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    Fri Apr 17 2009

    A few years ago we were in the market for a new built in dishwasher. I had researched brands and decieded to go with a Maytag. I don't remember the model number, however it was a "quiet clean" model and a built in one(not portable). I was amazed how quiet the unit was! We never had one lick of trouble out of it in the years we had it. The dishes were always clean and sparkled. I guess I was lucky after reading the comments in the website, however, we moved to an older house which didn't have a dishwasher and have just ordered a portable one which can be converted to a built-in. John Hughston

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    Tue Sep 09 2008

    When my MDBH975AWS worked it worked great, only in just over a year it has died 3 times, control panel and touch pad each time. This last death resulted in my hand washing for over a month, as parts are in such high demand they were on back order. Then once repaired with factory re-conditioned parts, it only lasted a month. Complained enough to switch this one out.

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    Mon Jul 21 2008

    Initially purchased Bosch model 430 series (granted low end model) but was completely dissatisfied with it's cleaning power (worked great with "pre-washed" dishes). Returned Bosch for a Maytag model mdb8851 jetclean for $100 more, and was delighted with the markedly improved cleaning power. Consumers should be aware that new dishwashers are hobbled by energy star requirments and emphasis on "quitest" most water and electricity conserving units (how energy conserving is it when you have to pre-wash your dishes?) Also look for settings wich allow you to bypass sensors that decide for you how clean your dishes are. In my opinion, a dishwashers no.1 job is to clean dishes.

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    Sun Jun 08 2008

    Model MBD7600-Design flaw with plastic roller ass'y on racks--I've replaced them on top rack 3 times, at $140. each time. Machine only 2 years old, and I'm a single person household~no kids~ no abuse, use approx 3x weekly. Maytag customer service not responsive, just not worth it.

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    Sat May 17 2008

    Just say no to Maytag appliances. MDB7600 dishwasher controls went out after 4 1/2 years, $150 and 12 months later they're out again. And the dw never did do a good job of getting dishes clean. Maytag side by side refrigerator has leaked since the beginning, inside and out. I've had a block of ice on the bottom of the freezer for 5 years, and a intermittent puddle on the kitchen floor. They're both getting thrown out this weekend. I'd never buy a Maytag again.

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    Thu May 08 2008

    Never got pots and pans clean. Now stopped cleaning mugs, plates and cutlery. Had Sears out twice to fix it and was told nothing is wrong. We use Cascade and Jetdry like the manual says. Very loud, long cycle. Water is hot enough but still not working as advertised. Maytag will not help with support ideas.

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    Wed Mar 12 2008

    I bought both a Maytag Quiet Series dishwasher and the refridge with the freezer on the bottom. As soon as the one year warranty went out, so did the motor. The FIRST motor. After replacing it, the second one only lasted 6 months and I had alot of leaking out of the door gaskets. The racks started rusting within that time as well. Very disappointed! Especially since at the same time, within a month of getting the refridge the freezer would leak water all over the floor--getting the warranty repair person out was a nightmare! They replaced the coil, but I continued to have water run out of the back of the inside of the freezer and ice up the inside. Finally I had a local repairman out. Paid $50 to have him ask for a metal coat hanger to slide down the back drain hole. He explained to me that due to a flaw in the design etc. etc. It fixed the problem by conducting heat. I will never by another Maytag because of the supposedly trustworthy "name."

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    Fri Feb 15 2008

    Have owned model MDBTT79AWW purchased from Lowe's 3 years ago. Initially performed well but at 2 yrs the handle latch broke whick required replacement of the handlle AND display panel. Pump went bad and wouldn't drain properly. Now is completely dead, waiting for repairs. Cannot recommend this brand due to poor reliability and design flaws. Customer Service is useless. The only redeeming qualities are quiet opperation and low overall height which allows installation under a low counter.

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    Thu Dec 27 2007

    This is by far the worst dishwasher ever. My old GE dishwasher lasted 20 years and I replaced it with a Maytag. Big Mistake. I have replaced the motor. The racks have broken numerous time. I finally ended fixing them myself with Gorrila Glue. Now the handle is broken. Furthermore, the dishes just do not get clean. I have a friend with the same model and her's has been nothing but problems as well.

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    Mon Sep 24 2007

    I made the mistake of listening to Consumer Reports and bought a Maytag MDB7600. In the 3.5 years we've had it, it has been through 2 motors, a new set of racks, 2 door latches, and an additional set of wheels for the top rack. Last night the motor died again, waking me out of a deep sleep with a hideous grinding noise. I'll never buy another Maytag again. When I replace this one, I'm leaving it at the Maytag store where I bought it, they can dispose of it.

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    Sun Sep 09 2007

    wow, these are horrible. over $300 went into fixing the computer boar and now it needs a new motor

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    Thu Aug 30 2007

    Have owned a Maytag JetClean Plus for almost 7 years. Approximately 1 in 7 loads are not clean at all and must be run again. Last week the motor began making a low screaming noise. When I called to see about repairing it they told me it has been recalled for fire hazard because on some machines the jet rinse solution leaks onto wiring and starts fire underneath! I think Ill start again with a different dishwasher. Not worth fixing. Too bad, Maytag WAS a good brand. Not anymore.

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    Sat Apr 21 2007

    I have had my Maytag Jetclean for 5 years. Last month had to replace the water inlet valve. This month, the pump and or control board is no longer working. New pump will cost $200+, service call for first 1/2 your $85 then charges every 15 minute intervals. It will cost three or four hundred dollars to fix a $400 machine. I am very disappointed. I bought Maytag as it has always been a excellent brand, I expected more than five years of service.. It is no longer. I am going to replace this with a Bosch as soon as I can and do not plan on buying Maytag again. This is ridiculous!

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    Wed Feb 14 2007

    6 years old on 2/17, started falling apart 2 years ago. Rack issues. Tines started breaking off and roller keeps coming out of its bracket. Dishes don't clean very well

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    Sun Jan 21 2007

    I purchased a maytag Jetclean and it has been a nightmare, all thoes tv spots are bull! This thing is a piece of junk, with no help from mayag what so ever, I purchased the extended warrenty, but even that was no help. The dishwasher always leak from the bottom of the door had it repaired by tech 5 times and still leaks, the controlls dont work half the time it was the worst dishwasher I have ever seen. Contacted everyone to see if there was some kind of lemon law for this thing but no help was found! Tried to get them to replace it and they basically laughed at me! Needless to say I will never buy a maytag product again. Should have bought the LG brand. Dont buy! Trust me save yourself the grief.

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    Tue Nov 21 2006

    Purchased a Maytag MDBTT79AWW from Lowes about 3 years ago. Started having problems with the handle within only a couple of months. Next, the top arm started to droop and was eventually hanging so low that you could not load the top rack properly. Now the tub has a hole in it which obviously causes a leak. I am now looking to buy a new dishwasher and will certainly avoid any Maytag product in the future.

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    Wed Oct 18 2006

    I had this dishwahser for 4 years and the electronic board went on it. At $200+ to repair, I;ll probably buy a new dishwasher. You can bet it won't be a Maytag!

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    Wed Mar 15 2006

    I own a Maytag Quiet Series 3 which I purchased in May of 2003. Three months after I purchased it the motor was replaced. Six months later it was replaced again. Six to eight months later again the machine was not working. Six months after the that it stopped working again. The repairmen kept finding parts missing or installed incorrectly. It leaked intermittently, I thought that we were closing the door incorrectly (because it was intermittent. Now I notice the leak is from a plastic tank under the dishwasher. When I asked for a replacement dishwasher and whether Maytag stood by its reputation. I was told by customer service that "We don't stand by people's perception of our reputation. We stand by our warrenty which is fix and repair." So much for the loneliest man in the world--the maytag repairman. I extraordinary disappointed with dishwasher and will never ever buy another maytag product which is a shame since they have some interesting concepts. I have since found out... Read more

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    Fri Feb 17 2006

    I bought a Maytag Dishwasher in 7/03. I have had this dishwasher 2.5 yrs. now & a repairman has been out here 10 times in the past 2 1/2 yrs. I have spent more time since having a Maytag dw washing the dishes by hand. My dishwasher has leaked the motor has been replaced several times, the water will not come into the dishwasher and even when the machine is running most of the time it leaves the glasses dirty. Each time one of my family members pull a glass or bowl out something is stuck in it. I purchased a warranty on this unit w/in the first year b/c of all the problems & now the warranty is not up but the extended warranty on the unit is saying the warranty has met its maximum limit & they will not fix any more problems. I contacted Maytag & they are not willing to do anything so I am stuck with a dishwasher that does not wash dishes well. This is the last time I will purchase anything from Maytag.

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    Mon Jan 30 2006

    Have had Maytag MDB-4 for two years, washes well, but is built like a toy! Door handle is cheap plastic and broke into pieces. We are normal adults, using the appliance about once a day, no abuse. No help from complaining about bad design of the door handle. Just wanted to sell extended warranty or service call of $150 to replace $3.00 plastic handle. Maytag doesn't live up to it's name. Spent $650 for the name, my mistake.

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    Sat Nov 26 2005

    I have model MDBTT79AWW from Lowe's. It cleans well. BUT look to buy a different dishwasher. The top rack wheels can not tolerate the wieght if full and the wheels will snap off. Maytag replaces the wheels but will not investigate the problem. This has happen 8 times in 8 monthes. It takes them 2-3 weeks to ship out replacement wheel.

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    Sun Nov 06 2005

    We also have a maytag dishwasher. It cleans well but we have lots of problems with it leaking at the door and the hansle is broken we took it apart to fix it only to find it was not the handle but the door would need replaced. Customer service was no help they just want you to buy a new part and have someone fix it parts and labor cost! This product is terrible. Are neighbor also has same problems with this dishwaher.

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    Mon Aug 15 2005

    Have had the JetClean for about 4 years...few problems and very quiet.

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    Mon Mar 14 2005

    This is the WORST dishwasher ever!!! I will never ever in my life buy another maytag. The cs is HORRIBLE - when I get someone who speaks English (which is rare). It takes 2 or more weeks to have someone come out and fix the thing. The door handle is broken (for no reason), it leaks, etc. I've only had it for 2 years and it's already had to be repaired 3 times so far.

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    Sun Feb 20 2005

    MD-5 bought on 10/21/04 already doesnt pump water next available date is feb 28 or march 5......... Hmmmmm.....

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    Fri Feb 18 2005

    First and last Maytag I will ever buy! Customer service a nightmare! After two years big plastic unit housing the motor literally fell apart. Racks flimsy, break easily. Detergent cup leaking, had to be replaced. Repairman pushed a bit to buy extended warranty, now I know why.He left with the words to call them if (when) it starts leaking at door. Washes ok, LONG cycle. Doesn't dry dishes well. Will never, EVER buy a Maytag product. They are NOT customer oriented.

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    Mon Jan 10 2005

    Leaks..... floods the floor. This will be the last Maytag I buy. Also had major problems with the Maytag Microwave (magnetron died & plastic tabs break off of panels).

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    Mon Jan 10 2005

    Racks rusted and began breaking after 2 years new parts are close to $200 comes out to around $50 a year in racks, no response from company to my questions complaints. it at least cleans dishes ok

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    Fri Dec 03 2004

    I have never owned a better dishwasher than a Maytag. You definately get what you pay for. Spend the extra money and get the double nylon coated racks with a better warranty. And buy from a Maytag Dealer. Big Stores don't know squat about the product they sell. Shame on consumers for not doing more homework.

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    Sat Apr 10 2004

    Bought a maytag to replace a G.E. Racks needed to be replace in only four years (both top and bottom rusted, leaving marks on our dishes) Found second leak after our hard wood floors began to discolor! One a design flaw, the other, something deep inside the water lines of the machine. Have owned it only about 5 years. I'll never buy another Maytag anything.

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    Sun Mar 21 2004

    2 year old dishwasher leaking out the door for second time. Maytag not standing behind product but happy to charge me $100 plus to fix it. They have not been interested in their quality problem.

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    Fri Mar 19 2004

    I have had my Maytag Jetclean II dishwasher (Model 5600) for 3 weeks now. It cleans the dishes pretty well, considering the hard water in our area. My only concern is the greasy scum that accumulates on the tub at the bottom of the door. I had the serviceman check it out when it was new and he said it was petroleum jelly from the motor. But after 3 weeks I still have to wipe it off every couple of days.

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    Fri Jan 24 2003

    My first dishwasher I owned was a KitchenAid. It never cleaned near as well as my new Maytag JetClean does. I never knew what clean dishes were until I got this dishwasher. Every dish and utensil comes out clean. I sometimes run my Maytag the morning after a load of dishes has sat in the machine all night. They always come out sparkling. I would recommend this brand over any other.

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    Tue Jan 08 2002

    MAYTAG dishwasher, 6-8 years major leak at front door, lasted half as long as first washer which was a kenmore. 1/3 the price of Maytag. I'll never buy another Maytag unless they give it to me free!

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    Tue Sep 12 2000

    I've had a Maytag Jetclean Plus for several months now - replacing a KitchenAid that just wore out. I like the Maytag very much. It was rated about the same as the Kenmore, but I chose Maytag because of the way the racks are arranged. Usually when I have to replace an appliance, I'm mostly satisfied with the new one; but with this dishwasher I've noticed a huge difference in the way it cleans, compared to other machines I've had, and I really like it.

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    Fri Apr 07 2000

    Excellent machine, but the fact that it is a machine i cannot give it a all manufactures they subcontract items so not all parts are theirs. Definitely one of the top 3 machines available.

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    Fri Apr 07 2000

    The simple fact is: You can't go wrong with a Maytag Appliance. The Maytag Jetclean Dishwashers are economical, quiet and spots, dried on food etc..Excellent value at a reasonable price.