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    Mon Jun 13 2011

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    Fri Mar 11 2011

    So I had your typical cystic acne, resulting from TONS of stress from my nursing major. I was so frustrated with it I literally tried EVERYTHING! Everything that I could ever find on the internet from changing my diet to weird home reminds. My mom told me to drink more water, so I drank 8 bottles of water a day, and it still didn't go away. I take YAZ the controversial birth control, however my doctor had recommended it for me for my acne. I went on the latest hit acne kit proactiv and it DID NOT WORK. As frustrating as that ways, they wouldn't give me my money back (like they said they would in the commercial). So I went to the dermatologist. I would recommend going to anyone that suffers bad acne. I had lost hope, I was crying every day and would avoid going to class and leaving the house because my acne was so bad! As soon as I walked into the office they told me "we will find a solution to all your acne problems." With those words I put all my hopes of my acne disappearing in their... Read more

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    Thu Feb 17 2011

    Minocycline is a dangerous drug to take. The side effects don't show up for years after you have quit taking the drug. Autoimmune Hepatitis (http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/autoimmune-hepatitis/DS00676) and Crohns disease are caused by minocycline. This drug slows down your immune system and kills the bacteria causing the skin disorder but your immune system becomes confused as to what it needs to be attacking so it starts attacking your healthy tissue. I recently found a sickening article about this drug on Dr. Larry (Lawrence) Jaeger's website (http://www.lawrencejaeger.com/minocycline/). This article is angering to say the least to someone who is suffering from the debilitating side effects years after discontinuing the use of Minocycline

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    Wed Feb 16 2011

    I'v been on minocycline for about 1 1/2 months. My acne is almost completely vanished, and I have had no side effects. (knock on wood) I am very very health/whole food/organic, etc conscience, so I was/am very cautious when taking any pills or drugs. However, I am an 18 year old girl and acne is NOT attractive! I pray that I continue to not have side effects... and hopefully I won't have to be on it for an extended amount of time.

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    Thu Feb 10 2011

    I had acne since I was about 12 (I'm 23 now) so I finally decided to see a doctor. He prescribed me minocycline 100 mg to take once a day for 28 days. It's an antibiotic so I thought I would do good to my skin and I will see some improvement. I was on exactly 3rd week of taking this drug when I noticed a rash on my vagina and also a discharge. It was unbearable!!! I was scratching myself continuously even waking up at night. My vagina was also sore... I have a doctors appointment tomorrow so I will see what the doctor will tell me. I read a few reviews of Minocycline and a vaginal infection (fungal infection) is considered severe!! I'm quite scared now. Guys, you have to remember that we are all different. For someone this stuff helps but for the others it can be very dangerous. Don't assume you will be alright because the majority of people are. Just be careful what you are putting yourself through and does it worth???

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    Thu Nov 11 2010

    I started taking minocycline for a condition called P.L.E.V.A and mild acne. I took it for about a week and a half, after which I started to swell and ache. I blamed it on too much sun discontinued for a week and tried again. This time I made it 2 and a half weeks and stayed far from the sun. It started again with mild swelling and severe joint and muscle pain. It was so bad I laid in bed crying. I dont cry, I take pain very well, but I would have rather been in labor for 4 days with no drugs. I ended up going to the hospital from a severe reaction with hives, swelling, pain in joints, muscles, lymph nodes, and faintness. The list continues. After 2 days of being off the medication I woke up with my hands in so much pain I could not move or apply any amount of force to them. I am now on steroids finishing up the 4th day and I am still having problems with my joints. Please tell me this stuff will go away. That I havent permanently damaged my body just for a simple wish to have normal ... Read more

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    Sat Oct 23 2010

    Ok, this is actually the second time I have used this medication.. The first time I got the lightheadedness and felt totally spaced out all the time. But remained on it for 3 months. I had no major skin issues for more than 5 yrs and with in the last 2 yrs it has come back. yes I have cystic acne very painful, leaving me with a willingness to suffer for the greater good. I have been on the minocycline for almost 3 weeks and I have this terrible scalp itch and the backs of my hands are itchy. So I have greatly increased my water intake over the day today and it seems to be helping. If I can keep from scratching the itching seems to fade. I do get alot of nausia after taking my pills. I am considering eating a ganola bar n the morning when I take my pill. I am only hopeing this is the wworst of it. Because YES 5 yrs with acne FREE skin is so WORTH IT!

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    Wed Oct 13 2010

    I'm 17 & I've always had acne, but recently, it's gotten worse than ever. I've tried many over-the-counter products & none really seemed to work for me. My doctor prescribed minocycline & a topical treatment, too. I've been using both regularly, and as prescribed. I started feeling strange right after starting this medication. I experienced fatigue, light-headedness/dizziness, and even some slight depression. I decided to keep using it regularly, however, because I've gotten quite desperate for my face to clear up. Wonderfully for me, it doesn't seem to be helping much in that area. It might even be getting worse, but I was told to expect that. I was pretty shocked after reading some of these reviews and that's how I made the connection that the meds were probably the cause of my symptoms (I am a blonde, so these things may take a while). I'm going to keep using them until the prescriptions are up, because the symptoms have started to decline. However, I am noticing some hair lo... Read more

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    Fri Sep 24 2010

    I can recommend a reputable pharmacy (Minocycline) http://trustedtablets.com/buy-minocin-usa.html?wm=11492&tr=8027 I recieved my pills within one week of ordering them. P.S. 5% discount coupon code: 4y3g6f4k

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    Fri Sep 17 2010

    I was on this for a month or more and it did clear up my acne on my face. I noticed though more acne on my chest and back which wasn't so bad before. I also got these tiny little bumps on my shoulders and chest that looked gross. I stopped taking it because I didn't have anymore and took a while to get another prescription... my acne sort of came back which upset me. I also got a yeast infection which isn't common for me either. I started taking it again recently for about a month. My acne instantly cleared up. It occurred to me that my hair was falling out while I was on this both times. I thought it had something to do with diet but realized after reading these reviews and thinking about it that it was from the medicine. (I'm a health freak so I knew something was up). I stopped taking this a day ago and realized as soon as I stopped taking it both times my hair stopped falling out. I also got another yeast infection. My skin in the past few days has been extremely dry,... Read more

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    Thu Aug 26 2010

    To be complety honest I'm not even sure how to rate this product. I have been taking this product for about 2 weeks and some days. I have about 11 pills left from a 30 day supply. I was told to take it once a day. From what i suffer with is backne and that appears to be the only place you'll see it. I really am on the verge of not taking this product but to have nice skin again would be freakin a blessing, amazing, awesome, phenominal, etc... you get the idea! From what i noticed is that 2 weeks into taking this i developed a few issues. I noticed that it seems to be some kind of trend and it seems like alot of people encounter problems. My biggest concern of all is the ITCHY SKIN!!There was one night with my palms feeling real weird. It has to be the most aggravating unbearable experience i've encountered!! As I'm typing this i have a ice pack in hand.When i say ITCH I Mean ITCH and all over the body too!! It felt like having the chicken pox. Some side effects that i've noticed i... Read more

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    Thu Aug 26 2010

    I took this medication for two weeks, and I didn't break out once. It was great. Then, about 10 days after I started using it, I started getting small-ish red welts that look like hives on my stomach. Four days later, I stopped taking the medication because more of the welts started showing up on my stomach and back. I've been off the medication for 10 days, and the welts still haven't gone away. If anything, they've gotten worse. They're on my stomach, back, and chest. What's the point of getting rid of acne if I get uglier, bigger, and redder blotches as a side effect? It's not worth it. Total bummer.

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    Mon Aug 16 2010

    I was prescribed Minocycline 100 Mg once a day for 60 days. I am hoping to stop taking it after 30 days instead of 60. I have cystic acne and absolutely nothing will help it except antibiotics and birth control. I am one of these people who hates taking medication of any kind- pain pills, birth control, allergy medication, etc. So far this stuff seems to be working good. I have noticed the cysts are going away and the other little pimples I have are drying up. I tend to tolerate any type of medication very well, so I haven't noticed any bad side effects previous reviewers are mentioning. The only thing I have noticed while taking this medicine is I tend to get light headed sometimes- usually during the mornings before I have eaten anything (I take Minocycline at night to prevent feeling any type of side effect). I don't like that you can't take vitamins while taking this (I am a vitamin junkie). I have been taking Acidophilus in the afternoon while taking Minocycline and it doesn't... Read more

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    Mon Jul 19 2010

    I've taken it for a few years on and off when I can afford it. It has worked great for my acne. I'm wondering about the sun exposure, though. I'm always really careful with my skin so I haven't burned. I did get heat exhaustion this weekend, though. I read that some medications can increase your likelihood of heat stroke, so I'm wondering if the minocycline could have had something to do with it? It was really embarrassing because I was at a wedding and all the old people were fine but I was vomiting and had to be taken away in a golf cart :(

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    Mon Jul 19 2010

    I came here looking for an answer on how long this medication actually takes to leave your system. I started taking this medication early May, 2010. 100mg twice daily. My skin cleared up really good (i am 26 and probably average 1 pimple every other day or so, but i was taking mainly for the acne on my back) within a few weeks, and i noticed my skin was softer than usual, but also a bit more sensative (it would turn red easily if scratched and whatnot.) by the end of the third week, is when i started developing an allergic reaction to the medication. My hands and fingertips would become inflamed, and uncomfortable, and i would get hive breakouts all over my body (which i had never experienced before, but it's quite lovely. These weren't normal hives, they were hives that when you would scratch them, they would develope into raised areas of skin in the shape of where you scratched. i could literally scratch my name into my skin, and 5 minutes later you would see the letters raised in m... Read more

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    Wed Jul 14 2010

    I just started getting mild acne. I am 25. I knew that Minocycline has a lot of crappy side effects but I thought i would try it anyways. I was on it for 2 weeks. I started to get really nauseas all the time. The last day I was on it I was on the couch all day from stomach cramping. BRUTAL. I know medications are different for everyone but I just want to say be careful if you decide to take this stuff. Also ladies beware that it does make your oral contraceptives less effective, which my doctor or pharmacist DID NOT tell me. Sometimes I wonder how these people get degrees. I dont advise it. Im scouting out natural ways to deal with skin problems. Youi should do the same.

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    Tue Jun 29 2010

    I have only been on minocycline for 4 days (100 mg capsule once a day), so I can't tell you anything about long-term results or side-effects. I typically have light acne, but right before I menstruate, my face breaks out pretty badly with large blemishes that take a week or two just to heal. Every month, right when my face begins to clear up, it starts breaking out all over again which is such a hassle! However, in the past 4 days that I have been on this medication (and I did start it right before my period when I was in the peak of a breakout), my face has started clearing up. I'm not kidding, my face is almost completely clear already. The faint red spots that my previous blemishes left on my skin are becoming more faint. I can't wait to see what the results are in another week--I will be on this antibiotic for 30 days. I will definitely come back and update with time. My doctor also prescribed Epiduo cream, but I have been instructed to use it only one night p... Read more

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    Wed Jun 23 2010

    I have been on Minocycline now for almost two months so I feel I can give a fairly accurate review. I'm 31 years old and have no discovered allergies to anything. I feel sorry for the others who reviewed that had problems with this medication, but unfortunately some antibiotics will cause allergic reactions - it's not the fault of the medication or saying it's "bad" per se, just that it didn't react well with your body. I have rosacea which has been affecting me for a few years now - I have tried all kinds of diet changes, topical creams, natural medicines and now finally oral antibiotics. This has been the *only* thing that has worked. For anyone not familiar with rosacea, it is very similar to acne but produces very dry, flakey skin on the affected area, as well as being tender to touch - and unfortunately it's incurable. While I can still marginally notice the rosacea on my skin, it's no longer glaringly obvious to all around me and can be hidden with minimal make-up. While I... Read more

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    Tue May 04 2010

    worst medication ever. no one should ever take more than 100mg.. NEVER. my doctor gave me 200 not knowing that no one should ever be on that much. causes EXTREME depression! I went off of it and experienced some major stomach pain, sweating, racing heart, shaking and now am experiencing itchyness all over my neck and shoulders. i dont recommend this med at all!! worst experience going off of it too!

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    Wed Apr 28 2010

    I had moderate acne and went to my doctor for a prescription. She prescribed Minocycline. I was really excited to finally get rid of the acne! I was on the pill for a week before the trouble started. I got really sick on a Sunday night and was out from school for a few days. (Puking, fever, dizzyness, no appetite) I was feeling better after 72 hours and got back to school. I noticed some swelling and soreness in my throat but I didn't think it was anything serious. After being on the pill for 2 weeks and 2 days. I got hives! The hives covered my neck, back, arms, legs, and butt. I went to my doctor because I also had servere joint pain. My doctor said I was allergic to the medication and told me to stop using it. It has been 24 hours since I saw the doctor and my symptoms have only gotten worse! My blood vessels leaked a fluid in my wrists, knees, ankles, and more! I makes them swollen and they hurt like crazy! I now feel my stomach and internal organs starting to swell. I have no app... Read more

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    Wed Apr 07 2010

    I was on minocycline for several weeks before my palms started itching severely. I also started losing hair very quickly, but did not associate it with the medication. After another week I started developing random hives... clusters of welts in various locations. I took benedryll to calm them down, but still did not realize how serious this was. My hair continued to fall out. After showering I would run my fingers through my hair and started counting just how many fell out when I did that. It averaged 300 by doing that alone. Average daily hair loss for an individual is about 100. There was hair all over my bathroom all the time and throughout the house as it was falling out constantly. Within 6 weeks I had lost about half my hair's volume. I am getting married in 4 months. This is devastating! I quite taking the medication 2 weeks ago but am still experiencing severe hair loss and hives and my entire body itches constantly. I cannot find information on how long this remains in your sy... Read more

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    Sun Mar 21 2010

    I have been on Minocycline for severe acne for 3 weeks now. I take one pill at night right before I go to sleep and thats it. THe week i started taking it i noticed improvements in my face. I am on Duac Topical Creme as well and been taking that for almost 3 months now. Along with Vitamin E oil that i put on once a day on all old red spots/scars and I also use Moisture Therapy Creme (Like Lotion). My face is almost all the way cleared now. However three nights ago I developed the hives and I woke up itching all over the place. I went to the ER (hospital) at 3:30 A.M. and got Benadryl and some steriod pill to help control the rash and fell asleep for 2 hours and the rash was almost all the way gone. I continued taking the minocycline the next night and I keep getting minor itchy breakouts. I'm going to call the dermatologist tomorrow to see if I should continue taking the pill or not. Besides the rashs, I think this pill was very helpful and I haven't noticed any dizzyness or anything.... Read more

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    Thu Mar 11 2010

    I have been taking Minocyline for almost 3 weeks and stopped it because of the severe rash and hives all over my body that its being going on for 4 days with prescribed medications to stop the side effect. Also at the beginning I had dizziness and nausea all the time. Its not worth it. DON'T TAKE THIS MEDICINE ITS HORRIBLE!

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    Thu Dec 10 2009

    I been taking minocyline for about 2 months now with benzaolin gel. My acne has improved but im starting to get joint pains and i always feel really tired. I've read some of the reviews and everyones body is different.Im already getting a reaction so im probably going to get off of it now.I just dont know if my acne will get worse.

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    Thu Dec 03 2009

    I've been on Minocycline for five years now. It had been working great (hardly any acne) up until about two months ago. I developed some sort of off-and-on full body burning rash, that is a possible side effect for Minocycline. I've started taking one pill every other day, I'm hoping the rash will go away soon! I've also had bruises that don't seem to ever go away... the ones on my shins have been there for three to four years. Other people have also had the long-lasting bruise problem as well. Overall, it's a great treatment for acne. Just try not to take it for very long since it can have some underlying side effects.

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    Mon Nov 23 2009

    My dermatologist prescribed minocycline to me about a month ago for cystic acne. I immediately started to feel dizzy ... almost like I was on a whirly ride and experience headaches, yeast infections and extreme fatigue. I thought I had the flu. I asked my pharamacist about these side effects and he said no, it couldn't be from mionocycline but after reading other reviews, this seems to be a common problem. Two days ago I went off the pills ... just to see if it was the pills causing my problems or maybe I had some kind of a virus. I am already feeling better. But I am discouraged because I really wanted to give these meds a chance. I have not seen any difference in the month I've been on them but have been told it takes about 3 months. I am wondering if I try to switch to just 1 pill a day if that will have any effect? It's not even worth phoning my dermotologist for advice as he was not helpful the last time I phoned. Has anyone else tried just 1 pill a ... Read more

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    Fri Nov 13 2009

    hey guys i started on minocycline and differin gel last week and at first i had the initial breakout which i think everyone has but now my face is looking better than ever. Im not getting any new acne just getting rid off the acne i already have. So fingers crossed it helps clear my acne completely

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    Fri Jul 24 2009

    I took this drug three years ago (somewhat against my will) and it caused me to develop secondary Pseudo-Tumor Cerebri, which is a condition that affects your body similarly to the way a brain tumor would, without an actual growth being present. Unfortunately, I had to go through three months of hellish, intense migraines (which I never had previously), nausea/vomiting, dizziness, and even vision loss before doctors finally figured out what was wrong with me. Conspicuously, my menstrual cycle has been very abnormal ever since I took this drug (although any connection it actually may have can't be proven).PTC is a very rare side effect, but know that if you take this drug, it is a possibility. If you have ANY sudden and unusual headaches after starting this drug, go to your doctor right away and mention this disease. I'm not here to bash this drug or be disrespectful, but certainly I am NOT a fan of it.

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    Thu Jun 18 2009

    Hi All: I started taking minocycline a few days ago. It's relatively too soon to rate it or give an objective opinion, but since I have to rate to post this comment...I'll give it 3 stars for now. However, I will try to post again in a few weeks with a better update. After my second day on the antibiotics, I experienced some dizziness/feeling light headed and extreme nausea. I was directed to take one pill twice per day when this occurred. I had to leave work from being so sick and called my Doctor regarding my adverse reaction. He said it was quite normal and a common complaint among people who take minocycline. Since I paid a lot for the medication, I was willing to keep using it, however once per day rather than twice. My Doctor said that was fine. I now take one pill per day at dinner time with food and I have not experience any drastic symptoms as before. Maybe a wee bit of dizziness, but nothing scary at all. I read some of the posts on here and there was an individual who me... Read more

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    Mon Jan 05 2009

    not a good medication AT ALL. it may be good for clearing skin but taking it for a year is really detrimental. it eventually threw out the balance of good bacteria in my gut, and my immune system became shocking. it took me 6 months to get over glandular fever, and now i have candida overgrowth! seriously, it's not worth it. it's dangerous just like any long term medication. im now off the pill and mino and my skin is much the same and when it was ruining my system.

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    Mon Jan 05 2009

    I had to get off the minocycline, it does work, but I began feeling worse and worse. Had to drink coffee all day to keep going, joints hurting and emotionally depressed. I've switched to doxycycline which doesn't seem quite as effective, but I sure feel a lot better and skin is clearing up slowly. I dread the day when the bacteria build up a resistance to these antibiotics, because the pimples do keep coming back about 2 to 3 weeks after I stop taking the antibiotics...so I imagine this protection is not going to last forever.

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    Thu Jan 01 2009

    I have been taking this for about two weeks and I whent tanning with a friend on new years eve. Today (NEW YEARS DAY) I have a rash on my wrists and on my armpit as well as my butt and it is ITCHY!! I hate it but I don't know if this is a reaction to my med. or not. does anyone know about this?

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    Wed Nov 19 2008

    ive taken this for a month, cleared acne completly.. but still have scars and red spots... how do i get the scars to go away? i use differin xp and am on diane 25 birth control... have been on the pill for 5 months. should i wait another few moths with minocin?? will it improve scarring at all ? should i just stop beating around th ebush and go on accutane?? wtf

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    Thu Jul 31 2008

    I've taken these for 6 months and they've done absolutely f all. I'm so disappointed, a waste of 6 months. The NHS in England is f useless. It's a jungle out there with how many millions of "treatments" but is there actually one that works? I guess we'll never know.

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    Wed Jul 30 2008

    Well, where do I begin?? I my skin broke out and I went to a dermatologist and she gave me a script for Minocycline... approx 4 wks later, I started seeing a black donut out of my eye, other than that no other vision in my Left eye. I went to the eye dr. and immed was referred to a retina specialist. I had "pseudotumor cerebri" which is a side effect of this lovely medication! I had too much fluid on my brain pushing on my optic nerve behind my eye making me lose the vision in my eye! I had a spinal tap to relieve the pressure in my brain. I was having SEVERE headaches, barely able to function too... Anyway, I had to see a neurologist and I was taking so many meds that they all interacted and caused 5 kidney stones. Then, I had 2 kidney stents.... I still take meds for migraines that I did not have prior to all this. So, just take this med with caution!!! It has cost me over $80,000 in medical bills, CT scans, surgeries, meds etc... PLUS 1 year of being VERY sick. Please be... Read more

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    Tue Jul 22 2008

    I've taken Minocycline for about 2-3 years now and my skin is SO much better. I still get acne before my period and occasional, insignificant whiteheads. There definitely is a case of dizziness and a short headache (they usually last about 5 seconds) after standing up. I have noticed my teeth are SLIGHTLY discolored but nothing whitening trays can't fix. I think this medicine is great and but i only rate it with three stars because I find it inconvenient to work taking the medicine around meals (especially breakfast since you either wait an hour after taking it to eat, or two hours to take it after eating, and I just don't get up that early!) and the headaches/dizziness (which actually just started maybe 2 months ago) is starting to get on my nerves. I hope this helped.

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    Mon Jul 07 2008

    I am really glad I stumbled upon this page! I've been taking Minocycline for about two weeks along with Clindamycin and Benzoyl Peroxide creams for my acne and I haven't notice much of a difference yet. I've been on Doxycycline in the past and it has worked, but for some reason, Doxycycline wasn't working for me this time around. My dermatologist prescribed Minocycline and has suggested that I go on birth control to combat my acne. I will be seeing my GYN for the birth control next week, so as for now, it's just the Minocycline and the creams. Will update soon!

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    Wed Jul 02 2008

    I have been on Minocycline for 3 months already and I have to say that I love it! Sure the first month and 1/2 I didn't really see much of a difference. I actually thought it was getting worse before it got better but it could have just been me looking at my face constantly. Don't let this stop you from taking the medication. Continue it even if you feel like it is not working. Antibiotics usually takes a good 2-3 months to get into your system. I never really had bad acne but pimples here and there and worst of all blemishes that just would not go away. I have also been taking Yaz and I have to say that taking birth control and minocycline work wonders together but it can have different affects on people. If you feel like this antibiotic is not working for you, just weigh it out. Trust me with time ad patience you WILL see a huge difference. I am telling you this from experience and I will continue taking this medication.

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    Tue Jul 01 2008

    just like some of you, I have been on minocycline for 3 weeks and experiening dizzyness....how long does this last. my dermotologist wants me to take this for 2 months....what are the causes and dangerness of this dizziness

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    Fri Jun 13 2008

    For those with Cyst acne- I can tell you I took Acutane for 4 months 10 years ago and my face stayed clear until just recently- and I did another short-3 months of accuntane. Some people have some reactions to it but for those with cyst acne that will not move-STOP taking antibiotics-they don't work Accutance changes your skin and you no longer have cyst- it really orked for me and I had back acne and painful cyst for most of my life!

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    Tue May 27 2008

    Well first of all I have to say rg2122,ITellItLikeItIs are real @$# holes. Having a few occasional pimples from sweat or wearing to much makeup is a heck of alot different than the confidence battle people with severe acne go through, not to mention having cysts on your face are pretty damn painful. Having bad acne doesn't make you ugly, being some little ignorant hood rat makes you ugly.Next on my list though, I haven't taken minocycline yet as I am allergic to a few antibiotics. I had an experience much like navi530 ( on Amoxicillin ) where I was hospitalized due to constantly throwing up for about a week. Upon being in the E.R for what I thought was a horrible stomach flu or food poisoning they said my white blood count was so extremely low that I was in high danger of a brain hemorrhage and my mother (who was told before I) was instructed to try and keep me as calm as possible as to not increase my heart rate or blood flow. Which wasn't the case when told that kind of news. Along ... Read more

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    Wed Feb 27 2008

    i took this medicine for about 7 to 8 months. It worked for me in a way but i still had acne..it never would completley go away. I've bin on soo many acne pill in mi life its crazy, nd this wun seemed to be the only one i saw a difference with. Well anywaiz i wasnt to happy with the fact that i still had acne so i made a dermatologist apointment and he told me that if your on this pill for too long, your skin can start to blotch, he said that it wasnt likely but possible for me to look like i fell into a bucket of bleach. So i stoped that medication for about 6 weeks and he put me on duac and amoxicillion. Neither worked nd duac just burned my face. so i went back and he put me on differin and miniocyline...now i noe minocycline will work to an extent but i praay that this differin shit isnt gonna completely ruin my face..

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    Sat Feb 02 2008

    find minocycline a bit inconsitent..seemed to work well for me this time last year but ive been using it for seven weeks now along with adapelene cream with no improvement and the worse thing is i seem to be developing thoose big cysts that swell really bad and make you so deppressed..ive been to the doctor twice in the last two weeks and he says ive got to stick it out...

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    Sun Jan 13 2008

    hey ive been in football and basketball and my face gets a little pimple here and ther ad i take that stuff and its gone in less then 2 weeks so whoever says it dont work ur probley just ugly and the acne just makes it worss..peace out

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    Sat Dec 22 2007

    i was taking Minocycle and it left me with a really bad reaction. i had been taking it for over 2 and a half months. i started gettin pain in my left kidney area a little while after. i went to the doctor a couple times and was told it was ONLY a kidney infection or inflammation. i started to get really bad joint pain and usually woke up crying jush cause i coudnt even take off my clothes to take a shower! i thought the pain woud wear off, but i had no clue it was the medicine. a while later, i went to urgent care and was gunna get an mri a week later, but the next day i was so weak and throwin up.. so i went to ER... they told me my white blood cell count was at like 1600 and i coud have an hiv or somethin.. by that time, i was soo scared and freaking out. so that nite, i still coudnt eat and had my doctor admit me to a hospital for fluids and nausea medicine. i came home 3 in the morning & also missed a final!=( on a wednesday, i had a cat scan thing done (duno if thats wat it was) ... Read more

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    Tue Jul 17 2007

    uhh? ive been on this for almost 2 weeks now and it feels like my face has gotten worse. I am currently taking it with azelex (azelaic acid) and im still waiting for positive results. Im taking other people's word for it though, and giving it time.

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    Fri Jun 22 2007

    This stuff sucks. I have seen no improvement.

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    Wed Mar 14 2007

    I have been usung this stuff for years and my skin is flawless & my entire body is smooth. I only get occational breakouts when im on the rag :) If you dont like this product your probably ugly beyond your acne. have a super swell day!

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    Fri Feb 02 2007

    this is so weird.i just called my doctor and told her i was dizzy after taking the med..she said it had nothing to do with minocycline, but i swear it does! i haven't been this dizzy in my life! (aside from my last pregnancy).....im on my 2nd day so far.....lets see where this takes me...