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    Sun Aug 16 2009

    Sorta tastes like beer. Low cal and light. Very refreshing on a hot day. No chance of a hangover and it's cheap as hell. Gorgeous.

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    Mon Jul 20 2009

    Nasty Light!!!!

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    Fri Jul 17 2009

    First beer I ever had, and it taste like CRAP! The only good thing is the price, the price is unbeatable, but why would you buy crap?

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    Wed Jul 15 2009

    i love natural light beer , it doesnt give ma a hangover and the taste is just fine to me!

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    Thu Jul 09 2009

    Superb date-rape beer. This barely-passable college beer should send alarm bells to women- if a man is over 22 and is (by choice) drinking this he's probably not going to wait for your consent. Run fast. Ghetto college beer with some glorious memories. . ..It has its place- but I haven't bought this stuff since I got a real job.

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    Thu Jul 09 2009

    Would get kegs of this in college. can't beat the price!

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    Tue Jun 23 2009

    Natural Light, commonly known as "Natty Light" is disgusting, simply put. To its credit, it tastes better out of a keg than it does out of a can. This is an incredibly cheap beer. Also to its credit, it is better tasting than a competitor in its price range--Old Milwaukee's Best a.k.a. "Beast."

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    Tue May 12 2009

    The best value buy there is period. I drink it all the time, for $12.64 per 30 pack its a steal. It's much tastier then its more expensive big brother Bud Light. Also cpever song Mike1093 posted, should check it out if you haven't, anyway doesn't get much better then Natty and the recent Naturday commercials are pretty damn funny too.

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    Thu Jan 01 2009

    Look. Just got out of the Marine Corps. No Job, No money, Good buzz, Good price. Smooth low flavor. Goes good with cheez puffs.

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    Mon Dec 15 2008

    Better than Water

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    Thu Dec 04 2008

    Actually, I like this better than Bud light but I find it (and all light beer) to be too weak to bother with. More flavorful than most light beers. (if fresh)Rerate: O.K. if price is important.

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    Sat Nov 08 2008

    always drink budwizer but been watchin calories n carbs lately so the best 4 calories n carbs is either miller lite or this natural lite which tastes better and gets u alot more of a buzz than miller lite an i do have the money 2 buy the more expensive beers but why get ripped off and get so many carbz an calories in my systmem thatz ok i will leave budwizer an coronaz 4 special ocasions an stik to tha natural lite for most of the time.. truss me thats the way to go

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    Thu Oct 23 2008

    The only beer that doesn't give me hangovers.

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    Fri Jul 25 2008

    Natural Light tastes and looks like typical cheap mass-produced beer. Even though some snobs will immediately judge this as being horrible, it really isn't too bad if you want to get drunk and save some calories. The taste is almost identical to Bud Light and has a slight taste of metal from the can. The price and tolerable taste make this beer worth a buy for those on a budget, or if you feel like drinking Bud Light in a different can for a reduced price.

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    Wed Jun 11 2008

    Natty is a great daily beer. I brewed beer through college and became a beer snob into my early 20's, but about when I was 25 I began drinking only Bud Light in a bottle. This lasted until I picked up ranks in my early 30's and moved across country to Florida without a job. Money was getting tight, as I was holding out for a good job, so I switched to the beer we would drink on our day long fishing trips off the coast of Florida (5.49 a twelver). Natty Lights were great ice cold as well as tollerable warm when the ice melted in the hot and humid Florida sun. Even though I can now afford an amazing bar tab when going out, I still prefer Natty Light at home or when BYOB at poker party is called. Even though this makes me a creature of habit, I still love having a great micro brew paired up with a great meal. While I won't praise the Natty Light as a great beer, I will say I enjoy it many days out of the year.

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    Sun May 11 2008

    I can't tell the difference between this and Bud Light. Truth be known, I bet the knuckleheads that refuse to drink Natty but praise Bud Light can't either. I rated it a 5 based on a scale relative to other American mass produced beers. It taste better than Bud Light, Coors Light and Miller Lite, but is priced a lot better simply because there are people retarded enough to buy what hot girls on TV tell them to buy.

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    Tue Apr 29 2008

    Natty Light is the greatest cheap beer ever created. I have drank alot of beer and really appreciate microbrews and homemade beers, but I love Natty Light! It is tasty without leaving anything behind for an after taste, and gives the drinker a fabulous buzz!

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    Wed Feb 13 2008

    "Natural light oh what a sight, when it goes to my throat it feels so right, no other beer even comes near, I've been drinking Nat for about ten years, its the best price to get ya shit faced, brewed for a naturally smooth taste, for $4.40 you can't go wrong, i love it so much so wrote this song, me and my buddys drink Nat every day a keg, bottle, can, there is no wrong way, to drink Natural light it is a pleasure, there is no other beer that can measure, up to it, so get to it, you take a drink you take another you like it i knew it, it's the best price it ain't no joke, so go to the store and throw a case in your trunk". (Black Albinos)_Natural Light Greatest Beer Ever!!!

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    Wed Dec 26 2007

    I rather like this beer, it reminds me of red stripe but milder flavour and slightly less crisp. I think this beer goes well with most food as it will not overpower. I also think this beer is great way to beat the heat of Summer. For overall value this beer really is a good deal for roughly $9 - $10 for a thirty can pack.

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    Thu Dec 13 2007

    I can't give this classic American swill a "1" since it did get me through college. Tastes better than Budweiser and half the price.

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    Mon Dec 10 2007

    no reason to drink it after graduation

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    Mon Dec 10 2007

    Low Carbs, low calorie, low price. It's diet beer that tastes good enough and it's hard to drink enough to cause a hangover. I can afford better, but why piss away the money?

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    Wed Nov 14 2007

    I came across this a time or two,(perhaps desperate and poor) I rememeber the taste being weak just not good at all.

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    Tue Oct 30 2007

    A very cheap beer, worth it if you want to stay on the sober-side (you still can't drive don't forget).  Ok, for the occasional beer with dinner as it's flavor doesn't really clash with anything.

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    Thu Sep 06 2007

    Possibly the best beer available... if you see this at your local beer distributor be sure to pick up a few 30 birds

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    Tue Jul 03 2007

    Sucks, but still better than Budweiser by far.

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    Tue May 15 2007

    I wouldn't necessarily suggest buying it in cans, but if you're throwing a party and want a keg, get Natty Light. It's the cheapest thing out there, and in a keg it's pretty much the same as Bud Light. The only people who will complain are beer snobs, and who really cares what they think. If they don't want the beer you paid for, fine, more for everyone else.

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    Mon Apr 09 2007

    On a hot day when this beer is ice cold it's very refreshing.  Little to no flavor and would not recommend drinking it warm at all. But with the prestated conditions I like it.

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    Thu Mar 29 2007

    Hey IH8rateitall, how about we leave politics out of the beer ratings? Basically, only cowards with no spine bring up politics for no reason whatsoever. Anyway, this beer is only good for college kids who want to drink a case a night. Its terribly foamy and basically tastes like watered down bud lite, if one could imagine that.

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    Tue May 09 2006

    This is the beer of choice in shreveport , la i love it! great to funnel goes down smooth

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    Fri Mar 10 2006

    I'd imagine this is what urine taste like, aviod at all costs! Leave this beer for our beer guzzling, Bush supporting, Nascar friends. Terrible, absolutely terrible.

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    Wed Sep 07 2005

    This is a cheap beer when you dont have the money. It is not really great when you start drinking it but after a couple its ok. Heck after a couple all beers taste the same except for all this imported crap that taste like piss. Will buy it if dont have enought money for Bud Light.

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    Wed Feb 16 2005

    about as low as you can go on the drinkable beer scale. i think this stuff exists solely for college kids.

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    Wed Feb 16 2005

    Horrible stuff. Tastes like they cleaned up the overflow from Bud Light and squeezed the mop out in a Natural Light bottle.

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    Sun Jan 16 2005

    The WORST beer I've ever had. Would never buy this - only as a last resort or if I needed something cheap to cook with.

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    Fri Jan 07 2005

    WHAT? MY beer is ranked 161st? I read the LONG list of beers ranked ahead of mine, and let me tell 'ya something, MY brew will get you just as tight as those fancy-shmancy lagers and ales, it'll just take MORE of 'em to do the job. Heck, I got time! I'm not going anywhere! I'd like to see one of those Anchor Steam, or Grolsch fans, go to Yankee Stadium and ask the concession man for one of THEIR beers. The Bleacher Creatures would laugh and razz 'em out of the ballpark! Besides, it's unholy to wash down a Yankee Stadium hot dog with a Samuel Adams. That's for f**** Red Sox fans! Anheuser Busch Natural Light, by God, THAT'S for me. For the price of ONE bottle of SNOB beer, I can buy me a 12-pack! Yes I can! Besides you really CAN'T buy beer, anyway; you can ONLY rent it! The remnants of that SNOB beer goes down the toilet the same as MINE!

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    Wed Dec 22 2004

    This post is actually about a year old... but I am updating it. I had 1 star previously, but I have upgraded it up to 3 stars. If you are buzzed or hammered or just having a good time with an expensive beer, you can crack open one of these and it tastes ok.

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    Sun Sep 26 2004

    I had this when I was visiting my parents, my grandfather had left some over. There was no beer and I was desperate so I decided to try the dreaded Natural Light. To my suprise it was not aboslutely terrible, it tasted like sour water. It's almost tastless after you have a couple, but I would imagine getting wasted off this stuff would bring a massive hangover. If you want cheap beer atleast go with Keystone.

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    Fri Sep 24 2004

    If you want to get sick this is your beer. Be prepared to force it down, by far the worst beer ever made. Cheap but for a dollar more you can get a better beer!

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    Thu Sep 23 2004

    Boy I really need to think about this. First off, a lot of you people have drank piss because you know what it takes like. That being said, maybe you shouldn't be rating any beer. Maybe you should stick to drinking the beer in your parents basement refrigerator because that is where you still live. However, if you do get out of your parents house stick to drinking beer out of other peoples coolers because you are too cheap to buy beer yourself. As far as the natty goes, hell it is ok quit bitching. Ha ha ha.

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    Wed Sep 22 2004

    All price here. Gets you drunk like the expensive stuff and is good on a hot day.

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    Sun Sep 12 2004

    Bad, watery and flavorless. Save your money.

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    Sat Jun 05 2004

    synonymous with dog pee... a very sick dog.. A disgrace to the Anheuser-Busch name and the eagle it bears.

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    Tue Mar 09 2004

    Mexicans and Homeless people love this Shi.... enough said!

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    Sun Mar 07 2004

    A disgrace to american beer, no flavor, no texture, no anything for that matter. The only thing this is good for is triggering the gag reflex.

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    Sun Nov 09 2003

    Stone Cold drinks this! I like it better than Bud, Miller Lite or GD, Coors (yuck puke nasty), and even SHLITZ MALT LIKAH!

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    Fri Aug 08 2003

    I was recently offered a Natural Light while working the BBQ grill in the backyard. Apparently suffering from the August heat and smoke inhalation from the grill, I opened the can and took a swallow. WTF had I just put in my mouth? Save the pennies that this stuff must cost until you can afford to drink something enjoyable. Where's my Old Speckled Hen?

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    Fri Jun 13 2003

    I would rather rate Natural ICE, but this will do. Natural is the only beer made by Anheuser Busch that is worth drinking. It isn't great, but it won't make you sick either. Not bad for the price....

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    Tue Jun 10 2003

    I like cheap beer, but this stuff is a joke!