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    Tue Dec 13 2011

    When we first started talking with Moving Staffers we were very happy with the responsiveness. Unfortunately, that all changed after we hired them. Upon unloading our containers we found several damaged items. I have been making calls and leaving messages for two weeks in an attempt to get a resolution. Only after I used a frustrated tone in my message did I get a call back. I would never use or recommend this company to anyone because of the terrible service we have received.

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    Tue Oct 18 2011

    They were terrible. I have photos to prove it. I had to pay a second company to repack our POD so that things would not get damaged during transit. They refused to refund our money. I have the photos to support this! And I DO believe the "pressure to tip them" statement made in other posts. My uncle was there to supervise for us, since we couldn't be there, and tipped them both (feeling obligated) even though they did a terrible job.

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    Fri Oct 14 2011

    Very bad experience with this company. They were 2 hours late arriving. They were in such a hurry they damaged some of furniture and then pressured me to give them a tip. Even though I paid for 2 hours and they did a rush job in 1 hour, I still had to pay for 2 hours even though they did an awful job. This company does not care for repeat business and does not give good customer service. I will never use them again.

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    Thu Sep 22 2011

    Worst company to do business with! MS is not even a moving company,just a moving broker!!! They have people answering phones with no moving industry experience ! STAY AWAY!!!!!! I'm still trying to get paid months after doing jobs for them,what does that tell you!!!!

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    Thu Jun 30 2011

    These people are terrible. I scheduled a move then had to reschedule. No one would return my calls, emails, or whatever. I ended up with no one to unpack. Thanks Moving Staffers. AVOID! I won't bother with details about the lousy packing job. The only thing they did right was show up on the front end.

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    Fri Jun 10 2011

    This organization can be trusted with your most precious and fragile possessions. They are professional, courteous and midful of their customr's needs. Excellent customer service. They arrive on-time and handle furniture with the utmost care by wrapping anything not boxed. I have moved seven times and they outperformed any of the "professional" moving companies I have used.

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    Sat Apr 16 2011

    Terrible! Do not use Extremely unprofessional and simply contracts out the job to whoever they can find. And when there's a problem, they're extremely rude and side with the moving company even though it's clear that the moving company forged the receipt. Be particularly wary if your moving coordinator is: Jerelene Gough Move Manager Moving Staffers 4401 Barnett Rd. Wichita Falls, TX 76310 Toll Free: 1-800-460-9333 x 259 Fax: 1-940-696-7030 Email: [email protected]

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    Tue Apr 12 2011

    HORRIBLE!!!! I never write reviews, but this was so bad I have to say something so people will not ever use them!! Without boring readers with a long drawn out drama of all that went wrong, I will highlight the worst (there was no "best"): -Unprofessional "move coordinators" who gave me little communication about the move: called me 2 days before the move to "recommend" a crating company come out and crate a painting (at my expense) because they would not insure it otherwise 9after they told me all my items would be insured). They had a month prior to call me and tell me this but with 2 days prior to move I had no time; coordinator called me 3 days after ABF was loaded to ask ME if I knew if the trailer had left the terminal for my destination. Major attitude from coordinator and so unhelpful (told me I had to figure out all the permit info for loading/unloading and had "no idea" where I should call to acquire info). -Delivered my ABF a day prior to schedule, had neighbor (who I di... Read more

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    Mon Apr 11 2011

    Just used them this weekend. They showed up only a bit late. They worked very slowly, took many breaks, but finally got the job done. However I got a call 2 days later informing me they would have to charge an additional 150.00 for extra boxes and labor. Watch out for that!

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    Tue Feb 01 2011

    Horrible! We've moved several times with job relo and this was the worst yet. Our move was in July 2010. We had to fly back to Tucson to load our already packed home for a move that was set up for a Saturday morning. We planned to fly back out on Sunday. Our movers did not show up on Saturday and rescheduled for Sunday. We were not reimbursed for having to move our flight. They underestimated our move by 50%. We had an incredible amount of damage from furniture not being wrapped correctly (such as wooden tables wrapped in shrink wrap rubbing against a metal shelving unit). It is now February 2011 and we are still waiting for reimbursement. I have a verbal agreement from December but NO ONE will return my call to give me an update!

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    Fri Jan 28 2011

    I Live in Central Illinois, however when I was asking for help. I was given what i thought was an outrageous rate, then realized i was given someone who was probally 200 miles from me, so they recommend I contact some help on my own, So I searched Central Illinois what I found is that I saved way more money that way. The www smoothmovecrew com was direct, no hidden fees, paid right on the spot, they are under www laborlumpers com to my surprise, they do not add an costs on top of the help, also www rentaltruckhelp com I believe they are combined now, but it's definately the best I have found, 180 for the first four hours, ours was an unload, an took about 3 hours, it was worth it, the moving staffers crew provided would have cost over 450 for thier quote. However I'm glad they told me I could find help elsewhere, an if not call back. But i choose the labor lumpers crew out of Central Illinois. So if your looking for great help, an low cost in Peoria, champaign, bloomington, eff... Read more

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    Mon Dec 13 2010

    I moved from the Jersey Shore to Phoenix, Arizona. I used ABF u-pack Relo-cubes (2). I had my house packed up myself, and all I needed was a company to send me 2 guys to load the cubes and get me going. Moving Staffers online and phone staff were friendly, efficient, and the quote given was accurate and appropriate for the work received. I purchased my own packing supplies at a local company and had the blankets necessary. The 2 men that came to the job showed up ON TIME and each cube took them approximately 1 hour each to load! Amazing. The guys were more than professional, very courteous, and very careful and mindful of the items marked Fragile, and packed things excellently. When I suggested something get placed in a preferable position, the movers took heed and either complied or suggested something better! Since I packaged the items ahead of time myself, it was my responsibility to be sure things were properly padded and secured before they were placed into the containers (kee... Read more

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    Mon Oct 11 2010

    Okay, it's probably my fault that I didn't read the fine print but I'm still angry. I had contacted Moving Staffers for transfering my items from a rental truck to an ABF truck in Montgomery, NY. Everything sounded fine: two guys would meet me at the terminal with ABF loading experience, the job could be accomplished in the minimum hours, etc. I made the arrangements on a Thursday, one week before the actual moving date. Friday, the next day I had to cancel the move. I immediately contacted the dispatcher. I was notified of the cancellation from Moving Staffers but would be charged a $50 cancellation fee. In the rush to make my moving arrangements, I neglected to pay attention to the cancellation penalty. While Moving Staffers had the right, they're cancellation policy is not resasonable with giving at least 6 days notice. If there is any chance you're move is not firmed up or there's a chance for an emergency interuption, don't use Moving Staffers.

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    Fri Sep 03 2010

    I booked Moving Staffers for Loading and Unloading services (Job # 1024794). The workers they sent to do the job were great. However, the company itself isn't reputable. They overcharged me on my credit card and totally ignored all of my calls trying to rectify the situation. I got voice mail every time I called the toll free number provided by their Move Manager and even though I left messages, they totally ignored me. What a bunch of uncaring and dishonest jerks. Please avoid this company!!!

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    Mon Aug 09 2010

    I booked Moving Staffers through ABF for my move from Boston to Indianapolis. I selected the PLUS Package and terribly disappointed with the quality of the materials used for my pack and the quality of the packing job that Scott Mayflower (who Moving Staffers book the job through) did. I was also told I would have 3 movers for an unlimited amount of time and only 2 showed up with another job lined up later that morning. I had to pay the moving company an additional $150 for a TV box and ended up with permanent imprints on the frame of the TV because they didn't pack the empty space around the TV. My light colored couch now has black dirt and grease marks on the side where it was laid on the POD floor improperly wrapped. I have broken bins, my black entertainment unit has white paint on the bottom and a box of wine glasses (marked fragile wine glasses on all sides) was packed on they very bottom of the load with 5-6 boxes stacked on top of it. My moving coordinator at Moving Staff... Read more

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    Fri Jun 18 2010

    Used them for my move form Florida back to Wisconsin. I followed all thier rules and yet when it was time to unload the truck we found most items broken. They asked for tie-down straps and ropes. Which I provided for them, which they packed in a box and never used them. The load shifted and was crushed. They placed hevey itmes on top of lighter items. Things where bent and crushed. FIlled a sent between two diffrent claims people. Sent me letters saying they needed photo's after I sent them to them three times before. Then denided the cailm saying all press woood items need to be taken apart, before being loaded. When I was going to do just that, and their movers told me not to do that, as it would fit and hold up better if it was intact. If you asked me they are over priced and don't follow their own rules, and don't care about your stuff. Never use them!

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    Sat Feb 27 2010

    Moving Staffers basically just collect the large ¨deposit¨and then either look on craigslist or a local labor staffing agency and contract out laborers- NOT MOVERS. Sure, in some areas, they may have some good reputable movers who they contract out moves to. I caught on to the protocol (Thank God), and I chose to go with something more reasonable, one that doesnt ask for $100 up fron tand then just send drug addicts or inexperienced people to me and then expect me to pay then cash for ruining my stuff. (Google Dan Cunningham Moving Labor Service and you will see the list of bad). Honestly, the whole site was suspicious, $99 up front and then pay some people cash on arrival. If the movers were apart of the organization, then you would think I could just pay the organization and the movers will get their pay. I ended up paying only $100 for real movers (dollies and experience). They did my job in less than 2 hours. I googled: moving labor houston, and did moving staffers job for the... Read more

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    Mon Dec 07 2009

    HORRIBLE! I only gave it one star because there is no option for zero stars! They sent 2 guys that were the absolute laziest people I have ever seen. I'm a third of the size of these men and I moved twice the stuff in half the time, and I'm a girl! They ripped my mattress and got it filthy because they were too lazy to pick it up off the ground. The scratched up the couch legs and then tried to hide it so we wouldn't see the damage. They broke the handle off the tv cabinet and scratched and chipped the dresser to the point where we have to replace it. They showed up smelling like they hadn't bathed in weeks and the smell has permeated every piece of fabric they touched. We have to get the couches cleaned and have nearly run out of febreze trying to get the stench out. They complained the entire time and I've never seen people walk so slow in my life. Then the one guy had the nerve to ask us to pay him an extra hour because he drove! Horrible, horrible experience and waaaay overpriced. ... Read more

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    Sat Nov 14 2009

    MOVING STAFFERS MIS-REPRESENTED THEMSELVES! My mother used moving staffers to contract movers to move from her 4 bedroom home to a 2 bedroom condo. She used moving staffers instead of having a company come in and pack, load, and unload at the ridiculous price they charge. Instead she could just have some guys come and load and unload since she had rented the truck. Moving staffers really mis-represented themselves when only 2 guys showed up and they thought they were just LOADING the truck. Moving staffers contracts a company from the area where you live and passes the info on to them. After calling them 4 times to reiterate the fact that it was going to be a 8-10 hour job, not the 5 hour job that they estimated, they still only told the moving company that came that it would only need 2 guys. The guys who ended up moving us from All Season Moving Company in Arlington, Vermont were amazing. Not only did they load and unload my mother but when everything didn't fit in the truck, they un... Read more

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    Fri Oct 23 2009

    Hi, My husband and I just moved out of San Francisco. We chose Moving Staffers because our moving company (ABF UPack) recommended them and said that Moving Staffers staff would know how to pack up our moving truck in such a way as to make sure our belongings made it across the country without breaking. We haven't unpacked yet -- our trailer of stuff is in storage until we find our next apartment -- but I can at least report about how they did on the front end (loading). The company itself was very professional. 2 perks -- they give you a flat rate, not an hourly rate. We may have paid more than we would have, had we just picked up day laborers, but I needed the assurance that our stuff would be packed appropriately in the 8 linear feet we had to use in moving truck. I'm very glad we went with them. I was told that at least 2 movers would be there between 8-10am. 3 nice gentlemen arrived at 8:30pm and worked VERY QUICKLY and professionally. However, I don't feel like they rushe... Read more

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    Wed Oct 21 2009

    I just moved from Sacramento, CA to Columbia, TN and was very pleased with Moving Staffers. The loading crew was efficient, friendly, and careful. They did the impossible by getting all my household into one 26 foot space. The trailer was packed solid; floor to ceiling, side to side. This included my 3 bed, 2 bath house plus our 13 by 16 foot craft room and office plus shop and peddle boat. They arrived on time and were fully prepared to do all that was in our contract. The unloading crew also arrived at the appointed time and were very friendly, efficient and careful with our goods. Because we were out of the service area for ABF to deliver the trailer, a separate contractor delivered it. The driver was very professional and we were very satisfied with his business as well. In their advertising, ABF says that you put on the lock and take it off at your destination. Be aware that if you use a ramp, it is maintained locally, so they will need to unload it prior to hauling your... Read more

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    Mon Sep 14 2009

    We were referred to Moving Staffers by ABF UPack, who contracts them for the actual moving in and out of apartments. I was transferred internally from ABF to Upack and provided them with all the necessary information. I was quoted what seemed like a relatively high cost - 1306 to move our 1-bedroom apartment on top of the 1800 cost of the space we were leasing in the trailer from ABF. After receiving some bizarre emails about how they were a Christ-centered business, I assumed that I was paying for the comfort of not being cheated. Imagine my surprise when a week after my move I saw a charge to my credit card for an additional $102.66. When I contested the charge, I was told that when I initialed the receipt of our goods, I had also signed off on a 1-hour "waiting fee." Strange since ABF and Moving Staffers have to work together that I am penalized for ABF being late. So much for being a Christ-Centered business.

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    Tue Jul 07 2009

    What a bunch of lying cheats! I wish I had read the reviews before I agreed to this service! They advertise that they will provide movers. WHAT A JOKE! I was very clear with the employees that I was seeking to book and economical move for my mother (who is not a "young" woman) and that she did not want people packing for her, but needed help breaking down furniture and loading the truck. I was assured that their movers would be able to help with this service. What turned up was two kids with no moving experiance, no tools, nothing! My mother was left to breakdown her own furniture (not an easy task at her age!) and to direct all the moving and do much of it herself!!! When I called to complain, I was told they had not "mislead" me and accused of lying!!! Don't believe thier claims of being a Christian company, there's nothing Christan about how they do business or treat their customers!

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    Thu Jul 02 2009

    I wished I had looked at these reviews before I used Moving Staffers and John Metro Movers in Desplaines, IL. ( they work together) I can not believe that this company can stay in business this long. Their website is all lies, they damaged my furniture so badly that I have to throw most of it away. I had watched them as they were packing the truck the first couple of hours, but of course the moment I turned my back the rest of my furniture was just thrown on the truck and I did not see this until I had arrived out of state. Now they will not return any of my calls. They use caller ID to avoid answering my complaints. If anyone read these reviews please take it to heart because I don't normally take the time to write reviews but this company is totally a ripoff. Please, please spread the word.

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    Fri May 15 2009

    Moving Staffers is a hard company to get a hold of. Every time I call them, they put me on hold for hours or require me to call back. They are inconvenient to talk to and expensive. They quoted me for $800 and I found the same services online with no middle man. Additionally, when I called to tell the company that I did not agree to their terms, they said that I had already agreed to them and my order was already complete. This was contrary to the e-mail they sent me which stated that my order was incomplete. I feel like I have gotten the run around with this company and will NEVER use them.

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    Tue Jul 24 2007

    Check this out ff0261418.htm

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    Sat May 19 2007

    Moving staffers does what you can do in five minutes with the Yellow Pages but they charge you $135 per load or unload for it. They call it a "deposit" but in fact it is a "commission". Invariably the movers will ask for more money than Moving Staffers tells you they will, but the real problem here is that when you pay a "deposit" you expect to then pay a "balance" not the entire cost in full. This is really shady business.

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    Wed May 31 2006

    I used to work for them - There model is simple - Get a call for help - get a mover from the internet yellowpages charge customer for nothing really - My understanding they don't check insurance or license's - Steve Deay and Mark Conrad have not even been in the industry for a total combined 2years - Good luck to this (My Opinion) failing model.

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    Wed Mar 22 2006

    Moving Staffers brokered shady movers who stole my Ritalin prescription medications. In addition, I had to pay the movers $50 in "fuel costs." Moving Staffers had already approved the extra charges but never told me. All in all, you are MUCH better off hiring local help. As two Budget Truck service managers said, "You paid to get ripped off." That's how you will feel if you hire these mutts.

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    Sun Dec 11 2005

    Shafted - Budget Truck told me about these guys - they don't stand up for their cusotmers. I have claims and tried to purchase insurance as I was informed I could - Last minute I find out that I was unable to purchase the insurance I requested. Now I have 14 broken items and Moving Staffers won't return my call December 9, 2005

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    Wed Nov 30 2005

    No help with anything - claim they are not responsible for provider claims or overcharges. Very unprofessional outfit.

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    Fri Sep 16 2005

    Moving Staffers coordinates the hiring of smaller local providers, so I would think that quality of service could vary. We hired ACF Services in Troy MI through Moving Staffers. ACF moved us from MI to NC with no breakage, on close to the original schedule. Everyone was very courteous. The drivers knew their stuff. The moving men worked quickly and conscientiously, and were careful with breakables. They were all very flexible about schedule changes and late hours. Very nice guys. Their supervisor was a good salesman, but inattentive to detail and not sufficiently field-experienced to lead or do the work well. Inattentive to detail means: (1) telling the drivers the wrong destination; (2) failing to pass to the drivers either the map or mapquest directions I provided to him; (3) failing to discuss or plan for truck weight limits with us in the beginning, even though we told him we had a lot of books; (4) measuring instead of weighing the boxes placed on the truck; and some other ... Read more

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    Tue Aug 02 2005

    Excellent service provider! On-time, polite and efficient..moved into Public Storage on June 3rd and have re-hired this Company to staff the move into my new home on August 8th. In fact, the office personnel were very accommodating relative to changes in my move schedules! I would recommend this Company to friends and colleagues without a doubt!

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    Tue Aug 02 2005

    MOVING STAFFERS ARE CROOKS! I hired 4 movers staffers to get help loading a 24 foot truck with boxes, and shelving. This was done on-line at their website which states that my credit card would be charged $110.00 in advance and that I would need to pay the moving crew in cash the balance of $396.00. MY credit card statement arrived with a charge of $170.00!! PLUS, the moving crew demanded that I pay them an additional $499.00 in cash!! These people are SCAM artists. I would NEVER use them again, under any circumstances. Don't be fooled by the Bull SHi-!

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    Fri Apr 22 2005

    UPDATE TO LAST POSTING - RESPONSE TO Pop1946 Hmmmm, let me original posting hypothesized that at least some of the positive postings for Moving Staffers in here were planted by biased parties. You are a developer who is being paid by Moving Staffers - that kind of supports my hypothesis, doesn't it? If I understand this forum correctly it is reserved for prospective & past customers, and various other credible parties who can render an objective opinion - you clearly do not fall into this category, and thus your rating is even more meaningless than a planted posting (if any do in fact exist) and only pointlessly skews this valuable resource in a blatantly self-serving manner. Since you purport to be an expert on the matter, can you supply us with hard data on the claims and customer satisfaction ratios for Moving Staffers? Mr. Mendoza (see posting below) claims a 98% customer satisfaction rating - what data is that claim based on? Or is it just a generic ballpark figure throw... Read more

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    Mon Apr 18 2005

    JSteele... I am VERY familar with Moving Staffers process since we're (our Co.) the partner that wrote the engine that they use to facilitate the moves. If you think you personally can do a regional, let alone a national move (load,unload,pack) with the speed, accuracy and assurance of a good moving 'crew' feel free to try. Moving Staffers has hundreds of moving crews that are screened and rated. Is it a perfect system.. no... but how could anyone possibly manage hundreds of crews and thousands of moves with 100% assurance.. there's no company that could nor a 100% guaranteeed process to do that. for example if a mover does 85 PERFECT moves and then a primary workcrew manager gets ill and someone else fills in for them how can anyone assure that person will be as capable as the primary...? What is the option? Don't send the crew? That doesn't work for myriad reasons.. So do they asdd value? We certainly think so and so do the 'key' industry players who have been working with... Read more

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    Fri Mar 04 2005

    well i do agree with dan cunningham they do screen all movers they have but he can not controll after he screens the companies that he uses who the company hires sometimes when they screen companies and they show that they are good and then the company that they screen hires crappy people he can not help that he does do all at his power to send the best movers to help. I have delt with moving staffers on SEVERAL move jobs and i have delt with so many customers that used moving staffers and they have allways been pleased. and about the deposits they do state that it is a non refundable payment and about the non english speaking people i can state that they do require that all movers must speak english fluent. and if dan cunningham knew tha a company was sending non english speaking movers he would pull them off their list in a new york second. cause that is in his contracts when movers sign up with them... i know i would recommend them to anyone!

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    Sun Feb 27 2005

    I used Moving Staffers for a move in Dec 2004. The movers did not show up at all on my scheduled move day. The local company kept telling me that they would show up until 5pm, when the admitted they could not come. I actually had to reschedule and re-do the entire move - including another truck rental. The entire day of the original move, I was calling Moving Staffers and nobody answered the phone. I eventually spoke to Dan Cunningham, the owner of the company. His excuse was that Moving Staffers is simply a consultant and can't be held accountable for the local movers they recommend. So, you are essentially paying for them to find you a local mover - if anything goes wrong you can't expect any help at all. I eventually reached an agreement with Dan that was less than satisfactory to me, but I was going to let it go. However, he then backed out of that agreement and left me with their full charges. I would recognize that if Moving Staffers sends a good local mover, you will h... Read more

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    Sun Feb 27 2005

    THIS IS AN UPDATE....EVERYONE PLEASE READ. The message posted from pissedatstaffers is also from me and the login sign up acted like it tid not take and it posted the message anyways........... anyways i owe moving staffers an apology my problem was a lack of communications and wrong sources that was mis leading other people. i have done a lot of work for moving staffers and found thru my researching that moving staffers is the company that got screwed by the contracting customers that we served they was giving moving staffers the run around and trying to NOT PAY moving staffers for our labor.. it took moving staffers longer than i expected to pay us for our services but they fought tooth and nail for us and i did not relize what they did to help us out i checked my deposits after i posted that hate pissed message and seen that movingstaffers collected and covered their debts with us. so all i have to say to everyone I OWE A BIG I AM SORRY i was pissed at them for no reason that the... Read more

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    Sun Feb 27 2005

    moving staffers was a good company at first. we are a moving company that does work for movingstaffers when you call to get help we was one company that moving staffers would call. we did plenty of jobs for them and they sent us on a multi thousand dollar contract we went done the job i had 11 employees working for 2 weeks for 7 days a week 12 hours a day on this contract and moving staffers refuses to pay us for our labor they always comming up with excuses for not paying! TILL I SEE MY MONEY! I WILL BE VOICING MY OPINION! I have talked to other movers that has went to HTTP://GETMOVINGHELP.TRIPOD.COM

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    Sun Jan 23 2005

    I used moving staffers in December of 2004.The crew did not show up for the move in and I had to hire others the next day. I still have not recieved a credit for my deposit.

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    Sun Jan 16 2005

    Did a load in Dallas, TX and we Unloaded in San Jose, CA -Great team of movers in both locations. Worked hard and got the job done in less than three hours on both side. GOOD JOB Moving Staffers.

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    Thu Jan 13 2005

    Movingstaffers ran my credit card and overcharged me $400 two days before my actual move. They didn't send me a charge receipt of ANY documentation about my move and will not return my phone calls.

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    Wed Jan 05 2005

    moving staffers claimed to have pro's. we had one agitated kid with 2 non english speaking helpers he pickedup at home depots parking lot .they gauged our mahagony floor. loaded garbage on the truck, broke our tv armoire,designer lamp and dumped my husbands antique watch makers bench and antique safe behind bushes and forgot to load our bed frames! that cost us $890. of course the english speaking kid tried to get $1500. out of me

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    Tue Dec 07 2004

    I used Moving Staffers to unload after thanksgiving...after a long night of driving the last thing i wanted to do was break my back (again) unloading a 26' truck with heavy furniture and appliances!! Having moved many times I've learned that 'full service' movers are too expensive and simply renting a truck is too taxing on me and whatever friends/relatives I can con into helping me. This service bridges that gap one is going to jack-up the prices at the last minute with the threat of hijacking MY stuff on THEIR truck! My experience was extremely positive from the first time I called to get pricing (I spoke to a very friendly woman in Florida) until I paid the movers with a healthy tip for each of them. I was so greatful for this service and impressed with this company that I googled them to see if they were publicly traded. I was so surprised to see a flood of posts on this and other sites from what looks like an unhappy vendor that I felt compelled to put in m... Read more

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    Tue Nov 30 2004

    Good movers - made a stressful day easier.

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    Fri Nov 26 2004

    I SEE A LOT OF PEOPLE RATE MOVINGSTAFFERS FOR THE SORRY WORK THE PEOPLE THAT SHOWED UP TO THEIR HOME DID. moving staffers has fired a lot of bad movers and has screened new movers more carefull and they have great service! they done a lot of house cleaning and some of their new companies they send out to your homes is the best! they showed up to my home on time and i figured it would take me 12 hours to pack and load my home and they had me done in 4 hours! great work guys!

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    Tue Nov 16 2004

    Response to below rating, Mr. Mendoza. Customer proceeded to yell at Moving Staffers Movers when they showed up at 10am (Within there 9-11am window). Then customer got extremely irate after movers explained they were there within the customer window. Customer stated she did not have payment method with her for her move and due to the 2 issues (Irate Customer, Non Payment) Movers informed the customer they could not service her. Customer called myself Mr. Mendoza and proceeded to curse at me. Customers mother called me to apologize for the inconvinience, and actions of her daughter. Moving Staffers has 98% Customer Satisfaction. Very excellent Satisfaction Ratings.