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    Mon Jun 01 2009

    For the amount of money they are charging, you could have eaten a pretty good shark and lived to talk about it. I went here with my cousins...

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    Sun Feb 08 2009

    So, I went to Vegas to get married. And the entire experience was AWESOME, except for dinner on my wedding night. I chose to go to the Mix with the bridal party and well, it managed to be the most disappointing dining experience EVER. It started with our party being seated underneath the stairwell. The "ceiling" was low and it was incredibly warm because it felt like spotlights were on you. My husband went to speak with the staff and manager and relayed to me that they were aloof and the manager LIED to him with respect to other seating options and availability. We were truly about to leave the restaurant not once, but twice. Furthermore, the waitstaff was less than impressive. Truly, our money would have been better spent elsewhere. I highly recommend that you skip the desire to dine at this establishment. Yes, the view and ambience are spectacular. But that is about all this restaurant has going for it.

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    Sat Feb 07 2009

    A group of us now have a tradition when we go to Vegas and that is that Saturday night we have dinner at The Mix! Definetly the way to top the weekend in Vegas. We went back for the second time last week and we were seated at the same table as 5 months ago! But that was not just the same coincidence, the service was just as good, the food was just as tasty and the view is what we remembered. There is a limited menu but if you want selection stick to a buffet and do not come here! After dinner we step into the lounge right next door (make sure to go the bathroom, the best view ever and its there!!) The staff is very friendly and not uptight. They do not rush you out and the service is excellent. At the end of dinner if you do not order desert, its OK you will still get a treat with hazelnut chocolate!

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    Fri Dec 26 2008

    We were disappointed in the limited menu. The menu is very basic and does not have too much substance. I do not mind paying top $$$ for my meal but when you pay $125 per person for a drink, starter and entree, (we did not get any dessert) I think it is a rip-off. I would not recommend this restaurant in a city which has many other places you can try.

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    Sun Oct 26 2008

    We own a resort in St.Lucia and as a result I visit travel and adventure trade shows all over the country and usually entertain some of our regular suppliers during such visits. I took a party of 10 to Mix last week. What a great space. Definitely impressive, and amazingly good acoustics, given the disco drum in the bar not too far away from the restaurant. I thought that the menu was excellent and all at our table very much enjoyed the dining experience. Being the host of the table, my only beef would be with the service which left me totally unimpressed and even annoyed. Since we have our own restaurants I tend to look at service very analytically. Could there be a reason we would have been ignored for 10 minutes after being seated ? Were they extremely busy at that time ? No, they were not. When I finally attracted a server, he started out by saying that he was not our server but would assist. We placed our drinks order, which eventually arrived. After that time, we never saw that s... Read more

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    Wed Oct 22 2008

    Of all the gambling in Vegas, you can bet this is a good experience. The scenery and setting was very nicely done, and clean for as many peo...

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    Wed Oct 08 2008

    My husband and I took advantage of Mandalay Bay's tax day reward of two free tickets to Shark Reef if we postmarked our tax returns there. ...

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    Wed Oct 08 2008

    We went here on one of our trips to Vegas and I was amazed at this aquatic display. I was fascinated the entire time and really enjoyed wal...

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    Sun Sep 14 2008

    I am a proud Owner/General manager of a restaurant is San Antonio,Texas. I would like to thank the entire staff to know how great of an expierence I had at MIX! I can not comment for other customers but I was more that impressed by the service and culinary greatness that I had the opportunity to enjoy! Being in the restaurant buisness I would positively consider myself a "foodie." I could spend hours talking about what I ate but all I say just go and try it for yourself!

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    Tue Sep 02 2008

    Go here for a special evening, the location is cool. It is very pricey, I had fish and my partner had the tenderloin. Both meals were good. ...

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    Mon Sep 01 2008

    Food not memorable. I would not recommend this for fine dining with all other choices in Las Vegas.

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    Mon Jul 28 2008

    I was a very exciting to see what this was all about..All kinds of exotic animals in there to see..I went there most of all for the 20ft. Sh...

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    Mon Mar 17 2008

    I went to Mix two weeks ago, March 8, 2008 with three of my friends. Everyone's meal was terrible. The gnocci was tasteless. I got the snapper, which was bland. I could have made a better meal in my own kitchen. The total bill came to $110 per person. I felt like I was robbed. Please avoid this place at all costs. I wouldn't send my worst enemy there!

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    Wed Jan 02 2008

    Late dinner. 12/28, Arrived a bit early and were asked to wait in the bar, drinks are expensive, but so is everyplace by the casino's in Vegas. The only trouble we had is the hostess did not come get us, so I had to check back in, the front desk staff could use a lesson on service. After we came back we were asked if we would like to be seated on deck, we decided to try it regardless of the cold weather. Pleanty of heaters and were offered blankets, so no worries. Wonderful view of the strip. We were promptly greated by our waiter who was very well versed on the chef and the menu. Had the gnocchi app which was perfect! main course was the lamb which was the best I have had to date. My significant other had the tenderloin with fois gras, I must admint I am not a fan of fois gras but this combo was fantastic. Reccomend the side of Mac and Cheese done with ham and guyre. Finished with a wonderful chocolate dome with a mango sorbet. Now this was a quiet night so we had the waiters full a... Read more

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    Fri Oct 26 2007

    We took our daughter here and we were very pleased that this aquarium was as good as it was. They gave us a device like a phone and when we ...

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    Sun Sep 23 2007

    Really cool atmosphere but, that's about it. Had a reservation for 10 people--even called to confirm--but when we got there the table was only set for 8 people. Took FOREVER to get our drink orders in and even longer to get our food orders in. Food was average but the prices were ridiculous for the service and portions that we received. Chef sent out a little dessert tasting which was nice but by no means made up for the slow service and high prices. Will not be going back.

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    Sat Sep 22 2007

    The service was extremely slow, our waiter rarely came by our table because he was too busy ?trying? to be attentive to the table in front of ours. He must have thought that since that table was a larger group he would get a bigger tip but we overheard them griping about how horrible he was when they received the bill. Best of all, he had a snobbish attitude to go along with his slow service. I think he must have forgotten that he was a waiter and not a movie star. Sometimes you can ignore the service and still enjoy the food and atmosphere. In this case not so much. The food was mediocre in the presentation as well as the flavor. We read reviews about the food and that is why we chose to go but it?s just hype. There are tons of better restaurants in Las Vegas, don't waste your night out at this place?not to mention your money. I have not written a review yet but this place deserves the bad comment I am leaving!

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    Sat Sep 15 2007

    This is the LOUSIEST restaurant. If I were Alain Ducasse I would be ashamed and embarrassed to have my name on this place. I went here with my mom our first night in Vegas and were completely flabberghasted that a restaurant this bad could actually stay in business. The drink menu was terrible and completely uninspired...the drink i got tasted like cool aid mix. The food was completely forgetable except that i can't forget because it was so bad! I ordered fish that cost me close to 50 dollars and was the SMALLEST piece of fish covered in a huge amount of foam...so much foam i thought i was in a bathtub...and the foam certainly didn't taste any better than bath foam! Overall the food was TERRIBLE and HIGHLY overpriced, the service was BEYOND HORRIBLE...it was like they staff the place with every reject from every other failed restaurant...so horrible it makes me shiver...and our dessert tasted like strawberries taken out of the frozen food isle. DO NOT GO HERE and waste your money!

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    Fri Aug 31 2007

    We are new Las Vegas locals. My wife and I went to Mix to celebrate our wedding anniversary, thinking that we were picking one of the best restaurants in town. Little did we know that we were making an awful mistake. The service was awful. We got a guy called George to wait on us. The dude was one of the most unfriendly and arrogant waiters we had ever encountered. The only reason I put up with him was so as not to spoil the evening for my wife. The food was not special at all. We have sampled some of the city's top tier restaurants, and we can safely say that Mix ranks at the bottom of the list for food and service. The view from the bar next door is great....so trash the restaurant and go to the bar around or after sunset....Thumbs down for Mix.

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    Sat Aug 25 2007

    MIX is a great trendy restaurant. I went here with some co-workers a couple of weeks ago and decided to have dinner here with friends while visiting LV. The food was great. Our waitress was very accomodating to us. I liked the seabass. Others had the bison steak. It has a great atmosphere and great views of the Las Vegas strip & airport. There are a couple of things they could fix. Parking is horrible. We went around the parking structure 5 or 6 times to no avail. We even stopped at the Valet and they quickly discounted us and pointed to the direction of self parking. When I arrived a little late, the hostess gave me attitude. She said your reservation is at 6:30 and you're the first one to check in. Well, my friends were at the bar. When someone is paying high prices, you don't need to be snooty when one is 10-20 or even 30 min late. I'd say that's a little rude. So the good things they had ... good wait service, good dining food was ruined by the training of host/hostess and they ... Read more

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    Fri Feb 23 2007

    No, it's not fast food like McD, etc. Actually the food was quite good. The waiters are very effient. So much so that our $100 per person dinner took less than an hour. We felt like we were being rushed the entire time. Get at least 3 courses or you will leave hungry. Everything is shaped in a form like a little tuna can. Very trendy, but not filling. You can do much better elsewhere. Take the free elevator ride for the view and go somewhere else.

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    Sun Jan 21 2007

    We live in LA and went to Las Vegas for New Years. As a special treat, my boyfriend treated me to dinner here. We looked at all the top restaurants in Vegas and decided on this - it was a tough decision since our favorite thing is to try great restaurants. We were not dissapointed - if only food can taste like this everyday! The pork loin was incredible!

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    Tue Dec 12 2006

    We went to Mix as a group of nine last Saturday. Seating was prompt, service was good, everyone was polite. Reflecting on the meal we agreed that the food was boring, yeap, boring. I had the duck and found the breast over cooked, the leg perfect. Others had salmon, lobster etc. Sadly nothing to write home about. We (I) thought the salad bowls were pretentious and the salad uninteresting. The wine list is extensive and actually on a positive note not as over priced as the food. The real problem came at the end of the meal. When we asked for seperate checks we were informed that the computer wasnt set up to do that, ouch, what a dumb computer programmer. So full of food and wine we were presented the bill and expected to seperate our own check. Nine people trying to add up their part of the check, estimating tip, tax and liquor that on a $1100 check. Nothing can bring you off a bit of a buzz faster than trying to seperate your part of the 18% tip. Shame on you MIX! Sitting on the toil... Read more

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    Wed Nov 29 2006

    I had an early dinner with my good friend here as part of our stay at THEhotel. We had reservations for a weekday, so it wasn't crowded (though we still couldn't get a window seat). It did take them some time however to settle us at a table despite the early reservation time and lack of patrons. The restaurant was crowded later that evening, which was a bit annoying because the tables were placed so close to each other. I could not have a private conversation without the next table overhearing. Also, they dim the lights too much, so I couldn't really see what I was eating. Our female server was very helpful with describing the menu to us, and was more than willing to answer our questions and offer suggestions. However, the other wait staff members didn't seem to care, and were not very friendly. Aside from that, the food was PERFECT. I recommend the surf and turf, it was divine! Both our entrees were delicious, but they also came with a big price tag even without the wine. In all hones... Read more

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    Tue Nov 21 2006

    Although the service was okay (had to wait a little while for a table even though I had reservations), I really enjoyed the food and wine at MIX. The views of the Strip are amazing... the mushroom-like glass chandelier looks like it's straight out of a MOMA exhibition... it's a unique restaurant that's definitely worth a visit!

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    Tue Nov 07 2006

    I've never gone to Mix for dinner, but we have had a few business cocktail meetings here. Amazing view of the strip! It's never been overly crowded when we've been there, but we always leave before 12 am or so. Pretty good mix of drinks, great wine selection (which can be hard to find at some bars), and they also made some great martinis - snicker martini, coffee martini, etc. Small dance floor, basic dj/music, but it really is the view that sells this place. Older crowd, mostly 25 and up, nicely dressed, good for business drinks or impressing a date.

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    Thu Nov 02 2006

    The view is great, I'd have to say that's the only postitive thing about this restaurant. I can not believe that Alain Ducasse would put his name on this restaurant more importantly the food. If you didn't know he is a famous chef that has wonderful restaurants in France and New York. The food is below average and not worth the money spent. I had the tuna tartar and it did not seem fresh at all. I also had the duck and it was way over-cooked. The restaurant was crowded and not worth a return trip.

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    Sat Sep 16 2006

    Where to start?? Like it says, I have a few mixxed feelings about our dinner experience at Mix. First, I must say the view, atmosphere, design, and beauty of the restaurant are beyond great! Although the menu wouldn't allow for eveyday dining there ($30-$60 entree's), I have to say that the quality of food is spectacular! Everything is fresh and I was told was flown in that morning. I was suspicious when I read other reviews of salty this and that; everything was seasoned better than I could have asked for. Absolutely no complaints about the food. Now on the reverse side, just a couple things that really rubbed me the wrong way. Can you say crowded?! My chair was constantly bumped by the service staff and other guests trying to make their way through the crowded mass of tables; annoying to say the least when only 2 bus boys paused momentarily to apologize for doing so, yet many others did not. Loud. because there are so many people crammed into the restaurant there is a crowd lull that... Read more

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    Sat Aug 26 2006

    Had reservations and would have been seated at that time. Asked for a outside patio table and got it 30 min later. We waited at the bar with the AMAZING view of the Vegas Strip. We were seated on the patio and got to have a meal with the amazng view. The inside of the restaurant is pretty stunning with the clear glass globes hanging from the high ceiling. I had the filet and the others in our group had different fish dishes. THe food was salty across the board...we all agreed on this. The seafood nobody thought was spectacular but the view makes you forgive these small points. My filet was tender and done as I ordered. Although I had the steak at Mesa Grill (Ceasars Palace) which was PERFECT so it was hard to top the steak from night before. The portions were smaller and prices higher ($55 for filet) but you are paying for the view in a large way. The place is hip and the bar is nice. The drink called Violet was very good ($15!!!) The elbow pasta side with ham should be skipped!... Read more

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    Mon Jul 24 2006

    In Short Located 63 floors atop Mandalay Bay's THEhotel, this bright, modern restaurant offers seating at small tables or in egg-shaped pods. The restaurant is accented by a 15,000-bulb blown-glass chandelier, a stunning city view and an open kitchen. The extravagant menu features bluefin tuna tartare dressed with capers, tender honeyed duck breast and bison tenderloin. Desserts include the Baba au Rhum, a yeast cake baked in vanilla bean syrup and drenched in rum.

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    Wed Apr 19 2006

    The appetizers ran about $24.We ordered bluefintuna tartar and spicy crab salad nothing spectacular, to me overpriced. For entrees:The cod was $36, nice portion, flavor was really good. The rack of lamb $48, also good portion served with a wonderful glaze. The sides, I think ran about $12-$15 we had the mashed potatoes and couscous, both good but again, overpriced. We didn't order dessert, but they did offer freshly baked madelines with nuttela, yummy! The scence...trendy & hip. Lots conventioners at the bar on a Wed night. Spectacular view, even from the bathroom stall (window from ceiling to floor). The service, excellent & very friendly. The Manager/host came by 2x to see how we were doing. Would reccomend if you're not worried about price.

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    Fri Mar 10 2006

    I picked one place to have a nice dinner in Vegas for our trip and I chose the MIX. It was the only restaraunt that I could not locate a menu anywhere on the internet, but it sounded like such a neat place to dine. I made reservations 2 months in advance and was able to change them 2 hours prior to eating with no problem due to running late. The restaurant is on top of the hotel and the view is the best in vegas(even the bathroom stall had floor to ceiling glass views). The decor was awesome and we were treated like royalty. The menu was full of unique dishes which is what we were looking for. Both of the dishes we ordered were flavorful...wonderful! The desert called caramel pear was amazing. This is our favorite restaraunt now in Vegas and we will definately be back.

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    Sun Jan 22 2006

    Our group of eight, seated at 8:45 pm on a Saturday ended up walking out more than 45 minutes later just as our bread came to the table. We all decided that we weren't going to spend $200 a person for such lousy service. The waiter was frazzled from having too many tables and incorrectly told us that the tasting menu had to be done in pairs, and explained in detail why two people had to order the tasting menu. Fifteen minutes after telling us about the pair requirement, he came back to tell us that actually the whole table had to order the tasting menu, not just two or four people. Then he disappeared for another 15 minutes. Once we said that we'd like to settle up and leave, they couldn't have been more helpful in bringing the check and then coming back to collect the credit card.

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    Mon Oct 03 2005

    I went to Mix for my girlfriend's birthday. The food was good, I had the pork dish my girlfriend had the Bison. For its price, it was way over its value.. The interior design Makes up for it (coming from an architecture major). Very creative spaces. Nice details pencil and pad at table, Jasper Morrison designed S&P Shakers, Glass elevator..etc.. The tuna appetitizer was not impressive at all. Nothing to put the tuna spread on.. The bussers were excellent in their service. Runners Messed up, we almost got someone else champagne and I do not think we ordered the potatos, but we ate them anyways...Overall not bad, but I would save it for its lounge

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    Fri Jul 15 2005

    Ambiance, it is as if you were sitting at the bottom of a champange flute, over looking the city. The food was classically impressive, balance and vibrantly flavored. Atlantic Cod with lemon and capers, was the best fish course I have ever had. Bison tenderloin is better left cooked medium rare, very tough meat that dries out easily. Japanese carpaccio was sensational. Mixed berry sorbet with licorice meringe was paired with a glass of demi-sec....I thought I had died and gone to heaven, but that wasn't the end. Fresh, hot Madelines served with Nutella ended the meal. The whole kitchen staff is French and it shows beautifully. Our service was warm and considerate, our waitress gave us a tour of the whole restaurant and lounge before we left. I can't wait for my next meal there.

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    Sat Jun 11 2005

    To start off the night, we requested a wine list when ordering our food, at which point our server disappeared and didn't return until he brought the appetizers 10 minutes later. My beef entree was badly overcooked (it was done medium instead of rare), and I had to flag someone down in order to get it taken back after waiting many minutes with no sight of our server. Then, when I finally got it taken care of, he acted like it was an annoyance and did not rush the replacement dish, or even apologize. My dinner consisted of me watching my fiance eat, and then her watching me eat. There were more service errors, but I only get 150 words. And I haven't even gotten to the unspectacular dishes. Simply put - even in the astronomical prices aren't taken into account, this place is absolutely subpar.

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    Mon May 30 2005

    For the price you pay for the dinner you should just rent a hotel room that has the same view or just look out the window from the plane ride to/from Vegas. The food is average with service that is average. If you are really curious about the view, just hit up the bar/lounge instead of wasting your chips on mediocre food and pretentious service.

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    Wed May 18 2005

    The food was altogether unexciting. The signature Lobster Curry slightly too salty. The Bison Peppersteak not a good idea, burning your tastebuds. The Mix Candybar, a signature dessert, was nothing special at all. Wine selection is good. The air conditioning was on overdrive. The waiter's comment was that they are working with the engineers on this problem. If a bottle of mineral water costs $10 and the entree over $50, we expect more fun and excitement. If you are going for the view, have a drink in the lounge and skip the restaurant.

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    Sat Apr 16 2005

    I have never heard of charging your hotel guest $25 to get in a hotel lounge. The special line is nice but does not justify the cover. I would expect at least a discount cover. This is absolutely ridiculous. The view of the Strip from the club was great. The decor was very nice with plenty of seats if you want to eat or buy a bottle. The crowd was average in my opinion. Overall, the best thing in MIX is the view from the balcony and layout of the lounge.

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    Tue Mar 29 2005

    I had a fantastic time at this restaurant. The servers were polite and will go out of their way to cater to you, they even brought a candle out for our dessert, and offered to sing along w/us!! The food is superb, as it it is the service, not to mention the breathtaking views of the strip. Highly recommend MIX

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    Tue Mar 29 2005

    What a place! You have to see it to experience the thrill of the view. The 15,000 suspended glass murano bubbles ambling through the restaurant make it seem like you're underwater; but your view will make you feel you're dining in the clouds! Ducasse strikes again with his traditional menu that features luxuries like beef filet topped with foie gras. Or the tuna carpaccio that's flown in daily from Japan. Live large. Dine at Mix. Just be sure to be there on an expense account!

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    Mon Mar 07 2005

    Amazing decor with breathtaking views of the city. The outdoor patio was lovely. Nice wine selection as displayed near the entrance. The appetizers were delicious as was the entrees. Must try the lobster salad, atlantic cod, lamb chops, and side of elbow pasta. The service was excellent even though the place can be packed. Though the check can be very very pricy, it was well worth it, especially for special occassions like Valentine's Day.

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    Sun Jan 23 2005

    Fabulous service, incredible decor and delicious food. Everyone from the sommalier to the wait staff were attentive and polished. Mix is the perfect place for a lingering dinner followed by a good scene in the lounge. Highly recommended.

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    Fri Jan 14 2005

    This place is awesome!!! What a view!!! Mack is the best server we have ever had here in vegas and we've been to many upscale resturants living here in vegas! You must try this place, you wont regret it!

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