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    Thu Aug 30 2012

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    Fri Jul 27 2012

    TERRIBLE........TERRIBLE....... I give Mediacom NO STARS. The system in Waveland, MS is absolutely the worst. I am paying for 12Mbps of download speed and I am getting 2Mbps to 5Mbps. This has been going on since February 2010 and they are unable to fix it. I have talked to the manager here at the local office all the way up to the supervisor in charge of maintenance to no avail. They always tell me that they are working on it. I am not the only one affected, it is an area wide problem. You would think after 27 months they would have it fixed by now. In addition to this problem the channels are always tiling. When you call for a technician to come out the people give you a date and time and tell you to have someone home. The bad part is after waiting for someone to come they don't show up and just cancel the ticket without telling me. Anyone have any suggestions? Since this is the ONLY cable company in town we are screwed. AT&T at 6Mbps is definitely cheaper and absolutely more... Read more

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    Fri Dec 09 2011

    Since Medicom has a monopoly on internet based services in our area we have no choice. They are without doubt one of the worst service companies. In the 4 years we have had service and have had technicians come out (who are far better than anyone at office) they NEVER have repaired anything. There are always reasons for why something is not working with internet, missing TV channels etc. So the techs leave saying "a higher level tech will be out in the next few weeks to fix this" (they never do). I have also had Medicom tell me contradicting information many times! A very bad service company. But.. other than complain on places like this there is no resolution. If you have other choices in your area go for them

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    Sun Nov 13 2011

    it seems cable companies still enjoy a monopoly.

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    Sun Nov 13 2011

    I have honestly never run into such horrible customer service as I have with Mediacom. We were lied to about our cable service and now that we can't cancel without a huge penalty we lost half our channels. For 5 months we had all the channels we thought we had signed up for, we went to the Mediacom office, not online, and took the package she talked us into because it was almost exactly what we had with Comcast and we were happy we wouldn't be losing that many channels. I lost track of how many CSR's I talked to but they were useless and rude. They kept telling me that I didn't sign up for the digital plus package, we know we did, and of course during our move we lost half the paperwork, not that it would have helped anyway. One CSR offered us a sports package for half price for a month or something, we don't watch sports here. We went back to the office where we signed up and she wouldn't even talk to us. They were supposed to do an intervention or something, investigate our case and ... Read more

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    Sat Oct 08 2011

    Thank you for this ranting blog! There needs to be as many sites on the internet as there can be to let Mediacom know our dissatisfaction with their products. I live in a small town in South Georgia where there are few options for internet, phone and television service. We also have a limited income with only prepaid credit cards which Dish network will not use.We had Direct TV and cancelled our service because they did not provide local channels, consequently we owe them over 300 dollars for this as appears in small print in their contract. AND their service is the worst of any utility I've ever had. Through Mediacom we were without internet and phone service for three months and for a month now we only get four channels with their cable boxes. Thanks for this opportunity to rage endlessly about this problem.

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    Tue Sep 20 2011

    Their service is spotty, and their employees will lie to your face (well, metaphorically, since you'll probably be on the phone) in order to get rid of you and your complaints about your Internet going down for a week. I'm talking hanging up on you, telling you they're transferring you to a supervisor or a specialist and then sending you back to the phone menu (this happened too many times for me to think it was a mistake, although maybe they all hope you'll think that). One guy admitted that his coworkers had lied about returning my calls, but told me he didn't see any problem with that. I've honestly never run into such a bunch of apathetic mouth-breathers working for a company. Bad service is one thing. It happens. Bad service AND getting treated like you ran over Mediacom's grandmother is too much. Avoid at all costs.

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    Tue Mar 29 2011

    The one star is for the customer service representatives I've worked with (including my installation tech), otherwise no stars. I am extremely upset as I have been informed I have to pay the disconnect fee when I was SPECIFICALLY told I would not if I moved to an area not serviced by Mediacom. I knew I would not be living in the home I've been renting (because it was for sale) for the full two years of service. So, when I inquired into Mediacom, I told them this. I was told I could transfer the service. When I asked, and REASKED and VERIFIED several times, I was told if I moved somewhere there wasn't service (such as out into the country) I would NOT have to pay the discount fee. "We can't charge you for something we don't offer." That is Word for Word what I was told. So when I called today to disconnect I was told this isn't true. When they listened to the recorded call, it was told to me that was never said. When I said I would like to listen to the call, they told me I would ha... Read more

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    Fri Mar 18 2011

    These people have a monopoly going on. It's been the only internet cable and cable provider for awhile now and it is EXPENSIVE. If I were to keep my internet and cable after the end of this month I'd be paying $140. Talk about cashing in. The techinicians were nice and helpful and the service was okay (my cable never goes out but my internet tends to be slow). Lower your prices and I will be much happier.

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    Mon Feb 21 2011

    One star is WAY to generous. This has got to be the worst internet/cable provider in this state of AZ! internet is down atleast once a week. I signed a year contract with them at 30 bucks a month for a year. Then i was thinking of keeping them after that, but when my bill for BASIC INTERNET was 60 bucks i literally flipped! how can it double?? especially with NO notice!!you would think being that they raised your bill with out notifying you that you would move up the megabyte speed, but NOOOO still the same crappy BASIC internet for DOUBLE your money! They are unreliable and dont give a flip about people. its too bad that thye are the only service provider out in apache junction, because i would have crap canned them already!! YOU SUCK MEDIA COM!

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    Sat Feb 19 2011

    We had Mediacom service for internet and TV for several years. First of all, we have had endless problems with their service. We had an HD box for the TV that continually quit working. We had one box replaced but still had problems with the new box. Most of the time, the "outsourced" phone support told us we would need a service person to come to the house. Usually, the service person could not come for at least a week. When we did schedule service, their computer called us multiple times a day asking for us to confirm our appointment. Even after confirming our appointment, they still would call multiple times a day. For the internet service, the speed of their "high speed" service was no faster and sometimes slower than the DSL service we previously had through ATT. For the last year we had a 1 year contract at a fixed price as is normal with promotionals they offer. At the end of the 12 months, they just sent me a bill that was $40 higher than the previous bill. I... Read more

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    Sun Feb 13 2011

    One star is actually being generous in regards to their service. They overcharge for a unreliable service especially their internet, which only works half of the time and not nearly as fast as they advertise. However, their customer service department, if you can call it that, is what really set me over the top and has sent me looking for another provider. We had a line go down during a snow storm which we quickly informed them about in order to get fixed as soon as possible, as I rely on it for online classes and my job. We were told that it would be fixed the next day and no one came. I call again and once again they promise to be there the next day and no one shows. I call again, and I figure fine the must be busy, but they promise to be out the next day. Sure enough I come home the next day and nothing is fixed. I am now three days behind in school and work. This time I go into their office and tell them how I've been told for the past three days that someone would be out to fix ... Read more

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    Sat Jan 29 2011

    This company is crooked in that they make offers their marketing department can't cash. When I first signed up, I had two bad modems and when the technician came to my home nearly six hours late, I was on the phone with their local office asking where the technician was and he knocked on the door. I answered and told him to hold on because I was on the phone with his local office, so I could hang up. I thanked the lady on the phone, hung up, opened the door and the tech was in his truck leaving, left and didn't return for nearly two weeks. Then I closed the account and moved. I went to a new area and was told if I ordered the service I would get the first three months free. The connection was terrible for nearly four years they kept sending out technicians who claimed each time it was the modem and I wanted to pay one tech the price they charge to run a cable under my house to another bedroom, but he refused, handed me a connecton splitter and left rudely refusing to do the job then tr... Read more

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    Tue Dec 21 2010

    Terrible company. I knew I was going to be moving in six months and asked for a six month contract. The representative said that they did not do six month contracts, but I was guaranteed over the phone before I signed up that no early cancellation fee would be applied to my account if I moved after 6 months but signed up for a year. Mediacom still charged me a cancellation fee even after listening to the phone conversation I had with the representative, stating that their employees verbal contract was not binding and also that I should have signed up for a six month contract. On top of that their service was constantly going out and they did not seem to care that the internet their customers were paying for did not work for days at a time. Never use Mediacom. They lie, cheat and steal, and their service is terrible. There is not one redeeming quality about this company.

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    Sat Dec 18 2010

    We are from Spanish Fort, AL. The DVR box is from the stone age!!! On Demand rarely works! Our HD channels work some days and other times it says "channel will be available shortly"

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    Tue Dec 07 2010

    MEDIACOM sucks!!!! They can not do anything right. The cable system on demand never works.... everytime I want to search for a movie I have to call to tell them it is not working.... takes more than 15 minutes to have the service back plus the 15 + minutes spent on the phone.... It is very uncnofortable when someone is visiting and you have to explain how bad your service is.... I requested international calls on home phone and they ask for a credit card number, OK.... I gave them the number.... then they said would take 24 hours for the service to be available... 24 hours later... still nothing.... I called again... someone did something wrong... and now will take 48 hours from the second time I called to have the service.... in summary I called on Monday to request a service and it will only be available on Thursday.... .... bad services, stay away from them!!!!

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    Mon Dec 06 2010

    I left ATT because of service issues, and moved to Mediacom for better service. Out of the frying pan into the pot, I guess. The cable modem is constantly dropping sync, The DVR does the same, pixilated pictures (or not available at all) and several channels, especially the HD channels..... Customer Service? Delay - delay - delay with a smile. They are friendly, but only semi-useful, and plan on spending about 2 hours a month on the phone with them. Hint: plan ahead.... service is always 7 to 30 days away!!! ~~a disappointed and frustrated customer~~

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    Fri Nov 19 2010

    When we moved to our new town, we decided to go with mediacom. We were building a new home and had to live in a rental for 3 months. When we called them, we made sure to ask we could get service at our new home as well. They told us we could. So we signed up for the 2 year contract. When we moved and asked to have our services transferred we were told our new home was not serviceable. We asked if we would not be charged the early termination fee and were told it would be waved. Now we find out, that we didn't do things correctly????? They will not wave our early termination fee. How is it our fault that we did everything we were told by MEDIACOM employees? How could we have done anything differently? It is very frustrating. Several of the cutomer service reps told us we would have the fee waved. We received a bill this month with the amount added in and called about it, sent to a supervisor who tells me her employess were incorrect. I say reprimand the employees who tol... Read more

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    Wed Nov 17 2010

    I live in Valdosta, GA.. and I absolutely HATE Mediacom! I have been a very unhappy customer for about 3 months now. Every month, there is a new problem. The cable randomly goes completely fuzzy, internet goes out constantly. I have called "customer service" at least 6 times already (and was on hold each time for 20 min AT LEAST). The customer service either doesn't know anything, can't help you, tells you things just to get you off the phone, or can't understand english, much less speak it clearly. The last time I called, the girl was either getting really into chewing her gum or stuffing her face because she kept pausing & smacking. Very aggravating when I'm already super annoyed at them. They charged my friend $60, for what? They couldn't even tell her for what! She demanded a refund after paying it (because the due date was on the day she paid it - she didn't wanna have an extra late fee tacked on so she went ahead and wrote a check and took it to the main office), and they said ... Read more

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    Mon Nov 15 2010

    Right now, terrible. Last several days,internet speed drops from 12 meg to 1.5 meg. Refreshed connection, etc. with no improvement. Just had a new modem put in. Replaced after service call because of a speed drop. Good for a few weeks, back to no speed. They will be out promptly in four days. 48 bucks a month for this... Meanwhile, the following morning...speed today???? .4 meg!!!!! That's point four. Took two minutes to open this page. A Mediacom customer service individual..."well, the problem is at your house. We have to have a chance to come out and fix it." IN FOUR DAYS!!!! The first time they removed a silver device from the box outside. The second time they gave me a new modem (couple of weeks ago). A friend was told repeatedly by Mediacom, that he had "signal leak", it was his fault. He is no longer with Mediacom. After he left they came up with all kinds of specials and help. The first time this went for weeks like this they gave me a year for 9.99 a mont... Read more

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    Mon Nov 15 2010

    I have two issues with Mediacom. First, the reliability of the service -- particularly internet connection -- is spotty at best. My service was down for four days out of the last 11, sometimes for up to 30+ hours. This was unusually bad, but my service seems to go out or run very slowly almost daily. I've had many techs here over the four years I've had the service, and typically all I hear is "Let's swap out the modem" or "I can't do anything unless the problem is happening right now." My second issue was a really disturbing interaction with Mediacom's customer service. Let me give the background, then I'll get to the weird part. Last weekend (11/13/10) we had about five inches of snow in the Minneapolis area, from Friday evening to mid-afternoon on Saturday. I live in a suburb of Minneapolis, about 15 minutes from downtown. My internet service slowed around eight a.m. Saturday and then went down completely about 15 minutes later. I called Mediacom several times during the day and ... Read more

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    Sun Nov 07 2010

    In the first year we only had one issue and that was our internet speed got knocked down to low speed from high speed without concent. Called them and it was fixed within a few days. Lately though we have been getting very poor connectivity internet. Will be using it and next thing nothing responds due to the internet going down on their end. Computer diagnostics always says we are not connected to the modem. At the same time the internet goes down, so does the phone service we have with them, but the TV works fine, which is also through Medicom. To get service rep, we have to use our cell phones to call in the complaint. This all started about 2 months ago. The first time my dad called in to the local Medicom (Quad City branch) knew there was an issue in the area, but no service rep would be available for 10-14 days to fix the issue. It has been at 4 weeks since the call and we still get periods of no connectivity to their modem/server to be able to use internet and phone. T... Read more

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    Sat Oct 30 2010

    I had a 20 meg connection bundled with satellite with mediacom last year. i live waaaaaay out on the edge of town (Columbia, MO) but i still got good internet speeds... for awhile. the internet slowly degraded ofver a period of 4 months to where i was only get a roughly 100 kb/s download rate and 60 kb/s upload rate, courtesy that is literally one hundred times slower than they advertised. they gave me the runaround for another month before sending a tech out who fiddled with wires and poked around this's and that's. he was a real nice guy, seemed competent and told me stuff i didn't know. sadly, he couldn't find the problem. my internet cut out the next day and never worked for more than a few hours at a time, after that. as for the satellite, that hardly ever worked. no tech could explain that, either! it would cut out in the middle of watching tv, wouldn't record anything for more than 5 mins and often froze for extended periods of time. all this time i am paying a s... Read more

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    Tue Sep 21 2010

    We have had mediacom since March 29th 2010! From the very beginning we was not able to get all the HD channels that we was suppose to get. The On Demand, that is another story in itself! There are no free movies that I have seen on it! Not to much more of anything else either, when it does work! We have called several times with problems, either the Phone, Internet or Cable! They sent someone out on August 6th 2010, they ended up running a new cable from the pole to the back of the house. Well this seemed to work for the cable HD channels for a while, the internet has gone out 2 times since then, when we turn on the tv sometimes you still can't get all the channels you are subscribed to. The tech that ran the line was rude and he said that another department would come out and bury the cable. I called to see when they were going to bury the cable after the first 2 weeks of the cable being ran, first response "it normally takes 21 day's", I said ok and I would call back at that time! I... Read more

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    Thu Sep 16 2010

    Mediacom was great when we first set it up, but then after the 1st year mediacom began to raise the cost of their bundle, which was not unexpected, but how high it went was unexpected when we were told it would not go above 140 dollars. it ended up being 180 dollars a month and when we complained they dropped it back to the agreed price, but then they once again started raising the price. my wife and i then began seeking other service providers in our area. we ended up bundling our cable, phone and internet through windstream. after a year dish network raised it rates and mediacom sent us a promotion to switch back. even though i was hesitant to switch back because of the problems we had previously with billing, but also because my father's service is so wishy washy that you can never tell whether or not you will get a tv channel. Also they have repeatedly been out to "fix the problem" which lasts a day before it goes out again. i did end up switching back because windstream was... Read more

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    Thu Sep 16 2010

    I am in MN and I agree with every one on this list except for the one out of a million guy that is happy with this junk. The last time we lived in the town we currently live in, we had Mediacrap. Constantly lost internet connection due to voltage drops. Mediacom claimed that they were gearing up for digital phone at the time and that is why this was occurring. Ok, so why do I give 2 shits about that? I am paying for monthly service thats available for only 2 weeks at a time, cause it always took a week to get a tech out to fix it. So eventually we moved away, had dish and DSL where we lived for 5 years, never had a prob with either one. Now back in the same town, we have Mediacrap again, thinking maybe they have improved. WRONG!!!!!! The cable box failed after two days, big black box in the middle of my screen, took a week for someone to come and and check it, replaced it with another box. Internet works well, only lost connection twice which just required a reboot. Ok, now... Read more

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    Thu Sep 16 2010

    I'd like to know why customers have no laws in their favor with these issues. where are our rights. how can mediacom just mess people around and no law suits against them. why is the fcc not stepping in to say hey you have an obligation to your customers and set a standard that mediacom has to adhere to to anyone wondering don't get mediacom save your money and get dsl.because that's all your going to get for mediacom in the long run. mediacom is not worth the aggravation.and believe thats all you'll get from them.oh and an over priced bill. mediacom is not for you.they are against you.another corporate company thats bigger than you. ya know without us they have no power now their have you sign a contract seem they should be liable now but no they are still messing with the customers with crappy service. one word (BOYCOTT) ps i wished a lawyer would put a law suit against them because i have alot of proof against their service that i have recorded over the past 2 years MEDIA... Read more

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    Sat Sep 11 2010

    I HATE MEDIACOM! I've only had this service for about 3 months and it is the WORST cable company I have ever had. We moved to IL from MA and we have had the service technicians to our house at least five times. Each time, they claim that the problem is the cables in our house. We've spent over $100 to replace the cables. We have had three different cable boxes. We ordered an HDMI box, but for some reason each service technician (all different by the way) never has one his truck. We are paying for channels that we never recieve. I'm completely fed up! The Customer Service department with this company is a total joke! I'm going to look into satellite TV because as far as I'm concerned, MediaCom is a crappy company with sub par products. DO NOT GIVE THIS COMPANY YOUR BUSINESS!!!!

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    Fri Aug 27 2010

    I just recieved Mediacom on Monday, it is now Friday. I called to see about the VIP package on the Wednesday before I received Mediacoms service. I asked about the channels Sprout and Noggin for my 3 year old daughter. I was happy to hear they had both channels and said ok I will take it. She then proceeded to tell me it was going to cost more money. I asked why and she said it was due to the digital+ package and I said ok well what is that? She told me it was the package that contained Sprout & Noggin. I got a bit more information and thought $12 for 40 some channels isn't too bad so I agreed. I asked her if there was any way I could see the specific channels and she said "sure, give me your email address and I will send out the list of channels you will be receiving, it may take up to an hour to get the email" I thought that was cool! So come Sunday I still had not gotten the email and had called them and this lady was completly rude and told me that it takes 6 days to send the e... Read more

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    Sun Aug 08 2010

    I am in Columbia, Missouri. Mediacom is a nightmare! 1.The internet connection is often lost. 2.When I tried to call the customer service, it typically took me about 20-30 minutes to finally talk to a live person at the other end of the phone line. 3. the solution recommended by the rep. is to unplug and plug my modem and router. it can temporarily solve the problem. But I need to do this over 10 times on a daily basis. If you are a stock day trader who trades online, you are guaranteed to lose money for not having your trade orders submitted online properly because of the sudden lost of your internet service. When I complained this to the rep, he said their internet service is for entertainment purpose only, not for business. By the way, I subscribed to the best quality internet service offered by them (the most expensive type). This means that they clearly know their service has low quality.

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    Thu Aug 05 2010

    Mediacom has some of the WORST services and the very WORST customer service and repair technicians! If you can get your phone or internet elsewhere, DO IT! We have repeatedly had issues with their internet and phone service for over 2 years now. They do not know what they are doing! Their customer service reps in Florida do not care about customer retention so don't bother calling!

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    Wed Jul 28 2010

    I would give a negative number of stars but the site won't let me. When I got MediaCom installed in February 2010, it took four visits before they got everything right. After this, I have had cable outages at least 5 times which is little less than once a month. They also have so many discrepancies with their guide and show different shows than those that are really playing. I have missed many baseball games because I have this service. I would recomend that no one get Mediacom cable or internet because they will not take care of you like they should. When you do have a problem they act like it's an inconvenience to help you with your problem.

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    Sun Jul 25 2010

    I got internet connection, cable and phone service from them and it has been great. But problems start when I start to have a problem. Today July 25th 2010, My internet and my phone didnt work for some reason. I called Mediacom and there was a representative there. HE FUCKING YELLED AT ME!!! I am 14 years old and I was trying to help my parents reestablish the internet and phone service and I asked him what a router was. He raised his voice at me and spoke to me like I was a computer technician! I dont know what it means to connect the modem directly to the computer?! What is a modem?! Mediacom obviously has tempermental motherfuckers in their offices and they really need to learn to satisfy and respect their customers. This time I just let the guy yell at me for two minutes and lied to him that my phone works now. Next time I have this issue, I promise there is gonna be serious legal action and Im gonna start recording my conversations between the reps. Im gonna fix this shit by ... Read more

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    Tue Jul 06 2010

    I have had better speed from dialup. When the internet goes out, so does the phone. The TV Sucks, it goes out sometimes on the sunniest days, horrible sound and picture quality. Get a dish. One word to say to any potential customers - AVOID. Horrible wireless support. This company sucks. Nothing they do fixes the problem. All they tell you is to unplug your modem and everything will be fixed. ITS NOT MY EQUIPMENT THAT'S THE PROBLEM. IT IS YOUR LOUSY INFRASTRUCTURE. FIX YOUR LOUSY NETWORK!

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    Sun Jul 04 2010

    Two long term attempts with mediacom internet have resulted in shoddy internet connections and unreliable and abysmal customer service. The first time we tried media com internet, we had problems with the internet being down for hours. Sometimes for days. After a technician came out and said that he was convinced that a router was bad in our neighborhood "because I have gotten 18 calls over the weekend from this same area" who vowed that he would follow up with mediacom, ensure that it got fixed, and call us the next day to make sure it was working. We never heard from him again, the internet remained abysmal, and we finally cancelled the service and went with another ISP. However, a few years later I obtained a position that required very high upload speeds which the other ISP could not provide. Against my better judgment, I went back to mediacom and ordered the max package which THEY CLAIM provides the upload speed I need. However, service has been shoddy, I am constantly inte... Read more

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    Fri Jun 18 2010

    Mediacom is the WORST cable company I have ever encountered. I am suprised that the internet worked long enough for me to write this review. Is it really that hard to provide paying customers with stable internet connection and a cable box that functions properly? Come on people that should be a basic accomodation get your shit together! And while im at it...maybe it would be nice if they employed people who didnt look at you like you were insane when you try to describe the complications with their cable. Maybe its because they really dont give a fuck and probably wont ever so this review serves as a hell of a good venting session. Seriously, dont EVER sign a contract with this company its pointless, worthless, and will drive you insane!

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    Tue Jun 08 2010

    The WORST cable company available!!!! My DVR is always broken and my internet seems to only work when it wants to. On top of this, their customer service is horrible! I called them about my DVR and they were able finally get someone out to fix it a week later. Then about a week after that, it broke again. I called them to get a credit for the month, as I am in class for 5 hours a day and I work 8 hours a day, so I am not available to be home for service until the next month. I also asked for the next month free, due to the frustration I have encountered. When I spoke with the rep, he said he would only be able to credit me for a week and that I could not get a credit for next month. I asked to speak to a supervisor and talked with Micheal C32. He was the most rude rep I have ever spoke with in my life. He was very snotty and said that he could do nothing for me. i dont understand why they transfered me to someone who couldn't do anything for me. When I asked to be transfered to his sup... Read more

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    Tue May 25 2010

    1 stars I have been a loyal customer with Mediacom for over 10yrs. 13 months ago, I cancelled service because they either wouldn't answer the phone or you heard a message stating that there was (problems in your area). That was when we had flooding and we were out of internet for 8 day before I cancelled. No one from Mediacom stated what the problem was or even an estimated day it would be up.. I cancelled and the lady told me we still owed .04 and they would waive the .04. Never was I told to return the old out dated modem. 13 months later I received a phone call from a equipment collection agency about the modem. Mediacom/con is now going to charge me 139.00 for the modem after 13 months without one phone call, letter, or email. They also didn't notify me out the 110.00 credit I have with them. They've held my 110.00 for 13 months and never asked about the modem( again out dated). I called them and told them I don't know where it is after 13 months. Now they're going to bill me fo... Read more

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    Fri May 07 2010

    Mediacom can not under any circumstances, maintain their internet or cable service for seven consecutive days. I am on the phone with them at least once and frequently as often a five times a week begging them to turn on my service. It has nothing to do with my computer. Anyone can go to www.speakeasy and test their internet signal is consistently fifty percent the strength of a 56K modem. They are horrible.

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    Sun May 02 2010

    Guys, I'm pretty sure "jhhj332007" that last post is a guy that has worked for the company "Mediacrum" since march 3rd, 2007. Not even smart enough to change his you the idea of the people you got providing ummm, service? to you. Service is out again...this happens so very often, calling Quest today, I'll gladly pay a few more buck a month for constant service.

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    Sun Apr 25 2010

    I have had cable sense 1998with Mediacom and have limited to no issues. I live in Des Moines Ia. The internet is that fastest internet around at a whopping 15 mbps and if I ever drop below that technical support is more than willing to help me out. I also noticed others I know have mediacom cable and say they have slow internet speeds well being in the It field for the last 10 years I figured out it wasn't the cable having the issue by running speed test on his computer it was the computer was to shitty to handle the speed. I do notice a lot of people stating they have slow internet speeds and its there shitty bought comp. If your not spending $800 on the tower alone you computer sucks. The cable service is great and never have issues with it. I believe this is a great company and would recommend it to anyone in my area to get it. I also here mediacom came out with 50 mbps and 100 mbps which is just ridiculous speeds. Mediacom has approximately 3 million customers and adding on daily. ... Read more

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    Wed Mar 10 2010

    if you reading this for advice about mediacom simply never ever buy it for any reason unless you want to be pissed off at least once a week. between the both the cable and internet cutting out multiple time a month if not a week and shitty customer service they are by far the WORST provider i have ever had. my old dial up loaded movies faster that their high speed internet. i fu**in hate mediacom and wish they would go out of business since i dont think any company can do any worse. i do think a fu**ing monkey could figure shit out better than these dip shits. suggestions for any college students, pay the extra 30 bucks a month for a different provider since i have failed multiple assignments because my shitty internet cuts out for hours on end with no way of finding out when it is expected to work again. and dont even get me started with online gaming such as xbox live and ps3's playstation network, just dont expect to be very successful with your gaming. so to summarizes quick... Read more

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    Mon Feb 22 2010

    How does this company make any money with there crap internet service!!! I went from DSL Internet at 3mb, to mediacomm's 20mb internet VIP Package and now I only get 0.97mb with my 20mb package!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Waiting on comcast to install new internet tommorow so that I can get rid of these idiots! This is by far the biggest, stinkist, ugliest turd of a butt hole service I have ever had in my entire life! They have been at my house so many times fixing my internet, that I am about to start charging the tech support guys rent! Seriously though its pathetic! DO NOT GET MEDIACOM! GO GET A 56K MODEM AND GET BETTER VALUE FOR THE BUCK!

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    Mon Feb 08 2010

    Mediacom offers a nice one year contract, but beware when that trial period is over, that's it. They could care less about customer retention. Our bill was $70 higher a month, after our year contract. When I called to talk to them the lady read from her script, and told me I could call back tomorrow to see if we could get it lower. When we called they wouldn't budge. I told them that we would HAVE TO change companys because this was killing us financially, she said sorry. I just can't believe that they wouldn't want to try and keep a good customer instead of sending us away.

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    Sun Jan 31 2010

    Unfortunately Mediacom has a monopoly in Columbia, MO. Just recently Quest opened here but it is $30 more a month, which for college students isn't ideal. Mediacom does not value their customers and seems to not care when their service messes up because it doesn't take them hours, but DAYS sometimes to fix it, and it happens a couple times a month. As soon as internet is down it seems they turn off all their phones to not help you, sometimes they don't even give you an option to speak to an operator and just have a message "We know internet is down, sorry we are trying to fix it." Additionally you might still be willing to go with Mediacom because they give you Stars and On Demand for free; it doesn't work 3/4th of the time either, sorry! Hopefully Quest will start making some money so they can lower their prices and kick Mediacom's butt!

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    Mon Jan 25 2010

    Mediacom is the biggest joke I've ever seen. I've always had satellite but the homeowner's association where I live now will not allow a dish in the yard. I was therefore forced to go with Mediacom. It's almost worth not having cable at all. And the internet....a bigger joke. I've had Mediacom for about two months now and of those two I've been without internet for about a month. Not all at once...but several days per week. I call out a technician and when they get here and the internet is working they say there's nothing they can do. Just today a technician came out to fix a cable problem I was having. He fixed the original problem which was that cable was not working in one of my bedrooms. When he left that bedroom worked but one other one and the living room stopped working. Customer service told me they were so sorry and they would have another tech come out in FOUR days. After much yelling and talking to three different people a tech came out the same day. Absolutely... Read more

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    Sun Jan 10 2010

    This is, by far, the worst internet service I have ever had the misfortune of dealing with. I live in Delaware and Im surprised they can even get service out here to run for more than a few moments at a time. I am forced to reset the modem at least three times a day, five or six on bad days. For downloads? Forget about it. You dont download on MediaCom. What you do is run out, pick up a free copy of NetZero and use dial-up. Trust me when I say dial-up is faster than this waste of time. I load pages faster using dial-up than this "Highspeed FiOS competitor" or so I was told when the lying scum was installing it. I thought it humorous that he claimed he was installing fiber optic lines when I clearly recognized them as copper. Sly prick. Assuming this is for Mediacom's full package and not JUST internet.. the television box is just as bad. The remote stopped working once, the box no longer records properly. You cannot pause live TV half the time and channels disappear left and right,... Read more

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