Monopoly Junior Disney Channel Edition

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    Fri Jan 18 2008

    Great for the younger set, my daughter is 10-1/2, too old for the game, but she loved the tokens to move around the board; they are all Disney Channel characters. I made a mistake when I selected it, I should have noticed it was Monopoly JR.

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    Mon Jan 07 2008

    I bought this for my 5-year old daughter and she loves it! She learned in about 5 minutes how to play and we enjoy that time together playing.

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    Tue Jan 01 2008

    We got the game for my 5 year old twin girls. I wasn't sure how they changed it to make it easier for children to play from the original monopoly. It is pretty cool that you get tvs instead of houses and hotels. The concept is fun and the game doesn't last as long as the original. The girls love to be able to be Hannah Montana and the other characters from Disney Channel. I figure when they grow out of the characters they will be able to play the original so this version was more appropriate versus the monopoly junior without the Disney Channel. The only thing that would be better is if the pawns were more durable. They are carboard but overall it is a great game and I would recommend it.

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    Wed Dec 26 2007

    I purchased this game for my 5 yr old granddaughter for Christmas. We were snowed in so we had a lot of play time. She & her 7 yr old sister really enjoy it. I liked it because it wasn't boring for adults either. I recommend this game.

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    Fri Dec 21 2007

    My daughter got this for her 6th birthday, and it has become one of her favorites. I thought the quality was good, and she got to practice some math skills with it. I love this game as well, my husband and I both play with her. It doesn't take all night to end like some monopoly games, so we didn't get tired of playing it. I myself was actually dissapointed when it ended, because I had so much fun playing. I think this game is awesome, it will stay in my family for a long time.