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    Sun Jul 06 2008

    Still love her ...

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    Fri Nov 10 2006

    She plays the same roles regardless of the type of film and has zero presence or sex appeal. Worse still, along with Anne Bancroft and Naomi Campbell I've never seen such a dull, unresponsive, humourless and uninteresting interviewee. Her worst showing was on the popular 'Parkinson' show here in the UK. (He's a UK version of Jay Leno or David Letterman). Her monosyllabic answers were cringe-inducing.

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    Sat Apr 08 2006

    She was good in her "cutesy" rolls because she was cute. Now that she's put on some years I think she's done.

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    Sat Oct 29 2005

    Never ever ever never liked this woman's acting.

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    Wed Oct 26 2005

    An ok actress when she plays a more serious role, but comes off as way too cutesy in her comedy roles. Hard to stomach.

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    Wed May 25 2005

    Her performance never varies and her recent plastic surgery makes her look like the Joker.

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    Fri May 13 2005

    Never understood why people raved over her. So-so actress in mediocare movies.

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    Fri May 13 2005

    Meg is a good actress. I have liked in most of the roles I have seen her in. She has played many different kinds of roles. Usually she seems to be most known as the nice, likable gal type. I really liked her in Sleepless in Seattle.I have seen her in movies that I did not particulary like not because of her but because I did not like the plot or writing. There is a likability to her though. Not my favorite but an actress I am willing watch in a movie.

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    Wed May 11 2005

    Where did our adorable pixie form Youve Got Mail and When Harry Met Sally go to? In the movie Proof Of Life, it was almost painful to watch her overly dramatic attempts at playing the role of a distraught housewife. What was up with those jerky hand movements and please for the love of all that is holy, wear a bra while doing any more running scenes through open-air markets!

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    Wed Mar 02 2005

    Melanie Griffith's doppelganger.

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    Tue Feb 15 2005

    Meg Ryan is a terrible actress. She plays the same character in every movie. She was cute when she was young, but she's completely outgrown it. Problem is, she isn't choosing film roles that are helping get rid of the cute thing. In the Cut was just stupid; she was still the same ol' Meg Ryan, just more boring. And on a completely superficial level, her lips are getting out of control. I'm sure she's had collagen injections, and it looks awful! Anyway, the long and short of it is that she has had her day, and I don't understand why she's still hired or so popular in Hollywood. Move over and let some new, REAL talent in!

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    Sat Feb 12 2005

    What a phoney. I just don't get what people see in her. Creepy.

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    Fri Jan 21 2005

    Not that great but not horrible

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    Fri Jan 14 2005

    For sure, she was cute in her day, and I guess she was suitable enough for the light comedies she became known for, but with the passage of time and beauty, she's trying to pass herself off as a dramatic actress and it just doesn't work.

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    Sat Dec 18 2004

    Aging is undesirable for any actress but especially so for actresses like Meg Ryan who are heavily reliant on their looks. Meg should really retire from the biz now before things get too tragic but unfortunately I dont see her doing so.

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    Fri Dec 03 2004

    She's too old to be labeled 'cute'. Not much of an actress.

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    Fri Oct 15 2004

    Cute, funny, sexy, adorable... and a talented actress. Would be interesting and good to see her in other than the typical roles she's played in. But, nevertheless, have enjoyed the ones she has been in. Like Goldie and Sandra, she's a fun, smart, attractive girl. :)

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    Sun Jun 13 2004

    Neither adorable or a sweetheart. But plays one in the movies.

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    Thu Jun 03 2004

    She does not look great but she is a good actress

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    Tue Apr 13 2004

    its always sad when a once hot actress starts losing her looks. Its even sadder when the plastic surgery she has to alleviate the aging process goes wrong. Meg is no longer America's sweetheart but a grumpy wrinkly old cougar

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    Fri Mar 26 2004

    In every film I've seen her in she plays cute, slightly ditsy blondes e.g 'When Harry..' 'Sleepless..' . Bit of a one trick pony.Quite pretty but little sex appeal.

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    Sat Jan 03 2004

    she is my #1 favorite

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    Wed Sep 24 2003

    Cute girl and good actress.

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    Tue May 20 2003

    Every year shes better than before, and somehow, gets more attractive.

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    Sun May 11 2003

    she is an adulturer

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    Sun May 11 2003

    Meg has a unique style that makes me just want to root for her in every movie that she is in. She's a really likable person, at least on screen. I thought that Meg gave wonderful performances in both "Sleepless in Seattle" and "When a Man Loves a Woman". Her forte' does indeed seem to be romantic comedies ("You've Got Mail" and "Addicted To Love"). She gave great performances in both of those films. Also great performances in "Top Gun", "City of Angels" and "City of Angels". The only negative thing about Meg Ryan is that a large portion of her own personality remains with her when she's acting on screen- that likable, good girl type attitude. I'd like to see if she could undertake a role which requires her to play the "bad girl".

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    Tue Apr 08 2003

    She's likeable, but I don't think she's very funny or entertaining without a good director and script to back her up. She can't carry the show like Goldie Hawn can, for example.

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    Sat Mar 29 2003

    Very cute and great actress!

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    Tue Mar 04 2003

    An absolute doll who is also an excellent actress.

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    Wed Jan 22 2003

    I've never been impressed by her. She has played the same character for the past ten years.

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    Sun Jan 12 2003

    she should be on top! Many Oscars are still to come for sure!

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    Fri Jan 03 2003

    Very cute, but she takes so many typical Hollywood parts that don't call for her to be more than cute. She's capable of better.

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    Thu Nov 14 2002

    I've pretty much enjoyed everything I've seen her in. She's definitely one of the most beautiful ladies in Hollywood. It was a disgrace that the Oscars didn't even nominate her for "When A Man Loves A Woman."

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    Tue Oct 22 2002

    jestes swietn¹ kobiet¹

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    Fri Aug 09 2002

    I think Meg ryan is okay, but she could DEFINITELY be better. So far, it seems she just plays the same roll over and over an over... and she's getting too old to play the cute roll much longer. TO me I don't find her to be a flexible actress, and therefore I don't find her very good, but perhaps its simply becasue she hasnt been givien a challenging role yet...

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    Mon Jul 01 2002

    hi everyone! i just want to say how much of spectacular actress Meg Ryan is. I love all her movies. My favorite is between When Harry Met Sally and You've Got Mail. i really dislike when they critize her on her dramatic performances. i think she does a great job on any kind of performance. i had to rate her a five because that was the highest but she is beyond 5. she's the best actress in world.((sorry im just a really big fan)) i know that we will all see her in other films to come. MEG RYAN IS THE GREATEST!!!

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    Mon Apr 15 2002

    Probably my favorite modern day actress. I just wish she was in more movies that I liked.

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    Tue Feb 26 2002


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    Sat Jan 12 2002

    She's been good in the roles she has played, but they are ALL THE SAME. I think she has more talent that we ever get to see. She's "cute", so she gets the "boy meets girl and falls in love" roles (I loved her in "When Harry Met Sally - my fav. movie of all time), but I'd love to see her in more challenging roles, such as the one she played in "When A Man Loves A Woman". She's lovely!

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    Sat Sep 29 2001

    she and julia roberts, those actresses pretty much made for romantic comedies. i've seen this woman in a few dramatic roles, like proof of life and courage under fire. considering proof of life was badly written and she didn't get much to say or do in courage under fire, she didn't do too bad of a job. but i've never felt particularly moved by her, either.

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    Tue Aug 21 2001

    She's a great actress, althought some of the later works are a little so-so she's never not done the roles justice, plus she's so cute ;)

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    Mon Jul 09 2001

    Meg Ryan is NOT the "Girl Next Door"...Nupe. Cause if she was...I'd never be here at home. (Ever) Meg has something very very special about her. A touch on the petite side at times which brings out the protective instincts in men. All in all, Meg is pretty kewl and very pretty. Soft, sweet,... and a girl who brings out that "I Just Gotta Hug Her" in me.

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    Tue Jun 19 2001

    I used to really enjoy Meg but ever since her breakup with Dennis I don't see her the same way that I used to.

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    Sun Jun 10 2001

    When I saw her in the movie for the first time, I could't even breathe. She was so cute. I really loved this actress. But there was something boring. She has never changed. Of course, she has tried to change her images, performance abilities. But she failed. She managed to perform certain roles in 'Courage under Fire', etc...Now she is 40. She needs some thrilling impulse.

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    Sun Apr 08 2001

    Even though Meg Ryan is an extremly annoying person, she has risen to the top in Hollywood. She was extremly good in Joe Versus The Volcano, Sleepless in Seattle, and You've Got Mail. She and Tom Hanks have great chemistry.

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    Fri Apr 06 2001

    I love her style in everything- from acting to fashion, to her cute hair style!

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    Sun Apr 01 2001

    Shes extremely hot, And she can act too