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    Tue Jul 28 2009

    As a regular sushi eater (2+meals a week) I have to say this is one of the best takeout experiences I have had for the price. Delicious and very friendly. employees :)

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    Fri Feb 27 2009

    I'm a Vegas local that eats out 4-5 times a week and when I find a place I like I become a repeat customer. I came in late last night to try your Teppan Table. The food was good, but the experience was completely ruined by some RUDE guy talking on the phone ALL through the ENTIRE dinner running his limo business from your Teppan Table talking about how some women threw up in his limo, then his wife has to go into the details of the of the woman throwing up, while I and my date are trying to enjoy the dinner. I would have just gotten up and left if I had not been so hungry and I should have. Handling RUDE OBNOXIOUS customers is not my responsibility it's the Chef/Owner's responsibility and I do not know of one other restaurant that would have allowed that type of behavior at the table. It appears that the RUDE man and the Chef/Owner are friends. But the Chef/Owner should have enough respect for his other 8 customers to ask the man to please go away from the table or outside. Or the ma... Read more

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    Sun Feb 01 2009

    This place Rocks. It has a great location- very close to the strip. A great staff. This restaraunt is divided into 2 sides. The first side has a sushi bar and tables and booths. The other side has open grills where the chefs cook in front of you and put on a great show. Our chef was named Tiger. He made us a meal we will never forget. Do not miss out on this place. You willl regret it if you do.

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    Sun Nov 30 2008

    Absolutely the best tasting food and friendliest service I?ve ever experienced. The owner/chef used to be the head chef at Hamada in The Flamingo. We were so impressed with him, those many years ago, that we followed him to his own enterprise. He makes everyone, from all ages and walks of life, feel comfortable, involved in the cooking and invited. You?ll see late night crowd, but you?d still feel fine to bring in your grandmother (we did.) It?s also nice to see the actual owner so involved in the day to day operations, including the cooking. It?s really his attitude that makes this place such a special restaurant. He?ll stop and chat with you, if they aren?t too busy, and your food has already been cooked. The food is absolutely top notch. The chef makes a lot of his own special sauces. Even the dinner salad has an apple dressing, instead of the usual ginger or sesame. I?ve had chicken, shrimp, steak and scallops; all are great! It?s much better than the standard teppan experience, wi... Read more

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    Wed Oct 15 2008

    We were on vacation and our local Vegas friends took us to this place. We really enjoyed our time and the food at Light My Fire. This is p...

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    Mon Sep 08 2008

    I'm very happy! Sushi around the strip has been declining for years and I finally found a place that has it all...freshness, taste, diversity, presentation, atmosphere, service, and the price. My friends told me about how great their teppanyaki was, so I actually went there for teppanyaki, but it was completely filled up. So, my friends and I decided to get down on some sushi. It was really delicious, they have an extended menu for sushi so it was overwhelming, but after we ordered a couple items, it was like clockwork, we went to town. I was really impressed with how fresh everything is and how everything is really tasty. We had 8-9 different rolls and all had it's own different delicious sauces that came on it or on the side. Try their wasabi creamy sauce on some salmon sashimi, it's to die for. I'm very impressed with how much different sauces they have, but none of them are overpowering, just enhancing perfectly. I used to go to this sushi bar across the Hard Rock and all they put... Read more

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    Sun Aug 03 2008

    This is one of the best kept secrets in Vegas. Service is great, food is amazing, prices are extremely low for the amout of food your getting, and the place is always very noticeably clean.

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    Wed Jul 02 2008

    We ate here for lunch today for the first time and everything was wonderful! We really had a great time. They have tepanyaki table service at lunch! (which is hard to find) It was very entertaining and the food was delicious. The triple x roll is especially good. The service is very friendly and attentive. We felt this was a great value in terms of quality food and generous portions at a reasonable price. We took home enough leftovers to have a yummy late-night snack... Will definitely return!

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    Sat May 31 2008

    We decided to give Musashi a try given the great reviews and late night happy hour,but we were disappointed. They were out of most of the sushi apps we wanted-no baby yellowtail, uni, grilled octopus salad to name a few. Given it was tSunday of Memorial Day weekend we tried to be understanding- must have been a busy weekend. We had to inquire about happy hour, as they made no mention nor introduced anything of the menu/specials. Waiter finally brought us happy hour menus. Since they were out of so many apps, decided to do tepanaki. Son wanted to do the shabu shabu but that option inot avail at tepanaki bar. Too bad they hadn't reviewed the options prior to seating. Our chef (bro of owner) was friendly, talented and probabaly the best part of the meal. We're doing the "low carb" thing, all ordered extra veggies in lieu of rice. Food good, but a somewhat nice experience turned sour when we got the bill. There were no less than 6+ "Open Food" items listed on the bill (ie no explanation ... Read more

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    Mon May 26 2008

    I booked the cooking table for me and 7 of my best friends. Everything was amazing. Best Japansese food I have ever had. And the chef was very entertaining, not your typical onion fire and shrimp tossed on to the plate. He was witty and with it. You must go here for a little secret spot just off the strip. A great way to start a night of partying. They give you plenty of food, so order to share. We will be there every time we come to vegas.... I dont normally post reviews on sites, but this place was so good...i felt compelled to contribute to their business.

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    Tue May 06 2008

    I'm a chef at a high end Japanese restaurant on the strip. My friends and I are not a big fan of Teppanyaki restaurants, because the chefs these days really don't flavor anything, or everything just tastes the same. I was wrong, the chefs at Musashi really surprised me, they are very superior to their competition!!!!! We all went there with sort of a bad attitude, but came away in awe!!! We have been there three times in the past week and a half. Everything, I mean everything was really flavorful in their own way. The fried rice was probably the best that I have ever tasted anywhere. The Rib-eye was awesome as well, perfect on the teppan grill, juicy, and the flavor just blew up in my mouth. The scallops were delicious as well, not over cooked or cut thin, so the combination of black pepper, butter, and soy sauce really put a perfect touch on the juicy scallops. They also make all these other sauces on the side fresh, for all you sauce fans including their famous garlic sauce, homemade... Read more

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    Wed Mar 26 2008

    Aloha and may just say, if you are ever in Las Vegas, you MUST doe MUSASHI Japanese Steakhouse on Paradise and Flamingo. It is without a doubt the most tasty, complete and warm environment for Teppanyaki I have ever experienced! I did not feel rushed, cramped or as if I was being entertained- Chef Tsutomu Molde was incredible with his sauces(made on the spot and with great added flavor to the meal) . . . I can't say enough(except maybe mahalo to my niece Kapoli who recommended and her dad who hosted the evening! Go Musashi- true japanese teppanyaki at its best!

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    Sun Mar 16 2008

    I'm from Chicago and have been to alot of places where they cook on the table. Let me tell you that they dont compare to MUSASHI. The food was wonderful and there was plenty of it. You will not leave there hungry. The chef (who also happens to be the owner) was awesome. He kept us entertained for hours (and i do mean hours). It was the best experience I've had in a resturaunt in a long long time and I highly recommend it. I will be dining there again when I'm in Vegas, and I do visit several times a year. Keep up the awesome job your doing!!!

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    Fri Mar 07 2008

    I wanted Teppan for my birthday. I had no clue on where to go. I looked it up on citysearch and found Musashi. I was relieved they were able to make same day reservations. It's close enough to the strip for tourists, but off the strip for locals. We sat at the cooking tables & had a couple of sushi rolls to start. (Next time were going straight for the sushi bar.) At the cooking tables, the portions were more than generous. The chef was entertaining and very funny. Everything was cooked to order. The steak, my favorite, was thick & juicy. The service was awsome. The prices were great. (We're on a budget, so it matters.) I loved this place and can't wait to take everyone I know.

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    Thu Feb 21 2008

    To make a long story short, I was at a strip club for a friends bachelor party. We started conversing with some of the strippers about where to go for sushi the next day. They told us to goto this restaurant called Musashi Japanese Steakhouse. They had a couple of napkins from there in the back, because they all get either take-out or get sushi delivered to them like everynight. So with the napkins and some of their numbers on them, we made our way there the next night. I was thinking, sushi at a steakhouse? Anyways, we were all surprised with the quality and service of this establishment. I mean it was really great. We sat on the couch in their private room, and really partied it up like rockstars! I had Toro, which melted in my mouth, Cajun Albacore, which was seasoned perfectly, and super white Tuna Jalapeno, omg it was incredibly delicious! I tasted a couple of other rolls that were pretty awesome, I know one was called triple X and the Wet Dream. I've never had rolls that had all ... Read more

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    Sat Feb 02 2008

    Probably would not have gone because it wasn't well known, but few places are open at 3AM. What Luck! Atmosphere was Awesome, service was Great, and most importantly, the Sushi was Excellent. The flavored Saki was Great, as was their Musashi Mai Tai. I would go there ANY time of day if I want Sushi.

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    Thu Jan 24 2008

    If I have ever been passionate about sharing my dining experience about a restaurant it would have to be this one. My family and I just returned from celebrating my birthday at Musashi Japanese Restaurant. In the 14 years we have lived here, this is the best Teppan Yaki we have had. We have tried the "others" and Musashi far exceeds them in attentive customer service, hospitality, kindness and quality fresh ingredients. Being half Japanese and growing up in Japan for 15 years I am critical of Japanese restaurants. This far exceeded my expectations and the most critical, my Japanese mother. It is so refreshing to go to a Japan restaurant and leave without being disappointed. The homemade flavors of the entire meal including the sauces shows their dedication to exceptional cuisine and culinary skills. If you are visiting don't let the "it is off the strip" location shy you away from trying this restaurant. Chef/owner "Tiger Woo" is friendly, a wizard with his tools, and a comedian!... Read more

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    Mon Jan 14 2008

    Musashi by far has the best Japanese food in Las Vegas. Whether you want lunch, dinner, late night, sushi, hot-pot, teppan (table cooking), or other dishes, Musuahi by far surpasses the competition. The fish and meat are excellent quality, the portions are huge, the sushi selection is enormous, and the sauces are unique and full of flavor (and homemade!). My favorite part (besides the food) is the personalized service. Everyone there is extremely accomodating, friendly, and fun! Musashi isn't just a meal, it is an experience! It is the perfect place for a business lunch, a romantic dinner, or a birthday celebration.

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    Sun Jan 13 2008

    So we were driving around trying to find somewhere to eat when we stopped in for the first time...What you ask? Only the best place for sushi in vegas... They have this great Happy Hour that starts at 11 p.m. and goes until 4 a.m. we were there until it closed.. The sushi is some of the best I've ever had and the Teppan food was great too.. we were greeted by one of the most friendliest staff I've ever seen and the journey began. We started with sushi, oh and if you have been there before, but not for awhile, they just added like 30 new rolls. Then we ate teppan... Seriously people, go hungry.. We ate so much, but the best part was some of the drinks they have.. Saketinies are the best in town hands down... They really know what they are doing and they all do it very well.... You will see me and my friends again and again!!! The lost girls.... ; )

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    Wed Nov 28 2007

    I pride myself on being a foodie. Since I lived in Vegas before, whenever i return i know where to go for sushi, mexican food, or vietnamese. The only place I was never able to find was somewhere for Teppenyaki. Old friends of mine from Texas who moved over there took me to Musashi one late wednesday night before Thanksgiving. The outside facade was unassuming but as soon as you walk in you are greeted by a nice hostess and tasteful ambience. None of this stereotypical music or furniture "lacquered" to a glossy shine. We sat for teppenyaki and was greeted by Tiger, the man of the restaurant. i ordered the prawns and scallop teppenyaki. Just a note-either come extremely hungry or share your plate because Musashi gives a lot of food and not just the fillers. I got a heaping bowl of fried rice, a dozen shrimp and about ten scallops flavored with a yum yum sauce. Included were two great sauces that Tiger made for us, and a platter of stir fried veggies-each. And trust me, there w... Read more

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    Tue Nov 27 2007

    I have been going to Musashi's on a regular basis for the past several months. It has the best atmousphere and top notch staff. I discovered it through and aquantance and it is simplely lovely. It has the most prompt and highly trained employes in addition to this they make you feel welcome and ensures that you enjoy the full Musashi experiance! I have travel around Asia and other parts of the globe and Musashi's is definatly the best Japanese restuarant I have located. 5 of 5 STARS!

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    Mon Nov 26 2007

    I started going to Musashi's 2 weeks after it opened last year.I have never had the better food in any restaurant anywhere... and I have lived everywhere. The people make you feel like you are right at home always a friendly greating and even know what you ordered on your last visit ! how many places can you say that about. The show is amazing. Musashi's even has a great kosher dish ask about it you won't be dissapointed. Don't waste your time and money at those same old chain restaurants they don't even compare. If your looking to be entertained filled to the brim with the best dishes you could imagine and have the best tasting saki in the universe COME DOWN AND CHECK THEM OUT !!!!!!! Oh ya and for everyone that thinks they can't make cuz the work too late .... ya well Hows 4:00 .... AM that is. Once you come here you can't wait to come back !!! Enjoy

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    Sun Nov 25 2007

    I read all the reviews before I went. I expected everything and maybe a little more from what I read. I got everything 100 times back. Outstanding!!! Everything that I read was very true, great service, cozy atmosphere, excellent sushi, perfectly seasoned and tender steaks, nice sized lobsters, an unforgettable experience, and the list keeps going on and on. PRICELESS!!! ( I was surprised at how reasonable the prices were, being soo close to the strip) My friends and I will definately be experiencing Musashi soon.

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    Sun Nov 04 2007

    My wife just suprised me with a trip to Las Vegas this last weekend with a couple of my friends. She wanted to have a fun time at dinner, and she decided to go with a Japanese restaurant where they would cook the food right out in front of the group....Musashi was everything that we could have asked for and more. We have gone to similar restaurants before, but the chef that we had just made them all look like school kids throwing knives. In addition to his expertise and skill, he was incredibly witty and made the event hilarious. Our entire group went away feeling that the best part of our trip had been the dinner. If you are heading to Vegas you absolutely have to drop for a meal at this restaurant. You won't be disappointed! ---Eric

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    Thu Oct 04 2007

    I have been going to Musashi Japanese steakhouse since they have opened, and I must say that it is my favorite place in town! The food is amazing. I was never one for sushi, but the sushi there made me to enjoy it. The service is awesome, and the happy hour specials are some of the best. They actually have REAL KOBE!!! They have thursday night industry night which brings in a great crowd, and even FREE sake tasting. You have to check this place out! This place clowns on the competition without a doubt!!!

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    Mon Oct 01 2007

    We held reservations for the Teppanyaki grill which proved to be unnecessary as we were the only ones in the room for most of the evening Our chef was the owner who most recently served as the executive chef at the Hamada on Flamingo. We each ordered the skinless chicken breast with vegetables which included miso soup and shrimp appetizer. Our personal chef put on an exceptional show and everything was cooked to perfection. Menu prices are very moderate.

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    Wed Sep 26 2007

    I'm a true fanatic of Musahsi. Chef Stomu without a doubt cooks the best food in town and the customer service is excellent. I love the fact that I can go to Musashi after work and head out on the town and then head back late night if I need a good bite before heading home. All around my favorite restaurant in Las Vegas. if you sit in the tepan room it's quite entertaining.

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    Tue Sep 25 2007

    Wow!!! This place is unbelievable! I'm telling you this is not just another Japanese restaurant, this is the one, the one that everyone's been searching for. I was at the bar of another Japanese restaurant close to the strip and getting acclimated with the bartenders. I was asking them about their restaurant, and then they, they told me if I wanted to eat, to go to Musashi's. I took their advice and walked a block to Musashi. Believe me when I say that this place is a gem. I ate at this place two days in a row. The first day, I ate by myself and it was by far the best steak and lobster that I have had. The second day, I took 9 of my clients out to Musashi. OMG, we had the time of our lives. Sushi and the sashimi was really fresh, tuna was the perfect color dark, deep red, not bright red, so I knew it wasn't the frozen tuna. The Kobe beef was out of this world!!!!! It just melted in my mouth. I mean everything was great, the chef ( Tiger = owner) was superior in every way compared to... Read more

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    Tue Sep 25 2007

    The first time I visited Musashi?s I was hooked! The staff was warming, friendly, and entertaining. The food was amazing. if you have been to a restaurant like The Claim Jumper, where you have to get like 3 to-go boxes to finish what you bought, only to throw it away after a couple days of it sitting in the refrigerator, you will notice a difference, as the food at Musashi?s is so appetizing, you will be forced to sit down and eat every bite (with chop sticks). Since the food is so good, I love to bring friends with me to Musashis. Not only will the staff remember my name, but my friends? names too. If there is one place in Las Vegas I call home, its Musashi?s!

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    Tue Aug 07 2007

    The Musashi Japanese Steakhouse (to me) is no longer a restaruant, but a way of life. The friendly atmosphere is one that is only seen in TV shows like Cheers, where the comraderie develops as the regulars get to know each other. There are no visitors here; everyone is family. Tsutomu and his staff do an excellent job to provide the creme-de-la-creme of customer service without making you feel like you are a customer, but more like a guest. The food is probably the best tasting in Vegas, so good that many show up 3 times or more a week for Tiger (Tsutomu)'s excellent cooking. It is always just right. If you are looking for a great place to eat that is reasonably priced, look no further than the Musashi Japanese Steakhouse. I will be the first to tell you their faults. When I find one, I will let you know. . . Raul

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    Mon Jul 30 2007

    I really enjoyed the food, as well as the service and atmosphere. The food is always fresh and full of flavor. The portions are enough to feed a large army (make sure you're hungry when you go). The staff members are full of character and very friendly. They definately make the dining experience very fun and eventful. Their ability to accomadate large groups is a huge bonus. The best bonus of all is that you will always leave with a happy ending.

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    Sat Jul 28 2007

    I travel, travel, and then some!!! I almost always go to a Japanese restaurant or steakhouse wherever my business takes me. I am honestly telling you that this is by far the best restaurant that I have been to in quite some time! Everything, I mean everything is just mouth watering. The steaks are unbelievable, even the Kobe beef tasted better than the one I just had recently in Japan. Everything was seasoned to perfection!!! My friends from Microsoft recommended this place to me, and now I can see why they ate there two times in three days during the CES show. I was really impressed.

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    Tue Jul 17 2007

    Plain and simple, WE LOVE THIS RESTAURANT!!!!! Great food, open late, reasonable prices and Chef/Owner Stomu is a phenomenal host. The sushi and tepanyaki are top notch and the fried rice is legendary. Thanks for the good times......Kyle and Sidrit

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    Sun Jul 08 2007

    Best Japanese steak house in the the las vegas valley the owner is one of the chefs he is the best by far Teppanyaki chef I have ever seen. usually if you go to Benihannas you get Decent food and a good show at this place it is GREAT food and a Unparalleled show deffinatly a cool place to go with great food and good prices. good place to take a chick on a date.not the best sushi but its not a sushi bar its a steak house so just remember that,

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    Sun May 27 2007

    Light Year's Better than Benihana. We ate at this place on our first night in Las Vegas. I was after midnight and we wanted something good to eat. We were seated promptly by a cooking table. The chef/owner prepared our meal with all the flare and fanfare that you get in Japanese Steakhouses. He was friendly and hospitable. We were treated almost like family here. The quality and taste of the food was great. The menu provided a variety of items. The prices were reasonable. If you wanted to splurge, the real Kobe Beef from Japan is available. We were actually inivited to friend's gathering at Benihans's up the the street at the Hiton a few days later. I regret not telling them to pick Mushasi instead. The food at Benihana was more costly, the place was claustrophobic and the food was mediocre. The best part was the ability to have an exotic meal at 3 AM! Sure beats fast food or the Hotel Coffee Shops!

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    Tue Apr 17 2007

    food is really great especially for sushi, great atmosphere ( really cool place to have a party), and least but not least the service was really awesome my glass is never empty....and the most important is for this kind of food the price is very affordable

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    Thu Mar 29 2007

    Las Vegas Japanese steakhouse mixes the flair of Asian cuisines with the flavor of American traditional favorites.

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    Wed Mar 28 2007

    This place is AMAZING!!!! I've been to alot of Japanese restaurants in Vegas and up and down California, and I believe that this is the BEST of the BEST!!! The steaks, seafood, sushi, flavored sake, service, the atmosphere, and the price is unbelievably perfect!! Tiger is the most incredible teppan chef that I have ever seen!!! I was greatly impressed with the culinary precision and the showmanship that this guy displayed for us!!! I had the imported Japanese Kobe steak and lobster tail and my girlfriend had the Musashi Special (fried rice, vegetables, prawns, scallops, lobster tail, and filet mignon--under $60) Man, I've never seen a deal like this anywhere in Las Vegas!! The Kobe was out of this world!! I put it in my mouth and it just melted!! I've had Kobe in a couple of other high class restaurants in Vegas that I paid doudle or triple the price, but it just didn't even come close to comparison!! I'm getting hungry just thinkin' about this place!! The filet was... Read more

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    Wed Mar 28 2007

    Probably one of the best, if not, the best japanese restaurant in las vegas!!! Don't be mislead by their name... They have the best teppanyaki chefs in las vegas and an amazing sushi bar (which I didn't know they had until I walked in) with the freshest fish in town. I eat at alot of japanese restaurants and I have dined at some pretty pricey restaurants, Including Nobu, Sushi Ra, Hamada of Japan (Awful), and Sushi Roku. This one beats them all. Their Buddha Roll Rocks!!! For dinner I had the Filet and Scallops which I ended up taking home and topped it off with a vanilla ice cream tempura.(AMAZING!!). The best thing is that I could come for lunch, dinner, and after 12am and not have to even break a $100!! Definitely check it out.