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    Sun Jan 31 2010

    I have been going to Modern Salon for nearly 10 years. I do not know what I would do without them. My hair looks better than it ever has. The difference between Long & his family and other salons is that you get treated like a person and not a number. He treats his clients like friends. No matter where I move to in the country I will always go back to them. They are the best!

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    Sat Jan 30 2010

    I came upon Modern Day; Long and his group through a group of friends that make appts the same day, so we have a girls days out kind of atmosphere. Had I gone into the salon not knowing how things operate there without my friends filling me in, I might not have been so receptive of the way things work there IDK....I LOVE this place, yes you are there for a few hours, but when I walk out of there, I feel fabulous!!! The only thing that I feel needs to be changed is for the Salon to invest in more dryers because there are always people standing around waiting to get under a dryer. Another thing would be to have ONE person for EACH CUSTOMER that could explain the process and follow the customer through to each station and make sure they are getting dryer time, hair wash time, and so on. A little tweaking is all that it would take and I think bad reviews that I am seeing would go away. If a certain stylist is requested, the customer should be allowed to get that stylist. Long may be... Read more

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    Fri Jan 08 2010

    I've had my hair done a few times at this salon and I'm disappointed with the services (color and cut). Waiting and waiting and waiting... it's ridiculous. I feel like I'm at the ZOO. More people were waiting in their chairs while the employees running around not knowing who to serve. NOT A VERY ORGANIZED SALON!! The receptionist is very rude and the owner (LONG) is very ARROGANT who thinks too much of himself.

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    Wed Oct 28 2009

    Long, the owner, is amazing. he knows how to do anything you ask AND he really connects with his customers. he & his wife are a team--i was fortunate enough to enjoy both of their services. All of Long's staff are hand-picked and Long takes all of them when he attends conferences--each is trained firsthand in the latest trends and techniques. Long is very committed to his staff and creates such a positive environment for them which enhances every patron's experience. i have found my salon ;)

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    Mon Oct 12 2009

    I made an appointment with a stylist my friend highly recommends. I have short hair and many stylist are not good at cutting a trendy short style. Her hair always looks GREAT. I drove 30 minutes in the pouring rain, arrived only to be told the stylist I made an appt. with had called off that day. They said they did not call to tell me because they had other stylist who can do my hair. I did not make an appointment with another stylist...that is rude. I am very picky and was not just going to allow any random stylist to fix my hair, especially after I had read the poor reviews. However, since my friend loves that one particular guy, I thought I would give him a try. Her hair is similar to mine. My regular stylist Laurie Tolliver is AWESOME...but she is on medical leave for the next couple of months. I can't wait that long for a cut.

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    Mon Oct 05 2009

    i use to go here when they had their old salon and i would never be satisfied with my hair. so i decided i would just come back when i needed to color my hair bc i thought they had good coloring products. well i just got my hair colored 1 month go and my hair color is now faded and they never get the right color and i also wanted blonded chucnks and they fail to do that. instead i got blonde highlights here and there. i always have 2 people BLoWDrying my hair. what the heck right? its soo annoying and unprofessional and my hair looks like poop when i have my hair blowdryed uneven. i don't think these stylist have a license bc they don't know what they're doing. also don't even waste your time making an appt. because they don't take it seriously. overall.... just go somewhere like tony and guy or some prestige salon where you;ll get your money worths okay!

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    Sat Oct 03 2009

    Modern Day Salon ROCKS! I have gone to see Long for many years and they have the system down. The reason for the delay is the demand and S...

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    Fri Oct 02 2009

    OK First off wonderful job they did with my color when I came Down from CA. This is also not a review of the Salon's tv show appearance Chan...

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    Mon Aug 24 2009

    I went in there July 20 for a cut and color. It is a month later and all I need is a trim and my roots touched up. The price would be the same as it was July 20, which was $80.00. Plus while I waited, all the extra stuff and then tipping three different people for all they did. It seems it would benefit them to offer a touch up price. The little girl that answered the phone would not commit, she said I woudl have to come by there. I am very busy, I don't want to go by to chat. I have never heard of an establishment that does not have prices.

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    Mon Aug 10 2009

    If you like to wait and wait, then Modern Salon Day Spa may be for you. An appointment can be made and hairdresser chosen, but no one pays ...

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    Wed Jul 15 2009

    Long asked me what I wanted done, I told him... HE told someone what colors to use... MUCH lighter than I told him. Then I waited...waited...waited...for LONG (the owner) to cut my hair.... He just kept cutting and cutting... Also, I told him NO LAYERS -- guess what, he layered the HELL out of it. Now I must wait for my hair to grow out before going to someone else to FIX LONG's F-Up! Modern "DAY SPA" -- rather Day from Hell...thanks for nothing!

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    Mon May 25 2009

    After seeing the episode of Split Ends, the owner could learn a lot from his nephew and the really rude employee of his needs to be fired. S...

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    Wed Mar 11 2009

    The first time I went to Modern Salon, Tao did my color and Long did my cut. I was very pleased. I went back and started seeing Chris. H...

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    Sat Mar 07 2009

    This salon is horrible. Appointments mean nothing, you're left dripping wet until someone has free time to dry and style your hair, and although the results look good when you walk out, the color tends to fade very quickly. The process could take up to 3 hours on non-weekend day. Price is good, but not worth the frustration and the long wait in between processes.

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    Sat Feb 28 2009

    I've been going to modern salon for about over a year now and they always do an AMAZING job with my hair. Even though when i book an appoint...

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    Fri Feb 20 2009

    Although the hairstylists are good and the price is reasonable it's DEFINITELY NOT WORTH THE TRIP. If you go on a Saturday you can plan on wasting at least 1/2 day there. The waiting area is too small so plan on sitting on the floor! The majority of the hairstylists think too much of themselves because they certainly think it's acceptable for customers to wait for 2+ hours for their service. Customer service is definitely not at the top of their list of priorities. In fact, don't be surprised if they start working on your hair and then just completely forget that you exist, which is what happened to me and another customer. Did I mention the stylists are RUDE and if you try to talk to them about your unhappiness with waiting or their work you can expect a group of them to surround you!!! Bottom line... if you want to waste your Saturday sitting on the floor in a waiting room listening to loud anger inducing music for some puffed up with pride stylist who could care less about h... Read more

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    Sun Feb 08 2009

    I have been getting my hair cut and colored at Modern Salon since they first opened at their original location on Gulf Bank and am a very happy, satisfied customer. I constantly get compliments on my hair and am frequently asked where I get it done. Long and his staff are always very personable and gracious. Sometimes the wait is lengthy but it is well worth it!! Also, your new salon ROCKS!

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    Sun Dec 28 2008

    I have been going to Long and his team at Modern Salon for over 3 years- these people aren't just hair stylists or your everday Toni & Guy- ...

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    Sat Dec 27 2008

    They do a great job at what they do, but when you explain to them what you want done to your hair, they do what they think is best without l...

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    Thu Dec 11 2008

    I walked in w/ a picture of Sophia Loren and walked out looking like her! Long is fabulous,he reminds me of Edward Scissor-hands. He can c...

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    Sun Oct 12 2008

    I have always been happy with the job Long & Tao have done on my hair. The highlights are always BEAUTIFUL! Really! I never witnessed any ra...

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    Wed Oct 01 2008

    i have been going to the Modern Salon for about 8 years. i started going when i was in 4th grade. my mother used to take me to get my haircu...

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    Mon Sep 08 2008

    Appointments mean nothing to these people. You have to wait and wait and wait and then they just take walk ins too. This place is too chaoti...

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    Tue Aug 12 2008

    Did I read someone state, that these people are raciest? Please pull that card out some other time. Where Modern Salon is located your is th...

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    Tue Aug 05 2008

    Now Chris I see you have life and huge possibilities... TALENT ! Get out on your own and open a salon, get a manager to manage your business...

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    Tue Aug 05 2008

    First Adrienne I disagree with you about Long being a racist, No he is not. I will say he should have had his employee for dinner though. Sh...

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    Sun Jul 27 2008

    When I came there, yes at first no one wanted to work on my hair, I told them what I wanted and I didnt care what it took I wanted to go bac...

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    Fri Jul 25 2008

    After watching the show Splitends on the Style Network and observing how rude these people were to the guest stylist, it seems completely cl...

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    Fri Jul 25 2008

    After watching the show Splitends on the Style Network and observing how rude these people were to the guest stylist, it seems completely clear to me that these people are highly intolerant of skin color as in rrrracisssst. If you have any color to your skin or any unique idea as to how you want your hair done, do NOT ever go to this salon. These people are outrageously militant rrrrracisssts. And reading other reviews on Yahoo alerted me to the fact that they talk about customers after they leave the salon. If you have any self-respect and/or are not a blonde with perfectly straight hair, stay away form these rude, intolerant and outrageously judgmental people.

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    Wed Jul 16 2008

    I went to get my hair cut for a style that would fit hair type and face. Long talked to me about 2 minutes and said he could deliver. He t...

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    Mon Jul 14 2008

    I have been a customer of Modern Salon for 7 years. I have seen them move from their very busy small salon to a beautiful, spacious salon(very impressive!!!). Within hours of receiving highlights and lowlights, I typically get compliments and asked where I go to get my hair done. I am never disappointed when I leave Modern Salon. I must admit that you sometimes have to wait awhile before you are seen, but it is totally worth the wait. The best time to make an appointment is first thing in the morning. Avoid making an appt. during lunch hour or after 5, if you can. I have tried other recommended salons in between going to MS, due to them being across town for me, but always wished I had gone to MS instead. I think Long and Tao(owners of MS) will always be successful because they work hard at what they do and expect as much from their employees. You will never be disappointed with the outcome(even if you have to wait).

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    Wed Jun 18 2008

    i think this is the first time i've walked out of a salon and could not stop talking about how good my hair looked. :] i got my hair done by Chris Do, one of the many very very talented hair stylist at Modern Salon Day Spa. i must say, when Chris does your hair, he'll listen to what you want done with it, but will also put in some of his own ideas into it. i was very impressed with how he did my hair and very very very satisfied with it when he was finished. i would recommend anyone to go get their hair done by Chris or anyone else at this salon. everyone there is very talented and knows what their doing. if i could take a jet from nashville to Modern Salon everytime i needed my hair done, i definetly would. i definetly say 5 star salon! :D christeen h! ;nashville, tn

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    Mon Jun 16 2008

    I got my hair color and highlights done last week and I loved so much, and still loving it. Thank you Tony for working on my hair, I recommends all my friends to you. Once again, thank you.

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    Tue May 27 2008

    After watching on the Style Channel's Split Ends show how this place is run, and seeing the bad attitudes of both the owners and the employe...

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    Mon May 26 2008

    I've been going to Modern Salon for 6 years, left once and had to come back because I couldn't find anyone to please my hair needs. I just f...

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    Wed May 21 2008

    I really enjoyed the staff and their quality hair-styling service techniques. The staff is very collaborative, they work together to get you the look you deserve. If you make an appointment after noon-ish make sure you have a pretty flexible schedule for the rest of the day, these hair stylists seemed to be pretty in demand and may get backed up every once in a while. I would totally recommend this salon to anyone who is willing to take a modern approach to their look. All in all, the service I received exceeded my expectations.

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    Sat May 10 2008

    I have been going to Modern Salon for a while now. My mom actually referred me and I went to their previous location, which was a TINY shop ...

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    Fri May 02 2008

    I made an appt. for 3 people, all pedicures. The man who took the appt. details was friendly, so initially I was impressed and excited. We arrive and are impressed by the "modern" look of the salon. However, as soon as we step in we notice the chaos. They have a receptionist desk in the waiting area, but no receptionist to greet people. Eventually, a lady (whom I believe to be the floor manager) pops out of no where, extremely rude. She takes us to the "nail" area where I notice they only have 2 whirpool spas for pedicures. Why couldn't the man tell us this when I booked the appts? Only one lady giving pedicures. One of us waits 30 minutes before another lady comes to give pedicures. Two of us wait at least 1 hr!! Eventually they get to me but the service is rushed as now 3 more are waiting. The entire time I can see through the glass walls people leaving without service and other ladies waiting. Total chaos! No one apologized for the long wait. Not a very relaxing exper... Read more

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    Wed Apr 23 2008

    Manning is the Man!! After having my consultation with Long (owner of salon), Manning colored, cut and styled my hair to my perfection. I ha...

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    Wed Apr 23 2008

    Manning is the Man!! After having my consultation with Long (expert colorist and owner), Manning colored, cut, and styled my hair to my perfection. I have been to high end salons with all the extras but if my hair is not to my satisfaction, what is the point of the extras? I have short, straight hair and have not been completely happy with my look and paying high prices. After letting my hair grow, I chose this Salon solely from Citysearch web page, stepped out of my comfort zone and took a chance. I had a 10:30 appt. on Tuesday (two colors, cut and style) and was out of there by noon. The new Salon on N. Houston Rosslyn is lovely and very comfortable. Everyone is friendly, great music, respected my input, and affordable prices. I can't wait to take my teen granddaughter for a style when she comes to visit.

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    Mon Apr 14 2008

    My girlfriend told me about Modern Salon Day Spa. I could not believe it when I went there. As soon as I walked in everyone wanted to wait o...

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    Tue Apr 08 2008

    Since I've been going there, I haven't stopped. There service is 100%, they know your hair texture and your past due hair history, they are ...

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    Sat Mar 15 2008

    My daughter and I tried this place several months ago since it is close to our house. My daughter went for lowlights and a cut. I went for...

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    Tue Feb 26 2008

    I have been a customer of Long and Thao for 10 years. Long is like Edward Scissorhand. He looks at you and knows exactly what to do with y...

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    Mon Feb 25 2008

    I have been coming here for ever!! I recently had to move down to the Med Center; but still come down to see them. Even though I have access...

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    Mon Feb 11 2008

    Upscale yet affordable full service hair salon in Houston offers a complete range of hair care services as well as hair removal, manicures and massages.

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    Mon Feb 04 2008

    I have been coming to Long for a long time and he does a fantastic job on my hair. The price is very reasonable. The atmosphere is really hy...