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2019 war film about the Battle of Midway, a turning point in the Pacific Theater of World War II Website

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    Wed Jun 04 2008

    Today is June 4, and on this date in history, in 1942, we witness the Battle of Midway, called the "Glorious Fourth of June," by historian Samuel Eliot Morrison.  The Imperial Japanese Navy took a decisive defeat from which it started on the long decline that ended at the surrender in Tokyo Bar just over three years later.Naval doctrine was permanently changed by this battle.  The ships of the opposing fleets never saw each other.  Coral Sea, fought just previously, was the first such battle.  After Midway, however, the old battleship doctrines of the past were junked and the new carrier centered fleet tactics were adopted.The airplane made all the difference.As with many conflicts, Lady Luck smiled her fickle smile on the American forces.

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    Mon Aug 14 2006

    vengence! victory! The Japanese knew on this day that it was over. Just a matter of time

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    Sat Jul 03 2004

    Midway was a very important battle. in the battle for midway the japanise lost thier four aircraft carriers. after this battle, it was clear that america is going to win the war in the pacific.

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    Wed Jan 07 2004

    The most significant battle of the Pacific theatre.(In terms of of resources, Japan had very small chances of total victory.) Admiral Raymond Ames Spruance(1886-1969) is one of the most underappreciated American Heroes of all time(general public preferred Bill Halsey). Although you could claim, that the destiny, God, or blind luck was with the Yankee Doodle Dandies during those few decisive minutes... Men of those three torpedo-squadrons gave their all.

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    Mon Oct 20 2003

    Not only is this the most important battle in the Pacific, it is among the most decisive battles in history, ranking with Waterloo, Arbela, Crecy, etc. The fact that it's outcome was decided almost by accident and was a virtual miracle does not diminish it.

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    Sun Oct 19 2003

    Midway the most important battle in the Pacific. It halted Japanese offensives, and turned the war for the Americans. It was the second naval battle to ever take place where enemy ships never fired at one another. The battle was a disaster for the Japs, and was the greatest naval battle in history. And it was all over a small, sandy island. The enemy had everything going for them in thier plan to take the island. Yamamoto hoped to take over the island, and then wait for the American carriers to help Midway, where Nagumo's carriers would destroy them. Thus, with no American carriers left, Nagumo could easily springboard to Hawaii. The problem, was that the Americans had developed a way to listen to Japanese messages. Therefore, Americans were already waiting for Nagumo to arrive. While Nagumo ordered planes to attack Midway's defenses, the Americans had already launched every plane they had after Nagumo. After several failed torpedo attacks on them, the Japanese realized enemy carriers ... Read more