Miller High Life

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    Wed Mar 03 2010

    A good beer, consumed in moderation, out of a can or tapper. It will grow on you, then after about 3 or 4 it'll turn on you. It has a VERY high carbonation, which is probably covering up the skunky flavor, but I still have one from time to time. I'm pretty sure the beer-farts were invented by High Life

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    Wed Feb 24 2010

    Never drink Miller High Life out of the bottle! The clear bottle allows light to spoil the beer, which is often the case with this (and any other beers in clear or green bottles). Drink this beer out of a can or even better, drink it on tap, if you luck up and find that. Miller High Life is a classic, and the first beer I drank back in February 1996, when I began my beer drinking hobby (some might say habit, or addiction- but, I only average one a day, so it's a good habit). This product has a thick white head and a clear yellow and bubbly appearance. It's got a full and crisp taste. Miller High Life starts off rather harsh, but if one can get past that, and I certainly can, it finishes very pleasant. I have a lot of respect for this beer and enjoy if from time to time. Yes, it's value priced. But, it holds its own against other, much costlier ones (like Coors or Budweiser, for instance). A classic! Cool label, too. RJT

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    Wed Dec 30 2009

    As mass produced American beers go this is middle of the road, which rates a 2. A perfectly good thirst quencher on a hot summer day, but that's all.

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    Sat Aug 29 2009

    I think it is an AWESOME beer but really the day after(headaches) are really bad and last all day long.

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    Wed Aug 19 2009

    I shamefully like this beer. Why? I really couldn't tell ya. It has more complexicity to the flavor than your typical macro brew adjunction lager. No nasty aftertaste like miller lite or budweiser. Smooth, clean finish, a flavor not a shallow as many would assume. Other than maltliquor this my pick for cheap beer. P.S. forget anything I've ever said about coors original.

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    Sun Jun 21 2009

    When offered Miller Lite versus Miller High Life, I will choose High Life a.k.a. "the Champagne of Beers." It has a lower alcohol content and has more carbonation, but I think the taste is smoother and milder than Miller Lite. It is not a good beer by any means though!

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    Tue May 26 2009

    Hello there fellow beer connoisseur's, I'm here to clarify a few things. FIRST- Miller High Life is actually Miller's flagship beer. Many will incorrectly assume the "MGD" is their premier beer, though they are incorrect. SECOND- Many also assume that price = quality, which is an obvious misnomer. Miller High Life is the HIGHEST quality beer that is sold in <22oz sizes. THIRD- Errol Morris, a man's man is the voice in possibly the greatest commercial series of all time; Miller High Life's "High Life Man". Drink well, drink Miller High Life

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    Sun Feb 15 2009

    It's fine, like most American beers, light, sometimes light on taste. No complaints.

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    Fri Feb 13 2009

    I think I'll have a Pink Lady instead thank you.

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    Thu Feb 12 2009

    Drinkable, but a little too sweet.

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    Tue Jan 27 2009

    Take a lot of crap for loving this beer, at least I usually don't have to worry about friends coming over and drinking all my beer. Has a unique flavor that is absolutely the best out of the bottle on a hot summer day. Is the most refreshing beer I know of. Guess it goes back to the younger years when you either drank Bud or Miller and if you were totally broke Old Milwaukee or Geobels. Getting harder to find in finer establishments though. Have drank my share of Bud products but have a hard time choking those over advertised beers down these days.

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    Tue Jan 27 2009

    7.99 a 12-pack! God bless America!

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    Sat Dec 27 2008

    Its mmk.

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    Wed Dec 10 2008

    2 points for the commericals...

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    Tue Sep 23 2008

    The champagne of beers

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    Mon Aug 25 2008

    High Life is the best beer for the money hands down. It is highly underrated by most. Admittedly, this is a beer that people seem to love or hate (not to many people think it is an OK beer). It is definitely not like most micro brews or imports in style or taste, but it is very good compared to other American style pilsners.

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    Mon Aug 25 2008

    Cheap swill with an expensive sounding name. It's not fit for rinsing pigs covered in shit.

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    Fri Aug 08 2008

    I will still drink it if I am poor.

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    Wed Jun 11 2008

    Not much on it. Rather have Miller Lite.

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    Thu Jun 05 2008

    um... I giving this a good for Sean.

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    Sat May 31 2008

    High Life is okay.

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    Thu May 01 2008

    I love Miller High Life. It is the beer I buy most often. It has a distinctive flavor, a cereal taste, and is delicious out of any container. The girl in the moon is one of America's classic logos. Interestingly, MHL and MGD are the same recipe brewed the same way but MHL is pasteurized and MGD is not. Miller keeps the price down on MHL, which only endears it more to consumers like me.

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    Mon Apr 21 2008

    Is Piss

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    Tue Mar 11 2008

    I'm not a beer snob, so I have no problem drinking some cheaper beer now and then. The only thing is that most beers made by Miller have a little bit of a strange aftertaste that I don't like. If I'm drinking cheap mass produced domestic beer (which I usually am), I prefer something made by Anheuser-Busch.

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    Thu Feb 28 2008

    Good in bottles, one star less in cans. Bottled only if stored cold and out of the light.  Like North American Corona.  A bit more hops and less sweet than Bud.

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    Sun Feb 24 2008

    Only in the pony bottles! We used to buy these so we could go to the parks and such and drind could hide the little bottles easily. And it didn't taste too bad.

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    Mon Feb 11 2008

    Yum, it still comes in clear bottles, and can be tasty on a hot day, when there is no other beer available.

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    Sun Feb 10 2008

    Drinkable for a college power hour.

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    Mon Dec 17 2007

    I'll take this beer over any of the light beers and most of the regular old line domestics.

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    Sun Dec 16 2007

    Average tasting beer. Very light, very malty with slight hops flavor. Goes down easy, is inexpensive and is a good "getting drunk" beer. Average all around.

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    Thu Nov 22 2007

    Not bad, not my favorite either.

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    Wed Nov 14 2007

    Yeah, I gave it 4 stars. That wasn't a mistake. If I'm in charge of bringing beer to your next SuperBowl party, you can count on drinking some High Life.

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    Sun Oct 28 2007

    i dont know why most of you guys seem to hate this beer. i thought it was actually good. it was kind of bitter, but thats how i like it. and it doesnt taste flat; it really stimulatres your taste buds. but i do agree, dont drink it warm.

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    Wed Aug 15 2007

    The best way to describe this beer is in the commercials where the guy is taking all the Miller High Life out of stores, bars, and other places because they charge too much money. Well notice how nobody is stopping the guy from taking the High Life out of their place of business? I wouldn't stop him either. You can have that crap. Very bitter, harsh tasting beer.

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    Sat Jun 23 2007

    I like this beer as well as any, ice cold is the best. I can't understand why people like Corona any better, seems similar to me, but I don't really note a lot of difference among light lager beers anyway. Can't beat the beer for the price, IMO.

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    Tue Mar 20 2007

    Way down the list for domestic beers. . .

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    Tue Mar 20 2007

    best beer ever when its in a bottle, not too wonderful in a can.  odd? i know

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    Sat Mar 17 2007

    I've consumed exactly two...and only two alcolholic beverages in my life. The first one was a can of Budweiser approximately three years ago...and the other was a small bottle of Miller High Life. Here is my scientific analysis of the two alcoholic beverages and the physiological effects of alcohol in general: The Budweiser tasted somewhat like mineral water with a slight off-taste of barley. It wasn't bad tasting, but there certainly wasn't anything enticing or great about the taste either. Within minutes, I could literally feel the alcohol spreading throughout my entire body, through the veins, like a cold, metallic substance. Within a half hour I noticed that I felt somewhat relaxed and it seemed like my brain/thought processes slowed an iota -just noticeably. I certainly wasn't "drunk" after one drink but I did notice the effects, though they were minimal. The taste of the Miller High Life was even much less to my liking than the Budweiser. It was much stronger than the Budweiser -... Read more

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    Mon Nov 13 2006

    I ain't gonna lie, I drink the shit out of this stuff. It is light, sweet, & cheap.

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    Tue Sep 26 2006

    I don't care if it is the "champagne of beers". Its still a pretty crappy brew. back in the day, this stuff was top shelf, but look at it now. Budwieser has been out just as long and was also a top seller. My opinion is that people back then drank what they could get. There weren't many choices back then, therefore, I think whatever was shipped to the local stores and bars was being bought by the truckload. Keep in mind, people didn't have imports and the type of microbrews we have now. A lot of things during that time were crappy if it wasn't home made, think about it.

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    Fri Apr 14 2006

    When we were teenagers, me and my cronies met the Ramones a few times when they performed in NJ, and we noticed that they seemed to drink Miller beer. Hence, that's what we drank (imitation being the sincerest form of flattery). When we got good and drunk, which was often in those days, we'd take the empty Miller 6-pack cartons, put them on our heads, and call ourselves the "Miller-heads." Sort of our inebriated, plebeian version of the Skull and Bones Society, I guess. Being young and alcoholic sounds like great fun, no? (Not...)

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    Fri Mar 31 2006

    Miller High Life is an American Classic. The Champagne of Beers since 1903. Originally came in mini champagne bottles. The recipe has never changed on this once premium beer. It is sad that price discounting moved this brand into the cheap section in the 70's. Unbelievably good tasting for what you have to shell out to get it. Stock up now before someone gets wise and starts to raise the price.

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    Thu Jan 26 2006

    an old crackhead favorite, only thing nastier is malt liquor. drank 2 cans and puked once, over at jimmy dornbachs. And I'm a beer drinker. top of the line if your a homeless bum

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    Wed Mar 30 2005

    Just trying to remember the taste makes me sick. I had this once and every time I have one I can never finish it. They call it the champagne of beers but its more like the champagne of sh*t!

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    Sun Feb 20 2005

    I truly love the taste of beer, but the last time I had a can of this gut-wash I nearly regurgitated.

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    Wed Feb 16 2005

    Headache in a can. Made the mistake of buying a case of 16oz cans for a party. The hangover was so bad, my hair hurt the next day. (No, I didn't drink the whole case by myself.)

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    Fri Feb 11 2005

    This beer's always cheap and pretty darn decent. It's the champagne of beers.

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    Fri Feb 11 2005

    a good beer to drink sometimes. a little bit more carbonated than Bud or the other domestics. the High Life has a classier bottle shape.

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    Sun Sep 26 2004

    This is a good cheap beer, the quality is high for the price. The taste is just average, it's not a very crisp and refreshing beer but it's a good session beer. Also it's the official beer of Jackass The Movie.

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    Fri Aug 20 2004

    Miller Lite is my favorite, but I will drink High Life if there is nothing else available. The colder it gets, the better it tastes, but if gets warm as you drink it, it is some very very nasty beer.