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    Tue Mar 27 2012

    I'm sitting next to a mexican

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    Fri Mar 18 2011

    Da bomb!!! How To Survive as a Light Skinned Person In Mexico!! No Racism Intended!! By The Way I am a light skinned mexicana. For ppl visiting tourist areas and poor parts: DO: If u see an elderly person or a small child begging for sumthing give them sumthin of value ya dont need. If you enter a friendly lokal's home and they offer you a coke or whatever accept the offer but don't ask for another one. Put your money in secret places i.e. your sock or bra especially if you are travelling in border towns like juarez or tijuana. DO NOT: Make racist remarks of mexikans because i guarantee you you'll get messed up. DUDE Be stubborn I.E That looks nasty look a stranger in teh eye I GUARANTEE IF U DO ANY OF THE DO NOTS ESPECIALLY IN BORDER CITIES AND SLUMS YOU WILL GET FUK'D UP ONE UF MEH "FRIENDS" KEPT ON SINGING LA CUCARACHA AND SAYING "ARRIVA" AND GET BEAT UP BY THIS dUDE. other than that yu'll be fine

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    Fri May 08 2009

    I like Mexico and as Joe Bob Briggs would say, Meskins.

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    Mon May 04 2009

    There is no food on God's green Earth that I love better than Mexican food, and that includes Tex-Mex, New Mexican, Chicano style and 100% authentic Mexican Food. However, I am willing to try just about any type of food. So if anyone wants to change my mind, feel free to invite me to dinner.

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    Mon May 04 2009

    I LOVE Mexican food. It rounds out my top 3 fav! Chinese, Italian, Mexican. Gotta love it! Usually the real good stuff will come from your local Taqurias. Which here in TX you stumble across one about every 5 mins out on the road.

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    Thu Sep 11 2008

    oh how i freaking love me some mexico, i would totally live there on the beach with some coronas and tacos

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    Sun Aug 24 2008

    want to visit Quadalupe

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    Sun Jul 27 2008

    I like Mexican food and a couple of their beers. Ok and I am a tequila freak! The country itself is either too touristy or too poor.

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    Thu Jul 24 2008

    Food's good.

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    Tue Jul 15 2008

    I've thoroughly enjoyed my visits there as a tourist, be it when I was young and drunk and stupid, or middle aged and drunk and almost as stupid.  I've seen a fair bit of the west coast, some of Baja, and Mexico City, and pretty much enjoyed all of it.  I've generally stayed away from the all-inclusive (and all puffy purulent North American) resorts and stayed in smaller hotels, avoiding the packaged tour crap.  While I'm a long way from being an adventure tourist, I'll be damned if I'm hanging out in a place that might as well be in Des Moines with a better climate.Granted, there is some ugly, grinding poverty here, and there are some dangers, but the upside outweighs the down.

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    Sat Sep 15 2007

    They are taking away our country, so no, I dislike them.

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    Fri Aug 31 2007

    Better bring your own water.

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    Sun Mar 12 2006

    Corrupt Police force

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    Fri Jul 29 2005

    Great place to visit. Everything is super cheap, and serice is usually good in hotels and restaurants

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    Wed Jul 06 2005

    outside of haiti and the dominican republic this is the worst country in the western hemisphere.

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    Thu Jun 02 2005

    I speak as a novice at best...went there once, last weekend, through Tijuana to Rosarito. It's a mess, life is cheap. I had some of the best taco's in my entire life, for about $1 each. Lots of partying, pay $10 to get into the clubs and drink all day/night - but be choosy, they'll give you a free tour of the place. Mexican women - the ones I saw - were by and large, overweight and unattractive. Lots of people try to sell you junk in the street. If you like, you can talk them down pretty big. Got a few necklaces and rings for $5 each, stuff that if so Inclined I would have paid $25 to $40 for in America. The ride in was cake, the ride out was longer, plan on adding an extra 3 hours in traffic if you're travelling out at peak time.

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    Sat May 21 2005

    You don't need to move the border further north to crap in your front yard - you're already doing that. Just go to any trailer trash park in the South or Midwest, or any slum in Detroit, Chicago, New Jersey, Washington DC, Philadelphia or New York City. kar 54's mind is already a toilet and his life and culture a filthy sewer.

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    Thu May 05 2005

    Filthy, third-world toilet. As far as the border moving further north, does that mean in a few years I'll be able to take a crap in my front yard? Now that's culture.

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    Thu Feb 03 2005

    Mexican food...Mexican women...Mexican culture...Mexican parties...Mexican pyramids...Mexican beaches...Mexican boxing champions...Mexican resorts... Mexico is great! And oh yeah, for the ignorant...we didn't cross any border, the border crossed us. We were here first. This IS our home. Population analysts predict that in the 21st century Mexicans will be the largest ethnic group in the US. Deal with it.

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    Tue Sep 14 2004

    The talk about Mexicans working hard is a myth. I have to deal with migrants all of the time, I'll take red, white, and blue protestant work ethic any day. Mexicans stay home.

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    Wed Sep 08 2004

    Well they're not France at least...

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    Thu Aug 26 2004

    If you live there, stay there. At least don't come north. Much appriciated. Thanks.

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    Sun Aug 01 2004

    Tacos, nachos, chicas, tequila y Yucatan. Arriba para Mexico.

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    Sun Mar 28 2004

    I'm giving it a one because of a recent story on the news. The US soccer team was playing in Mexico City when the people in the stadium started chanting Osama Osama. Wow, really intelligent. Too bad we can't build a 20 foot high wall along the border and let this miserable, basically useless country slither back to the 19th century.

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    Tue Jul 08 2003

    Good things about Mexico: Good food, Nice resturants that serenade you with great singers, The Frida Kahlo Museum, and many of the art exhibits are real treats! The only real bad thing was Montezuma's revenge!

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    Sun Jun 22 2003

    Mexico is a fun place for a tourist to visit, and it is a country with a rich history and culture. However, we had to buy bottled water, because the water there was so dirty. I certainly wouldn't wan to live in Mexico.

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    Sat Jun 14 2003

    Mexico is more bad than it is good. They have no clue how to control the border(actually we dont really know if they care or not, they really dont care if illegal Mexicans cross the borders). They said that they are our friends and support the war on terrorism- I havent seen them done anything to help us in the war. If they said that the dont support the war is one thing, and I would respect it, but if you say you support the war and will help us then I would expect you to live up to your words. Fox(Mexican President) is a good President for Mexico but he hasent lived up to his words.

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    Wed May 28 2003

    Imagine a world where everyone stank of piss everywhere. But no where you went you could get away from them. Imagine there were no showers because nobody washed. Imagine a world where they had crappy cars but loud mufflers to show off their crappy cars but yet no where u could go u could get away from it. And you cant even drink the water because you be on the toilet for a week. And while your dehydrated, your ears breaking, your nose dieing, all you want is help. But everywhere you go they all look the same and they all have the same name....Jose. You have to spend millions on just little trinkets and everyone there is sleepy!!!! Evereyones lazy and smokes weed and nothing gets done. Is it hell? No its Mexico.

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    Tue Apr 29 2003

    The Mexican government needs to pull their head out of their butt. The Mexicans who come over to the US are some of the hardest-working people I know. If their own country would let them work and keep what they earn, Mexico would become a powerhouse overnight. There's no reason why these people couldn't forge a VERY powerful nation in short order once the corruption in the Mexican government is stomped out for good. Great food too by the way.

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    Fri Apr 12 2002

    I spent over a week in Puebla which is right by Mexico City. I had a good time. The weather was sunny and warm during the day and it was winter. There are lots of interesting historical sights and most of the people are very friendly.

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    Fri Mar 22 2002

    I love some of their MUSIC, especially Tex-Mex, or conjunto. I also like a lot of their architecture, their folk-dances, their arts and crafts, their FOOD(!), and their people. I only wish they could do **more** for their own people as too many are living in poverty.

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    Thu Mar 21 2002

    I truly believe this nation would have much more going for it if it wasn't so backwards in its politics and its siesta-ish mentality. They need to be type-A people and strive for things in life! All people must be this way, 'cuz it's AMERICA, BAY-BEE!!!!!!

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    Sat Oct 27 2001

    Beautiful place. But it seems like most Mexicans have failed their History. They like to claim that they are of pure blood. Do they know that they are decendants of Spanish and Native Americans, guess not. Im very disgusted by their ignorance by saying that they are pure spanish blood. Im afriad to say they have no roots, but if they have known their roots, I will definetly give them more respect.

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    Thu Oct 18 2001

    most of the people are pretty friendly. some of the ancient native ruins are very fascinating. i also went to cozumel where the beaches and water were just sublime...a good vacation as long as you don't spend much time in mexico city

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    Fri Jul 14 2000

    I would never finish listing all the beautiful towns, beaches, and cities in Mexico. I love Mexico for it's rich culture and history, especially the hundreds of indigenous cultures in Mexico. I respect the perseverance of the indigenous in maintaining their traditions and ways of life, I think that is the best part of Mexico. For the rest, I can say that since the early 90's, Mexico has already started to be Americanized with Blockbusters, AMC theaters, U.S. brands, and other commercial trends. I don't mind bringing better technology into Mexico, but I know that national small business in Mexico will have the hardest time to keep up with U.S. firms. At the same time, for the consumer is better to bring a competitive environment for any market. But, what to do when only 2-3% of Mexicans have enough capital to compete with U.S. firms. Well, the lesson to be learned here is that Mexico LOVES TOURIST. Of course, LIKE IN ANY BIG CITY AROUND THE WORLD, you have be cautious with your pers... Read more

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    Mon Nov 22 1999

    Mexico is a great travel destination because you have a mixture of historical landmarks and resort destinations.

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    Sun Nov 21 1999

    It mas many unusual historical places. The weather is great on the coasts.

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    Tue Oct 26 1999

    Mexico is a very beautiful country. I went to Cancun and it was very beautiful. The water was really nice and blue.

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