissa Lynn (or whatever her real name is) is the super nice salesperson. She makes you feel special and confident that the what she tells you is the truth. That is where the lies begin and they only continue to grow from there. The movers were called us to assure us they would be to our place for pick up on June 27th between 10-11AM. They did not show up until 3-4PM. Ok, so that is not horrible, but that also killed our last day in town that was supposed to be spent with family and friends. They tell you that you get to see the weight manifest before and after the truck is loaded. The movers co... Read more

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    Thu Jul 22 2010

    They did a great job on my move, no damage nice movers, and timely delivery. I called to check on my status and always got the best answer they could give me. The crew was great at delivery too.

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    Mon Jul 19 2010

    They really did an amazing job for me and my family. All the way from Washington State to Missouri I had a great experience. I will admit after theuy picked up it did take like 3 days to get my total, but it was ok other than that delivery was faster than i had planned, and they didnt cahrge me wait time. instead they just re routed the truck and brought my items out to me when i was ready at no extra charge. this i thought was amazing as i had moved with a big company before and was charged $100 hr to wait. Other than all of this, the sales team and customer service always got me to whomever was in the department i needed at the time. I would recommend going with them to anyone feel free to email me for a reference. Thanks again guys and gals for a good move

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    Tue Jul 13 2010

    I forgot to mention that the Movers stole my Ipod out of my house. I filed a police report as instructed by Leslie at New Planet and was told as soon as she received a copy then the money would be taken from the movers paycheck and I would be reimbursed... I sent the police report weeks ago and when I emailed to follow up she got all nasty on me and told me she wasn't dealing with this and to call Joe in dispatch, I did and he still is too chicken shit to return my phone calls... These are the kinds of low life scums you deal with! CARMA WILL GET YOU!

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    Sun Jul 11 2010

    This has to have been the worst moving experience I have ever had. In fact should I need to move again I will be moving myself even though it is a lot of extra work. New Planet sent a representative to my home to appraise the total weight of the load to be transported. The sales rep was very friendly while trying to get my business and full of promises about promptness, level of care towards personal valuables, and the total cost of the move with no hidden fees. Worrying about hidden fees with these movers seems to be a major concern of most consumers. Particularly dealing with having to transfer your goods from a semi-truck to a smaller moving van. In trying to address such concerns I made a deal with the company stating that should we need to get a smaller truck if the semi couldn't fit in our new location that we could set a rate at $400 additional instead of the $875 that they typically charge for such "service". I was also informed at this time that should the truck they ... Read more

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    Thu Jul 08 2010

    They did awesome for me I also commented on another lady who clearly stated that she added items and went over and was mad... Um dont add items? I dont know but anyways my move went great I had no drama no issues, everyone was sweet the whole experience was great. I will recommend them and use them again in the future as well. thanks new planet for the good job, and dont let one person bring down your spirits. business is tough.

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    Mon Jul 05 2010

    Spoke to Lauren during my booking and she was friendly, returned phone calls, and made assurances that the furniture could be delivered on the dates I needed. However, once I booked my move, she did not return phone calls. I received no phone call prior to my move from the driver. New Planet handed my move over to anther company THE MORNING OF MY MOVE. I understand that problems arise, but nobody from New Planet called to tell me they were handing my move over to Olympia moving. The movers were supposed to come Tuesday morning between 9-12 (when my building's docking bay and elevator was booked) but in the end came on Wednesday at 1:30pm. At booking, I was told my belongings would be delivered the following week on Tues or Wed, but the movers came Thursday, forcing me to cancel a trip back to Chicago for an important work event (which I had told the company about). I was in touch with New Planet during this week of moving and phone calls were rarely returned despite NUMBEROUS me... Read more