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    Wed Jul 28 2010

    5 stars Just a comment for anyone who has problems with the regular strength as I did. The product is amazing and it Changed my life! I used the regular formula once a week and eventually only needed it once every month or two. However it did burn and itch like you wouldn't believe for the night I applied it and sometimes a day or two after. I was really in pain and usually didn't sleep much the night of application, but the benefits were so great that I still thought it was worth it! Now they have come out with a sensitive formula, and life just can't get any better! Sensitive formula gives me no discomfort at all, though I have to use it a little more often, maybe once every week. It smells nice and lemony clean too! So for anyone who had problems with the original formula and got scared off before realizing how great this works, I recommend giving it a second chance with the sensitive version!

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    Thu Jun 24 2010

    This stuff is amazing. I used to be soaked under the arms even in the dead of winter when I was freezing cold. I use the Maxim Sensitive and it works great. I had some breaking out initially but it doesn't happen at all now. I guess your body has to get used to it. I discovered that the towelettes have way more on them than is needed in one application. Therefore, I cut them in half and seal the extra half back in the pack with a binder clip. I can go almost 1 week on one towelette.

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    Thu May 27 2010

    This is amazing!!!! It worked for me after 2 applications and I skipped a night and the next day I was still dry as ever. I did get a rash and a bit of itching after the 2nd application but by the 4th I was fine. I woud rather get a rash than put up with the sweating!!!!!!!! I would definately reccomend this to anyone that battles with hyperhidrosis :) :) If you have sensitive skin then try the Maxim Sensitive first until your skin gets used to the normal Maxim!!

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    Fri Mar 19 2010

    Absolutely amazing. LIFE CHANGING. Before using this product I constantly had to worry about my armpit sweat and was forced to shove papertowels up my sleeves to help with the sweat and prevent raising my arms. This product is so great, and truly makes me so happy each day; and it worked perfectly the first day as well! I cannot thank the makers of Maxim more for their product.

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    Wed Jan 13 2010

    My whole life, I never had much of a problem with sweat, but recently (as of last year) I started to sweat like crazy. It could be 50 degrees outside and I would still have sweat-soaked armpits. I tried every major brand of deodorant/anti-perspirant available at the local store (including the clinical-strength kinds), but nothing seemed to help. Some of the clinical-strength ones even started to make my face break out. I did a bunch of research on the internet to see what the problem with me was, and it all seemed to point towards "hyperhidrosis". Apparently, the active ingredient in most of the anti-perspirants you can buy is typically something like "Aluminum zirconium tricholorohydrex glycine". I looked on the back of all the deodorants in the store and they all seemed to have the same active ingredient. As such, I wanted something that had a *different* active ingredient, otherwise it would be pointless to even try. Now, apparently, the active ingredient in Maxim is plain ol' "A... Read more

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    Mon Dec 28 2009

    Since I was in middle school I have had excessive sweating (I'm 23). This past summer I finally found something that I thought would work, so I ordered Maxim on a whim, thinking "if this doesn't work, I'll have to go see a doctor." I put it on the night I received it in the mail and the next day I decided to take the chance and wear one of the many shirts that I normally would have to keep my arms down while wearing. IT WORKED THE VERY FIRST DAY. I didn't have one drop of wetness under my arms. IT WAS MAGNIFICENT! For a while I put it on every night and it worked. I did have some itching, but I was able to ignore it (I believe they have a sensitive version, also). After a while I didn't put it on because I was working so much I didn't care if I sweated. I would not put it on for a while and then occasionally I would put it on at night and it wouldn't work as well as having putting it on continuously. So, you need to put it on often and religiously, otherwise it only decreases ... Read more

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    Mon Aug 31 2009

    Weather it is a hot day or cold day, day or night raining or dry as a desert ,i have always found myself sweating. Althought it not intensive, my reason for sweating has never been affected by the enviroment. If i do a little excersice i basically look like a drowned rat, it was getting redicilious. I became more conscious of myself and stop buying birght clothes that shows. The more concsious you are the more obvious it become. Having to wear 2 layers of shirts to avoid sweat patches barely works since it actually makes you very hot, hence sweat more. Specially in a social situation if i was put under pressure, i sweat a lot. Interviews were also another issues. It became more frustrating. Having gone through all this trouble i didnt think i could use any antiperspirants that will work. Out of frustration, i thought surely there must be other people who share the same problems i have out there, and decided to search for help online. This is when i came across Maxim antiperspirant. I f... Read more

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    Sat Aug 22 2009

    I just got this deoderant in the mail two days ago. The first night it didn't itch barely at all. And today I still had sweat in my under arms. I just put it on like ten mintues ago, and it's starting to itch. Is it supposed to take a few days to work??? Or will it just not work for me..? I'm confused by the other reviews that it's supposed to work right away, but it didn't..

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    Mon Jul 13 2009

    Hi, i am a 22 year old guy who suffers of HH since i was about 13, i've suffer many years, and i have to say this antiperspirant is different from the others, it works! some minor itching but a 90 - 95% sweat reduction, plus this is my first day so even + ! try it

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    Mon Jun 08 2009

    Well, let's see...I'm a 25 year old female in the military. I don't know if any of those reading this are in the military, but let me be the first to tell you: the uniforms we wear are not equipped to be airy--the ones I work in are flame retardant. I sweat--A LOT!! I live in a VERY humid climate, and being a super sweaty girl is definitely not the message I want to convey. The military is very proud of their uniforms, and no one wants to see huge pit stains. Aside from the uniforms being hot, even in everyday clothes, I sweat through them. I've been wearing sweatshirts for the past 3 years on this island because I don't want anyone to notice my embarrassing underarm sweat. I even sweat through those. I thought for a long time that I would be stuck like that forever, with my arms clamped to my sides, never raising my hand above my head. But, thank goodness for a boring deployment on a boat! I did a little research online while I was floating around with nothing to do, and I ... Read more

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    Sun Apr 19 2009

    I discovered maxim about a month ago, and omg, why didnt i find it sonner???!!! this product is awesome! and i can say that because i've tried just about every antiperspirant you can find on the supermarket shelf. I was sweating all the time, even when it was blistering cold (super uncomfortable) but since trying maxim, not one drop of sweat. Also like most people above, i can now confidently wear clothes that are not black which is really cool:) if you have hyperhydrosis, and havent tried it yet, go order it now! you won't regret it.

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    Mon Mar 30 2009

    I am ordering more of this stuff! I have used Maxim on a few occasions in the past, and always with success. Once you use it, you really don't need to reapply for a long time. I first tried it because I hated the dripping sweat that I would get under my arms during the summer, the kind that everyone notices or you think they notice, the kind that keeps you from wearing a top that would show wetness. I did itch the first couple of times, but each time the itching was less, and for me the itching was only bothersome until I fell asleep on the evening I used it. I must admit it was very hard to fall asleep the first time, but I fought through the discomfort and was so glad I did! I so highly praised the results of this product that my teen daughters wanted to try it. They are now too relieved of that annoying extreme sweat, and I think they only use deoderant now to keep their underarms smelling nice. I am ordering more because one bottle only seems to last about 10 years!!

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    Tue Feb 17 2009

    I tried Maxim with some success; however, my skin was very sensitive to the product. I thought, "Oh no! Not again!" I had a physical trainer, at the gym where I work out, that had tried Mon Ray antiperspirant and I have been able to use it with no itching. I have even had success using Mon Ray on my hands; I did not think it would ever be possible, but I now can go to the gym and not be ashamed of anything except how out of shape I am.

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    Mon Jan 26 2009

    First off, let me just say i havent ever given into cliches or researching things online and believing everything i read. However i was fed up with my excessive sweating condition and wanted to seek out the options i had. Ever since puberty kicked in, i sweated....a lot! Wearing shirts of color was out of the question, my secret was to always wear a tank top under a very very thick sweater in the winter, and obviously just tanks in the summer, but never ever a tee-shirt or any thin shirt where sweating was obvious. And if i did, black was the only color i could wear. Even then, i would still sweat, as a result from sweating i would smell a little, nothing no one could ever smell themselves but i could notice it. i would sweat in the car on my way to work, i would sweat through my shirts walking to campus (and it didnt matter about temperature, it could be 90 degrees or 5 degrees sweat was always present.) it was an embarrasing problem ive had forever, and i never ever even told my frie... Read more

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    Sat Jan 24 2009

    I have a serious case of hyperhidrosis. It affects me almost everywhere - face, hands, feet, under-arms, however I was especially bothered by my hand and under-arm sweating. My under-arm sweat caused me to sit in an awkward position, and became extremely self-conscious. I am dispositionally not a shy person, (I was even voted class clown both years in middle school), but upon entering high school, I experienced hyperhidrosis, and it could not have come at a better time. I was constantly cautious of my surroundings, and became very introverted and always kept to myself, avoiding unfamiliar social interactions i.e. meeting new people, or attending any sorts of club meetings; I couldn't even raise my hand for any questions in class for I didn't want my peers to see that huge sweat ring and criticize me. Well since that first year of high school till today, I have suffered for more than 6 years the full extent of hyperhidrosis. Finally just a couple of weeks ago I read about this Maxim de... Read more

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    Sun Jan 18 2009

    I have had a problem with sweating since I was in about the sixth grade. I tried all kinds of deoderants but nothing worked. I got online and looked up "how to stop underarm sweating" and the Maxim website came up. I ordered it after being sold by all of the testimonials. I didnt think I would be one of those customers writing a testimonial but it is such a good product. The first day I used it, it worked. I lifted my arms up all day checking to see if I had wet mark under my arms. I was so surprised it worked and so quickly. I would recommend this to anyone who has a sweating problem. It really does what it promises to do. I love it and will continue to order more.

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    Wed Jan 14 2009

    I used to use Maxim and had ok sucess with it. But have to say there is something even stronger. It is called Mon Ray Antiperspirant. Actually cousin told me about it. Was hard to find, but found it in Forest City, N.C. I needed extreme protection and I can say Mon Ray did take care of my problem. Actually using it on my hands as well.

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    Sat Sep 06 2008

    my life royally sucks... i have been praying and begging God to take away my sweating issue. and my prayers were answered last week when my mom got online and ordered me some new deoderant.she read reviews on it and i heard that it would hurt really bad and i was scared. but i got it and i used it and this stuff is freakin amazing, and this week i kissed my first girl!!!! it does kinda sting at first and it gives me an awful urge to scratch myself but its well worth the sweat prooftation... this deoderant brought me from zero to hero. i use to sweat through EVERYTHING... and i mean everything even hoodies. me and my friend have a competition at school everyday to see who sweats first and i always loose! but not for long cuz i got me some maxim! he has no idea the hell ive been through for this and hes gonna get it and im gonna win from now on for sure! for all you other losers out there like me, get this crap today actually right now dont waste anymore time! it will change your life! y... Read more

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    Mon May 19 2008

    I have been using Maxim for years. Before, I would sweat so much that I would ruin clothing. I would have to change shirts twice daily. Since I have been using Maxim, I don't sweat. It is GREAT! I apply it once every other week and use regular antiperpirant daily. I no longer have an underarm problem. Be careful because it can sting.

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    Wed Apr 30 2008

    I have recently bought Maxim, and I have to say, does it work great. I have noticed a great reduction in sweating with only a little irritation. Definitely worth the purchase.

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    Mon Apr 21 2008

    Like so many people, I generally do not write reviews for products. I've been dealing with excessive sweating (for no reason) for about 5 years now. I truly do avoid social situations like the plague at times. With summer fast approaching, I started looking around online for solutions to my sweating problem (temperature doesn't matter, I sweat no matter what- but my everyday black hoody doesn't usually go over well during the summer months). I came across Maxim. Certain Dri did nothing for me in the past. It burned, and of course it didn't work. I was skeptical about Maxim, but bought it anyway. It worked after DAY ONE. I haven't even had it a week and I'm sweat-free! I'm afraid to cut down on my usage, as I don't want it to come back, but I'm sure I'll figure out how much I really need soon. Either way- IT WORKS. And today I'm going shopping, to buy all the clothes I couldn't wear before because I'd sweat right through them! Just give it a try :)

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    Fri Feb 29 2008

    i bought maxim a month ago and its the best thing ive ever gotten. i tried everything on the internet and in the shops before it and my life was terrible - i was constantly stressed about it and had to take spare changes of clothes with me, and only buy certain tops in certain colors and fabrics.. i would sweat through layers and layers of clothes, even when it was cold, and i avoided social situations like the plague. now im fine, like any other person and now i get out and do heaps of stuff. i swear, maxim saved my life!! (cheesy as that sounds! :P)

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    Tue Jan 29 2008

    I am going to try this product if everyone has been getting great results! i'm only an 11 year old girl who suffers from excessive sweating and i hope this will help me stop! I've used tons of anti-perspirents and a lot of people have said that it was bad because it doesn't let you sweat, but i didn't really listen because i would sweat right through it.  Sweat right through my nice shirt and jacket.  JACKET meaning i've only worn one jacket because it doesn't show me sweating.

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    Sun Dec 23 2007

    ive always had to deal with heavy un wanted sweat, and every deodarant i tried like secret platnum, lady speed stick, none of them have been a success foe me. About a month ago i found maxim and i applied it on my underarms using just a little and the next day i really was sweat free. The reason i rate it 4 stars is because i have sensitive skin and when i apply it it burns and itches badly, if you have skin like mine i dont suggest buying it. Also im afraid to shave because when i do and i apply maxim, it burns like hell. but overall this product is great and really does reduce sweating!

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    Mon Oct 01 2007

    ANY ONE WHO USES MAXIM READ THIS>> I'm not sure if its just me but..... Before I used Maxim I would sweat alot, cold or hot I would sweat for no reason. But my sweat never smelled like anything it was just wet. After using Maxim I notice that when I sweat (not very often, just when I forget to use it)the sweat smells bad. like B.O. Its just weird cause when I didn't use it the sweat smelt like nothing, or very faint. Also, I not saying its a crazy stink, but just more than before I started using it. Has anyone else noticed this?????

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    Sat Sep 01 2007

    PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!! I have been using maxim for about 1 year now and I could not get it to worked once. I guess you could say im desperate for using it so long when it continues to fail me but i dont know what else to do. Could someone give me VERY DETAILED directions as to how and when to apply. I know all the basics that they give you in the instructions but obviously im doing something wrong so if someone could PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!

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    Sun Jun 17 2007

    If you ever wanted to believe in a product this is it. It will really change your life if you suffer from over active sweating. Don't wait any longer to purchase this product, it works and you will not regret it. 2 days after receiving this product i was sweat free and have been able to wear any shirt i please. no more black shirts for me!

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    Fri Jun 01 2007

    Like everyone else, I don't usually review products, but this one has changed my  outlook! I went camping Memorial weekend, no air conditioning and didn't sweat or smell!! It was heavenly! I use the Maxim every other day and it's wonderful. I found that if I used it everyday it made me itch. I was afraid to skip a day, but it works great.I did shave the other night and put the Maxim on an hour later and it stung. Usually I put the deodorant on at night and shave in the morning. I'll go back to doing that. Don't wait to purchase, it's worth every dime.

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    Fri May 11 2007

    I also don't usually comment on products, but I completely recommend this one. When I started using Maxim two years ago I couldn't wear anything that wasn't black or heavily patterned because my underarm sweat would be extremely obvious. At times, it even caused me to be more timid and introverted than I ever would have wanted to be. I started using Maxim every night at first, then a few nights a week, and now I only need to use it once a week for it to stop the sweating. It feels so good to not have to worry about something so silly as underarm sweat!

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    Tue Apr 10 2007

    I don't usually write reviews on products, but I just had to let everyone know how well this product worked for me. I suffered from pretty severe underarm sweating for years, and after 2 weeks of use, Maxim has literally changed my life. I never knew anything like this existed until I started researching the internet and found sites like this and let me tell you I am so glad I did. No more buying ceratin color clothing and certain types of fabrics, looser fitting clothes etc. You could not imagine the discomfort and uneasyness that went along with always having your armpits soaked in sweat. I urge anyone going through what I was going through to buy this prouct or something similar like Drysol (same ingredient), this stuff truly works as advertised. I have not seen one pit stain since I applied it the first night. Not even when wearing a tight, light colored t-shirt to the gym for a workout, which is amazing considering used to sweat straight through 2 shirts in the morning just on my ... Read more

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    Mon Jan 29 2007

    This stuff is great, I couldn't wear a lot of shirts because of the sweating but after day 1 I noticed a difference and now I'm back in my old shirts again!!!!! : )

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    Wed Sep 13 2006

    My 12 year old daughter wouldn't go to school without a jacket because of her sweating for a year. After 3 days on Maxim her sweating has stopped completely and she is confident wearing t-shirts again. It is so nice seeing her happy again. Excellent product!

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    Tue Jul 04 2006

    BEWARE! Most deoderants contain TRICLOSAN,which has been shown to cause cancer in laboratory animals.The use of Anti-Prespirants is also unhealthy-your body NEEDS to sweat to realease toxins.Does this mean you have to stink? No.A Daily shower is sufficient to keep most of us smelling fine-and if you really need more use a NATURAL Deoderant Crystal,available at any Health Food Store.They work GREAT.

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    Thu Jun 08 2006

    I have been using this product for two years. It has been a life-saver for me. Nothing I have ever tried has worked more effectively. Now, I am able to use this product once every two weeks. Please note that when the product reaches its expiry date, it is no longer effective. When I first purchased the product, I bought the four-pack to save money, but the product worked so well that two of the bottles ended up expiring before I could use them, so I had to discard them.

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    Fri May 05 2006

    This product just worked great. I've been using it for two days now, and haven't seen a sweaty pitt yet. If you want fast results, buy maxim.

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    Mon Jan 16 2006

    I second Idontsweat55's comment. This stuff is great. Got to be careful using it though. Especially if you have sensitive skin.

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