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Monty Python and the Holy Grail

1975 British comedy film satirizing the Arthurian legend Website

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    Thu Feb 11 2010

    HILARIOUS. This is a classic, and it deserves that title. Had me cracking up the whole time. I was sore from laughing by the end of it.

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    Wed Apr 15 2009

    This film was able to bring the silly, irreverent humor of the BBC television show to a 90+ minute, one subject format. It was successful beyond anyones wildest dreams. The characters are memorable and the dialogue has provided us with immortal quotes. A fine piece of work!

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    Wed Apr 15 2009

    I know I'm a chick and not supposed to like these movies, but I like all the Monty Python Movies. But not the show for some reason. Anyway, this movie is just so absurd, it's the most ridiculous movie ever. You can't not laugh at the pure silliness of it all.

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    Fri Mar 13 2009

    A must see classic!! With unique catchy lines, that you will find yourself repeating time and time again!! :)

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    Tue Mar 03 2009

    HILARIOUS wat more do i need so say if u have seen it and if not SEE IT!

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    Wed Dec 24 2008

    merly a flesh wound.

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    Wed Nov 19 2008

    this is one of my all time favorites.  pure silliness.  despite the fact that it has been around for ages, it remains one of the timeless classics in comedy.

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    Sat Oct 18 2008

    Just a pure funny movie...  I loved it from start to finish, but then I just love Monty Python.  This beats what passes for comedies now.  Maybe we should make Jim Carey sit and watch Monty Python, he might just learn how to be funny...

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    Sat Aug 02 2008

    I like it, but it's quoted and reenacted so often by geeks of the highest order that it gets on your nerves. It's funny, but not THAT funny.

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    Mon Jul 28 2008


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    Sat Jun 14 2008

    The man eating bunny had me laughing good. That and Castle Anthrax, the bridge, the Knight who say NI!, and a couple of other things. But mainly the bunny.

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    Wed Feb 27 2008

    These movies are a Classic!!!! I love them! Great series!

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    Sat Dec 01 2007

    I admit it's not for everyone, but for those of us who get classic british comedy - it does not get much better than "Grail".

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    Fri Aug 24 2007

    In my opinion the peak of Python. The first time I saw this film (in a theater) there was just too much going on to digest in on sitting. It wasn't until much later when it came out on video that I really began to enjoy it fully. It also takes repeated viewings (or subtitles) for most Americans to even know what they are saying. You also might need a British slang dictionary. Highly recommended on DVD. Don't be afraid to back up the movie until you can decipher what was said or done.

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    Tue Jun 12 2007

    Truely a classic with so much comedy going on it must be seen many times to even catch most of it.

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    Thu May 10 2007

    This gets a four out of five. It's a really zany comedy from Monty Python.

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    Thu May 03 2007

    A true comedy classic! Future generations will enjoy this movie as much as we did. who could forget.......I fart in your general direction, and..... your mother is a hamster, and your father smells of eldaberries! The holy hand grenade, the killer rabbit, the bridge of doom. And, for the more intellectual types there was scientific questions, such as ......   what is the velocity of a sparrow in flight? An African or European? ..... Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!

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    Thu Apr 12 2007

    I just don't find Monty Python stuff to be that funny. I'll admit there are some funny lines in this one, but as a whole I just don't understand why it's so great.

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    Thu Mar 15 2007

    Bring forth the Holy Hand Grenade. You gotta be a fan to get some of the gags, but they hold up well. I just saw it again the other day.

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    Wed Mar 14 2007

    The French taunter is classic. I also like the white rabbit.UPDATE: I always liked the word "kunnnnnnnigits" (knights)

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    Wed Mar 14 2007

    Hilarious, and like any great comedy appeals to both the lowbrow and the highbrow. One of the classics of comedy.I fart in your general direction.And your father smells of elderberries.

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    Thu Sep 14 2006

    This is one of the funniest movies I've ever seen! You have to be in the mood for it, but when the mood is right, you could laugh youself into a coma. Funniest scene is with the "Knights who say ni". A classic that will be making people laugh until the day movies are outlawed.

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    Sun Apr 02 2006

    The fact that this movie continues to gain fans after all these years is a testament to its timeless quality and universal humor. It's definitely on the top ten lists of great comedies. Long live the knights of the round table.

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    Fri Jan 20 2006

    The absurdly riotious group known collectively as Monty Python in their first (and what most agree is their best) film, the 1975 release. "Monty Python and the Holy Grail," Certainly the team's most well known , financially successful, and oft quoted venture, "The Holy Grail" was shot on a shoestring budget, over a period of about forty days with cast and crew braving the often brutally cold, rainy and inhospitable Scottish weather. Consisting of a string of skits woven together around a concept tracing a band of noble crusaders enlisted by King Arthur of Britain with direct orders from the almighty to find the the cup used by Jesus at the last supper. (I'm not sure why the big guy, being all knowing, couldn't find it for himself.) Graham Chapman plays the role of Arthur, ably assisted by Terry Gilliam as his coconut clapping knave, Patsy. Each of the Pythons appear in multiple roles with Terry Jones playing Sir Bedevere, John Cleese as Sir Lancelot ("the Brave"), Michael Palin as Sir ... Read more

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    Wed Jan 04 2006

    this is my favourite comedy movie and im not a python fan but i seen this and could not stop laughing i did not get all the jokes but it doesnt really matter there are so many gags going on at once theres always something that keeps you amused(in fits of uncontrolable laughter) and everytime you see it you find more and more little gags going on in the background a true masterpiece. if you see this once and like it you will watch again and again.

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    Sat Dec 17 2005

    Gotta love it. My second favorite of the Monty Python movies (first favorite still is "The Meaning of Life". I know most would disagree with me on that one, but oh well). Can't go wrong with the limbless Black Knight, vicious little white bunnies and Holy Hand Grenades. Oh, and for the truly nerdy amongst us ( . . . oh, admit it), if you want to know the air speed velocity of an unladen swallow (of the European variety), you can find your answer here: ( . . . if you want to know what the answer is for the African variety, sorry, you're on your own.)

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    Fri Dec 02 2005

    One of the greatest, wittiest, and most absurd comedies ever. I've seen it I don't know how many times. Absolutely hysterical, and their peak in my view.

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    Thu Dec 01 2005

    Much like a pampered Bordeaux, this film just gets better with age. Perhaps its the latent cinematographer in me, but I always found the way it was shot to be fascinating (that low-light, grainy murkiness lending Dark Age flavor to every scene), and the opening score was incredible at establishing the most notorious mood swing (daunting dread to silly symphony) ever recorded. Sure, it helps to be into absurd sight gags to truly appreciate GRAIL; luckily, one of the best comedy troupes ever formed was able to pull off SO MANY of them in one setting (and on a frayed shoestring of a budget). Start with the sorely-missed Graham Chapman's King Arthur (accompanied by the coconut-clomping Patsy of animator Terry Gilliam), the ornithological lessons at the first castle, the political persuasions of the mud-gathering peasants ("ah, now we see the violence inherent in the system!"), the crazed bravery of the Black Knight, the witch-burning mob of dullards, the gorilla's hand that turns book page... Read more

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    Mon Nov 28 2005

    i would have to agree with canadasucks, as it may be getting a bit old, but the movie still has some of the most quotable lines of any comedy ever created. there's too many to list here, but the movie still ranks among the top comedies of all time.

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    Sun Nov 27 2005

    . . .aging somewhat. . .but I'll never forget- "SOME CALL ME. . .tim."

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    Sun Nov 27 2005

    best movie ever funnyest thing in the world whoever disagrees will suffer

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    Mon Oct 31 2005

    The Holy Hand Grenade was the best. Monty Python is the best comedy ever!

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    Sat Oct 29 2005

    Perfection Monty Python style.

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    Thu Oct 27 2005

    i just got a shirt the other day with the black knight with out any limbs and in big red letters it says " its just a flesh wound" the ppl ofmonty python are truly amazing. gods of comedy. no where else could having the big monster be defeated because the animator died of a heart attck. any wehre else and it would have failed. not monty python pulled it off, and they rock for it

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    Thu Oct 06 2005

    WAY overrated, but funny

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    Sun Jun 12 2005 you favorite color? Yep, another movie that can start a flurry of quotes that aren't funny in any other form. Hilarious if you are a Python fan.

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    Fri May 13 2005

    Very funny indeed. Full of sarcastic lines and daft situations with the highest Quotability rating of any Monty Python film. The first time you see the ending you stare open mouthed for a couple fo munites before bursting out laughing. genius.

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    Sat Apr 23 2005

    Another senseless, idiotic, yet hysterical movie.

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    Tue Apr 12 2005

    All sorts of great, british, odd, witty fun!!!!! You really will laugh unless you have no sense of humor or are terribly boring. There are so many good one liners and puns I can't even tell you. The best scenes are Galahad the pure, run away, and the little troll man at the bridge. Great movie and it comes highly recommended.

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    Tue Apr 12 2005

    One of the funniest movies ever put on film. The knights who say Ni and come back here I'll bite yur legs off. Almost as funny as

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    Mon Mar 14 2005

    To me this is about a 4.5. Funnier than I thought it would be.MontyPython is known for their off the wall comedy.and this one is just as funny. the monty python troup is off to find the Holy grail, and encounter different funny obatacles along the way, the viscious attack bunny rabbit,the trolllike man at the bridge, most of the men are cowards who are known to holler run away run away when they encounter any kind of danger. a lot of good and funny british actors. a fun movie to watch when you would like to have a good laugh.

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    Sun Mar 13 2005

    Labeled as a Guy Flick it took me a couple of viewings to see the real genius of this movie. Growing up watching Monty Python on PBS, I was used to a 3-4 minute bit...tha's alot of what this movie is, just about 70+ bits!

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    Fri Feb 11 2005

    Monty Python is boring. Just another famouse name which is meant to make me think 'This is going to be a good movie.'

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    Sun Jan 30 2005

    I know I'm going to get killed for this but Is it possible to hate this movie. Because I do. All the jokes were way too over-the-top to be funny. The funniest stuff you couldn't understand because of their British accents and the ending didn't make much sense. If you want funny comedies watch Airplane, Naked Gun movies, Pink Panther movies and Who Frammed Roger Rabbit. I'm not kidding I didn't enjoy this film. But the credits before the film was funny.

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    Fri Dec 24 2004

    She turned me into a newt....I got better

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    Wed Dec 08 2004

    What can you say! A classic. The best scene is when Arthur takes on the Black Knight, no no the two best scenes are when Arthur takes on the Black Knight and the bridge scene, no wait the three best scenes are when Arthur takes on the Black Knight and the bridge scene and when Lancelot rescues the damsel well he is not really a damsal, I mean to say , no no no the four best scenes are when ..... St. Loony's up the Creek Bun & Jam!!

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    Tue Dec 07 2004

    Easily the funniest movie I have ever seen. It is perfectly tailored to my sense of humor. It is also free of the raunchy jokes you see in so many modern comedies. This movie is pure comic genius.

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    Sat Sep 11 2004

    The anthem of the 21st century techno-geek (like me :)! Great movie, terribly funny. I'm not a fan of English comedy but this is the shining exception.