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Mountain Dew

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    Mon May 23 2011

    Yuck. Its dyed a nasty color and it's very unhealthy. No thanks, Coca Cola I will not be doing the "Dew" with you.

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    Mon Mar 28 2011

    I don't know what the taste is supposed to be, but damn it's good. I drink a LOT of it. If you're thirsty grab a dew. My gramps who can't go buy much liquor anymore has come up with a little mix he likes to call "Poor Man's Margarita" which is some mountain dew mixed with tequila, or vodka. It is damn good, and tastes quite similar to a margarita.

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    Sun Feb 27 2011

    Ive had them all pretty much my fave is the throwback, mountain dew is amazing, it has the perfect taste that i can just chug down and its the first thing i drink when i wake up. i grew up on this stuff, its what i drink 90% of the time, it doesnt cause like "bloating" problems like pepsi, and overall the best soda ever ps if you like alcohol and mountain dew throwback take a mini bottle of redstagg and mix it with a can of throwback, a heavenly combination

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    Mon Dec 06 2010

    Bring back PITCH BLACK!! Sent from my Palm Pre on the Now Network from Sprint

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    Sun Nov 14 2010

    Thanks goodness, I drank this, and I don't like this, because it contains too much sugar for me and too much caffeine for me. Also, it's too chunky!

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    Tue Nov 02 2010

    Its simple yet exciting flavor bursts onto your taste buds, the tingle of the lime jerks the senses in the cheeks and jaw, while it awakens the senses throughout your body as it glides down your throat with a subtle bite. The flavorful orange and lemon makes one beg for more. The aroma is quite invigorating. All in all MTN DEW pleases one's palate to the point of pure and luxurious addiction.

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    Sun Jul 11 2010

    It would get a higher mark, but in Canada it is now a energy drink. Update: It's back to being it's regular drink, so now I am giving it a one star higher.

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    Tue Jun 08 2010

    it is very addicting and tastes like heaven even though it is very bad for u :P

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    Sat Mar 13 2010

    Pretty great soda, i enjoy Voltage and Code Red a bit more but this one started it all and has a great and refreshing taste. It's lemon lime flavor is much different (and better) than other sodas of the same flavor such as Sprite.

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    Sun Feb 28 2010

    It's made out of Elf piss.

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    Sun Feb 28 2010

    The worst soda I've ever tasted. Just disgusting.

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    Mon Jan 25 2010

    Best soda of all time. But I'd give diet mountain dew 1 star.

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    Thu Dec 31 2009

    my blood pumps with this elixer of awsome

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    Fri Sep 18 2009

    This is my favorite citrus soda. I also like Vault and Mello Yello. Mountain Dew is delicious. A great beverage indeed. I give Mountain Dew a 5 star rating.

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    Wed Sep 02 2009

    (Song) Mountain Dew! It turns your insides yellow! (Song)

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    Mon Jul 06 2009

    Truth be told, this is my favorite drink of all time. I seriously can not get enough of the stuff. When I have a headache - dew. When Im thursty - dew. When Im horny - dew. When Im sleepy - dew. When Im.... Well, you get the picture. I may be addicted. I may need professional help to get off the stuff! But hey, at least it is legal!

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    Mon Jun 15 2009

    This soda has so much caffeine it could wake the dead. This is a good soda if you want a nice lemon lime flavor to replace coffee. I am not a coffee drinker and find that one Mt. Dew does the job of 3 cups of coffee! I only wish that Diet Mt. Dew was easier to find in the area where I live.

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    Tue Jun 02 2009

    Mountain a. Dew is a citrus like beverage. It is very sweet. It does not have a crisp taste. It lingers on your tongue and does not always accentuate the flavor of foods, other than salty snacks.

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    Sun May 24 2009

    one of my favorite

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    Fri May 22 2009

    My 2nd fav soft drink behind Coca-Cola. Just a tad too sweet.

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    Thu May 14 2009

    it's great, great flavor, wakes you up, lots of flavors also, but one thing is bad abuot it and that why it loses a star is because it rotts your teeth, if u care at all about your mouth u shuoldnt drink it. dentises have a term for the rotting of the teeth caused by mtn dew called "dew mouth" its the worst thing for you teeth ever, still drink it tho, still tast great.

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    Thu May 07 2009

    I feel like the reason to drink Mountain Dew has always been the caffeine. That even with its unworldly color and plasticy taste, it was possible you to choke this stuff down because you knew it had more caffeine than everything else. With the advent of energy drinks, a big part of the case for Mountain Dew seems to have gone away. If you are going to drink something that tastes like crap, you may as well ingest some taurine and ginseng while you're at it.

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    Mon Apr 13 2009

    This stuff is good. Tastes great and gets you full of caffinated sugary goodness. It has a good kick and goes down smooth.

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    Mon Sep 29 2008

    Mountain Dew (and it's generic brand rip-offs) is one of the few caffeinated drinks that I like. I usually drink about two or three Hee-Haws (Hy-Vee brand Dew replacement) a day. When I was in Europe I went through some serious caffeine withdrawal, because all they have is coffee and colas.UPDATE: I quit drinking soda a few months ago. Some days I really want a Mountain Dew.

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    Sat Sep 27 2008

    The best soda ever made.  I find myself wanting it every day.  It goes down so cold and smooth.  I couldn't live without it.

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    Thu Jul 24 2008

    I couldn't live without Moutanin Dew... It gets me through.. It's like a big fucking gulp of freshness with a major punch.

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    Fri May 30 2008

    Damm I love the Dew!I have tried to convince myself that it is good for me because it contains Orange Juice, however I know it is bad for me so I have slowed down drinking it as I get older.

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    Thu May 29 2008

    probably the best soda behind pepsi, but its horrible for you

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    Fri May 23 2008

    I personally love mountain dew especially when it's cold , but the only thing is my doctor said it's killing my kidneys where i love it so much , but i'm addicted and can't quit drinking it .....

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    Sun Apr 20 2008

    I Like this, but it tastes somewhat similar to a grapefruit, lemon and lime combo. that is why i rated it 4 stars.

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    Thu Jan 31 2008

    This drink has a unique taste, and has some kick. It wakes you up, and at the same time refreshes you. Mountain dew is by far my favorite soft drink. My 2nd favorite is Dr. Pepper.

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    Thu Dec 27 2007

    The Dew is alright. Drank it alot when I was a kid, glass bottle too. Now,these days,if I'm craving a soft drink, Sun Drop is my weapon of choice. If it was good enough for Earnhardt, it's good enough for me.

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    Sun Dec 09 2007

    "Fruit juice flavored"? Really? It's not clear to me what the taste engineers were thinking about when they came up with this stuff, which is as inorganic as anything that won't kill you. They knew that the human taste buds are malleable, though. There was actually a period in my student life when I relished the almost peppery taste of a freshly opened bottle of the Dew, which led me through a night of studying or writing. Now I can barely stand it. Still, it's better than that rotgut acid brought into the European palate in the 17th century which goes by the name of coffee.

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    Fri Nov 09 2007

    best drink ever! game fuel is really good too!

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    Fri Nov 09 2007

    A great substitute for coffee along with its various incarnations. Tho the Bajha Blast could use some work.

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    Tue Sep 25 2007

    You can't beat lime cola, and it's popular too.

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    Thu Sep 06 2007

    Admittedly, I don't drink too much soda. But when I do, nothing hits the spot better than good ol' Mountain Dew!

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    Wed Sep 05 2007

    i love mountain dew it is so food i love it so much

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    Wed Jun 13 2007

    I stopped drinking this stuff sometime in high school. I realized it didn't taste very good and goes flat quickly.

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    Mon Apr 16 2007

    I think the the great gods drank this drink back in the day!

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    Wed Mar 07 2007

    I've enjoyed Mountain Dew as one of my favorites since I was a kid and it came in glass bottles with the mountain man logo popping a cork and saying "It'll tickle your innards!"My main pet peeve is that no soda, with the exception of Dr. Pepper made at the historic Dublin, TX bottling plant, is made with real sugar any longer, but High Fructose Corn Syrup, which is precisely why your favorite soda does not taste like it did when you were a kid. I'll bet you thought it was your imagination?There several websites to visit exposing the dangers of the artificial and addictive sweetener HFCS. Go to the best and most private search engine and search "high fructose corn syrup danger." Enjoy the read.Real sugar is always your best bet. Mountain Dew gets a 5 on flavor only, since I despise Pepsico Corporation, and all it stands for. They're on my boycott list.

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    Wed Mar 07 2007

    I was never really a fan of Mountain Dew, and i never knew why.  Since soda is prone to have large amounts of sugar, drinking this one is probably the worst for your health.

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    Thu May 18 2006

    Another great soda!

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    Wed May 17 2006

    This soda is too weak. Mountain View is a weaker version of 7UP, and 7UP is a weaker version of Sprite.

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    Wed Apr 26 2006

    I like Mountain Dew. It's one of the few sodas I like that has caffeine in it.

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    Fri Apr 14 2006

    Mt. Dew used to be my favorite drink when I was a kid. I guess I just got a little tired of it, so I picked a new favorite. Still, if I can't get my Barq, this is definitely a reliable and satisfying fall back.

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    Fri Apr 14 2006

    May be my favorite. Not as much carbonation as other sodas. Do The Dew!!