Morae's Persian Cafe

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    Mon Jan 04 2010

    Ive been eating here for years, i think its the only persian restaurant in Tampa. The food is always delicious. and you always get a big portion. The prices are reasonable. the restaurant is small but decorated nicely with a cozy atmosphere. they sell imported persian foods and crafts. i would reccomend this restaurant to all persians in tampa, and to any non persian people looking for some delicious authentic persian cuisine.

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    Sun Nov 25 2007

    The service is outstanding. I have never met such friendly people in my life. They welcomed us with open arms, always made sure our drinks were filled, gave us tips on menu items, and gave us some information about a buffet they will be having soon. The food is exceptional and second to none. The restaurant is small but very nicely decorated. The price was very low for such high quality food. When I am in the Tampa Metro Area again this will be my first stop.

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    Wed Oct 11 2006

    It is the only Iranian restaurant I know in Tampa. It is a simple restaurant with excellent food and attentive service. They recently changed name to Shiraz. And actually translated the items on the menu to English, so it is easier to know what you order if you are there for the first time.

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    Fri Jul 22 2005

    For the American taste, this is an excellent restaurant to casually explore. The staff is always eager to explain the food and make notable recommendations. The greeting warm and welcoming, once inside you realise this is not a fancy restaurant but more the dining room of a gracious family. The place is very clean and tidy, the food is wonderful in it's choices from the novice to the daring experimental. Prices are quite reasonable considering the quality and quantity, you certainly won't leave hungry and possibly you will walk away with a new vision of persian food and Iranian hospitality. I love bringing inexperienced friends here and watch their delight and shock at the wonderful subtle flavors.

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    Sun Aug 17 2003

    The Lowdown One of the big pluses of a town that boasts two universities is the rich assortment of restaurants specializing in foreign foods that cater to such a diverse crowd. Morae's Cafe provides the Middle Eastern community at USF with familiar food in the form of kebobs, taboulleh salad and other delights. The Scene You've probably driven past it dozens of times along Fletcher Avenue, and not seen it, since it's virtually hidden in a strip shopping center. Once you find it, you'll be surprised you didn't see it before. Inside, it's painted a clean, white, blue and burgundy. The tile floor shines, and you get to sit on cushy chairs with arms on them. The Dish The big TV filled with tawdry daytime soaps and talkshows provides a distraction, but once your food arrives, it's easy to concentrate. The combination platter is an excellent assortment--eggplant delight, Dolmeh and hummus served with char-grilled pita bread. The beef and chicken kebob sandwiches are huge, and... Read more

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    Fri Sep 13 2002

    I am American, but most of the other people there looked and sounded Middle Eastern, which is cool. The food was yummy - beef, tomatoes, rice, and pita bread. It reminded me of a restaurant I went to when I visited Egypt last summer. The servers were nice and helpful, and they refilled my drink quickly, which I always appreciate. There were mostly men there; I was one of three females. If you would like a Middle Eastern experience, you should try this place. The prices are reasonable.