Mother's Day

Mother’s Day, or “Mothering Sunday” in some countries, is celebrated typically on a Sunday in the Spring; ...

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    Tue May 15 2012

    Soon we will need a holiday for bottoms in gay marriages. I propose holding it on the season opener of GLEE.

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    Sun May 13 2012

    Haha, I have to be nice and stuff since Dreaming is a mommy, plus my mother will probably kick my ass if I make any off color jokes about milf hunting or whatnot. Oh, I have an idea... musical tribute. Yes, that will be classier than my usual lowbrow antics...

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    Sun May 13 2012

    Happy Mothers Day to all the life producers out there. It is TRULY a special role.

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    Sat May 07 2011

    Happy Mother's Day. For those who believe the Lord promised you when your mother and father are gone he will take in. He will never leave you or forsake you,. You can stand on these words.

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    Sat May 07 2011

    And what beautiful memories I have of my mother. It just doesn't seem like that long ago that she passed away, even though it's been a few years. I know she is waiting up in heaven for me, and others.

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    Sat May 07 2011

    Even though my mother has been gone for over six years, I still would like to pay tribute to her here on RIA. She was a wonderful lady who was a very giving person.

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    Sun Jul 04 2010

    Since I live far away from my Mom, it's great day to phone her, and talk to her for a few hours.

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    Sun May 09 2010

    Happy Mother's day to all you moms out there. hope you have a nice day and get to do something nice. { everyone expect for my mother-in-law who has decided to play the bi*** and screw over her grandkids once again we are getting you the same thing you got our kids for their birthdays...Nothing} I hope you ladies enjoy your day with what you want to do. at least most of you deserve a nice day.

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    Thu Jan 21 2010

    Mom's are special. The diserve to be recognized for what they do and how hard they work.

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    Sun May 11 2008

    Well, I had hoped to have Stark's garden done by Mother's Day, but it was, logistically, more of a project than I was aware of. Our plot is 400 sq ft, or 20 x 20. After living in farming and ranching country for six years now, I was thinking that this would be a two or three day affair and that wed be picking corn on the fourth. I'm not one for doing things half-assed and am known for building things strong-to-last.My first step was to call Officer Bill...a retired cop who put his life's savings into gardening equipment. For 40 bucks, he brought out the tiller and chewed the ground up nicely for me. Actually, he charged me 2 bucks for the tilling and 38 bucks for the standup routine on city-slickers-trying-to-do-their-first-garden. (Joke's on him. It would have cost me 60 bucks to rent a tiller). We also spent around 200 bucks on the basic arsenal of gardening tools, like beaver traps and dynamite. Everything else was made from odds and ends. (Wait until Stark discovers that I used the... Read more

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    Sun Nov 11 2007

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    Wed Aug 30 2006

    A day to honor your Mom is a good day, but everyday should be this day, because when she is gone you can't make up for it then. I think Mom's day is there to remind us of this very fact and to make us reach out to our Mother's and Grandmothers so that they know we love and appreciate them.

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    Tue Dec 27 2005

    Another Hallmark holiday to worry about.

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    Thu Jun 16 2005

    A great day, and a great way to thank my mother, for having me and putting up with me the way she did. She must have enjoyed it though, because one of her favorite past times is telling people stories about me when I was growing up. I'm glad the memories make her happy. It's also a great way to thank my wife, for giving me five wonderful children, and making me a dad. And we enjoy celebrating with our daughters that are now mothers themselves and have given us six beautiful grandchildren. God Bless all the Moms!

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    Thu Jan 06 2005

    Would not be able to write this rating if it was.nt for MAM, the ultimate holiday......

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    Sat Nov 13 2004

    Without them, our species would die. It's the least we can do.

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    Wed Nov 19 2003

    Honoring the woman who gave birth, nurtured, raised, taught, and guided you is all right in my book.

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    Tue May 20 2003

    A great day to sit back and reflect on everything that Mommy dearest has done for you and to thank her for it. Let's face it, nobody is ever going to love us like our mommas.

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    Mon May 05 2003

    hey, I'm all for it! Being a mom is grueling, non-stop work. Worth every second, but definitely tough. Don't just wait once a year though and forget the cards and flowers. The greeting card and floral industry have people in a choke-hold on this holiday. A nice dinner out and a sincere thank-you is much better than dying tulips in a vase.

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    Fri Dec 20 2002

    After all she's done for you, it's always a must to take that one day out of the year and recognize your mom.

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    Thu Nov 14 2002

    My mum knows how much me and my sisters love her - we tell her every time we talk to her on the phone. But its nice to have a marked day when you can spoil them rotten and spend quality time with them. I don't see my parents a lot, so when I see them or its Mother's Day, I go that extra mile. After all, who else is going to be your mother? You only have one.

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    Fri Nov 01 2002

    If you need a special day to tell your mother that you love her, well then, you need help. But I can see the importance of this day. They need to know that we don't mean to take them for granted.

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    Wed Jul 24 2002


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    Thu Jul 11 2002

    Always makes me cry becuz I love my mom with all of my heart! I usually write her a sappy poem and buy as many lovely things as I can afford. I love my mom!

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    Tue Nov 27 2001

    A day all for Mom. Great idea, and my mom seems to love it. Soon, I guess, so will my wife.

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    Tue Aug 21 2001

    I don't need a special day to tell my mom I love her. I already do that every day.

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    Mon Jul 30 2001

    It's nice to set aside a day to honor our Mothers. But, we should we should do this every day.

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    Mon Jun 11 2001

    Just for not, I am not rating Father's Day, since we don't exactly have the best relationship--probably be unfair to rate that one. However, I can fairly rate Mother's Day. And a great day it is, to show Mommy how much I love her, to tell her how important she is to me, to tell her I don't know what I'd do if she died (which might not be so good, since I am an adult, but it's pretty much true)... basically, my life-support person (semi-literally). I honestly don't know if I COULD live without her....

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    Thu May 31 2001

    Mothers Day is a great holiday because its a day that appreciates what a mother whent trough to have her kid.