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    Sat Sep 03 2011

    I guess I'm not the only one with an issue here. We also have been buying the smaller treats from BJ's I have never had an issue till about a month ago. I had found the small worms in my pantry, I couldn't figure out where they had come from. Cleaned & threw everything away, except for the treats. I started transferring them to a container when I looked at the bottom of the box, it had worms in the bottom. I also took a closer look at the treats and noticed those had worms and a sort of web look on them. DISGUSTING!!!! threw them away my poor dogs. Needless to say after reading so many reviews with the same problem I WILL NEVER buy any Milk Bone treats again. I may have to insure my dogs are ok with a trip to the vet wich they should pay for. Thanks to those who have written in, I may have continued buying them thinking maybe it was just a bad batch but apparently not.

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    Thu Aug 25 2011

    I just discovered small worms in a new box of the Milk Bone Healthy Favorites All Natural Granola Biscuits. I am horrified! I usually buy my dogs healthier treats at Pet Smart, but when I saw these in the grocery store (Pet Smart also sells them) I thought I'd give them a try. I am sick to my stomach thinking that I fed these to my pups. I just hope they don't get sick. I will need to call the vet tomorrow and see if these worms are harmful. I plan on calling Milk Bone too to file a complaint about this product. Ugh! I am so grossed out!!!!!!

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    Tue Oct 12 2010

    for the past couple of month's I have been buying the large Milk Bone boxes at BJ's...After one week feeding them to my dog, I noticed that the small holes on one side of each bone, get clogged by a web, and that soon afterwards, little worms have infested them; I suspect they become flying insects if left alone (i.e. not eaten by my dog..) does any one have same experience? pretty disgusting!

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    Wed Sep 29 2010

    A large box of large milkbones and a small box of medium milkbones - both with more than a year to go BEFORE expiration - both had larvae infestations. My daughter took a bone out of the smaller box of medium bones and saw a worm on it - threw it back in the box and is traumatized!! NEVER buy these!! I wish I'd seen these posts before...

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    Mon Sep 27 2010


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    Fri Aug 06 2010

    PROBLEM!!! My dog loves milk bones, and when I give them to her I break them in half. Unfortunately, yesterday was the SECOND time I have found a thin piece of...? wire? sticking out from both halves! It is almost like fishing line, but more stiff. I would imagine it could put a hole in an esophagus or stomach with no problem! The first time I just thought it was odd, but ANOTHER ONE??? I will not be buying this product again.

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    Sat May 15 2010

    I found thin, one inch pieces of plastic in my dog's milkbones- PLASTIC ! I will never give her milkbones again and they will be hearing from my lawyer !! DO NOT GIVE YOUR DOG MILKBONES !

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    Sun Feb 14 2010

    nasty shit, i gave my chihuahua puppy some of the bone marrow crunchy ones and i noticed a red worms crawling out not like an earth worm much smaller, like mabye a larva? but longish....then my gf noticed a bunch of tiny little white ones crawling out, then we opend one of the treats up and found abunch of them in there. that is disgustingg!!! wha a shame my dog LOVED those treats but hmm...oh well.....eww though i deff won't be buying anymore of thier products!!

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    Thu Sep 24 2009

    Milo really likes Milk Bone chicken treats. From a human perspective, they smell pretty good. We used to put them in the pockets of Milo's Brewers uniform. We also used to put them in Milo's lunch pal when he went to Flagler College.

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    Thu Jul 02 2009

    My Labrador loves them. Makes his breath smell good too!

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    Sun Nov 09 2008

    I have been finding flying insects around Milk Bones. Finally I opened one and found it infested with small worms that I am certain evolved into flying insects. I can't believe they are selling that garbage.

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    Sat Nov 01 2008

    I have been giving my corgi and jack russel terrier milk bones for several years. But I just opened a new box and it was infested with worms. I am furious. I will never buy their product again!!!

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    Tue Sep 30 2008

    My rating is zero stars. I have been giving my dog the large milk bones for the past 5 years, Two of my last three purchases of the large milk bones have been very upsetting. After a problem with one box I removed the milk bones and placed them in sealed plastic continers. Why?? becaus the first of my last htree purchases had inch worms come out of th bones. Now, two boxes later it is infested with inch worms again. And of course I did see them and my dog has already eaten a few.

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    Wed Feb 06 2008

    The fourth ingredient listed in on the label is: DRIED DIGEST OF POULTRY BY-PRODUCT ..... need I say more??? Isn't that chicken shit????? GROSS!

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    Mon Mar 05 2007

    Disgusting Treat. I was going to go into what ingredients were bad, but i would've had to describe every single ingedient on the box! Just becuase it is a name brand treat, does not mean that it is healthy. If its advertised on tv, its not a good food/treat. I am going to one up trebon and say to avoid all treat found in grocery stores and Petsmart. petco as a few good treats and most small petstores will have really good treats. Do not settle for a dog treat just because its cheap. If you want to go that route, buy a package of baby carrots at the grocery store. They are ten times healthier than any name brand dog treat and just as cheap. Avoid: Milkbone, Science Diet, Iams, Eukanuba, Purina, Pedigree, Nutro, Authority, and all other treats found in Grocery Stores!

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    Sun Mar 26 2006

    good old milkbones. both of my dogs like them. plenty in a box{at least in the small dog} fairly good priced. like these because they seem to digest well.

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    Sat Mar 04 2006

    Milk bones are full of junk and you would do better to buy similar products by better food manufacturers like Iams, Eukanuba, or another quality food company. Pet stores carry these rather than grocery stores. You can buy Iams products at wal-mart and such though.

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    Fri Dec 23 2005

    HORRIBLE ingredients....don't smell good at all, might as well give your dog cardboard.

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    Sun Mar 06 2005

    their dogs...they will eat's my job to read the boxes and know what is good to feed them and what isn't....NOT to this one.

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    Tue Mar 01 2005

    my dogs get loose stools that are nice and colorful- needles to say I no longer buy the Milk Bones