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    Fri May 28 2010

    I find the MGM to be a fairly massive and confusing place, no doubt part of the planner's perspective. The pool scene is awesome and one of the most fun in Vegas. The rooms are fairly pimp, but the standard rooms have shitty 20 inch screens circa 1992. I like the green tinges on the windows as you are looking out. Notable are KA cirque du soleil and Shibuya Japanese restaurant.

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    Thu Jan 22 2009

    Heck this hotel has it all, great resturants, people and location. I love Wolfgang Pucks! You can take a taxi and be at any part of the strip in 5 minutes. Cant wait for City Center to be completed!

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    Sun Jan 18 2009

    Don't be concerned about staying at the MGM Grand. It's a good place from the 1 night experience we had here. We were able to get $75/night rooms with a $35 restaurant credit. We got to the hotel at 9 am and went to the check in counter to see if we could get our rooms early, even though official check in wasn't until 3 pm. They told us the rooms were being cleaned and to call the front desk in an hour and the rooms should be ready. Sure enough, we were able to get in. This is on a Thursday keep in mind. Fast elevators in this place! There are so many elevators for each wing that you rarely have to wait more than 30 seconds for one. The rooms have an old Hollywood theme and is very art deco. Very comfortable beds! I didn't want to get out of bed the next morning they were that good. The rooms and bathrooms were decorated nicely, though not as nice as say, The Mirage. The staff at the MGM was very helpful and addressed any concerns and questions promptly. Beautiful cocktai... Read more

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    Mon Dec 29 2008

    We took our first trip to LV and figured that the MGM Grand had a great reputation, s o we went with this hotel. We will never go again. First, we waited 2 hours in line as they had overbooked and were farming people out to the Towers, which I hear is very nice, but why did I have to wait because they overbooked? The management crew were a young mand and woman, who after being yelled at a few times, decided they would take care of matters from behind the desk. We waited 2 hours to go to a room on the 3rd floor; we walked down a long and dirty (can they clean the rugs once in a while?)hallway to a smelly (sewage smell each time we walked to our room through the West Wing Bar) bar and then to our room. The room itself was sparse, but nice. Only one chair for my husbnd and I to sit in; No privacy at all; bathroom right on top of the room. It was a disappointing first experience; especially since we picked it because of the name. I must say that the MGM was the best for gambling... Read more

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    Sat Apr 05 2008

    Service: Personal service gets lost at this Vegas giant. Rooms: Spa suite was very nice. Shows: KA was psychodellic fun. Pool: Think spring break...loud obnoxious drunks. Not a place to relax and unwind. In your face action 24-7. Great for party goers.

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    Thu Mar 06 2008

    I am very fond of the MGM/Mirage hotels. I?m a common Vegas vacationer with a hunger for entertainment, great food, and of course the gaming. I have stayed at most the hotels on the strip and old town; I have to say that the MGM is the worst in almost every way. This season I spent the first 3 nights at Mandalay Bay, which was a treat as usual, but ended my last 5 at MGM. I needed in my room while my girl was away with the key. I called the front desk; she said she would send someone up. I was treated very rudely. I followed up after I waited half an hour and then just went to the front desk. I was then told I wasn?t checked into the room. (When I had been added to the room when my girl check in). I had to wait for my girlfriend to come to the front desk to then check me in again. I played a lot of Blackjack between MGM and Luxor. I dropped about 3K evenly over two. Grant it, it?s not a big Vegas sum, but good gamer?s amount. It was like pulling teeth to get them to take my players car... Read more

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    Tue Feb 05 2008

    We ended up at the MGM Grand after the fire at Monte Carlo and really enjoyed are stay. The hotel is VERY LARGE and a little confusing so I recommend taking the map they give you and take a nice walk around to help make sense of the layout so you don't get lost your entire stay. Being so large it has food, shopping and entertainment at all price levels instead of all expensive or not expensive. Service was good throughout the resort. It was a little cold in February so we didn't get to experience the pools. The gym is small in size but has everything you need.

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    Sun Jan 20 2008

    I can't even tell you how great (or not great) the rooms were, because they sold my room to someone else because I didn't arrive at exactly 3pm for check in. I had pre-booked a spa suite online and they charged my credit card immediately. When we got there, the lady (who was like a robot, no personailty and completely unfriendly) began the rehearsed speach of "I apolgize for the inconvience, but your room is not available" when I asked why, she said "it could be because of maintenence or blah blah blah"...then she proceeded to tell me she was going to give us an "upgrade" to a different suite, which ended up being exactly like the standard room, just larger. She didn't even know WHY I couldn't get the room I had already booked and been charged for. I live and work in Death Valley National Park and the Furnace Creek Inn (another 4 Diamond Resort) and I can tell you we do not treat our guests like this. What they had done was overbooked in hopes that a certain percentage would cancel,... Read more

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    Sun Nov 04 2007

    My girlfriend and I went to Vegas for the day. we went to the MGM because one of our friends highly suggested this particular hotel. We arrived in Vegast at about 2pm. The hotel was really confusing and we werent' quite sure where to go to check in. Someone finally ushered us over to the check-in. Our credit card didn't go through and the agent in her rush to process us she said we should just leave it open. Not knowing that doing so would mean that we could not use the internet. Our room was really far away from the elevator and it was apparent that the hotel had undergone renovations and the side of the hotel that we were on had obviously not been apart of the upgrade. The shower did not drain properly and overflowed when we took a shower. The room was not at all functional but the bed was super comfortable. The room let all the noise in. Very loud. I think next time we'll try a different hotel and see how that goes.

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    Tue Jul 17 2007

    You've heard all the hype about the MGM Grand. Now let me tell you what it's REALLY like to stay there. My family and I stayed there last July 13 and we will never return again. They have about 5 or 6 pools that are actually quite small for such a large hotel. The pools are always very crowded and unpleasant. We chose not to go in the pools around noon when we saw how crowded they were and also the temperature was about 110 degrees. So we planned to go out to the pools around 7 p.m. when the sun was lower and hopefully the crowds had decreased. Well, we got out there about 7 and were told that all but one small pool was "closed". They packed hundreds of people into the one pool that remained open and that one pool was scheduled to close at 7:45 p.m. So after 7:45 p.m. NO pools are open! I asked an attendant why they closed the pools so early and he said "the hotel doesn't want people spending time in the free pools when they can be spending money at the casinos and in the sho... Read more

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    Mon Jun 04 2007

    Seeing that it has been a year or so since anyone has reviewed this place and it is still fresh in my mind, I will give you my impression. We stayed in the West Wing which has been renovated in more modern, frosted glass appointments in the bathroom and very comfortable bedding and loft style furnishings. The place was a zoo and it took a while to check in, but everyone was friendly. The room was about $150 with tax on a weeknight during June. If you want a cheap room, stay at Excalibur, Circus Circus or the Monte Carlo. If you want expensive, stay at Wynn or the Bellagio. I believe MGM has the most rooms, slots and table games, but I could be wrong. The location is at the south end of the strip, across from New York, New York and within walking distance to the next major street, Flamingo. The restaurants are way overpriced, but they have French, Japanese, Mexican, Wolfgang Puck's, Seafood and a 24 hour cafe. There also is a Rainforest Cafe and the buffet, which I haven't tried... Read more

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    Mon Nov 27 2006

    We spend a few nights here in a suite and we really liked our room. It's a nice hotel with nice lounges and plenty of restaurant choices. The buffet was dissapointing and there isn't much of video poker, but other than that it's a nice place to stay.

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    Sun Nov 26 2006

    The room was depressing and not large enough. I got a smoking room, but, I still could smell smoke. At Main Lobby, we had to wait about 30 minutes to talk to representatives for card charge.this hotel is too big. We will not go back to this hotel.

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    Sat Nov 18 2006

    I've stayed at the MGM Grand three times now, and I will likely stay there again. The hotel is in a good location (now that the lower strip has more to do) and has quite a few decent restaurants. The monorail station is very close to the lobby. Rooms are pretty standard and not very interesting. I most recently stayed in a mini-suite and while it had a great bathroom, the bedroom area could have been just about any hotel in the area in how it looked. The hotel isn't a great value overall -- just sort of middle of the road. The worst part about the MGM is that the size means lots of people, walking, lines, and waiting. Check-in can be a long wait. Even taking the elevator down from a high floor during peak hours can seem like forever. Walking from one end of the hotel to the other is quite a hike. That said, I'll probably make a reservation soon.

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    Fri Nov 17 2006

    One of the older Strip casinos, it doesn't have all the flash and fancy of some of the other places, but the interior is great, the lions are incredible, and the bar makes a great mojito! We spent our time gambling here and it was a blast.

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    Fri Nov 17 2006

    This is a very nice hotel. They don't really have a theme much anymore like they used to have the whole movie set up (Wizard of Oz) back in the day, but the place is quite large. It is easy to get lost inside the structure and outside in the parking garage. Take notes on where you are parked because this particular garage is one of the worst in Las Vegas.

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    Wed Nov 15 2006

    This is a great hotel for shows. Great for concerts. The lions are also great. If you want some good restaraunts there are several to choose from.

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    Tue Nov 14 2006

    I stayed at this hotel once and was not to impressed it is too confusing and got lost a couple of times. The rooms were just average and a little pricey. The one thing I do enjoy about this hotel is the restaurant selection they have a great mexican restaurant I don't remember the name but the food and the atmosphere is really great.

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    Tue Nov 14 2006

    The MGM Grand Hotel and Casino had a lot to offer everyone; food entertainment, exhibits, and animals. The emerald lights of the hotel towers with the gold lion tells everyone that you are entering an extravagant kingdom, but you have to be physically fit to navigate the premises and an excellent map reader, otherwise you will get lost in the jungle. Don't wear new shoes or high heels; you will pay dearly!

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    Sun Nov 12 2006

    We were pleased with our room and enjoyed each trip to the elevator, saying hello to yesteryears movie idols trapped in their frames. The place is big but managable and it offers the convenience of having a monorail station. Played the slots and was disappointed with the comp credits, we thought they would be more generous. Guess we have been spoiled by Atlantic City and the Delaware casinos. Breakfast each morning was excellent. We oscillated between their special and steel pan oatmeal and their delicious nut topped bun. Overall, we'd go back.

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    Sat Oct 28 2006

    I stayed at this hotel for a convention. The first room was a double queen and was clean and beautiful. The only problem was the family next door was rather loud and the walls seemed thin. I requested a room change and upgraded to a double queen mini-suite. More room for my co-worker and I to move around in and included double sink - separate shower stall and small living room area. No noise problems in the second room. The convention center becomes a LONG walk from anywhere in the hotel - leave yourself plenty of time to get there. I will say I enjoyed staying there but will probably choose somewhere that 'feels' smaller, even if it actually isn't!

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    Sun Oct 22 2006

    The first one we ever stayed in so my son always screams MGM when he sees it on tv. It's beautiful, clean, comfy and all around excellent. It's got a great daycare for kids and lots of good restaurants. We've been to see the US Open Supercross at the Arena many times and that was a great experience. The room was clean and comfortable and so was the bathroom. I highly recommend it.

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    Sun Oct 15 2006

    Very positive experience - was able to check in early and lines moved quickly. Clean, spacious deluxe king room. Abundance of dining and entertainment options! Hotel can be overwhelming at times because of its sheer size, but pretty easy to find way around. Everything is well-marked, but elevator area is a bit cramped. Would definitely stay here again!

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    Sun Aug 13 2006

    It is Grand at least the casino area and lobby. Only one central elevator is a bit of a nuisance considering the size of the hotel... unless there were others and we just hadn't found them. Of the hotel/casinos on the strip this is one of the least smokey! A Big positive for this asthmatic. Only on the weekend in the casino did you really notice and smoke. The check in was a bit slow but not bad maybe 15 minutes. The staff overall was friendly not like some hotels but considering how busy this hotel is they probably just don't have time. They were helpful when needed. We did encounter one problem with the valet service we returned to hotel for a short time before leaving again and when we returned for our car it got caught up in the "zone" The dh talked to the valet counter twice before they retrieved our car after telling the dh the car had been brought up...this while Dh had his ticket in his hand! 45 minutes later ... Read more

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    Mon Jul 31 2006

    We came to Vegas to get married and stayed at the MGM. There were two seperate parties also saying at the hotel who were attending the wedding. We booked our trip through Priceline; I read other reviewers and I MUST ABSOLUTELY MUST RECOMMEND CHECKING INTO THE HOTEL FROM THE AIRPORT! There is a MGM courtesy desk at the baggage claim level in the airport. There was NO LINE, NO WAIT! We were able to get our keys, AND we were able to make sure our other parties were on the same floor as us (THE MGM GRAND IS HUGE!). The desk clerks were happy to help us keep our party together. It was no problem at all. On to the hotel- Let me start off by saying, everything was grand. The parking lot was hugely grand... We walked in and was very surprised by a unique aroma, very different from other hotels. We got to our floor and was impressed by the large scale hallways. Our room was beautiful. I loved all the beautiful framed MGM photos. It was very classy. The best thing I loved about our King room was... Read more

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    Sat Jul 22 2006

    I went with my husband on a business convention. I am so glad I insisted on airport check in that took on hour! When we got to the hotel it was full of people on conventions waiting 2 hours and 3 hours and they still didn't get checked in. The hotel KNOWS they are having conventions but they aren't prepared!! We were told to wait 2 hours for our suitcases and I got angry and said I was coming down for them, after a 6 hour plane ride I was changing my clothes!! Then the room key didn't work a few times and I had to wait for security. Since the hotel is so BIG,they should have a coffee maker in the room. The room was nice, not very big, but alright and clean. I just don't like the long walks to eat and get coffee. Sometimes the staff was friendly at times they weren't. Not sure I would go again

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    Wed Jul 05 2006

    If you book with online promo with MGM Grand LV you can end up like we did and get moved more than a mile off from the strip, and they dont care about you or your vacation. When we got to the hotel to check in, the line was 20 people deep clear across the entire lobby, we waited in line for over an hour and while we were in line we were wondering why it was taking so long for it to move. Then when we finally got to the front desk clerk it became all to clear why the line was moving so slowly, many people (including us) were getting bumped to some crummy hotel miles away from the strip. I did my best to complain and demand that we dont get moved but all the managers would say is that they reserve the right to bump us to any other hotel they choose, frequently saying to us I completely Understand so after complaining for 20 minutes it was very clear that we had no choice. We had to ask for money for the cab to take us to our new hotel and we had to fight for some sort of compensation whi... Read more

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    Tue May 02 2006

    The Scene It's grand as in big, very big. Maybe too big. The overwhelming size and density of the MGM Grand guarantees a high energy level at all times, whether it's what you want or not. You'll find a massive and confusing casino, thousands of rooms, a large shopping and dining area, a performing-arts arena and a 33-acre theme park with rides. The Details The expansive hotel features more than 5,000 rooms, with nine different kinds from which to choose. The Grand Tower rooms are accessorized with a custom black-and-white marble bathroom, hair dryer, safe and wireless Internet access. Bungalow suites feature a living room area with a plush couch, chair and coffee table, as well as a double-sink bathroom. MGM's restaurants feature some of the best, most diverse dining in the city, like Emeril's, Seablue and Shibuya.

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    Thu Feb 02 2006

    We booked a suite and the room was nice.. but anmenites lacking and the bed was like sleeping on a bag of rocks.. not just hard --LUMPS. Glad I was the only one to ask for a new room because I was told all beds were the same except for one.. The SPEK Room--not rentd only used to show travel agents ect.. In the new room the bed was great the amenities were much better--example rugs on bathroom floor and bathroab. We lucked out so our stay was great but if you are stuck in the normal room or suite.. I would not recommend

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    Wed Dec 21 2005

    The MGM Grand is absolutely stunning as you enter the hotel. You are immediately amazed at the huge television screens, the sculptures, and the fountains. You will also be amazed at the size. When you go outside there is a huge most stunning outdoor pool whaich is great for children. However the room we got was overpriced. The room was average sized or even smaller. The SMOKING was excessive when you got the lobby which isn't too pleasant for children and non-smokers. There was a great abundance of resturants but the prices were devastating as were the spa and room service. When you tried to buy a floatee in the pool area you would be suprised at the price. Overall it was ok. pratically only good views but overly expensive.

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    Thu Jul 07 2005

    I stayed at the MGM during the 4th of July Weekend and would recommend this hotel to anyone who is interested in a hotel with everything you could ever want. The casino is great (especially the Poker room), there is a wide array of food choices and the rooms are very good. We stayed in the West wing, which features a TV built into the mirror in the bathroom. The only negatives are the bed pillows (very thin) and the food carts left in the hallways for many hours. I would stay here again, though, due to the location and amenities.

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    Thu Mar 24 2005

    This hotel has so much to offer I don't know where to start... shopping, food, events... I went to NYNY accross the street once and didn't make it anywhere else over a long weekend. It was truely a city of entertainment in it's own. Make sure to see the Lion Habitat!

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    Mon Mar 21 2005

    My grandmother is in a wheelchair and this place is one of the few in Vegas that has rooms conveniently built for the handicap. Rooms are close by the casino on the first level through a separate entrance. Rooms and service are great.

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    Sun Dec 14 2003

    I have tested a lot of differenct casino/hotels in Las Vegas. But the MGM Grand is mine and my fiancees favorite. Everything is there, it is so big, you'll never run out of stuff to do. And the service is wonderful also.

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    Sat Aug 23 2003

    I was very disappointed in this so called 4 star hotel. Not even a coffee maker in the room..give me a break! The room was dirty when we got there, candy and candy wrappers on the floor. I will never stay there again. It was not worth the proce.

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    Wed Aug 06 2003

    Excellent rooms at this hotel. Nice long bathrooms! The service here is also outstanding. The atmosphere of the hotel is great. The pool area is one of the best on the strip. However, my favorite part of the hotel is the lobby- it's so 'grand' looking. If you have a family, this is definitely the hotel you should stay at- very kid friendly atmosphere. The only bad thing is that it is towards the end of the strip. We spent the majority of our time at the Bellagio, Cesear's, Venetian- and since the monorail system is under construction/done away with, we had so spend so much money on taxi service hotel hopping.

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    Wed Jul 23 2003

    Went with family on 4th of July weekend, very busy but MGM airort check in was great - I had hotel keys before my luggage arrived! MGM has lots to do, close to Mandalay Tram Station, NYNY, Coke and MM store and Gameworks. Lots of Pools, hot tubs, lazy river etc. Gaming was fun and drink service was excellent. Big casino - easy to get turned around and lost! Deluxe Rooms nice, but average in many ways.

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    Sun Mar 09 2003

    Great Hotel to stay at if you believe in customer loyalty reward. The hotel believes in rewarding me for loyalty to the hotel by comping my nights and meals. That is a true sign of hotel loyalty. Also, the casino floor personnel are very approachable and considerate. They make every effort to make your stay truly comfortable and fun!

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    Tue Oct 29 2002

    The MGM offers nice rooms, good service at reasonable price. We almost always stay here. They took great care of us when we got married in Vegas and we always have a "Grand" Time. The staff is very attentive and friendly. Careful however, it is the LARGEST hotel in the world (or was at one time) so, it does take a lot of walking to get from one area of the hotel to the next.

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    Thu Jul 25 2002

    My husband and I just returned from 4 nights at the MGM. We had excellent service, a wonderful suite, and we didn't find it nearly as difficult to navigate as the smaller casinos around. We will never stay anywhere else in Vegas! Check out the pool and Cabana Grille for breakfast before shopping and shows. What a treat! Our suite on the 28th floor was always clean when we returned after breakfast, the floor was quiet, and staff were courteous and helpful at all times.

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    Fri Jul 05 2002

    I've stayed in MGM at least 6 times. My son has come with me most of the times and we always used the children's program there. They did a wonderful job and I felt confident having my son go there while I got in some gambling time. MGM is in a great location, has a variety of restaurants and food court and the pool is great.

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    Thu May 30 2002

    This is the place where everything happens! Tons of things to look at and do. Every major events happen here: Concerts, shows, boxing matches. There's even animals to look at behind the glass and when they are being fed: tigers and chimps! This place will fulfill the high rollers and the average person. The famous Rainforest Cafe is located inside too, with a tropical rainstorm every 15 minutes. You have to visit this Hotel!

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    Wed May 29 2002

    I stayed @ the MGM Grand while in Vegas and I have nothing but good things to say. the check-in was smooth, our room was right near the casino floor, room was clean, there are tons of things to do IN the hotel (gambling, rainforest cafe, Studio 54 etc..) that you might not have to leave. the hotel is right on the Strip, right across from New York,New York. when I go back to Vegas I am defintely staying at the MGM Grand. others say the hotel is too big and hard to find you way around. I disagree 100%.

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