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    Thu Feb 18 2010

    Montreal has a vibe, a certain "je ne sais quoi" that no other city I've ever been to has. There's always something to do or visit. Museums, Mount Royal, Botanical Garden, Biodome, Planetarium, Bell Centre and the ski slopes aren't too far away. The food is amazing and diverse. The bagels are great. In this city there's always something to discover. There seems to be something new to discover every day. Best way to visit is by foot and public transportation. Montreal has some of the nicest architecture in the world. Just a breathtaking city.

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    Sun Jan 24 2010

    Live here, and in spite of the horrible roads and the corruption at city hall, the mafia and the gangs; it is still a great place to live and work. It is highly creative and multiethnic. Easily the most tolerant and liberal cities anywhere. More care to be given to preserve architecture and not slap on vinyl and aluminum over granite gems as has been done often in the past. There is a lot of strength to a city with such a cosmopolitan atmosphere.

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    Mon Jan 11 2010

    been to montreal a few times, but i havent lived there so i cant comment on what that would be like. I really liked the way the city was laid out and the city actually feels like a big city should. be careful, though, you can easily get lost if you dont have a detailed map because of the large amount of one-way streets. i got the impression that it's economic pulse is healthy and most of the people were good looking and polite. the city is most certainly not mostly french speaking, in fact it seemed to me that most people were english. the climate of the city is very nice, but of course its cold in the winter like most of canada. the traffic can be horrid during construction season, so beware.

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    Wed Aug 19 2009

    I just recently returned from a trip to Montreal. I hadn't been in a few years. It's always been a good city plus I have family there as well, which helps. Overall, it has gotten a bit more expensive than say Toronto or Ottawa but it has unique charm w/beautiful women plus a Biodome.

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    Wed Aug 19 2009

    Was there on vacation once a few years ago. Despite the fact that I speak NO French it was not really a huge problem. Maybe because I could not understand what the locals were saying. ;) It was a nice city, seemed to have a nice culture to it, and nightlife and I enjoyed the visit.

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    Sat May 09 2009

    Overall, quite a nice city. The French language/politics stuff is tiresome, but otherwise an interesting city. Has the most personality of the larger Canadian cities. Good food, nice old town, good arts and architecture scene.

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    Mon May 26 2008

    I vacation there many times and even lived there when I was 2. Whenever it isn't hellishly cold there, it is a beautiful city with plety to do and I feel that even La Ronde (Subsidary of Six Flags) and the museums and parks around Olympic Stadium make the place livelier. People there have a heart and there is plenty of multiculturality. Can you belive that they now have a Portuguese and Spanish radio channel now? Sure, they do have French as their language, but they are happy also to speak English to a total sranger. The Métro is reliable and has a good set cost to take. It is inredible that I managed to walk all over the stores in the central Underground Stores Area andit was a good time out. The atmosphere is relaxing and peaceful depending on which suburbian city you visit. FabrzioCorona, you haven't been there long, you DON'T need a car to see its aesthetics, and if you would protest, take a look of its great history in welcoming the 1976 Olympics. And the ladies good enough to mak... Read more

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    Wed May 14 2008

    I am sick and tired of people saying that Montreal is a European city, like have these people even been to Europe? Every day i have to listen to Arabic, or creole while taking public transport, oh ya thats really European, if anything this city has a African vibe to it. I find the women to be very dirty and un cultured,i was born here and raised here and the first thing women ask me when i approach them is "where are you from ? " it's because i have dark features and can't pass as one of them , so I'll always be considered a fukin immigrant to these losers.It's cold here like 9 months out of the year, and something else that bothers me is that everybody here including the immigrants are cold and empty like the fukin city they live in. Women here aren't passionate, you don't make love to them you get them drunk and fuck them.I'm not leaving here for my sake but also for the sake of my heritage and my future family, i don't want my future kids to become like these people because they wil... Read more

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    Mon Mar 03 2008

    Montreal is my hometown but I have been all over USA, Canada and Europe for a long time. Everywhere I have been there has been people so nice and some you wish you had never met and so in Montreal too I imagine looking back. In Montreal the food is great , hotels very competitive, different areas in Montreal make you feel they are different countries, and most immigrant feel welcome and integrate rapidly thanks too many positive Montrealers.Streets are safe to walk on even late at night.And all this is not only my opinion but on of many people I've met through Boeing and those people travel all over the world and all the time. To those people who are so negative about Montreal I would suggest go travel all over the world and then compare that is if you can afford it! If you can not afford it , try to get to know as many as you can Montrealers and just learn 2 words in French bonjour et merci. Then you'll find that the most stubborn french speaker is ready to help you in your own la... Read more

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    Wed Feb 20 2008

    Great food if you know where to go. Could be 5 stars but it's alittle run down

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    Sun Dec 02 2007

    Best bang for your buck in North America.

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    Sat Nov 10 2007

    Fun place to visit...lots of attractions. Make sure you see the capybaras and penguins at the Biodome. Good restaurants in Chinatown too.

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    Sat Sep 08 2007

    this city sucks, period. sure its beautiful. but if you are not canadian, as i am, most of you ( americans / europeans ) wouldnt realize that montreal is located in a province that want to separate from canada. wow thatd be stupid. a random country in the middle of canada. being from ontario, my heart lies in toronto.

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    Mon Jul 23 2007

    Great cosmopolitan city which is at its best if you can at least scrape by in even pidgin French. Extra-ordinarily attractive women.

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    Mon Jul 23 2007

    Very boring city with horribly rude people. It was pretty though.

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    Mon Jul 09 2007

    Montreal's (island) population is approximately 1.8 - 2.0 million. The population of greater Montreal is 3.5-4 million NOT 300,000!!!

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    Mon Apr 23 2007

    Most European city in North America! It's just as multicultural as New York but being smaller, it has way more charm! Clean, safe and full of culture! Why travel to Paris to be among French in a beautiful city?

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    Wed Apr 11 2007

    Just visited for a long weekend and had a blast! Nice easy location for a reasonably priced room and a vibe approaching a European city.Food - check out Les 3 Brasseurs, schwartz's, and Chez Cora for breakfast.Nightlife - Go visit Rue St. Laurent (1500s) or Rue Crescent  (1450s).

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    Sun Mar 11 2007

    Montréal est tout simplement une ville où la vie est fantastique! On y trouve des activités pour tous les goût! Les gens sont accueillants et très ouverts. J'adore y vivre!

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    Sat Feb 24 2007

    I have not spent much time here since the language reign of terror of the PQ governments, but my experiences were always rich and rewarding. This is a good city to visit. I regret I never had time to see the Expos here before relocation.

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    Fri Feb 02 2007

    I've been to virtually every north american city - montreal is by far the most unique and special of all. Architecture, Culture,vibe-energy,creative scenes, restaurants, nightlife, clean, stylish... etc

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    Sun Jan 14 2007

    We have never stayed in Montreal and would like some advice in places to stay (Hotel's), Sections on Montreal that are "happening" (nite Life), Fine Dinning... we love to eat at romantic, unique restaurants. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    Tue Oct 17 2006

    Perfect combination of Europe and America! And the Food? Out of this world!

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    Wed Aug 30 2006

    Montreal has 3.5million ppl, full of fashion, gastronomy, culture, history and the best night life scene. Summer is the time to go, as its known as the cities of festivals.

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    Tue Aug 29 2006

    Great city in summer. Always a festival or street fair to discover. Great restaurants and bars. Don't miss the Jazz and comedy festivals.

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    Wed Mar 22 2006

    My ship stopped there for a one-night liberty stop. As luck would have it, I had duty and couldn't leave the ship. I did get to go out for a couple of hours he next day. All I recall doing was eating snails at a restaurant.

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    Tue Feb 14 2006

    Montreal is fabulous! It is without a doubt the best city in Canada. It has a great nightlife. Amazing and good-looking people, fantastic food and has so much history and culture to it.

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    Mon Jan 16 2006

    euro + north america all rolled into one

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    Sun Dec 25 2005

    Friendly people with positive attitudes. Lots of places to eat excellent food and much to see if you are a tourist. The women are absolutely sexy at any age and no one makes fun at your lousy French. I highly recommend this place to anyone looking to have a second honeymoon or to just get away for a breath of fresh air.

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    Wed Nov 30 2005

    a city full of rude a holes insecure western hating sepratists who want to become their own country but still want to take money from the rest of canada

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    Sun Jul 17 2005

    Nice city, has a very cosmopolitan, European feel to it.

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    Thu Jul 07 2005

    Lived there most of my life. Beautiful, full of culture, terrific restaurants and cafes, and awesome nitelife. Downside is the constent struggle between francophones and anglophones.

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    Mon Jun 20 2005

    A refuge for America & English hating Francophile loosers, Euro trash and Middle Eastern rejects - in short a dump.

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    Thu Apr 14 2005

    Lived here for three years, growing up. Great city. Great clubs, bars and restaurants. This city is much more Lebanese/Egyptian than many people think. To visit, there is no disappointment. I think that many would disdain the proclomation of a strong American influence here. This kind of cultural distinction could only survive in Canada.

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    Thu Apr 14 2005

    Fabulous city! Unique combination of America and Europe all at the same time! Safe, fun, cultural, and the food second to none!

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    Fri Feb 25 2005

    Beautiful city. Amazing nightlife and a very positive vibe. Cons..Kind of in economic decline tho because of the political situation that has driven many anglos out. Best smoked meat joint is Lesters or Snowdon.

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    Tue Feb 08 2005

    It's a great place! Note to the blurb writer: not 300,000 people - 3 million!

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    Mon Dec 13 2004

    I love Montreal, and would have given it a 5, but you do occasionally run into people like noireyeux and chassler, who are uncouth morons, so I have to give it a 4.

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    Fri Nov 26 2004

    Montreal is a really amazing city - a short plane ride away, and yet you'll feel on some streets like you're in Paris. Everyone speaks English as well as French, so there are no worries as to language barriers. The mountain park just outside town is stunning, the museums are spectacular, and there's great food. The underground city is one of the most fascinating structures around. Montreal is a really well kept secret.

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    Fri Nov 12 2004

    People are super friendly, cultured, tolerant, and love to have fun, dress and eat well. Service, even in small restaurants, is discreet and wonderful. Festivals, shows, nightlife, fashion and shopping are great. It has the american comfort, but delights you with the french flavor and style. Perfect.

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    Tue Oct 26 2004

    For those of you who still have doubts about the Beauty and Uniqueness of Montreal, here's a little link where you'll find the true beauty of the most glamourous city in the continent. da/Central/Quebec/Montreal/ Please Visit!

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    Fri Sep 17 2004

    Great city--the people are friendly, the city is beautiful, and the have so much to do year round--and the smoked meat at Ben's Deli can't be beat.

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    Thu Sep 02 2004

    Montreal is far nicer, friendlier, and vibrant than TO. I'll keep coming back again and again.

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    Wed Sep 01 2004

    hottest people, great weed, party goers, hard workers, friendly people, good shopping, best nightlife and wicked food

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    Sat Jul 31 2004

    Great city in the summer. Great food to be found everywhere. The hotels are clean. There are few streat people, and there is plenty of things to do at night. Cresent Street and St. Denis streat feature entire blocks lined with resturants and bars. Also, Montreal has more than its share of beautiful women.

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    Wed Jul 28 2004

    Montreal is a truly great and unique city. Very diverse, comopolitian and european with great buildings. Oh it's also the 2nd largest french speaking city in the world after paris

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    Fri Jul 23 2004

    This city is second to none as far as I am concerned and I am blown away by the ignorance of some of these reviews. It is NOT just about economy folks. Montreal may be one of the most visually stunning cities in the world and there is truly something for everyone here from culture to shopping to museums to outdoors to nightlife the city has it ALL. If you live there and you hate it you are a boob!